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Chapter 36

Ye residence .

Main entrance .

Flames illuminated the darkness, and lit up the night .

As Lei Tianbao had expected, no one came out of the Ye residence . A smirk appeared as he was about to issue the command to attack, until the door opened .

Under the leadership of Wang Si, Ye Tain, Big Hammer, Shadow Knife, Wu Po, Ye Qianqian and another dozen people calmly walked out .

"Why did they come out? Are they prepared?" Lei Tianbao glanced over them .

In his view, Wang Si has an unpredictable temper, and wouldn't surrender .

Just that some of the others didn't know this . Zhou Luotian let out a laugh . "Ha ha ha . . . Wang Si! Ye Tian! Are you ready to surrender and let Lei Tianbao search the Ye residence?"

"Oh, Let's go to your Spring and Autumn Dream!" Ye Tian held his hand and smiled back . "From the fact that you had a relationship with my father . I'll give you a chance to turn back and run away, or you won't know how you'll die . "

"Not bad!" Wang Si followed behind with a pretty face .

"Me? I should be saying this to you . Ha ha ha . . . " Zhou Luotian laughed back, holding his stomach .

He wasn't stupid, and the current situation was very beneficial to him . With his and Lei Tianbao strength, after tonight there won't be any Ye family left in Lava Town . That is if there is no incident .

Looking at the hundreds of people surrounding the Ye house, and listening to Ye Tian's words, he started to laugh even harder .

"Ha ha ha . . . Ye Family is no more, it's gone . No wonder, it's because of a little guy who loves to brag!"

"Yeah! Ha ha ha . . . Isn't he embarrassed to brag so much?"

"Is this what the self-righteous guy, Ye Kong taught him!"

"Kid, give your grandfather your soul, maybe I'll leave a whole body!"

"Yes, if you keep bragging, do you think we'll eventually believe you?"

" . . . "

"You won't to be arrogant later!" From the ridicule of Lei Tianbao and his men, Ye Tian was gnashing his teeth and clenching his fists . His scream attracted all of their attention including Lei Tianbao's .

In fact, in the dark, Wu Po was sneaking behind Lei Tianbao, getting slowly closer .

Seeing that Lei Tianbao hadn't noticed anything, Ye Tian couldn't help but sigh in relief .

However, at this time .

Lei Tianbao suddenly said . "Wang Si! Ye Tian! I have already given you an incense of time, since you are stubborn, I will invite myself to search the Ye house!"

He was afraid that Wang Si's surrender would make his words lose weight, and he would be unnamed in this event .

"Everyone! Go!" Lei Tianbao signaled to the army behind him while pulling out his knife and taking the lead .



Hundreds of people waved and screamed behind him .

War .

The war began .

"Looking for death!" Shadow took out a knife, and his speed domain open . Like a ghost he rushed towards thunder .

His speed almost instantaneous .

Swoosh .

When the knife fell, blood spurted, the two domain archers were cut down .

Roaring, big hammer charged towards the three closest domain-realm cultivators and jumped up .


The ground shook, The strongest domain-realm cultivators couldn't escape and were crushed underneath his hammer .

This . . . .

It was absolute suppression of a peak law cultivator on domain cultivators!

"This . . . what is going on?"


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The other hundred thunder leopards who came, saw the scene of big hammer and Shadow knife, and were scared into retreat . They simply didn't dare to approach them less they end up the same . Fear was seen in their eyes .

"My God, what is this situation? Didn't Lei Tianbao say that the Ye family only had a women in the law-realm? What about this big hammer?"

"Yes! Retreat!"

"Damn! We were all cheated by Lei Tianbao!"

"Yes, according to the current situation, we are actually against three law-realm powerhouses . "

"Thunder Leopard is treating us as cannon fodder!"


"Yes! Back!"

"Our lives more important!"

" . . . "

Wu Po saw the formation crumbling, and couldn't help but laugh .

Seeing that Lei Tianbao was approaching her, the [Spirit Snake Sword] stabbed at Lei Tianbao's back .


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The [Spirit Snake Sword] stabbed into his purple robe like tofu, but stopped at his skin .

Lei Tianbao lit up in a dazzling red .

Wu Po and the sword rebounded off and flew out .


Fortunately Grandma Wu reacted quickly and flew up into the air .

The complex series all unfolded in an instant .

Seeing this Ye Tian couldn't help but feel shocked . "My God!, he wears at least three defensive treasures!"

"How can this be?"

Seeing this seen Wang Si also couldn't help but feel fear .

Wu Po had two source bracelets plus the [Spirit Snake Sword] . If she gets seriously injured, they would be in trouble .

Seeing the situation change, Ye Tian immediately adapted the strategy . He shouted into the sky . "Wu, don't fight Lei Tianbao, use your avatars to kill his men . "

"Understood, young master!" In the sky Wu Po started to morph, and in a flash four extra avatars spread out and rushed into the army .

Grandma Wu who was in the peak of five laws, exuded a massive pressure, instantly shrouding the whole of Lava Town . Millions of ordinary people and creatures couldn't stand the oppression, and forced them to kneel on the ground .

As for cultivators above the domain-realm, their strength was greatly reduced and suppressed .

"My God!" Lei Tianbao looked at the five Wu Po's in shock, with fear in his eyes . "This is impossible . She was only at mid-law realm . How could she cultivate this quickly? Is this a treasure? Am I blind?"

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