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Chapter 7 – Shall We Expose Ourselves to Each Other?
(NSFW: Handjob, Dirty Talk, Ejaculation)

Wu Xingzi was hundred percent a virgin. He had never even kissed his own hand, not to mention kissing other people. This situation only made him faint and giddy, and within a few moments, he had collapsed into a pile of goo.

Guan Shanjin's kisses were very forceful, pressing firmly against Wu Xingzi's lips. His breaths were so hot that Wu Xingzi shivered under him, but those lips were very soft, and even tasted a little sweet and fruity.

He must have gone to paradise… Wu Xingzi panted, his breaths were all filled with the intoxicating scent of Guan Shanjin, as though he was immersed in a garden of gardenias, orange blossoms, and white sandalwood.

Wu Xingzi gulped, his mouth was dry, but those soft lips on him felt a little wet, and he vaguely registered that something agile had slid across his lips.

Unaware, he opened his mouth, and that little thing instantly brushed within. It slid past his teeth, stroking his gums, then tangled with his flustered tongue. As that object caressed his sensitive spots, he could not help but moan.

And, Guan Shanjin replied him with a low laugh filled with lust.

Although he tried to sober up, but Wu Xingzi was too inexperienced, or maybe it was Guan Shanjin's beauty that was too seductive. This kiss was both deep and long, that agile tongue licked at the roof of his mouth, almost as though it could reach the back of his throat. Wu Xingzi drowned in those sensations, yet he felt a little fearful. His body trembled non-stop, and as all the strength left him, everything got under Guan Shanjin's control.

Just as Wu Xingzi was about to asphyxiate from kissing, Guan Shanjin finally pulled back a little. Using his wet and soft lips, he rubbed against Wu Xingzi's mouth, letting him catch his breaths. Seeing how Wu Xingzi's eyes were reddening, as though he was about to cry, Guan Shanjin was very satisfied, and he  lightly pressed against Wu Xingzi's swollen lips again.

"Give me your tongue." That low and soft command was both charming and full of passion. Wu Xingzi's thin body shivered, and the fire in his belly burned.

"Don't…" Although he was becoming dizzy with those kisses, as he was catching his breath, he remembered that he was still in the parlour of the Peng Society. Despite the fact that he was about to turn forty, and that he was not very particular, but this would be the first time he would be in such intimate contact with someone else, there should at least… be a bed?

"I'm not good enough for you?" Guan Shanjin laughed lightly, then took his earlobe into his mouth and sucked on it.

"Ahh…" Wu Xingzi shuddered and moaned, it was unbearable, his legs almost folding under him.

He had never imagined that his earlobe was so sensitive!

Guan Shanjin was also surprised by his discovery. The flushed face of this ordinary man in front of him, those eyes, the tip of his nose, and even his ears were dyed pink, they had an indescribable charm to them. This charm could make a person's heart melt, but also make him want to do something overboard to him. It would be even better if he could make him breakdown and cry, to the point where he would not be able to make a sound.

"Give me your tongue." That lustful voice, together with his hot breath, entered his ear. Wu Xingzi's eyes were clouded, his thin shoulders were trembling, and finally, slowly, he pushed his little pink tongue out from the gap between his lips.

"Good boy." Guan Shanjin praised him in satisfaction. He bit on that pink tongue, slowly teasing it, and that tingling pain made Wu Xingzi almost lose his breath. He shut his eyes, afraid to look at Guan Shanjin's eyes that were full of charm and emotions. Cooperatively, he stuck his tongue out further, until it was completely taken into Guan Shanjin's mouth.

Just as though he was eating a juicy fruit, Guan Shanjin played with the man's shy pink tongue, until wet sounds of sucking could be heard.

Wu Xingzi was very embarrassed upon hearing those sounds. He could neither open his eyes nor have them remain closed. Even if he wanted to hide, he was unable to do so. Feeling the arms around him tightening, and the kiss getting deeper, he believed that Guan Shanjin wanted to swallow him whole.

