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Chapter 104: Barton: Why are You off Duty!

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The situation on the battlefield changed.

Cardinal Monn and the others who were initially surrounded suddenly became the anti-encirclement of the werewolves.

However, their encirclement was not effective.

As long as the werewolves found a direction to break out of the encirclement, they would be able to break out very smoothly.

After all, although the human encirclement was very long, it also led to a very weak.

It was nothing to the werewolves that had gathered together.

Of course, humans had never thought that they would eliminate the werewolves in this way.

After all, this was unrealistic. The humans only wanted to bring Cardinal Monn and the others back to St. Servant.

After successfully meeting up with the other Holy Knights and kingdom soldiers, Cardinal Monn kind of completed his mission.

He did not have the slightest intention of hesitating or stopping.

Cardinal Monn directly said to Jiang Ling on both sides, “There’s no more time. Let’s meet up at St. Servant.”

After saying that, Cardinal Monn directly used a spatial walk to return to Ace’s side.

Meanwhile, the Holy Knights and soldiers who were still on the battlefield looked at where Cardinal Monn had disappeared, feeling somewhat dazed.

They asked, “What does Cardinal Monn’s red robe mean by saying there’s no more time?”

The kingdom’s General, who suspected that it was some sort of message, instantly turned grim.

He was afraid that there would be an accident.

Toan, who had some understanding of the red robes, was stunned for a moment. Then, he said somewhat helplessly, “It should be almost time for Cardinal Monn to get off work.”

Get off work?

The soldier General’s nervous mood was immediately vented. He had heard a little about the cardinal’s commuting system.

General Barton had lost his temper that night. It left a deep impression on him.


The General looked up at the sky and said speechlessly, “This is too punctual, isn’t it?”

When Cardinal Monn returned to the city wall of St. Servant, the soldiers and Holy Knights on the battlefield also began to return to the city.

The werewolves saw no way to stop them, so they stopped their attacks and waited for the General Wolf’s further orders.

As soon as Cardinal Monn appeared on the city wall, Ace and Sheryl rushed up.

They touched Cardinal Monn from head to toe

It made Cardinal Monn’s face turn black.

General Barton pretended not to see this scene. With a worried expression, he asked mon, “Monn, Red, now that the defensive formation of St. Selwans has been broken, the werewolves won’t be able to defend themselves if you attack tonight!”

He looked at Cardinal Monn with anticipation in his eyes.

What did he mean? There was no need to say more.

It meant that he had to act accordingly.

Munn instantly understood. With a solemn expression, he nodded and said, “That’s right. This problem is quite serious.”

General Barton nodded.

“But I’ve already gotten off work. The rest of the problem will be General Barton’s.”

Looking at the figure of the red-robed Cardinal Monn walking down the city wall without any hesitation, General Patton suddenly felt like an idiot.

He stole a glance at General Patton’s doubtful expression.

Ace gave General Patton another stab. “I believe that General Patton will have a way. Then, we’ll love you off work.”

She bowed slightly to Patton and caught up to Cardinal Monn’s figure with light footsteps.

Sheryl looked at Barton and opened her mouth slightly, wanting to say something.

But in the end, she was too embarrassed to say it out loud.

Sigh, General Barton was already in such a miserable state. It was better not to give him any trouble.

She thought to herself dejectedly that Sheryl wanted to go to his house with Cardinal Monn for a while.

Sheryl, who thought it was better not to go, did not know that General Barton was already a wise old man.

Even if she did not say it out loud, Patton’s troops would still be able to see through her thoughts.

He looked at the disappointed expression on Sheryl’s face and waved his hand helplessly. “I don’t need you. Go If you want to.”

Sheryl blinked her beautiful eyes, wondering if she had misheard.

In the end, she saw General Patton waving his hand in disdain.

Only then did Cheryl confirm that she had not heard wrong. She immediately jumped with joy, bowed deeply to Barton, and immediately caught up with Munn and Ace, who had not gone far.

Now that they had left, it was General Barton’s turn to have a headache.

Barton shook his head and began to think about how to deal with the werewolves at night.

He did not expect that after the werewolves had broken the protective array of the city, they were not in a hurry at all.

Although General Wolf was a little angry, he asked the cardinal and the Holy Knights to take it back.

But he also knew that the werewolves had no choice when faced with the cardinal’s terrifying spell.

Therefore, General Wolf did not blame them.

He looked at the werewolves, who had been fighting non-stop for three consecutive days, causing them to be in a bad state of mind.

He said in a deep voice, “Everyone, take a rest tonight. We will launch a general attack tomorrow night.”

The deputy heard this and said anxiously, “General, the defensive formation of St. Servant has been broken. Why don’t we take the opportunity when the morale is high to break through the human city!”

General Wolf glanced at him indifferently with his wolf eyes and said, “Do you think that the humans won’t feel that we should attack?”

He sat down on the ground and continued, “The humans will defend to the death tonight. Then, we will not attack them at all. Let them be on the edge of their wits at all times and waste their energy.”

At this point, he snorted and laughed a few times. “Let the wolf pups rest. When they are in their best condition, together with the Moonlight Tomorrow Night, they will be able to break through the human city!”

After listening to General Wolf’s plan, the deputy immediately looked at him with admiration.

“As expected of the General! He thought of such a brilliant plan so easily! !”

The assistant’s flattery greatly pleased General Wolf. His wolf grinned and laughed out loud.

He was also delighted with his plan.

Sigh! How could he be so intelligent?

General Wolf thought proudly in his heart.

But when he thought of that cardinal, it made him gnash his teeth in hatred.

He thought viciously in his heart, ‘I’ll let you be happy for a day and a night.’.

St. Servant.

Cardinal Monn went to sister Millie’s to pick up Alma.

The market.

It was time for the daily grocery shopping.

Cardinal Monn saw Sheryl coming and thought he would be able to eat again today.

But Sheryl didn’t seem to want to pay at all.

Sheryl was rich, but she wasn’t stupid.

How could she have spent all those pounds two days ago?

Besides, she had only had one dinner at Munn’s.

There was a severe discrepancy between what she had given and what she had received.

It had to be spent by Ace.

Sheryl and Ace had a lot in common, and of course, she knew the Saintess was different than how she appeared to be.

Sheryl was very unhappy with the way Ace had taken over Munn over the past few days.

In particular, the woman was most likely drawing her money.

This gave Sheryl the feeling that her man was spending his own money on another woman.

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