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Chapter 4: Looking up to oneself

Qin Ming sat on the stone stool to study the Rebirth Exercise for the whole night, not only is he not tired, he is instead very awake. Rebirth Exercise is able to devour the Vital Qi of Heaven and Earth, allowing him to recover lost blood and also allow him to remain very awake.

Qin Ming used a total of 3 years to study the first paragraph of Rebirth Exercise, it's a long time span, first it’s because he is still young, and doesnt know a lot of things, second is because he didn’t have any prior knowledge to Rebirth Exercise, this kind of Qi method and he had to completely learn it himself. So when he is studying the second paragraph of the Rebirth Exercise, it seems a lot smoother, he is able to have some comprehension in one night, at this rate, Qin Ming believe that he is able to thoroughly study and integrate the first and second paragraph of Rebirth Exercise in half of year.

The old man have already went back to the warehouse to sleep, leaving only Qin Ming alone with the lonely grave in the courtyard.

Qin Ming is feeling pretty good. He made breakfast for the old man while he is at the courtyard training with a steam bun in his mouth, he steadily raised a 2m tall stone tank on his hand, all his muscles are taut, his lines perfectly contoured.

This stone vat is used by him to store sundries.

His job is to deliver necessary sundries to different regions in Azure Cloud Sect, at the start he used a wooden cart to carry one at a time, after that it was changed to a 1m tall wooden bucket where he put all the things needed to be delivered in it. 2 years ago, he changed to a stone vat to carry all the items to deliver.

Outside the stone vat is filled with iron cone, weighing at about 300 jin, when he put in items, it would normally be 500 jin, when it is heavy it would reach 700 jin.

Qin Ming is naked upper body while raising the stone vat in the courtyard. The exquisite muscle and strong explosive strength, along with the tenacity and enduring perseverance is trained by doing this everyday.

Turn hardship into training, these is what Qin Ming say to him everyday.

"Qin Ming, are you there?" a sharp voice came from outside, a fat white man stood outside the iron door, looking very arrogant and even deliberately tilted his head sideways.

He is called Zhang Dong, one of the stewards of Azure Cloud Sect, who is responsible for giving jobs to half of the servants in Azure Cloud Sect.

Qin Ming didn’t care about him and continue to lift the stone vat as training.

"Are you fucking deaf? I am talking to you…" Zhang Dong screamed.

"Hong long!" the stone vat in Qin Ming's hand fell onto the floor, and the whole courtyard shook.
Zhang Dong shivered, as he stopped talking like a duck who got choked and didn’t even dare to move a single step forward.

Qin Ming wiped the sweat away from his forehead: "is there anything?"

Zhang Dong was feeling nervous as he looked at the few hundred jin heavy stone vat, but he still had the bully look on his face, as he waved the list in his hand: "This is the list for today's delivery."

"You used to paste it on the door every time, why are you so free to come in and see me today?"

"Hey! You sinner, i came in here personally because i think highly of you…" Zhang Dong was very flustered when Qin Ming glared at him, he began to mutter only after saying two sentences. He really didn’t dare to mess with Qin Ming, if not he might get a beating from Qin Ming like in the past, this brat didn’t even care about the difference in position.

"Give me that." Qin Ming walked over and took away the list, as he swept his eyes over: "So many places?"

Zhang Dong laughed: "Aren’t you a Spirit Martial realm? You even dare to sneak attack Chu Hua elder, is it much more difficult to send more stuff?"

"I am not supposed to send stuff to these places."

"Whether you are supposed or not, is based on me. The able is able to do more work, from today onwards, the places where you will deliver stuff will be three times normal."

Qin Ming coldly stared at him and threw away the list on his hands.

"What are you doing? If you dare to hit me, all the stuff in Azure Cloud Sect will be your responsibility to deliver! You… you’re still looking? You dare to look again! Qin Ming, don’t be impulsive, it doesn’t matter for you to deliver a few jin more of stuff…" seeing that Qin Ming was walking towards Zhang Dong, Zhang Dong was so scared that he started to stagger backwards. Back then when Qin Ming was ten years old, he already chased him all around the mountain beating him, from then onwards, Zhang Dong would be beaten by Qin Ming at least twice every year. The more you punish him, the more ruthless his beating, this brat was akin to metal and wasn’t afraid of getting punished. Counting this year, Qin Ming hasn’t beat him once, so Zhang Dong had a shadow in his heart.

