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Chapter 109 - Fengwen Examination, Part Three

Edited by RED

Hearing this, Xu Qi spaced out for a moment before asking, “Miss Cai, why do you say so? Can you give me a reason?”

Cai Xiaoxiao clawed at her hair in annoyance and said angrily, “It’s up to you whether you believe it. I already told you. From the first moment I saw her, I felt that she’s not a good person.”

Cai Xiaoxiao left right after saying her piece, leaving a worried Xu Qi.

Xu Qi sat alone in his room, thinking back about the events that happened during the past two days. When he thought of the Sire, he couldn’t help but recall the things the man had said to him.

Earlier, on the streets, the ruler of Mirrorlink Lian Chengwei brought Xu Qi to a quiet area and told him about a matter. It was that the reason every successive ruler of Mirrorlink would open the seal on Mt Fengwen to let ten youngsters to search for treasures was but a lie. The real reason was to send people in to replace a gemstone which was meant to stabilize the seal, preventing the seal from becoming undone.

If the stabilizing gemstone wasn’t replaced after a certain amount of time, and the seal on Mt Fengwen came undone by itself, the nation of Mirrorlink would immediately turn into a bloody battlefield. The treasures, monsters, and the Saint realm expert’s grave on Mt Fengwen was too attractive, after all.

Lian Chengwei wished to have Xu Qi cooperate with his son Lian Tianwei after entering Mt Fengwen, to replace the stabilizing gemstone on the seal.

Xu Qi then asked Lian Chengwei what made him feel confident in his choice, to reveal such a secret to Xu Qi.

Lian Chengwei replied that he didn’t really believe in his choice, but he trusted Xu Qi. This statement made Xu Qi feel as if his was brain burning up, immediately agreeing to the request.

However, although Xu Qi agreed to his request, he didn’t fully believe what Lian Chengwei said anyway, and made plans in case it was a ruse.

Xu Qi felt his head ache as his thoughts turned to Mo Ling. In the end, did he or did he not push her down on his bed? Why did her temperament change so much since she arrived in the capital?

Even Cai Xiaoxiao came and told him about Mo Ling wanting to harm him. What exactly was going on? Thinking up to this point, Xu Qi felt like his brain was a little overburdened.

Xu Qi could believe anyone had thoughts of harming him, but when it came to Mo Ling, who grew up together with him, he was of the opinion that he knew her rather well. Why would Cai Xiaoxiao claim that Mo Ling was going to harm him? Could it be that Cai Xiaoxiao saw or heard something?

Just as Xu Qi was feeling troubled over this, Mo Ling’s voice came from beyond the door.

Xu Qi rubbed his face fiercely, collecting himself and revealed a smile, then went to open the door.

To his surprise, the moment the door was opened, Mo Ling flew into his embrace, crying out loud.

Xu Qi was at a loss of what to do and opened his arms wide. He felt a cool sensation on his chest, and smiled awkwardly, saying, “Little Sister, what are you playing at? My clothes are wet from your tears. Didn’t you go meet your father? Why are you crying like this?”

Mo Ling slowly raised her head and said, looking at Xu Qi, “Little Brother, let’s not take part in the Fengwen Examination or whatever, nor return to Rivulet City. Let’s find some place quiet and live our lives, alright?”

Xu Qi was even more stupefied at hearing this and asked, “Little Sister, what exactly happened? Did your father say something to you?”

Seeing as Xu Qi didn’t answer her request directly, Mo Ling broke off Xu Qi’s embrace. She wiped her tears and said, “Just take it as I didn’t say anything earlier. I’m only a little agitated.”

A bunch of black lines immediately popped up on Xu Qi’s forehead. What exactly is going on? He said dejectedly, “What did your father say that made you like this? Did he ask you to marry someone?”

“Of course not. I was only feeling a little wronged. That’s why I was crying. I’m fine now,” Mo Ling wiped her tears and smiled.

“That, erm… Little Sister, let me ask you something. That night, when I was drinking in your room, was it you who sent me back here?” Xu Qi hesitated for a while, but asked in the end.

“Yes, I sent you back. Why?” Mo Ling answered casually.

Hearing this, Xu Qi no longer dared to continue asking. He immediately changed the topic and asked, “What did your father come to the capital for? What did he say to you earlier, to make you feel wronged?”

“I originally thought of giving up on the third round of examination tomorrow, but father insisted on me taking it, saying that with you around, I will be sure to get a spot to enter Mt Fengwen. But I didn’t want to drag you down, that’s all,” Mo Ling explained.

Xu Qi nodded blankly.

“Little Brother, for some reason that Lian Chengwei irks me. I keep feeling this person isn’t as kind as he shows on the surface. Didn’t you notice, the bunch of golden-clothed men next to him, I feel…” Mo Ling continued.

“Wait, what did you say? Golden-clothed men?!” Xu Qi suddenly interrupted, asking her uncertainly.

Mo Ling nodded and asked why it was important.

Xu Qi suddenly thought of something. Before coming to the capital, he had Xiao San, Xiao Yang, and Xiao Hou1 come to the capital to investigate on some matters pertaining to the Qian Clan from years ago, but were ambushed by a group of people and fell off a cliff. Unbeknownst to them, the three of them were fine and Xiao San shadowed them all the way to the capital entrance, witnessing them changing into golden-colored clothes and swaggering into the capital.

This Lian Chengwei isn’t simple! Xu Qi smiled coldly inside.

“What happened, Little Brother? Why is your expression like that?” Mo Ling asked anxiously when she saw Xu Qi’s sunken expression.

Xu Qi smiled at her. He was now even more certain that the words Lian Chengwei said to him today were to confuse him. There must be some secret conspiracy behind it.