He was not exactly wrong.

There was a slightly big, round table in the parlour. Displayed in the center, was a vase. On it was a painting of a hundred children playing, and every child looked charming and innocent, vivid and lifelike, their little mouths laughing or crying or making a fuss, it was almost as if one could hear the sounds they were making.

All along, Wu Xingzi had never really dared to come close to this round table. He did not know if it was appropriate for the vase to be displayed here, but it was definitely a high-quality item of great craftsmanship. If he had accidentally broken it, he might not even be able to afford a straw mat for his corpse.

Guan Shanjin clearly did not share his concerns. Carrying a person that had completely lost his strength to even walk, he still did not stop attacking Wu Xingzi's mouth. Reaching that table, he swept the vase onto the ground. That crash scared Wu Xingzi to the point where he started struggling, but with his slender limbs, against Guan Shanjin it was fruitless. With a shove, Guan Shanjin kept him immobile on the table, and the deepening kiss caused Wu Xingzi's mouth to overflow with saliva.

After a long while, when Wu Xingzi felt that he had already completely lost his senses, Guan Shanjin seemed like he was finally feeling somewhat satisfied, and pulled back from the kiss. There were long, glistening threads stretching between their lips. As Guan Shanjin licked and swallowed them all, those red, petal-like lips moved, and curved into a smile.

"Do you like it?" In Wu Xingzi's eyes, there were only those white teeth and red lips, as well as that lusty and wicked tongue. He believed that he was about to faint, no matter how he tried, he could not calm his irregular breathing. In a daze, he stared at Guan Shanjin, then woodenly nodded.

"You're so obedient…" Guan Shanjin chuckled, looking as bright as the stars in the sky. Wu Xingzi felt that he had lost all sense of rationality, and chose to savour the beauty in front of him instead.

"Eh…" Entranced, he nodded his head, and spoke as though possessed. "I can be even more obedient, do you like it?"

Not expecting such a reply, Guan Shanjin's smile sharpened, and he cocked his eyebrow slightly. He reached out and slid his hand around Wu Xingzi's slender throat, his thumb stroking along that faintly pulsating vein. Feeling that ragged pulse under the skin, he laughed again.

"I like it." His fingers glided down that throat, flicking apart the lapels of Wu Xingzi's robe, exposing those collar bones that were as sharp as knives, together with that thin and pale chest.

Wu Xingzi was very thin, and his ribs could be vaguely seen. Now that he was lying on the table, they became even more prominent, covered only by a thin layer of muscle. That soft and flat pale stomach rose and fell with each of his breaths. He wanted to curl up and hide, but Guan Shanjin took the first step and used his muscular figure to force himself between his two thighs. His heated palm lay across that white belly, and exerted some pressure onto it.

"Oh…" It was as though his stomach had come into contact with a burning piece of metal. Wu Xingzi's body was washed in red, he tried to clamp his thighs together, only to walk into the trap of tightening his legs around the man's trim waist himself. His clothes had also fallen open, and he lay naked on his clothes, his entire body on display.

Wu Xingzi swallowed his saliva. Despite feeling shy, he was overwhelmed with the feeling of anticipation. The fire in his belly had spread throughout his body, and his cock had already shamelessly lifted up. Shining, crystal-like beads emerged from that light pink head, and under Guan Shanjin's heated gaze, the rate at which those beads emerged had increased.

"Do you know what I'm about to do?" Guan Shanjin's fingers were long and slim, but rough to the touch. Wu Xingzi's belly twitched as Guan Shanjin caressed the area, his entire abdomen aflame.

"I, I have a general idea…" Wu Xingzi replied sheepishly. Having lived for nearly forty years, even if he never had pork, he knew how a pig looked like. He was physically a virgin, but he still knew of such matters.

"You really know what I'm about to do?" Guan Shanjin uttered a low laugh, his fingers tapping on his abdomen. An amorous look showed up within his half-lidded eyes, "Later, I'll reach this part of you."

