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Chapter 108 - Fengwen Examination, Part Two

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Even Xu Qi couldn’t help but turn to look at hearing this. A young, handsome man dressed in golden clothes stood next to the Destiny Stone. On that square red stone, the words “Fifth Stage Spirit Realm” were still flickering.

“Eh? Who is this guy?” Xu Qi asked Qin Fengshu.

Qin Fengshu too, was showing a look of confusion. Hearing his question, he blankly shook his head, indicating he had no idea.

Xu Qi noticed that the gaze Cai Xiaoxiao was sending that young man was abnormal. Thus, he smiled at her and asked, “Miss Cai, do you know that Lian Tianwei fellow?”

Cai Xiaoxiao shook her head at Xu Qi’s question and said, “I don’t know him, but I recognize his name. He is probably Lian Chengwei’s son.”

“Ah? You’re saying he’s Lian Chengwei’s son?” Qin Fengshu asked in disbelief.

Cai Xiaoxiao continued staring at the young man named Lian Chengwei and said uncertainly, “I only recognize his name, but it should be him. Though, he disappeared for many years. God knows where he popped out from.”

Under the stage, Huang Clan’s patriarch, Huang Sihu, whispered something into Bu Wangli’s ear. The latter looked at Lian Chengwei, and nodded.

On the other hand, Cai Wubo and Qin Mu didn’t express any shock, only their gazes toward Lian Chengwei were a little puzzled.

“Today, I’ll introduce to everyone; this is my son, Lian Tianwei. He went to foreign lands eight years ago to learn some skills, and only returned recently. Coincidentally, he made it in time for the Fengwen Examination, and thus came here to try his luck, fortunately passing the examination,” Lian Chengwei’s voice suddenly rang out.

“Coincidentally made it in time? I’m afraid the reason Lian Chengwei suddenly announcing the opening of Mt Fengwen was all because of his son,” Xu Qi smiled coldly.

Lian Chengwei didn’t pay any heed to the reactions below the stage. He smiled at Lian Tianwei and said, “Wei’er, go wait by the side.”

Lian Tianwei nodded respectfully to Lian Chengwei. Then, he glanced toward Xu Qi and saw that he too, was looking at him. Lian Tianwei smiled and stepped off the stage.

Xu Qi was even more confused when he saw Lian Tianwei actually smiling at him. They weren’t acquaintances; why would he smile at Xu Qi?

Everybody in the plaza was shocked by the sudden appearance of Lian Tianwei.

Lian Chengwei began calling names again, for people to go up to test their cultivation level.

“Huang Xiao, Sixth Stage of Qi realm, passed.”

“Fan Yilun, Sixth Stage of Qi realm, passed.”

Xu Qi smiled coldly at hearing those two names. It would truly be strange if those from the four top clans were unable to pass.

Though, the two young masters from Huang and Fan Clans didn’t draw too much attention. However, what Lian Chengwei said after that caused the confident Xu Qi to feel a little shocked.

“Bu Jinlei, Fifth Stage of Spirit realm, passed.”

“Nangong Yun, Fifth Stage of Spirit realm, passed.”

“Cai Daotu, Fifth Stage of Spirit realm, passed.”

“Wang Li, Fifth Stage of Spirit realm, passed.”

“Yi Mie, Fifth Stage of Spirit realm, passed.”

“Yue Chaoran, Fifth Stage of Spirit realm, passed.”

“Yu Jizi, Sixth Stage of Spirit realm, passed.”


Most of the people in the crowd had their mouths agape, looking at these youngsters in the middle when they heard Lian Chengwei reporting these seven people’s test results. 

“These seven people are probably the most outstanding disciples from the seven top cultivation schools. I didn’t think they would be so strong,” Xu Qi said with a grave expression.

“Ai, Brother Qi, I thought I could finally show my face around after breaking through to the first stage of Spirit realm by fortune. Now, from the looks of it, I’m not even qualified to do that; those top schools are too strong. They can just casually send out a few disciples from the younger generation that are so monstrous,” Qin Fengshu mocked himself.

“Oh, you, don’t feel down. With your aptitude, it’s not hard to surpass them. Don’t be bothered by their cultivation levels. I’m not afraid in the least if I were to fight them head on,” Xu Qi consoled him.

Lian Chengwei continued yelling, “The two round of tests will be all for today. There will be a total of fourteen candidates partaking in the third round, and there are only ten places for entering Mt Fengwen. I wish for you to cherish the available quota; as long as you pass the third round of examination tomorrow, you will obtain the rights to enter Mt Fengwen and to pick your treasure.”

“What’s the topic for the third round of tests?” Xu Qi asked Cai Xiaoxiao.

“I don’t know. Father had tried asking around, but didn’t manage to learn anything,” Cai Xiaoxiao said, but her gaze was fixated on Lian Tianwei all along. It was unknown what was in her mind.

“Let’s go,” Mo Ling said plainly to Xu Qi, and turned to leave.

Hearing this, Xu Qi hurriedly followed along. He didn’t know why, but after experiencing that crazy night, he had an inexplicable feeling toward Mo Ling.

There were a few times when Xu Qi wanted to ask whether it was her that night, but he didn’t know how to put it into words. He couldn’t possibly ask whether she was the one he forcefully pushed down. That would be too much.

