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Chapter 106 - One Crazy Night

Edited by RED

After an unknown period of time, Xu Qi felt his consciousness returning, although it was still blurry. He picked up the body scent of a female, and it was like he was being supported by someone to lie down.

However, in his dizzy condition, Xu Qi felt as if there was a fire burning in his abdomen. He felt his mouth drying up, and his clothes were twisting around his body. It felt terrible, making him short of breath.

Xu Qi tore roughly at his clothes, but the heat from his body made him feel even more irritable. His head was feeling even more dizzy as well, a headache even.

As Xu Qi roughly pulled his clothes, he seemed to have grabbed onto a hand. He exerted his strength and pulled at it, then smelled a fragrance that was enough to cause the fire burning in him to erupt.

Xu Qi tried to forcefully open his eyes. In his blurry vision, he saw a white silhouette swaying before him, and he thought of Mo Ling’s exceptional beauty.

Xu Qi felt like he was as frenzied as a wild beast. He violently pulled this white silhouette into his embrace, tearing her clothes with his wild strength. Then, he flipped around and pressed on top of her body.

Next, he kissed her aggressively. In the end, Xu Qi still couldn’t find a way to vent the heat in his body. He suddenly felt a cool sensation in his lower body, followed by a comfortable feeling, enveloping his entire body.

As he violently vented the heat in him, he heard the coquettish protest of a female voice ringing in his ears, and this voice became the temptation for Xu Qi to become even more frenzied in his actions.

After an unknown amount of time, Xu Qi ravished the body below him uncountable times. The heat in Xu Qi’s body gradually waned. The released feeling made Xu Qi fall asleep.

As his consciousness faded, Xu Qi saw the white silhouette leave the room swaying about, after which his consciousness cut off.


Xu Qi felt like he dreamed for a very long time. When he heard some noise, he slowly opened his eyes, feeling a bad headache.

Dong dong dong, knocking sounds continued coming from the door. Xu Qi forcefully propped himself up, and suddenly felt a cool sensation from his body. He looked down and found that there wasn’t a shred of cloth covering him. Xu Qi shifted his gaze to his hand and discovered there was a bright-colored blood stain on the sheets.

Xu Qi’s brain suddenly cleared up at seeing this and hurriedly took out a set of clothing from his ring, quickly putting them on.

Xu Qi rubbed his still-aching temples and flipped the blankets, covering that blood stain. He then came to the door swaying.

Xu Qi extended his arm, gently opening the door and saw Mo Ling standing outside, dressed in white.

Currently, her appearance was covered with a veil. She reminded Xu Qi, “The Fengwen Examination is about to start. Hurry up and get ready, or we won’t make it in time.”

Then, she turned around and headed to the courtyard, quietly waiting for him.

Xu Qi was all flustered in his heart when he saw Mo Ling. He recalled the things he did last night. It seemed like a dream, but the bloodstains on his sheets proved otherwise. What was going on?

Xu Qi shut the doors and leaned against it, violenting rubbing his face. He tried to recall in detail everything that happened, but it was futile; he couldn’t remember clearly.

Looking closely, he was currently in his own room, the one Cai Wubo arranged for him to stay in. Last night he fell unconscious in Mo Ling’s room; how did he get back here?

Xu Qi slowly cycled his cultivation art for two rounds. When he felt his headache was getting better, Xu Qi tidied his attire and left his room.

He came to the courtyard, next to Mo Ling and was about to speak up.

“You had too much to drink in my room last night, and I too, drank too much, almost failing to wake up today. Let’s go, we won’t make it if we don’t hurry. Patriarch Cai and Miss Cai have already left,” Mo Ling  said to Xu Qi as she suddenly turned around.

He blanked for a moment then nodded, following Mo Ling’s lead.

On the way, Mo Ling would say something intermittently, and Xu Qi only nodded or shook his head, not daring a say a word. He was trying hard to remember what happened last night.

As time passed, the two made their way to the plaza in front of the Imperial City. At this moment, Xu Qi was already sobered up.