Those fingers drew upwards. "Then, here, here, and all the way until here."

Wu Xingzi could not control the widening of his eyes when he realised how deep that place was.

"This, this is impossible… You'll pierce right through me…" Wu Xingzi licked his lips, his trembling voice threaded with an anticipation he failed to notice.

"That's right, I want to pierce right through you. Do you like the sound of that, hmm?" That lilt was like a hook, snaring him with it.

"No…"  Wu Xingzi opened his mouth fruitlessly, confusion in his eyes. Guan Shanjin was also not in a hurry, leaning down, he kissed those red cheeks and sucked on those swollen lips. Wu Xingzi gasped for breaths as Guan Shanjin licked those adorable ear lobes.

"Don't, don't lick there…" Wu Xingzi shivered as he pleaded for mercy, his nipples getting sucked on.

As those little nubs perked up after a few moments of licking, looking soft to touch, they hardened and swelled up after a few sucks. Lost in pleasure, Wu Xingzi's mind blanked out. However, he felt an unspeakable suffering, his hips were twitching along with the nipping and sucking, as a viscous fluid flowed out continuously from his cock, trailing down his shaft. It even drenched his perineum, and trickled between his cleft onto his hole.

Having never been played in this manner before, he was frightened by how sensitive his body was. No matter where he was touched, he would leak copiously. No matter where he was licked, he would feel pleasure from it. Why did he keep himself pure for so many years? Why did he become an adviser? For what? He should have just looked for a physically strong man right from the start and got together with him, then enjoy this dripping wet pleasure for the rest of his life!

Guan Shanjin's tongue was about to bring him to climax, but at that critical moment, he drew that wicked and passionate tongue away, as well as those fingers. He tapped on Wu Xingzi's abdomen, "You haven't replied me yet, don't you want me to pierce right through you?"

Wu Xingzi could feel that thick and heated flesh pressing against the lower part of himself. He swallowed, no longer having the strength to hold onto his restraint.

"I, I'm looking forward to it…" He really wanted to take a look at Guan Shanjin's pengornis! That heat, that size, it vaguely reminded him of the drawing from Bastion City… Huh? Hold on… If Guan Shanjin had his reply, that meant that the pengornis drawing belonged to Guan Shanjin! This was a gift from heavens! That beloved pengornis unexpectedly belonged to this beauty! He really wanted to see it! He wanted to lick it, wanted to touch it, wanted to feel its heft and heat, and due to such thoughts his mouth tingled with desire.

"What are you thinking about?" Noticing Wu Xingzi's sudden excitement, Guan Shanjin creased his brows.

"I'm thinking about seeing your pengornis!" Caught off guard, he blurted it out, and both of them became speechless. Wu Xingzi was deadly embarrassed by his outspokenness, while Guan Shanjin blanked out for a moment, before his expression changed subtly.

"Why not." Unabashed, he removed his robes, kicked off his shoes, and took off his socks. A strong, muscular body was revealed in front of Wu Xingzi.

What should he say… There was nothing he could say! He was indescribably good looking, and within that smooth and pale skin was an undeniable strength. That heady beauty was as sharp as a sword, especially that pengornis between the legs that was so hard, it was lifted and pressed against the abdomen, it was definitely the Lanling Prince!

Wu Xingzi writhed his lower body in helplessness, and the thighs clamping around Guan Shanjin tightened further.

This time, Guan Shanjin could no longer hold back anymore. Tugging at Wu Xingzi's thin and pale legs, he pulled them around his own waist, pulling them even tighter around him. That thick and savage cock dragged against his soaked perineum, trailing past his round and tight balls, and met Wu Xingzi's cock that was two sizes smaller, thrusting against it.

"Slow, slow down…" Being rubbed against with that hard and heated cock, Wu Xingzi was about to lose himself in pleasure. His body twitched, and his back arched up from the table, only to be pushed back down again.

