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Chapter 120 - Lan Shu’er

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Upon hearing what the blue-clothed woman said, the chubby woman hurriedly asked, “Shu’er, what happened?”

“Sister Cai, I think I saw his hand move for a moment,” the blue-clothed woman answered, looking at the body lying on the ground.

“Could it be your imagination?” the chubby woman asked doubtfully.

The blue-clothed woman shook her head. She clenched her fists tightly and slowly walked back toward the body.

She came up to the body and took a deep breath, seemingly to muster her courage, and slowly squatted down. The chubby woman behind her followed nervously as well.

The blue-clothed woman slowly brought her hand to the body where the nose was and stopped there. However, she discovered that she couldn’t feel his breathing at all.

“Could it be that I saw wrongly?” the blue-clothed woman muttered.

She then shifted her gaze to the hand of the body. Upon looking closely, she noticed that his hand twitched again. She cried out in surprise, “Sister Cai, this person is really alive! His hand moved again! Let’s quickly call for people in the village.”

After finishing her words, she started running in a direction. The chubby woman quickly chased after her when she came to her senses and called out, “Slow down, Shu’er! Wait for me!”

The blue-clothed woman didn’t run for long before arriving at a village surrounded by mountains on three sides. She was gasping for breath, sweat beads rolling down her face. Standing at the village entrance, she took a deep breath and yelled, “Somebody, please help! There’s a body by the river! He’s still alive! Go save him!”

Several people came running as her voice trailed off.

“Oh, Little Shu’er, what happened? What about saving someone?” a strong, middle-aged man holding a broom asked, looking at her.

“A-at the river,” the blue-clothed woman answered, gasping for breath.

“Don’t be anxious. Speak slowly, what happened by the river?” the middle-aged man said.

“Someone is lying unconscious by the river. He seems to be on the verge of death. Quickly go save him,” the blue-clothed woman said.

“Then let’s hurry,” the middle-aged man said at hearing this. He quickly dropped his broom and beckoned several youngsters around him to run toward the river.

The blue-clothed woman rested for a while before running back to the river.

The middle-aged man soon arrived near the river and met up with the chubby woman who was with the blue-clothed woman previously. He asked, “Ah Cai, where’s the person?”

The chubby woman was sitting on the ground, exhausted, unable to say a word.

The middle-aged man knew that this Ah Cai must be exhausted. Her fat was really burdensome. He sighed and continued toward the river with the others.

At the riverside, the middle-aged man noticed the body lying on the shore and hurried over. However, it was found that he was no longer breathing upon checking for it and he shook his head.

At this moment, the blue-clothed woman arrived at said to the middle-aged strong man, “Brother San, he seemed to be no longer breathing, but I saw his hand twitch twice. Hurry up and bring him into the village and look for granny. Perhaps he can still be saved.”

Hearing this, the middle-aged man beckoned the youngsters around him, getting them to gently place the body on his back and they headed back to the village.

The blue-clothed woman followed closely behind the middle-aged man.

After entering the village, many people noticed this middle-aged man was carrying an unfamiliar man and were watching from behind.

The group came to a simple and crude house in the village. The middle-aged man knocked on the doors and called out anxiously, “Granny, we discovered a body by the river, he seems to be hanging on a thin line. Quickly open the doors.”

Just as he was done speaking, a white-haired granny opened the door from inside. Although she looked aged, she had a rosy complexion and her steps were agile. When she saw the man carried on the middle-aged villager’s back, she quickly let them in and had him lay the unconscious outsider on the bed.

The granny looked at the unconscious man. He was a youngster, and his complexion ghostly white. However, he still looked to be a very handsome young man.

Her expression stiffened after she extended her hand to check for his breathing, then quickly placed her hand on his chest where his heart was.

“Hmm, he seems to have a wound to the heart?” the granny said, then slowly took off his clothing and saw that there was a stab wound in his chest that had already turned white.

“Granny, can he still be saved?” the middle-aged man and the blue-clothed woman asked at the same time.

The granny waved her hand, gesturing for them to keep quiet. She placed her hand on the unconscious man’s chest, her face revealed a confused expression and said, “Although he’s no longer breathing, his heart is still beating weakly. Truly strange.”

“Granny, so does that mean he can be saved or not?” the middle-aged man pressed on.

“Both of you get out. Get the rest outside the door away as well. I need to heal him quietly,” the granny said plainly.

The blue-clothed woman and middle-aged man nodded quickly, and exited the simple house.

The granny walked to the door and watched them leave, muttering, “This person is so young, yet he possesses such cultivation. His origins must be extraordinary. His heart was obviously pierced by a sword; I don’t know if saving him is the right choice, ai.”

Then, she slowly closed the crude wooden door and walked to the bedside. She looked at the young man lying on the bed as red energy gradually shone on her aged hand.

