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Chapter 110 - Those Words From That Time

Edited by RED

Just as the voice rang out, a white silhouette landed in between Xu Qi and Bu Wangli, her back facing Xu Qi.

Bu Wangli looked at this white-clothed lady who spoke such insults to him. This lady was extremely young and pretty, a girly mischievous smile hung on her pretty face.

“Little Miss, you can choose your food randomly, but words are different. Otherwise, you will find yourself losing your life,” Bu Wangli said.

“Old geezer, how dare you threaten him with death! I see you’ve been living for too long and gotten sick of life. I had thought of letting you live longer, but it seems there’s no longer a need for that!” the white-clothed lady retorted as a pair of daggers emitting cold light spun in her hands.

Bu Wangli’s face turned serious when he saw the two daggers.

Xu Qi couldn’t help but smile as he watched this lady with her back facing him. He already recognized her. Although Bu Wangli’s cultivation level was similar to hers, Xu Qi believed that Bu Wangli wouldn’t be a match for her. Therefore, Xu Qi crossed his arms, anticipating the great spectacle about to start.

At this moment, the white-clothed lady made her move. One of her daggers shot toward Bu Wangli as she turned into a blur, charging at him.

Bu Wangli instantly charged his aura and a longsword appeared in his hands. A faint red aura enveloped his body as he watched the dagger flying in his way. With a cold humph, he used his sword to deflect the dagger.

Kacha, the sword treasure that accompanied Bu Wangli for many years instantly broke upon contact with the dagger. It didn’t even stop the dagger’s momentum; it continued flying toward him.

Bu Wangli quickly sidestepped to dodge as the dagger grazed past his face, stabbing into the wall behind him. Immediately after, he felt a chilling wind from his back and hurriedly rolled on the ground, dodging in panic.

With a flip Bu Wangli stood back up and saw the lady had already come up to him. She easily pulled out the dagger in the wall and spun it in her fingers, looking at him with a smirk.

During the short moment the two exchanged moves, the lady didn’t release her aura. All she used was the two strange daggers in her hands, and she had already caused Bu Wangli to break out in a cold sweat.

Bu Wangli’s expression turned even more grave as time passed. He was the Second Elder of the Undying School, his cultivation at the first stage of Void realm. In the many years he’d experienced, when was he ever caught in such a sorry state? He looked to the white-clothed lady and asked, “Who exactly are you!? I don’t seem to know you.”

However, the opposing white-clothed lady didn’t give him a reply. Instead, she continued toying with the daggers in her hand and slowly turned to look at him, murderous intent seeping from her gaze.

Bu Wangli gave a cold humph and raised his palm, now enveloped in faint red energy. In just an instant, a energy palm formed in front of his chest, and he sent it flying toward the white-clothed lady.

The white-clothed lady watched unhurriedly as the energy palm came at her. Her aura instantly burst forth, and an aura that was stronger than Bu Wangli’s exploded out, directly shattering the energy palm attack.

Bu Wangli was dumbfounded for a moment when he sensed the aura she released, but he immediately took the initiative and charged at her.

On the other hand, the white-clothed lady grabbed her daggers tightly and rushed at Bu Wangli as well.

As Bu Wangli charged forward, he noticed the white-clothed lady was also rushing at him. The corners of his lips curved up slightly as the hand hidden behind his back made some weird seals.

“Be careful! He’s summoning his familiar!” Xu Qi hurriedly shouted out to warn her when he saw Bu Wangli’s hand motions.

However, the white-clothed lady didn’t reduce her speed in the slightest at Xu Qi’s warning. Instead, her silhouette moved even faster.

“Come on out, Abyssal Edge!” Bu Wangli suddenly shouted.

A mid-sized creature that was purple in color, with three spikes protruding out from its back and a pair of ox horns on its head suddenly appeared. Following its appearance, Xu Qi felt the temperature around him immediately falling.

The white-clothed lady didn’t concern herself with this monster’s appearance. The faint red energy began turning into dazzling rainbow colors, and she stabbed her dagger at him.

That purple monster summoned by Bu Wangli opened its mouth and shot several icicles at the white-clothed lady.

She quickly dodged aside as she gradually felt a chill coming into her body.

At this moment, a longsword had appeared from nowhere in Bu Wangli’s hand, stabbing at her. The purple monster too, jumped and shot towards the white-clothed lady, the sharp spikes on its back pointing at her.

Seeing that the situation was turning bad, Xu Qi quickly flew over and intercepted the summoned monster with his bronze sword in hand, slashing at it.

The purple monster sensed a hint of danger from the approaching Xu Qi. It stopped its movement momentarily and pounced toward him instead.

The white-clothed lady saw that the monster changed its target to Xu Qi, and so she committed to her fight with Bu Wangli. In the instant her daggers clashed with the longsword in Bu Wangli’s hand, she snapped his longsword in half and following the momentum, slashed a cut across his chest.

On the other side, after Xu Qi engaged in battle with the purple monster, he discovered that its cold Yin properties were too much. They had only fought for a short while and Xu Qi was already feeling very cold.

“All-Tempering Flame, appear!” Xu Qi said softly. His entire body was immediately enveloped by the All-Tempering Flame, and the chill instantly vanished.

The sudden appearance of the All-Tempering Flame caused a hint of fear toward Xu Qi in the purple monster’s gaze.

“Great! So your body is on the colder side and is afraid of fire,” Xu Qi immediately realized this when he saw the gaze of the monster. He smiled and raised his bronze sword, enveloped in All-Tempering Flame. Xu Qi operated his energy and formed a huge flaming sword, slashing at the purple monster.