"Later, you'll want me to speed up." Guan Shanjin's lips curled, his palm caressing Wu Xingzi's dripping cock, his hand slick with juices.

"There's no lubrication. For the time being, endure with it. I'll take care of you."

"Huh?" Dazed, Wu Xingzi did not understand what Guan Shanjin had said. As that Lanling Prince of pengornises ground against him, his belly convulsed non-stop, and he looked like he was about to reach his peak.

Guan Shanjin also did not care if he understood it. Spreading those pale and slender legs apart, he reached into that hidden cleft. That place had long been soaked, together with the fluids on Guan Shanjin's hand, it was very slippery.

An angular finger rubbed along the entrance a couple of times. The shy, tight hole relaxed quickly under the maneuvering, and with a little pressure, the finger was quickly swallowed up.

The man's face was slightly shadowed, and his charming eyes darkened. Without warning, he thrusted his finger fully in, and his fingertip immediately hit a slightly protruding nub within. The middle-aged man lying on the table gave a short, sharp cry. He instinctively wanted to curl his body up, only to be prevented from doing so by that hand on his stomach.

"Don't, don't touch there…" Wu Xingzi moaned. The pressure on that spot had made his vision turn white, and it was as though a shockwave had travelled from his hips to his heart. He was not sure what exactly was that, and only knew that he nearly teared from the pleasure.

He was still in a state of shock, but the problem was, Guan Shanjin still ignored him. With an enchanting smile, his finger continued teasing that little spot within him. Wu Xingzi had cried himself hoarse, as his body twitched and shuddered, and his cock finally spurted.

"You're so sensitive." Guan Shanjin looked at the mess on his own thigh. Swiping it up with his fingers, he pushed it all into Wu Xingzi's channel, creating a squelching sound with the movements of his fingers.

"Don't… I, I can't take anymore—" Wu Xingzi cried, his belly convulsing under Guan Shanjin's hand. His legs, that were around Guan Shanjin's waist, tightened, and even his toes were all curled up. He clearly had reached the peak of his pleasure, and other than his panting, there was no other reaction from him.

It turned out that Guan Shanjin had just pushed his second and third finger into that loosened hole, not giving Wu Xingzi a chance to get used to it. He continued playing with that sensitive spot, and Wu Xingzi could only go along with it, his eyes blurry with tears.

Just like this, Wu Xingzi came a second time. Shudders ran through his body, and even the muscles along his thighs were trembling. Crying and shouting for mercy, he even choked on his saliva, and Guan Shanjin finally pulled his fingers out from his body.

A hole that was originally bashful and tense, was now flushed bright red, gaping prettily. Dripping with juices, it was trying its best to tighten itself.

Wiping the remaining residue on his own cock that was so hard it hurt, Guan Shanjin smacked Wu Xingzi's ass lightly. "Relax, I'm going in."

Then, he again tapped those spots that he had previously marked out, and placed Wu Xingzi's feeble hand on a particular spot on his belly. "Rub here, wait for me to pierce through you."

"Uh…" Before Wu Xingzi could reply, Guan Shanjin grabbed hold of one of Wu Xingzi's thighs, the other hand on his thick cock, and pushed his heated tip against the little hole that still had yet to regain its strength. Quickly, it went all the way in.

"Ah—" Wu Xingzi gave a quivering shriek. To him, it was very painful. The flush on his face faded, his lips whitened in pain. He groaned weakly, reaching out to push the man away. However, that hand was caught up and placed on his own belly, the man's palm on the back of his hand and their fingers interlocked, rubbing gently.


"It hurts…" Wu Xingzi did not realise that he was whining coyly.

"Behave." Guan Shanjin's forehead was covered with a film of sweat, a look of patience on his face. He leaned down to kiss Wu Xingzi's cheek, speaking gently in a low voice, "If you already can't bear with it now, what would we do later?"

With that honeyed tone, Wu Xingzi's tense body relaxed, and he did not register the danger in Guan Shanjin's words.

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