He swept his gaze around and discovered that Cai Wubo, Cai Xiaoxiao, Qin Mu, and Qin Fengshu were gathered together. Xu Qi glanced at Mo Ling and saw that she too, had noticed them and shook her head at Xu Qi.

Xu Qi sighed helplessly. If Little Sister didn’t allow him to go, then he wouldn’t. It didn’t matter where he stood anyway.

On the other side, Cai Xiaoxiao and Qin Fengshu seemed to be looking around searching for someone. When Cai Xiaoxiao noticed Xu Qi, she revealed a sweet smile, but her gaze turned dark when she saw Mo Ling beside him.

“Sister Cai, have you seen Brother Qi? Is he here yet? It can’t be that he’s not here, right?” Qin Fengshu was still looking around excitedly, casually asking Cai Xiaoxiao this.

“You don’t need to worry about him. He’s already here, with a pretty sister beside him to boot! Just look after yourself!” Cai Xiaoxiao said, irritated.

“Eh? Why is there something wrong with your tone? Brother Qi is already here, but where exactly is he? Point for me to see,” Qin Fengshu said, puzzled. He continued searching around. He only gave up when he saw Xu Qi was standing not far away from them, smiling at Qin Fengshu. This made his father standing behind him shake his head helplessly.

“The Sire is here,” Mo Ling whispered, causing Xu Qi who was deep in thought come back to himself, looking quickly to the center of the plaza.

A middle-aged man dressed in golden clothes slowly made his way to the middle of the plaza.

“He’s the ruler of Mirrorlink, Lian Chengwei?” Xu Qi mumbled, looking at that unprepossessing middle-aged man.

As the ruler of Mirrorlink, Lian Chengwei, made his appearance, the originally noisy plaza immediately quieted down.

Lian Chengwei didn’t say anything. He slowly walked to the first stone tablet in the middle of the plaza and lightly bit his finger; then he gently placed his palm, enveloped in yellow energy, onto the stone tablet.

No wonder nobody paid much attention to the ruler of Mirrorlink. His cultivation level is only at the Qi realm. In this world where strength is everything, he is obviously unable to have the top clans or schools take him seriously, Xu Qi thought as he looked at Lian Chengwei.

After the Sire placed his palm with a little of his blood onto the seemingly ordinary stone tablet, an exceptionally dazzling golden light suddenly burst forth from it, causing everyone to shut their eyes in reaction.

When the golden light faded away, people noticed that ten golden characters had appeared on the originally empty stone tablet.

“The early morning clouds; like the tide; always comes and goes.”

Everyone in the plaza spoke in unison, reading the couplet.

Xu Qi immediately smiled when he saw the ten characters. He turned to look at Mo Ling and saw that she was focused on the stone tablet, reading its content.

At this moment, Lian Chengwei came to the second stone tablet. This stone tablet too, revealed a couple words.

“The moon shines bright; the August moon shines exceptionally bright.”1

Then the third stone tablet.

“Using the sky as the chessboard; the stars as pieces; who dares to play?”

Xu Qi looked at the next two couplets and smiled, thinking inwardly, This is nothing. However, he shifted his gaze to Mo Ling and saw that she had a worried expression on her face.

Xu Qi smiled and stuck his head over, whispering something into Mo Ling’s ears. This made the worried Mo Ling instantly light up with a smile.

As Xu Qi withdrew his head, he took a whiff of Mo Ling’s scent, thinking carefully. The smell from last night seemed to be this scent.

The mystery in Xu Qi’s heart seemed to have been solved and his mood instantly turned much better. He turned around and saw that Cai Xiaoxiao and Qin Fengshu’s gazes were still glued to the stone tablet. Then, Xu Qi pulled Mo Ling along and went to them.

Several people who seemed to be guards came up to Xu Qi as he approached Cai Xiaoxiao’s group, stopping Xu Qi’s advance. Cai Wubo and Qin Mu both waved their hands at seeing this, and the guards allowed Xu Qi and Mo Ling to proceed.

Qin Fengshu went over and passionately hugged Xu Qi when he saw Xu Qi coming this way. He then took a glance at Mo Ling, whose appearance was covered with a white veil, and blanked for a moment. When he saw Xu Qi’s slightly abnormal look, Qin Fengshu immediately understood what happened before.