"I’m just picking up things, don’t be afraid." Qin Ming picked up a piece of stone from the floor and threw it back into the stone vat.

Zhang Dong embarrassed: "quickly pack up and deliver the stuff, let me warn you, even if you step into Profound Martial realm, you are still a servant and is needed to deliver stuff everyday."

"Zhang Dong, we shouldn’t be too arrogant as humans. You may be a steward forever, but i might not be a servant forever." Qin Ming got a pail of water, walked into the warehouse to bath himself and changed into a set of clean clothes.

Although he is a servant, he was also a prince, the Young Master of Lei Ting City.

He doesn’t need his clothes to be luxurious all it matters is its clean and face hardships with a smile.

No matter if others respect themselves or not, you must first learn look up to yourself, learn to respect yourself.

This was a way of life, it was also Qin Ming's attitude on Martial Dao.

Zhang Dong rolled his eyes outside, why act, you will forever be a servant.

Qin Ming moved the items to the stone vat one by one after seeing the list. But after seeing the Zhang Dong near the iron door, he frowned and walked back to the warehouse and stuffed some other things at his waist area before walking out of the warehouse.

The stone vat is filled with stuff, and the weight is estimated to be eight hundred jin.

Qin Ming gave out a low voice and the lifted the stone vat onto his hands.

Zhang Dong was shocked, and secretly called him a pervert. "Quick! Stop delaying, if you are late i will make you crawl back."

Qin Ming carried the stone vat and left the warehouse, the eight hundred jin weight was a formidable pressure even to Qin Ming, but due to him training everyday he was able keep his balance and his breathing smooth.

Zhang Dong was envious in his heart but sarcastic with his speech: " No matter how strong you are it is just physical strength, for a strong warriors, only the realm and Martial Skills are important, too bad, you have no fate with them, at most you will stay at Spirit Martial realm without any chance to advance anymore."

The stone vat in Qin Ming's hand trembled and it looks like it is going to crash on Zhang Dong.

Zhang Dong screamed in shock and tried to run out.

Qin Ming easily steadied the stone vat and walked away in large strides.

"You… you bastard!" Zhang Dong was so angry that his teeth was itchy

[Lmao based on chinese.]

Azure Cloud Sect is located deep inside the Yun Luo forrest with thousands of years of inheritance, the sect was very big its size similar to thirty plus big mountains with eight thousand disciples and countless strong warriors, it is a renowned big sect, it is the sacred place to any warriors in a radius of one hundred kilometers.

Azure Cloud Sect accepts disciples every two years, whenever it’s that time there would be tens of thousands of people gathered at the bottom of the mountain trying to get their child in to cultivate and condense out Spiritual Force. If one could breakthrough the Spirit Quenching realm to Spirit Martial realm and make their parents proud, if they were lucky they could be accepted as an elite disciples or even become a core disciple of an elder.

Qin Ming walked in great strides with the stone vat, every step he took was very steady and caused the ground to slightly shake, this scene was very eye-catching in Azure Cloud Sect every morning amongst the disciples, even though the disciples have gotten used to it, every time he would attract a lot of attention when he appeared.

He looked very strong and well-knitted, with a height of 1.8m and the looks of an 18 year old where as he is only 15, he became more mature intellectually and physically after eight years of torture in Azure Cloud Sect.
"Qin Ming, congrats on advancing to Spirit Martial realm."

There was people on the road greeting Qin Ming willingly, giving kind smiles, some contained admire while others pity.

"Greetings senior. " Qin Ming would always greet those kind disciples.

"I'll spar with you another day." some disciples yelled from afar

"Sure, i’ll remember that."Qin Ming smiled while replying.

Of course, some looked up to Qin Ming, some are not used to Qin Ming. There was a lot of disciples walking around, some snickering, some silently discussed, and even more directly ignored him.