After some time, Cai Wubo sent people to Xu Qi, inviting them to have a meal with him. Left without a choice, the two went along. It wasn’t good to keep rejecting him.

During their meal, Cai Xiaoxiao kept staring at Xu Qi, her gaze slightly hostile, causing Xu Qi to feel awkward. In the end, it was Cai Wubo who helped Xu Qi out.

After an awkward meal, Xu Qi returned to his room alone, analyzing in his heart what Lian Chengwei could possibly want to achieve. He kept feeling Lian Chengwei had some conspiracy going.


The next day, Cai Wubo and Cai Xiaoxiao didn’t get Xu Qi to go along with them to the examination. The two went ahead while Xu Qi and Mo Ling rushed there afterwards.

When they arrived at the crowded plaza, the other twelve who had passed the second round of examinations yesterday were already standing in the middle. All of them sent their gazes at Xu Qi and Mo Ling at their late arrival.

It seemed like everyone were waiting for the two of them. Xu Qi smiled awkwardly and quickly rushed over to them.

Seeing as all the candidates were there, Lian Chengwei cleared his throat and said, “The third round of examination starts now. The test subject is…”

Boom boom boom, a loud explosion suddenly rang out from the south, causing the entire city to shake. The crowd in the plaza instantly turned chaotic.

Several golden silhouettes landed next to Lian Chengwei, protecting him and looking cautiously at the surroundings.

“In the direction of Mt Fengwen!” Lian Chengwei shouted.

Xu Qi took a doubtful glance at Lian Chengwei, then shifted his gaze to those golden-clothed men around him. He extended his hands and reached for Mo Ling and Cai Xiaoxiao, then gave a shout to Qin Fengshu, who was still dumbfounded, and flew off.

Among the bunch of people standing in the middle of the plaza, Mo Ling and Cai Xiaoxiao had the lowest cultivation level. Xu Qi had no choice but to protect these two.

He pulled them along and came to Cai Wubo and Qin Mu’s side. At this moment, the Qin Clan guards and Mo Clan guards had formed a human wall, preventing anyone from ambushing the two patriarchs during the chaos.

“Patriarch Cai, I’m afraid the Fengwen Examination is scrapped now,” Xu Qi smiled.

“Probably. Most likely something happened in Mt Fengwen. But it has always been sealed; why would such a huge commotion occur?” Cai Wubo asked with a grave expression.

“I’m afraid someone is trying to forcefully break the seal. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be such a huge commotion,” Qin Mu said plainly.

Hearing this, both Xu Qi and Cai Wubo looked at Qin Mu in disbelief.

Qin Mu looked at the two and added, “The seal on Mt Fengwen was personally placed by that fallen Saint realm expert while he was still alive. It was unknown what means he used, no one but the unique bloodline of the ruler of Mirrorlink can open it. Now, the ruler of Mirrorlink stands here. Is there any reason other than someone attempting to forcefully break the seal open?”

Xu Qi and Cai Wubo nodded thoughtfully.

“Hmm? Why is Huang Sihu’s group running over here? There’re so many of them,” Qin Fengshu suddenly asked.

Xu Qi quickly looked to the side and saw Huang Sihu and the Second Elder of Undying School, Bu Wangli hurrying this way with a group of men behind them.

“Patriarch Cai, Patriarch Qin, bring the two of them away first. Let’s go, Little Sister,” Xu Qi said anxiously, his arm wrapped around Mo Ling’s waist and he leaped away.

Cai Wubo and Qin Mu too, each hurriedly led Cai Xiaoxiao and Qin Fengshu away.

Bu Wangli released red-hued energy and gave chase when he realized that Cai Wubo and his group were escaping, his speed extremely high.

Xu Qi cursed inwardly, thinking, This is bad. This geezer must be here for the other half key in Cai Clan's possession. Years ago, he massacred the entire Qian Clan, all for the sake of the half key.

Just as Xu Qi waa worrying for the Cai Clan, Bu Wangli had caught up to them and blocked off their escape.

“Patriarch Cai, I don't mean harm, only hoping to borrow something in your distinguished clan's hands,” Bu Wangli said, his red robe unruffled.

Cai Wubo shielded Cai Xiaoxiao closely behind him, looking at Bu Wangli with a grave expression, not saying a word.

Seeing as Cai Wubo kept his silence, the smile on Bu Wangli’s face gradually faded.

“You are the Second Elder of the Undying School, Bu Wangli right? The object you want must be this thing right here. Let them go, I'll hand it over to you,” Xu Qi suddenly spoke up. The tiny wooden sword had unknowingly appeared in his hand.

When Bu Wangli saw the tiny wooden sword in Xu Qi’s hand, he no longer paid any attention to Cai Wubo’s group.

Xu Qi said to Cai Wubo, “My Little Sister is in your care now.”

Then, he turned to Bu Wangli and said, “There's too many people around; come with me.”

When Xu Qi was done speaking, he sped off and flew into the distance.

Bu Wangli didn’t delay for a single moment, directly chasing after Xu Qi, his speed obviously faster than Xu Qi. 

Xu Qi didn’t manage to get far away before a red silhouette flashed before him. Bu Wangli’s figure was already in front of him, blocking his path.

“Young man, hand over the object in your hand if you don’t wish to die,” Bu Wangli smiled.

Xu Qi was about to speak up when he saw a white, graceful silhouette flying over from behind Bu Wangli.

“Bu Wangli! You dare threaten him with death with just you?!”

TL Note:

1: Xiao San/Xiao Yang/Xiao Hou, also known as little three (tiger), little goat, and little monkey of the Twelve Constellation Guards, Xu Yin, Xu Wei and Xu Shen.

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