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Chapter 119 - Dead Man?

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Xu Qi forcefully endured the pain coming from his chest, pointing his finger at Mo Ling. He, who didn’t cry before others, now had two trails of tears flowing down his cheeks.

“W-why did you?” Xu Qi asked as his bronze sword slipped out of his grip and fell to the ground.

At this moment, Mo Ling was trembling all over. She didn’t say a word at hearing Xu Qi’s question. She glanced at the fallen bronze sword on the ground and quickly picked it up, then flashed over to Mo Dingtian’s side. She handed the sword to Mo Dingtian, then hid behind him.

Xu Qi’s body was already heavily injured, and now, this sneak attack from Mo Ling had stabbed him right in the heart from behind. His chances of surviving were steadily declining.

Xu Qi staggered as he looked at the blade protruding from his chest. He still couldn’t believe what just happened. Then, he looked up at Mo Dingtian and seemed to understand many things.

“Haha. I bet you didn’t expect this, Xu Qi, to get stabbed by one of your own. How does it feel? Does it hurt a lot?” Lian Tianwei smiled as he watched Xu Qi stumble, feeling pleased with himself.

“Little Sister, the ambush on the streets that time, those people from the Imperial Void Valley were called by you?” Xu Qi ignored Lian Tianwei and asked Mo Ling, forcefully keeping himself up.

“Now that it has come to this, Young Master Xu, it doesn’t hurt to tell you. Those people from the Imperial Void Valley were called by me, just that I didn’t think your cultivation would be strong to that extent,” Mo Dingtian said.

“Why did you do that? I, Xu Qi, have never let your Mo Clan down.” Xu Qi asked blankly. He was dumbfounded at hearing this.

“Young Master Xu, this sword of yours is a godly weapon, isn’t it? Everyone would want to have it. Also, your talent is too great. If you were to fully mature, you could threaten me. Although I like you, I do not wish to live under your shadow,” Mo Dingtian said.

Mo Dingtian looked at Xu Qi and added, “Young Master Xu, now that it has come to this, hand over those two keys as well.”

“Keys? They were snatched away! Go get them from the snatchers if you have the capabilities!” Xu Qi snarled.

Hearing this, Lian Tianwei’s face instantly sank. He and his father, Lian Chengwei, plotted so much, all for the sake of those two keys, and now they were unexpectedly taken away before they could claim them?

“Little Sister, why did you save me when Cai Xiaoxiao tried to kill me earlier? Was that all fake too?” Xu Qi asked, choking on his words.

Mo Ling slowly stepped forward from Mo Dingtian’s back. Now, there were also two trails of tears on her face. She said, “Because the one who wanted to kill you at that time was me. Cai Xiaoxiao noticed my intention when I was about to sneak attack you from behind. The one she was trying to kill was, in fact, me, and not you. Because I was standing behind you, that’s why you thought she was coming for you!”

“Ah… Ah..!” Xu Qi felt his world was turning upside down when he heard this. Every hope he had turned to dust and he roared to the skies. He grabbed the longsword stabbed in his body and pulled it out in one go. Fresh blood instantly shot out from his body as he swayed and his body fell backwards.

“Hahaha! You people, I, Xu Qi won’t let you go even if I turn into a ghost! Cai Xiaoxiao! I, Xu Qi, owe you one! I’ll repay your debt in the next life!” Xu Qi continued roaring. He didn’t realize he was right next to the cliff. He stepped onto nothing and plunged down and away.

From the side, Lian Tianwei, who was smiling all this time, quickly flew to the cliffside and looked down to the river when he saw Xu Qi plunging downwards, revealing a cold look on his face.

And the perpetrator to all this, Mo Ling, fainted when she saw Xu Qi falling off the cliff. Mo Dingtian noticed this in time and caught her in his arms.

“Young Lord Mo, our cooperation this time was pretty good. Shouldn’t you be handing the sword treasure in your hands to me now?” Lian Tianwei remarked, looking at Mo Dingtian.

“Hmph! This sword isn’t something your puny Mirrorlink could have!” a loud roar suddenly rang out.

Lian Tianwei’s expression sank as he looked in the direction of the voice. To his discovery, the one who called out was the person following behind Yu Jizi previously.

Yu Jizi was now carried in his arms. His expression was incredibly ugly.

Lian Tianwei shifted his gaze slightly onto Yu Jizi. His arms were limp and his body was covered with blood, obviously dead. Lian Tianwei was immediately shocked at this.

When Mo Dingtian realized the identity of the one who just arrived, he hurriedly went over and handed the bronze sword to him eagerly and said respectfully, “Senior, the sword was obtained, and I’ll be leaving it in your hands. About the matter promised to our Mo Clan..?”

That person casually accepted the bronze sword and kept it. He looked at Yu Jizi’s corpse, ignoring Mo Dingtian and said to Lian Tianwei, “He died within your nation of Mirrorlink. If I ever find out that his death was related to you and your father, I’ll definitely return to exact revenge on you!”

Seeing as that person ignored him, Mo Dingtian tactfully stepped aside and went to take care of Mo Ling.

Lian Tianwei hurriedly replied respectfully, “Senior, this matter is absolutely unrelated to us. Please rest assured.”

That person slowly turned around and prepared to leave. Before he left, he said, “Mo Dingtian, since this matter was taken care of, we will naturally help you with the matter on Mo Clan’s side.” He vanished right after saying his piece.

