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Chapter 132 - Depart

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When Xu Qi and the Black Tortoise returned to their house, Lan Shu’er and the transformed Giantwood Python Xu Xiaomei were chatting happily. They immediately stopped their conversation when they saw Xu Qi returning and looked at him, their gazes a little strange.

“What is with you both? Why do I feel like your gazes make my hair stand on end?” Xu Qi smiled.

“Young Master, Shu’er was just talking bad about you behind your back,” Xu Xiaomei giggled.

“Talking bad about me? What negatives do I have for her to talk bad about?” Xu Qi asked.

“Nothing, nothing, haha,” Xu Xiaomei glanced at Lan Shu’er, who was staring at her, and declined to say anything.

“This village has a good environment. Come on, Snakey, go take a walk with me,” Black Tortoise said to Xu Xiaomei.

After a long period of interaction, the Black Tortoise got used to addressing her as Snakey. It would be hard to get him to change it all of a sudden, and Xu Xiaomei was accepting of it as well. Moreover, she felt that addressing her as Snakey felt closer to heart.

“I’m not going. What’s there to look around in this village? I want to stay here and talk to Shu’er,” Xu Xiaomei said, pouting.

The Black Tortoise was speechless at this thoughtless Snakey. He kept squinting his eyes at her and said, “Come on, accompany me. I’ll get you delicious food.”

Xu Xiaomei looked vacantly at the squinting Black Tortoise and said, “We just had dinner. I’m not hungry, and I’m not going.”

The Black Tortoise was a little irritated at hearing this. He walked up to her and dragged her out, causing Xu Xiaomei to curse at him.

Xu Qu and Lan Shu’er exchanged looks at seeing this pair, and lowered their heads.



“You speak first.”

“You speak first.”

The two said at the same time, and immediately shut their mouths.

In the end, Xu Qi said helplessly,”I’ll speak first, then. Shu’er, I have recovered my memories, but I don’t intend to leave here. I wish to accompany you and Xin’er, living our lives peacefully. Okay?”

Lan Shu’er felt warm inwardly at hearing this. She rested her head on Xu Qi’s shoulder and grabbed his arm, saying, “Dear, Shu’er understands that you have many important matters to take care of when you spoke about your past. Shu’er isn’t a cultivator and couldn’t be of help. So, you go take care of your matters. Shu’er will remain in Woodblue Village, waiting for your return.”

Xu Qi felt grateful inwardly for Lan Shu’er’s thoughtfulness at hearing this. He reached out his hand, stroking her hair and said, “Shu’er, do you want to hear stories about my experiences, and my secrets?”

“Aren’t you afraid that I will know too much of your secrets and betray you like that Mo Ling did?” Lan Shu’er asked.

“If you could harm me, I’m afraid everyone in this world would have already done so,” Xu Qi chuckled.

Upon learning that her husband still trusted her as much since his memories came back to him, she felt even sweeter in her heart.

“Dear, tell me about your secrets after you return. I still think that you should go ahead and take care of your matters. I guess the people outside who care for you are feeling very anxious during your three-year absence. I’m fine here with Xin’er anyway, and the villagers will take care of us,” Lan Shu’er said gently.

Once Xu Qi heard of Lan Shu’er mentioning those who cared for him outside, he began to miss them in his heart.

“Shu’er, just to be safe, I’ll have Xiaomei stay here to protect you,” Xu Qi said.

However, Lan Shu’er shook her head and said, “You will meet with much more issues after you’re gone. It’s safer with Xiaomei by your side. It’s different here in Woodblue Village compared to outside. There aren’t dangers here. It’s better to let her be with you. Moreover, with Xiaomei’s character, she wouldn’t be willing to stay here. Let’s not force her.”

“Have you never thought of coming with me?” Xu Qi asked.

Lan Shu’er shook her head, saying, “I don’t belong to the outside world. I don’t have any capabilities, either. If I went with you, I’m afraid I will become your baggage. I’ll just wait for your return in the village. You can come visit if you miss me, okay?”

Xu Qi hugged Lan Shu’er tightly at hearing this. The two no longer spoke, enjoying the sweet time they had together.

After some time, the Black Tortoise returned with Xu Xiaomei. Lan Shu’er brought Xu Xiaomei to the courtyard for tea, leaving Xu Qi and the Black Tortoise alone for their conversation.

“How was it? Your wife let you leave, right?” the Black Tortoise asked.

“Hmm. But she’s not willing to come with me,” Xu Qi answered dejectedly.

“Ai, you really found a great girl. Although she doesn’t possess any cultivation, she has a kind heart, and she truly understands you,” the Black Tortoise said.

Xu Qi shook his head helplessly, without saying a word. He stood up and walked out.

This time, no one followed Xu Qi. The clever and virtuous Lan Shu’er knew that her husband must have gone to bid farewell to Lan Daniu.

As expected, after Xu Qi left, he ran straight to Lan Daniu’s place. The latter let out a bright smile at seeing Xu Qi. Lan Daniu took out wine and the two began drinking to their hearts’ content, and he kept asking Xu Qi questions, causing Xu Qi to feel helpless.

“Brother Daniu, I’m leaving,” Xu Qi said plainly.

“Hmm. I knew you were leaving. Shu’er and Xin’er are going with you, right?” Lan Daniu asked as he drank.

“No, they’re not leaving with me. While I’m not by their side, I’ll have to trouble Brother Daniu to take care of them,” Xu Qi said, smiling.

“Brother, what are you saying? Just rest assured. I’ll definitely not let them suffer. Oh, right. I almost forgot something. Wait a moment,” Lan Daniu suddenly said mysteriously and hurried into his house.