This time, Cai Xiaoxiao didn’t go with Xu Qi. She stayed there looking at Lian Tianwei, while Qin Fengshu was beckoned over by Qin Mu.

Xu Qi and Mo Ling strolled casually on the streets. As they walked, Xu Qi didn’t dare to say anything.

“I’ll just forfeit the third round tomorrow,” Mo Ling suddenly said.

“Why?” Xu Qi immediately replied.

“Among the fourteen who made it, my cultivation level is the lowest. Going into Mt Fengwen to search for treasure is probably full of dangers. I’m afraid of dragging your feet, burdening you. I might as well give up,” Mo Ling explained.

“Oh you, when did you become such a melancholic person? With me here…” as Xu Qi spoke, he suddenly heard a sonic boom from behind.

He quickly pulled Mo Ling along and flew to the roof of the buildings on the street. Ever since he was ambushed previously, he had his guard up at all times, in order to not turn into a hedgehog. Jumping up onto the high ground immediately was the best choice.

Before Mo Ling could react to the sudden situation, she found herself landing on the roof.

Xu Qi turned to look at the streets, but he didn’t discover any suspicious figures.

“Rivulet City’s Young Master Xu of Xu Clan, eh? I’ve long heard of you,” a cold, sinister voice suddenly rang from behind.

Xu Qi hurried turned to look and saw a young man dressed in black looking at them, smirking. His black clothes was marked with a symbol which Xu Qi recognized.

“Yi Mie of Shadow Wind Sect?” Xu Qi asked plainly, but his inner heart was in turmoil. This person was actually able to sneak up to him without Xu Qi discovering him; his strength was nothing to scoff at.

“Not bad, Young Master Xu is smart indeed. No wonder none of our Shadow Wind Sect’s Crazed Ten members made it back ten years ago,” Yi Mie said with a cold smile.

“I don’t know what you’re saying,” Xu Qi said.

“Young Master Xu, you’re a smart man. How could you not understand? I’m really surprised a puny household could produce such an interesting expert,” Yi Mie continued.

“Yi Mie, what did you find me for?” Xu Qi asked with a grave expression.

“Haha, don’t be nervous, Young Master Xu. I’m only here to say hello, to make an acquaintance, save the trouble of you not recognizing me after we enter Mt Fengwen. Alright, that’s all. I’m going off. Also, that girl beside you, she’s pretty good,” Yi Mie said, smiling coldly and took a glance at Mo Ling. Then, his figure flashed and disappeared.

What mysterious movement technique. His technique is even better than Yi Da and his brothers, Xu Qi thought inwardly.

“Let’s go, Little Sister,” Xu Qi said and pulled Mo Ling along, but she didn’t move and pulled him back instead.

Xu Qi immediately looked at her in bewilderment.

“You head back to the Cai Clan first. I still have matters to attend to,” Mo Ling said.

“Hmm?” Xu Qi let out a confused voice.

“My father is here. I need to go meet him?” Mo Ling said.

Xu Qi already knew of Mo Dingtian coming to the capital from Xu Chen, but he didn’t know how Mo Ling got wind of the news. Since Mo Dingtian was already in Capital City, and he was not in a position to say anything, he could only nod.

Mo Ling watched as Xu Qi left, then jumped off the roof and flashed to a corner, dashing in the direction of Menxing Tavern.

She came to a room in Menxing Tavern and pushed the door open, entering. Mo Dingtian was standing in there alone, with his hands to his back.

“Father,” Mo Ling went to his side and greeted him.

“Where’s Young Master Xu?” Mo Dingtian slowly turned around and asked.

“He went to the Cai Clan,” Mo Ling answered.

“Hmm. You must think of a way to get one of the spots for entering Mt Fengwen tomorrow, otherwise…” Mo Dingtian suppressed his voice as he spoke.

Mo Ling’s expression changed and said to Mo Dingtian, “Father, you still haven’t told me the reason why I must fight for a spot to enter Mt Fengwen.”

Mo Dingtian sighed and said, “If you are to do it on your own, you could never get one of the spots. But with Young Master Xu here, you must cherish this opportunity. He will definitely try his best to help you. This kind of opportunity isn’t available for everyone.”

Mo Ling’s eyes reddened, tears immediately fell from the corner of her eyes and she spoke no longer.

Mo Dingtian reached for her eyes and wiped her tears at seeing such, the two no longer said anything.

Xu Qi didn’t tail Mo Ling. He was walking alone dejectedly on the streets, but unexpectedly a bunch of people came up to him after a while. Their leader was actually the ruler of Mirrorlink, Lian Chengwei, with Lian Tianwei next to him.

“Sire, is there a matter?” Xu Qi asked mildly.

“Xu Qi, I wish to talk to you, I wonder if you’re interested?” Lian Chengwei said, smiling.

Xu Qi didn’t reject him. He followed Lian Chengwei to a quiet place.


When Xu Qi got back to the Cai Clan, he wanted to return to his room for some peace. The things Lian Chengwei spoke of earlier left him a little confused. However, just as he pushed the door open, he found Cai Xiaoxiao sitting in his room.

“Miss Cai, is there any matter?” Xu Qi asked, puzzled.

Cai Xiaoxiao stood up, hesitating slightly. She stuttered for a moment before saying, “Brother Qi, be wary of that Little Sister of yours. I think she’s going to harm you.”

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