Xu Qi grabbed Qin Fengshu’s head and whispered something his ears. This immediately garnered another passionate hug from him.

Xu Qi slowly came to Cai Xiaoxiao’s side and bent down, intending to say something to her. However, Cai Xiaoxiao lightly dodged away.

Xu Qi thought she was up to something again, and extended his arm, grabbing her ears and pulling her in, forcefully whispering something into her ears.

Cai Xiaoxiao originally thought to flare up, but only lightly humphed upon hearing what Xu Qi said and ignored him afterwards. Xu Qi knew that this Miss Cai’s mood was very prone to changes and thus didn’t say anything more, shifting his gaze to the middle of the plaza.

Lian Chengwei looked at the crowd, smiling and yelled, “This is the first round of examination for the Fengwen Examination; the three couplets left behind by the previous Examination. If you can match it, come on up. If you did manage to match it, you will directly proceed to the second round. The first round of examination is limited to two hours only.”

How harsh. Only two hours, and everyone else will be eliminated if they can’t match the couplet, Xu Qi smiled coldly in his heart.

Xu Qi stole a glance at Mo Ling, a smile curved on his lips. He extended his arm to grab on her slim waist, directly flying to the middle of the plaza.

Under the gazes of everyone, Xu Qi landed next to Lian Chengwei with Mo Ling and said politely, “These three couplets, I’m matching them.”

Hearing this, a smile lit on Lian Chengwei and said, “Fine, let’s hear it.”

Xu Qi turned sideways, looked at the stone tablets, and said, “The early morning clouds; like the tide; always comes and goes. The river water; as the tide; always rises and flows.”

“The moon shines bright every month; the August moon shines exceptionally bright. The sceneries of mountain are all beautiful; the scenery of Mt Wu2 is exceptionally beautiful.”

“Using the sky as the chessboard; the stars as pieces; who dares to play? Using the Earth as the Pipa; the roads as strings; who could play it?”

After giving his answer for the three couplets, Xu Qi slowly turned around and saw that the vast crowd was abnormally quiet. Even the ruler of Mirrorlink was spacing out with his mouth agape.

“Great! Brother Qi is truly a genius from the heavens!” Qin Fengshu cheered from afar. Following his shout, the atmosphere in the plaza immediately exploded.

Xu Qi ignored them and went to Lian Chengwei’s side, asking, “Sire, is my answer acceptable?”

Lian Chengwei had collected himself and smiled, saying, “Good! What is your name? Head over there to register; you can enter the second round.”

Xu Qi respectfully replied, “Xu Qi.”

Lian Chengwei nodded.

“Sire, this girl also wishes to match the three couplets,” Mo Ling, who stood by the side said.

Lian Chengwei looked at Mo Ling in doubt and nodded.

Mo Ling turned to look at the three tone tablets and answered, “The early morning clouds; like the tide; always comes and goes. The drifting clouds; like a cycle; always forms and falls.”

“The moon shines bright every month; the August moon shines exceptionally bright. A wish exists in every heart. Eternity is wished in my very heart.”

“Using the sky as the chessboard; the stars as pieces; who dares to play? Using the thunder as war drums; the lightning as banner; who dares to oppose?”

Mo Ling matched the three couplets in one go and went to Lian Chengwei’s side, gently asking, “Sire, is my answer accepted?”

Lian Chengwei nodded blankly. He didn’t expect for two youngsters to come up with an answer in such a short time, with such neat answers as well. What verve!

“You two, go over there and register yourselves first. You can directly enter the second round of examinations,” Lian Chengwei said, smiling.

“Just a moment, Sire. I’ll go with them when I’m done answering,” a familiar voice suddenly rang in Xu Qi’s ears.

TL Note:

1: The August moon refers to the Mid-Autumn Festival, where the moon will be the roundest and brightest of the year on 15th August. That said, it meant 15th August of the Lunar calendar. The date falls on late September/early October in our western/Gregorian calendar.

2: Mt Wu is a real place on the Changjiang River (Yangtze) by the Three Gorges in Chongqing, China.

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