It frantically turned around and formed layers of thin ice walls on its back to defend against the huge flaming sword.

However, the ice walls were instantly shattered the moment they came into contact with the huge flaming sword, and it continued its slash toward the purple monster and buried it in golden flames.

“Wuuu!” the purple monster immediately cried out in pain.

Hearing its familiar’s miserable cries, Bu Wangli hurriedly looked back and discovered that it was surrounded by a sheath of golden flame.

“Old geezer, now is not the time for you to get distracted,” the white-clothed lady’s voice rang in Bu Wangli’s ear. He hurriedly turned back, but it was already too late. A dagger was right in front of him as he subconsciously raised his arm to block himself.

Bu Wangli immediately felt an unbearable sense of pain from his palm. Before he could react to it, he felt a cool sensation in his chest.

“Six Directional Icy Aqua Mantra!” Bu Wangli roared. The faint red aura on his body covered over a layer of blue energy, which instantly erupted, smashing into the white-clothed lady. She let out a groan and took a few steps backward.

The white-clothed lady regained her balance and immediately felt a sweet taste in her throat. She discovered that her energy was moving slower and her limbs became somewhat stiffer.

“You insolent girl, do you take me, Bu Wangli as someone made of clay, to bully as you like? Die!” The heavily injured Bu Wangli roared furiously as his eyes turned blood red, sending a palm-strike at the white-clothed lady.

As the attack was about to strike the white-clothed lady, a silhouette emitting rainbow light suddenly blocked in front of her and grabbed her hands. She felt a warm flow get injected into her, and the cold qi in her body instantly dispersed.

“No!” the white-clothed lady let out a heart-wrenching cry when she saw who it was that appeared in front of her.

However, her cries didn’t stop Bu Wangli’s attack. It directly struck on the body that was emitting rainbow energy.

The silhouette that appeared before the white-clothed lady was none other than Xu Qi.

The white-clothed lady seized the window where Bu Wangli had yet to make sense of what just happened and shot her two daggers at him. One was aimed at his head and the other aimed at his chest.

Due to the close proximity between the two, Bu Wangli couldn’t react to this at all. He subconsciously raised his hand to block the dagger aiming for his head.

Pu pu, two sounds of body penetration rang. A dagger stabbed into Bu Wangli’s chest that was already inflicted with many wounds, and his raised hand too, had a dagger stabbed into it.

Bu Wangli thought to immediately escape when he sensed the condition his body was in, but that fearsome white-clothed lady struck at him, wielding Xu Qi’s bronze sword.

The heavily injured Bu Wangli had no way of defending against the fierce attacks of this woman. In just a short while, he was stabbed several more times. At this moment, Bu Wangli felt his desperation increasing along with his injuries.

“Wait a moment, little Miss. I don’t seem to have any grievance with you. Why are you attacking me?! Could it be because of him? It’s fine if you wish to kill me, but at least let me die knowing why!” Bu Wangli said, his body covered in blood.

Hearing this, the white-clothed lady pointed the bronze sword at Bu Wangli and declared, “Because I’m surnamed Qian! Most importantly, you actually wanted him dead! You must die!”

After saying her piece, the white-clothed lady stabbed at Bu Wangli with the bronze sword. As for Bu Wangli, he was already stunned at hearing the girl saying she was surnamed Qian. He didn’t react in time and watched as the sword stabbed into his heart. He slowly fell backward, his eyes full of shock.

Bu Wangli’s aura slowly dissipated when he fell to the ground.

However, the white-clothed lady didn’t stop. She kept swinging the bronze sword, chopping off Bu Wangli’s limbs and randomly slashing at his body.

Right now, her entire body was stained with blood. Next, wielding the bronze sword, she looked furiously to the purple monster that was burned by Xu Qi with the All-Tempering Flame.

She flew over to it and began slashing randomly again. Just like that, the fearsome Abyssal Edge that was seriously burned by Xu Qi was slashed to death.

After venting all her rage, the white-clothed lady turned and looked at the fallen Xu Qi. She flew over to him with the bronze sword in hand, gently picking him up in her arms. The tears in her eyes fell continuously, landing on Xu Qi’s face.

“You silly girl, I’m not dead. What are you crying for?” Xu Qi’s weak voice sounded.

The white-clothed lady cried even harder when she saw Xu Qi looking at her.

Seeing her act like this, Xu Qi shook his head helplessly and shut his eyes.

“Young Master, Young Master!” the white-clothed lady shouted anxiously when she saw Xu Qi close his eyes.

“Alright, stop crying. Say, you cheeky girl, didn’t I tell you to return to Rivulet City? Why did you sneak back here? You actually defied my orders. Wait till I’ve recovered and see how I’m going to punish you!” Xu Qi joked.

The white-clothed lady took out a handkerchief and gently wiped the blood off of the corner of Xu Qi’s mouth without saying a word.

“Let’s go; bring me to the Cai Clan,” Xu Qi said weakly.

The white-clothed lady nodded obediently and picked Xu Qi up, carrying him on her back. She looked at Huang Sihu’s group, who was in a daze, standing not far away and declared, “I’ll have your Huang Clan perish if he can’t recover from his injuries.”

Then, with Xu Qi on her shoulder, she dashed off in the direction of the Cai Clan.


Huang Sihu stood there stupefied when he heard the threat from the white-clothed lady. He took a glance at the ripped-apart corpse that was Bu Wangli and quickly turned to leave.

As she carried Xu Qi carefully on her shoulder, a faint hue of red could be seen on her face.

Ten years ago, Xu Qi had once told her that she looked very pretty in white, and thus she had worn white clothes ever since.

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