Qin Ming lifting the stone vat along with the list, steadily walked onto the stone steps, from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain, going to those courtyards, rooms and personal arena etc to deliver stuff, also conveniently collecting stuff that is not needed.

Training his strength while seriously working.

Even after going ten plus rounds he was not even tired, but when Qin ming climbed to the arena at top of the mountain, he was met with a problem.

"What i wanted was a metal bat, 100 jin of metal bat, whats the meaning of you giving me wooden bat?"

One elite disciple broke the thick wooden bat and threw it towards Qin Ming.

The big arena was quiet, many disciples who were doing morning exercises all looked towards here.

These kind of big arena was a gathering point for Azure Cloud Sect disciples to train, with specially designed sparing stone platform, professional cultivating equipment, you can cultivate, spar and admire the sparring between elite disciples to gain experience, every arena could hold a maximum of thousands of people, it was an important cultivating ground for Azure Cloud Sect.

There was only 15 of these kind of big arena.

Qin Ming put down the stone vat and took out the list: "Arena number 10, 2 wooden bat."

"Bullshit, i told Zhang Dong clearly yesterday that i wanted one 100 jin metal bat. Brat, aren’t you Qin Ming, i heard that you showed strength equivalent to Spirit Martial realm in the test? Pui, is Spirit Martial realm that powerful that you dare to switch out the materials? Do you believe that as long as i give the word i can lock you up for 10 days. "

There was laughing noises from the side.

"This isn’t a big problem, i’ll go change it later." Qin Ming lifted the stone vat and turned around to leave.
"When will it be? I need it urgently"

"Your next life."

"You must be tired of living." that disciple was livid, but he was hold down by others, he was already over twenty and he is still fighting with a kid.

Qin Ming could not be bothered with people like that, as he carried the stone vat to continue delivering, not long later he arrived at another mountain top, this mountain was not in his list previously as it was all female disciples.

"Eh, isn’t that Qin Ming?"

"Looks like it, why is he here?"

"I heard that he made it to Spirit Martial realm all by himself, this brat is a talent."

"He is not bad, just that his character is too fierce, he does not bow down to others."

"He is a young city lord, but to fall to this point, he is quite pitiful"

There was a lot of female disciples walking around, but none came forward to give him trouble.

Qin Ming walked to the halfway point, this is supposed to be the place where he is supposed to deliver stuff, but from the looks, this looks like a hot spring area.

There was hot springs of different size here, according to some the spring water comes from deep underground which contains rich water Qi, this is a favourite place for disciples to cultivate in.

"Who are you?" a female disciple who haven’t met Qin Ming before said, maybe it is because she just finished cultivating, with her long and wet hair and not much clothes on, you can vaguely see somethings, she looked at Qin Ming with his 2 meter tall stone vat feeling surprised but soon recognized him. "What are you doing here?"

"There is a delivery of thirty…" Qin Ming really didn’t know this place a hot spring area, so he only stopped talking after a while, the list actually reads thirty wooden bats?

"Thirty of what?"

"Nothing, i have delivered to the wrong location." Qin Ming finally understood that this must be the bastard Zhang Dong's work.

"Why is there a man?" some females slowly gathered there, all of them have wet hair and thin clothes making others get lost in wild and fanciful thoughts.

Qin Ming didn’t want to attract trouble so he lifted up the stone vat to prepare to leave when suddenly a female disciple coldly shout: "this mountain forbids male disciples to enter at morning and night from entering, don’t you know of this rule?"

The female disciple previously warmly said. "Don’t bother him, maybe he walked to the wrong place."

"Who knows, maybe he has hidden motives."

One female disciple laughed: "His age is not too old and his body is pretty firm."

Qin Ming depressingly left the mountain and put the items listed in the list on the foot of the mountain. Anyways i have delivered the items, it was them who stopped me from entering, so i’ll put it here and let other take it.

"This method is such a low blow." Qin Ming opened the list and carefully looked at the next location, except for a few normal looking location there was 'Mountain Number 9'

Isn’t Mountain Number 9 a medicinal mountain?

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