The granny came up to him and placed her hand, enveloped in red energy, onto the man’s chest, injecting her energy into him. However, she was instantly met with a powerful force coming from his body, causing her to take two steps backward.

Rainbow energy gradually appeared above the young man’s heart, enveloping his wound.

“Hmm? Rainbow energy? Its host is already in this state, and yet the energy has such will to protect its master. Looks like this youngster had some extraordinary encounter. I can only use that technique,” the granny muttered to herself in astonishment.

The granny raised both her arms and slowly released red energy from her entire body. Golden light gradually shone bright around her feet, and she continued waving her hands around. Soon, the red energy in her hands formed into a strange bird and she tossed it at the young man.

The red energy bird shone golden light immediately upon contact with the young man’s body, followed by a soft chirping sound. The energy bird then slowly dissipated.

The granny looked at the unmoving young man for a moment, puzzled, and manipulated her energy once more, materializing another energy bird and tossed at him.

However, this time too, had a lack of reaction. The granny began to show a look of bewilderment.

She continued using this technique on the young man. On the fifth usage of her technique, the energy bird gave off a different sound, and the young man’s hand twitched for a moment.

The granny wiped off the sweat on her forehead, panting for air. She slowly walked to the bedside and tidied his messy hair.

She checked for his breathing once more, and found that he had started breathing again. The granny sat by the bedside and said, “Young Man, I don’t know what you experienced, but I had to use the Seven Stars Summoning five times to save your life. I hope you can find new life.”

She slowly got up and walked to the crude wooden door, opened it, and left.

Soon, two youngsters dressed in simple clothing came with clothes in hand. They wiped him down and changed his clothes.

After changing his clothes, the two youngsters left, and the blue-clothed woman came in to visit him.

Now, a hint of red had returned to this ghostly pale young man on the bed. The blue-clothed woman was finally relieved in her heart, revealing a smile on her face. She thought to herself that she had managed to save a person’s life today.

Over the next few days, the villagers came to this granny’s house one after another to visit this young man saved by their fellow villager. In their free time, they would make guesses about this young man’s identity.

On this day, the blue-clothed woman came to visit this young man she had saved as usual. When she came to the bed, she actually discovered that his eyes were open.

“You’re awake. What’s your name?” the blue-clothed woman asked curiously with a gentle voice, looking at him.

The young man wanted to sit upright when he heard someone talking. However, he felt a sharp pain coming from his chest when he tried moving, and immediately dropped the idea.

“Where is this? Who are you?” the young man asked, looking at her.

“Here is Woodblue Village, and I’m Lan Shu’er. What about you; what’s your name, and where did you come from?” the blue-clothed woman asked.

“Woodblue Village? Lan Shu’er?” the young man repeated, his eyes showing confusion.

“Yeah. This is Woodblue Village. I discovered you by the river; you were about to die. You still haven’t thanked me; I was the one who saved you. Of course, it was mainly granny who healed your injuries. So what exactly is your name, and where did you come from?” this woman named Lan Shu’er asked again.

“What’s my name? Where did I come from..? Ah, my head hurts.” The young man tried to recall his past, but he felt tremendous pain in his head when he tried to go through his memories.

This woman named Lan Shu’er immediately turned nervous at seeing him acting like this. She quickly yelled out, “Granny, he’s awake! But his head seemed to be hurting, come look at him quickly!”

“I’m coming, I’m coming,” the granny’s voice immediately rang out as she walked in through the door.

“Look at him quickly, granny. I asked about his name and where he came from, then he started saying his head hurts,” Lan Shu’er said anxiously.

“Don’t be anxious, Shu’er. Let me take a look,” the granny said and slowly walked to the bedside.

“Young Man, what happened to you?” the granny asked.

“I don’t know. I tried to recall my name and my origins, but my head hurts the moment I try to think about it,” the young man said painfully.

Hearing this, the granny was immediately shocked. She then looked at his confused gaze and sighed. She turned around and said to Lan Shu’er, “He might be suffering from amnesia and can’t remember the past. He probably can’t even remember his own name.”

Lan Shu’er immediately covered her mouth with both hands at hearing this, showing a look of disbelief.

“Ai, his condition is worse than I thought. I’m afraid he’ll have to stay here for a period of time,” the granny continued.

“Then, granny, can his illness be healed?” Lan Shu’er asked anxiously.

The granny slowly stood up, gently patting Lan Shu’er shoulder and said, “He might recover his memories, but chances are slim. It’s very probable that he will be like this for his whole life. However, this might be a good thing for him.”

Lan Shu’er immediately felt confused at the granny’s words.

“Alright, go on, let him rest,” the granny said and headed toward the door.

Lan Shu’er blanked out for a moment, then looked at the young man on the bed and followed along.

The young man slowly raised his hand and rubbed his temples gently. On his finger, there was a strange green ring.

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