As that person disappeared, Lian Tianwei revealed a resentful gaze.

Mo Dingtian slowly picked up the fainted Mo Ling and left the area.

Lian Tianwei sighed and walked to the cliffside. He looked at the river and muttered, “A genius fell just like that. Not to mention, he was even killed by his loved one. What a pity! I wonder if my path to the future will be a lonely one?”

Then, Lian Tianwei gathered his men and left as well, leaving only a patch of blood behind.

After some time, a white silhouette fell on this mountain summit. She slowly came up to the cliffside and looked at the pool of blood, her expression turning grave.

“Young Master, please don’t let anything happen to you,” the white silhouette muttered and flew away.


In the Capital City, Cai Clan’s mansion, Cai Wubo was looking at his daughter, Cai Xiaoxiao, who was lying on the bed unconscious, painfully. His face was full of sorrow, as if he had instantly aged by several years.

He still remembered vividly the words Cai Xiaoxiao said to him before fainting: “Don’t blame Brother Qi.”

Up until now, Cai Wubo didn’t understand why his daughter would raise her sword against Xu Qi.

He sighed lightly as he suddenly heard knocking on the door. Cai Wubo’s brow instantly creased, and he walked to the door to open it.

Cai Wubo wanted to flare up as he opened the door, but discovered that it was Qin Mu and Qin Fengshu standing outside.

“Wubo, how are Xiaoxiao’s injuries? Can her severed arm be reattached?” Qin Mu asked in concern.

“Brother, Xu Qi’s palm-strike was truly too vicious, almost shattering any chance of survival she has. Her body is incredibly weak now and is unable to withstand the process of attaching her arm. I already ordered my men to bring her severed arm back and froze it, but if too much time passes, I’m afraid it won’t be possible to reattach her arm,” Cai Wubo said worriedly.

Hearing this, Qin Mu and Qin Fengshu exchanged looks of regret.

“How is the situation outside?” Cai Wubo asked as he walked out the room and closed the door.

Qin Mu shook his head and said, “When we got out of the city, the House of Soaring Moon, Imperial Void Valley, Monarchy Pavilion, Undying School, and Virtuous Clan’s elite disciples were all dead. It was said that they were fighting over the two keys in Xu Qi’s possession and died in battle.”

“Oh? Died from infighting? Then the five schools must have gone crazy from it?” Cai Wubo asked in astonishment.

“Yeah, all of them went to Lian Chengwei to settle the debt. I guess Lian Chengwei has to let them enter Mt Fengwen,” Qin Mu replied.

“Even if they were to enter Mt Fengwen, they don’t have the keys to gain access to the place they want to enter the most, and wouldn’t gain much from it,” Cai Wubo said.

“At the very least, Lian Chengwei won’t have time to deal with us now,” Qin Mu said.

“What about him?” Cai Wubo asked plainly.

“Ai, his status is unknown. No one knows where he is,” Qin Mu replied.

“I saw the girl with Brother Qi being carried away by an unfamiliar man,” Qin Fengshu interjected from the side.

Hearing this, Cai Wubo nodded slightly without saying a word.


At this moment, the ruler of Mirrorlink, Lian Chengwei, indeed had no time to care about the four great clans.

After his son Lian Tianwei returned, he was told about what happened on the mountain summit north of the capital. Lian Chengwei was enraged when he was told that they didn’t manage to get the keys. Immediately after, Lian Qijin returned as well, having suffered slight injuries.

In the end, after he sent the injured Lian Qijin away, members of the seven top schools came to him, demanding Lian Chengwei open the way to Mt Fengwen. Left without a choice, he could only comply.

That day, under Mt Fengwen, Lian Chengwei watched as the seven top schools left with bountiful gains, the muscles on his face twitching continuously. Also, he made a public announcement that Mt Fengwen will remain unsealed from that day onward, attracting experts from everywhere to search for treasures on Mt Fengwen, and the bustling Capital City became even livelier.


The large river to the north of the capital flowed from Mirrorlink to the adjacent nation of Woodsprout, and branched out within the borders of Woodsprout. A person lay unconscious along the river.

“Look, Shu’er, there seemed to be someone lying along the river?” one of two women walking along the river cried out when she suddenly discovered the person lying there.

“Sister Cai, let’s go take a look,” the other young woman, dressed in blue clothes, suggested to the chubby woman next to her.

“Let’s not. It’s possibly a corpse. A few corpses drift along the river every year. I saw one years ago; the body was soaked rotten and it looked frightening,” the young chubby woman rejected.

The blue-clothed young woman stared at the body lying unconscious by the river and said, “I’ll go take a look by myself if you don’t dare to. What if that person is still alive?”

She headed in that direction when she finished her sentence. The chubby woman shook her head helplessly and followed behind.

The two arrived at the body, whose life or death was unknown. The blue-clothed woman was also feeling afraid. She slowly approached the body. She looked at his face and immediately let out a scream.

“Shu’er, what happened, what happened?” the chubby woman shouted anxiously.

“Look, Sister Cai, his face is so white, so scary,” the blue-clothed woman said.

“Looks like he’s dead. Let’s go, quickly,” the chubby woman said.

The blue-clothed woman nodded and prepared to leave with the chubby woman. However, just as they were about to leave, she turned and looked back at the body once more, and discovered that the person’s finger seemed to twitch for a moment.

“Sister Cai, this person seems to be still alive!” the blue-clothed woman exclaimed.

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