After a while, he came out with a little wooden box in his hand. He placed it in front of Xu Qi and said, smiling, “Brother, I had originally planned to give this to you some time later, to let you build a bigger house for Shu’er. Looks like I won’t make it in time. However, you can use this as travel expenses. The road back is a long one, you must need some money.”

Hearing this, Xu Qi felt a little agitated. He extended his trembling hand and slowly opened this little wooden box. He discovered that it was full of gemstone rings in the box, and immediately recognized that these were all the gemstone rings Lan Daniu found on the corpses of the people the granny killed over these past few years. Xu Qi even reprimanded Lan Daniu for looting the dead before. To his surprise, Lan Daniu was saving them all for Xu Qi.

Xu Qi felt his nose turn sour, tears fell uncontrollably. He stood up and hugged Lan Daniu.

The latter was at a loss for what to do at seeing Xu Qi cry. He hurried asked, “What happened, Brother? Is that not enough?” I’ll try to get more money if you need more.”

Xu Qi quickly shook his head at hearing this. He looked at this honest and kind-hearted Lan Daniu. Perhaps the latter wouldn’t know that to the current Xu Qi, fortunes doesn’t count for anytime. However, what Lan Daniu offered wasn’t simply money, but his heart. How could Xu Qi not be touched by this?

“Keep these for yourself, Brother Daniu. We’ll build a big house when I return after dealing with the matters outside. When the time comes, Brother Daniu should move in with us, too. I don’t need these for now; you can just keep saving them in my stead,” Xu Qi chuckled.

Hearing this, Lan Daniu nodded happily.

Originally, Xu Qi came here to bring Lan Daniu with him, to let Lan Daniu see the outside world for himself. However, he decided that it was best for Lan Daniu to remain in Woodblue Village when he saw the kind and simple Lan Daniu.

On the other hand, Lan Daniu didn’t mention anything about wanting Xu Qi to bring him along either. The two continued drinking and chatting about the interesting happenings over the past few years, then Xu Qi stood up and bade farewell.

Lan Daniu stood by the door and watched as Xu Qi left, tears rolling in his eyes. He muttered to himself, “Brother, I, Lan Daniu, am not a capable man. Thus, I can’t go with you and add to your troubles. However, I will take care of Shu’er and Xin’er in your stead, awaiting your return.”

On that day, Lan Daniu drank a lot of wine alone after shutting his doors, and said a lot in his drunken stupor. In the end, he even cried out. Perhaps no one understood Lan Daniu and Xu Qi’s relationship over these few years, and how much he was unwilling to part with Xu Qi.

When Xu Qi arrived home, the Black Tortoise and Xu Xiaomei randomly found a reason and went out. Before the Black Tortoise left, he told Xu Qi that he won’t be coming home tonight and will be waiting for him by the village entrance tomorrow morning, and that they definitely won’t interrupt the two’s alone time.

Lan Shu’er’s face flushed bright red at hearing the Black Tortoise’s words. Although she was already a mom, having such a matter brought up would still embarrass her.

At night, Lan Shu’er returned to her room after tucking in Lan Xin to sleep. However, she saw that Xu Qi was already in bed, his eyes shut and letting out slight snoring sounds.

Slight disappointment flashed in Lan Shu’er’s eyes. However, she got up on the bed softly and removed her clothes, squirming into the blanket and looked at Xu Qi, her hands propping up her chin.

To her surprise, Xu Qi’s closed eyes instantly opened, and he smiled at her, saying, “How dare you peek at me. Watch how I’m going to punish you.”

Then, Xu Qi pushed Lan Shu’er down with his body, followed by a night of love.


The next day, although Lan Shu’er and Xu Qi had a sweet time until late into the night, the former woke up early and made breakfast for Xu Qi.

The family of three ate their breakfasts quietly. When Xu Qi left the house, he didn’t bring anything. Lan Shu’er didn’t prepare much, either. She knew that her husband was a capable man and didn’t need much.

Xu Qi looked at his daughter, Lan Xin and said, “Xin’er, dad is going out for business. You must listen to your mom at home. You understand?”

Hearing this, Lan Xin nodded obediently.

As for Lan Shu’er, who had kept quiet all this time, unwillingness could be seen in her eyes, yet she maintained a smile on her face.

Xu Qi extended his arms, hugging Lan Shu’er before he turned to leave. As he exited the door, his voice rang out, causing Lan Shu’er who was on the verge of tears to break into a smile.

“Shu’er, take good care of yourself. When I return, we’ll make a group of babies.”


As Xu Qi arrived at the village entrance, there stood two people. They were, of course, the Black Tortoise and the slightly unhappy Xu Xiaomei.

“Let’s go,” Xu Qi said as he came up to them and prepared to leave. However, he couldn’t help but turn back to look at the village once more.

There was too much he couldn’t bear to part with in Woodblue Village.

“Let’s go, don’t look anymore,” the Black Tortoise said.

Xu Qi and the others then turned around to leave, but not long after they started their journey, they entered a forest and Xu Qi stopped in place.

“Uncle, Xiaomei, I’ll send you both back into the Four Divinities Cavern first. I’m going to use the Five Elements Wings to fly back to Rivulet City. It’ll be faster that way,” Xu Qi said.

The Black Tortoise nodded at Xu Qi’s suggestion, then looked at the pouting Xu Xiaomei.

“Fine, whatever the Young Master says. As long as you won’t keep me in there, not letting me out,” Xu Xiaomei replied.

Xu Qi smiled and slowly formed a rainbow seal on his hand. The Black Tortoise and Xu Xiaomei vanished on the spot.

After doing all this, Xu Qi took a deep breath and looked up at the sky. He silently activated the Five Elements Wings in his back and shot to the skies, shouting, “Xu Clan, I, Xu Qi, am back!”

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