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“Oh... it’s like this.” Ye Tian smiled: “Shou Dao, what you are saying is related with Talent Awakening Domain?”

"Yes," the Shou Dao nodded. He looked at Uncle Ying and Big Iron Hammer: "Is it convenient to talk here?"

"They all are our people, very reliable!" Ye Tian said: "Brother Shou, you can rest assured!"

"That's good! "The Shou Dao nodded.

"I am going to make tea for Brother Shou!" Ye Qianqian turned and walked into the inner house.

"Sister Qianqian is so good to me!" The Shou Dao sat casually on the chair next to Ye Tian, after seeing the disappearance of Ye Qianqian's figure: "Ye Tian! You guess what I saw during the day in Lei Residence?"

"How do I know this?" Ye Tian looked at Shou Dao and said: "If you have something to say, say it quickly."

"Haha... look at you in a hurry." The Shou Dao sneered: "Things are like this. I saw the deacon of [Mo Family Academy] and several other teachers who came to Lei Residence in advance. They have already told Lei Tianbao about all areas of Lava Town where the genius are awakened."

"Did Black Tiger cane to Lei Residence personally?" Wang Si stood up from the chair: "What is that old fogy doing at Lei Residence?"

"Collected!" The beast sneaked a cup of tea handed by Ye Qianqian: "I personally heard that Black Tiger would accept Sister Qianqian as a close disciple."


"What exactly is going on?"

Ye Tian and Wang Si shouted out at the same time.

Shou Dao smiled: "You don't worry, listen to me to finish the words, Black Tiger wants Qianqian as a disciple, in fact, it is a fancy of the life field she awakened, the field of life! This is unique in Lava Town and even the whole [Mo Family Academy], a God-level talent."

"Isn't it?" Ye Tian turned his head and looked at Ye Qianqian, who was surprised. He extended his hand: "Sister, you are amazing. Your elder brother admits defeat."

Wang Si is a deep-eyed lock: "I finally understand now why Zhou Luotian was willing to gift Heavenly Ice Grape from bridegroom's family to bride's family in the morning suddenly. By making Zhou Ziqiang marry Qianqian, he originally knew Qianqian has Awakened Life Domain and wanted to make Qianqian a Zhou Family member!”

"Yeah!" Uncle Ying also had a gloomy face: "I finally understand why Zhou Luotian suddenly made a gift with the precious Heavenly Ice Grape. Because of Life Domain, he wants Qianqian to become the person of Zhou family!"

"Really a vicious person!"

Ye Qianqian was puzzled and looked at Wang Si: "Mother, is the Life Domain that I have awakened very powerful? Why don't I think?"

"Of course you don't think, because you don't understand the inside story at all." Wang Si smiled: "In the Source Continent very long time ago, there was a very famous name God Clan, do you know?”

"I don't know." Ye Qianqan shook her head.

Ye Tian was also listening.

The God Clan he knows was a powerful ethnic group that was destroyed by a collaboration of the  Demon Clan and Monster Clan of the Source Continent, but the Life Domain was really strange.

Wang Si sighed: “There are very few awakenings of Life Domain in human beings. It can be said that there is none, but in the God Clan, it is an exception. More than 20% of the strong people can awaken the Life Domain. The Life Domain is a wide range of Auxiliary Domains, which are said to be cultivated to perfection, which can instantly restore the dying power of the Domains. And another name of Life Domain is Immortality Domain.”

"My God, Immortal..."

Ye Tian’s body shook when he heard these words.

It was no wonder that it was identified as a god-level field by the Five Elements. The original reason was here.

Uncle Ying: "Mrs.Ye, now we know this inside story, what should we do next?"

"Let me think about it." Wang Si had a headache and massaged her temples. The whole room fell into silence.

Fortunately, she refused Zhou Luotian’s request before, if let Zhou Ziqiang marry Qianqian, then it would be a big disaster.

"Madam!" Shou Dao said: "I still have two things that I didn't say! I hope to say, it will help Ye Family."

"Oh..." Wang Si looked at Shou Dao.

Shou Dao: "This is the case. I listened from Black Tiger from [Mo Family Academy], this time they came to Lava Town. They are going to recruit three students. The first place is Qian Qian, and the second is Zhou Ziqiang of Zhou Family. ."

If the words have not been finished, they will be interrupted by the Big Iron Hammer: "Zhou Ziqiang is going to enter [Mo Family Academy]? What field has he awakened?"

"Advanced flame field! Just qualified to enter [Mo Family Academy]." Shou Dao sipped a cup of tea: "As for the third place, it is a rare Sword Art Domain, but Lei Ruoxi refused to accept the apprenticeship."

"Ah... refused? Why?" Ye Tian was very curious, this was a little different from what Lei Tianbao said before!

Wang Si, Uncle Ying, Big Iron Hammer and Ye Qianqian who were present were also listening.

"Speaking of, you may not believe it!" The Shou Dao smirked and laughed: "The Domain of Sword Art is a rare Domain of pure yang. PT reading , If Lei Ruoxi was a man, Lei Ruoxi would definitely not saying anything. But it is said that she will be accepted as a disciple, but Lei Ruoxi has a female body, awakening the Sword Art Domain, yin and yang would be actually abolished, unless a big price is given to change their own physique."

"Ah... you mean that Lei Ruoxi wants to enter [Mo Family Academy], she must become a man?" Ye Tian shouted out.

This is a big blow for Lei Ruoxi, who always pays special attention to appearance and gender.

"Lei Ruoxi, she is deserving of this!"

Uncle Ying smiled happily.

The Big Iron Hammer followed and smiled: "Yes! It's really alive. Before they laughed at our family, Ye Tian was an ordinary talent. It turned out that her talent is better than Ye Tian."

"I'm afraid it's not that simple." Wang Si slowly shook her head, she seemed to be thinking of something, but could not tell.

To be true, as Ye Tian said, Lei Tianbao would not be arrogant to come to Ye Family.

Shao Dao: "Mrs.Ye said a good thing and it is not what Ye Tian thought. In fact, if you want to change Lei Ruo's physique, Zhong Lin can do it, but he made a request to Lei Tianbao. ”

"What requirements?" Ye Tian curious.

Shou Dao: "Zhong Lin has been trapped in the peak of the Sword Art Domain. He wants to get your Ye Family's [Spirit Snake Sword] enlightenment. This is what I secretly listened to in the dark, Zhong Lin personally told Lei Tianbao! Spirit Snake Sword in the hands of Zhong Lin, Lei Ruoyi will get a Yin and Yang conversion Pill, transforming her physique and entering [Mo School].

"Lin Tianbao is really mean!" Wang Si’s cup of tea fell on the ground: "It turned out that if he bought the Ye Family’s treasure, the [Spirit Snake Sword] at a low price, in order to please Zhong Lin. There is also a solution to the problem of Lei Ruo's physical constitution! It is a good strategy to hit two birds with one stone!"

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