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Chapter 1644: Tang Xi vs Ling Hui (1)

The previous night, Tang Xi had drunk a lot at Qiao Yanze’s house. Fang Ye sent him back to the villa and he slept until noon the next day.

Ling Hui did not inform him that she was returning to her country. When he woke up, he took a shower and called her, but her phone was already turned off.

Tang Xi called Gu Meng again and found out that Ling Hui had already left the capital.

Tang Xi stood in front of the French windows in his pajamas, feeling a little empty and disappointed.

The last time he was injured, his attitude toward her had been too bad.

It was reasonable for her to not forgive him so easily.

Tang Xi did not have much confidence in their relationship.

He loved her deeply, but he was not sure what her feelings for him were!

Perhaps she was touched and grateful after reading his diary. After all, she had taken her savior very seriously!

He was not sure if she really liked him!

If it wasn’t for the fact that there were still many things to settle at home and in the company, Tang Xi would definitely have booked the earliest flight to meet Ling Hui.

After the Old Madam found out about Liu Ping’s true colors, she fell ill in a fit of anger.

There were still several projects that Liu Ping had taken over in the company. Without a person in charge, Tang Xi had to handle them personally.

Tang Xi sent a message to Ling Hui, changed into his shirt and pants, and went to work.

Father Tang had also arrived at the company. When he found out that Tang Xi’s mother had not betrayed him back then, but it was his negligence and distrust that had given Liu Ping a chance, he regretted it.

If Yu’er was still alive, he would use his remaining life to make it up to her.

Unfortunately, she only had one life.

Tang Jing’s hair had turned white overnight.

He had fallen in love with Yu’er at first sight. Although he knew that she had another man in her heart before they got married, he had always loved her deeply.

He had given her endless love and doting, hoping that she would see him in a different light. However, over the years, she had been rather cold to him. He thought that he would never be able to get her heart in this lifetime, but who knew…

She had feelings for him.

When she fell in love with him, he misunderstood and ignored her. He even made her think that he had some intimate relationship with Liu Ping!

He really deserved to die!

At the entrance of the company, Tang Xi saw the haggard and heavy expression of Father Tang and comforted him. “Dad, if Mom knew, she wouldn’t want to see you like this!”

“Ah Xi, I actually let Liu Ping stay by my side for so many years, raising a tiger to cause trouble. That’s why your mom was separated from us!”

“Dad, it’s not all your fault. Liu Ping made use of the weakness and distrust in your relationship with Mom and succeeded in sowing discord!” Besides, Liu Ping was too good at acting. If Ling Hui’s father had not told the truth back then, who would have guessed that Liu Ping was the one who had done it?

Tang Jing nodded with a dark expression. “Something happened to Liu Ping and it caused quite a stir in the company’s shares. You’ll have to pay more attention to the company.”

“I will.”

After a busy day, Tang Xi had a video conference with the higher management of an overseas company.

Halfway through, Tang Xi’s private phone rang.

Seeing that it was Gu Meng, Tang Xi signaled for the meeting to stop.

Picking up Gu Meng’s call, Tang Xi heard Gu Meng say hurriedly before he could speak, “Young Master Tang, did Sister Ling Hui contact you?”

Hearing Gu Meng’s tone, Tang Xi felt that something was wrong. “No, didn’t she go back?” Raising his wrist to look at his watch, Ling Hui should have arrived home by now.

“The meeting will end here for today.” Tang Xi told the higher-ups in the video and turned off the video.

He used the landline to call Ling Hui, but her phone was turned off.

“I called Auntie and she didn’t manage to pick Sister Ling Hui at the airport.” After finding out that Auntie didn’t receive Sister Ling Hui, Gu Meng asked Ye Qing to investigate. Ye Qing still hadn’t given her any news and she was extremely anxious, so she called Tang Xi. “Sister Ling Hui hasn’t contacted you today, has she?”

Tang Xi suddenly had a bad feeling in his heart. He tightened his grip on his phone. “How did she get to the airport? Did she get on the plane?”

“I’m still investigating.”

After ending the call with Gu Meng, Tang Xi took his car keys and drove quickly to the Third Prince’s palace.

When Tang Xi arrived at the palace, the driver who was supposed to send Ling Hui to the airport in the morning was kneeling on the ground, trembling.

Ye Qing had already found out that Ling Hui had not boarded the plane at all. After leaving the hotel, she got into a taxi. The taxi was equipped with a license plate and was familiar with the roads in the capital that were not equipped with surveillance cameras, avoiding the surveillance cameras.

“In other words, Ling Hui disappeared after she got on this taxi?” Tang Xi looked at the surveillance video Ye Qing’s subordinates got hold of and frowned.

When Ling Hui’s consciousness slowly recovered, she could not see, and neither could she move her limbs.

After a while, she realized that her eyes were covered by a piece of cloth and her hands and feet were tied with rope.

Her mind was still a little muddled as she recalled everything that had happened.

She had gotten into a taxi and had asked the driver to send her to the airport.

In the end, the driver had not gone to the airport. She asked the driver to stop the car, but she did not reply.

And her consciousness became blurry.

Ling Hui frowned and struggled with the rope on her wrist. The rope was tied tightly and she could not break free.

On top of that, her body was still extremely weak after taking the drug. Not too long after she woke up, sleepiness overwhelmed her again.

She bit viciously on her lip.

It was only when she bit her lips until they bled and tasted blood that she sobered up.

After some time, there was a creak and the door was pushed open.

Someone came in.

“You’re awake?”

It was a woman’s voice. Ling Hui remembered that it was the taxi driver who had drugged her.

“Who are you? Why did you tie me up?” Ling Hui’s eyes were covered by a black cloth and she could not see where the woman was standing. Ling Hui could only judge her position based on her footsteps. “Why did you tie me up? Do you want money or something else?”

This was a deliberate kidnapping.

The driver sent by Gu Meng had been hit along the way. The moment she left the hotel, the taxi had driven in front of her. It was obvious that this had all been planned.

Who wanted to kidnap her?

A thought flashed in Ling Hui’s mind. Could it be…

“I’ve placed the steamed bun under your feet. You can eat it if you lower your head.”

Ling Hui heard the woman turning to leave and said nothing more.

Hearing the door close, Ling Hui bent down.

Fortunately, she had learned dancing when she was young and her body was very flexible. If not, she definitely would not have been able to hold the bowl on the floor when she could not move her limbs.

When she touched the steamed bun in the bowl, Ling Hui held it between her teeth. Then, she bit the empty bowl and broke it into pieces. She picked up a piece with her mouth and spit it out near her hand.

Her lips had been cut when she was picking up the pieces. She pressed the tip of her tongue against the wound. The bloody smell made her more conscious.