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Chapter 35

Only Ye Qianqian continued to laugh .


Ye Tian couldn't help but attack big hammer . "You don't need to wear it on your wrist . You can use a rope and wear it around your neck! The bracelet only needs to be touching you to trigger . "


"Really! Does it work?" Smirked big hammer, looking for a rope nearby .


Ye Tian sent big hammer away . "Uncle shadow, did you notice the two domain realm archers beside Lei Tianbao?"


"I saw them!" nodded Shadow .


These two archers are elf slaves, Lei bought each of them for a million gold coins .


Although their strength is only at the mid-domain level, but with a bow and arrow they can even injure law realm cultivators .


Ye Tian "Shadow, your mission is to kill the two elves as soon as you leave the Ye residence . You must kill them at all costs, otherwise our lives could be threatened . "


"Don't worry, this isn't difficult for me to do . " Shadow replied confidently .


Peak law realm against mid-domain realm . This isn't a small strength difference that can be covered, not to mention that the speed law can restrain archers .


If Shadow couldn't even do this then he would've wasted his years cultivating, especially since he can suppress anyone under the law realm and even cultivators of the same level . Not to mention that the archers aren't even of the same realm .


Ye Tian nodded "That's good, after you kill the archers you need to team up with big hammer to deal with the remaining twenty domain realm cultivators . "


"Yes!" Shadow nodded .


"As for Grandma Wu . " Ye Tian's brow knitted "I don't need you to deal with all the law realm cultivators, you only need to deal with Lei Tianbao . You can use the stealth law source bracelet to injure possibly even heavily injure Lei Tianbao?"


As long as Lei Tianbao fell at the start, the rest wouldn't be their match .


"This . . . " Wu Po thought for a moment . "Although it's difficult, Lei Tianbao won't expect me to use stealth . A sneak attack may be able seriously injure him, but I can't guarantee it . "


Lei Tianbao's strength is publicly known as at the beginning of the law realm, but he might of hid his true strength, so Grandma Wu isn't fully confident .


"I don't need a guarantee, my intention is only three words . Kill the general . As long as Lei Tianbao is seriously injured or just hurt, it will lower their morale and cause their formation to break . " Ye Tian said the end of hid plan .


"If that's it then, I will have to fight with my life on the line!" Grandma Wu narrowed her eyes, showing a strong killing intent .


She's been in the Ye family for decades . Young master's people have never been arrogant but now people think they've gone soft . Now it's time for her to show them who's wrong .


"Grandma Wu, take this, I want you to use this!" Wang Si took out the [Spirit Snake Sword] from her space ring .


"This . . . " Grandma Wu sighed and gratefully accepted it .


With the sword, she's even more powerful then before and will be able to even kill Lei Tianbao .


"What about us?"


"Yeah? Can't we help?"

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The two dissatisfied domain guards chimed .  


Ye Tian "Yours and the other guards mission is to protect my mother and Qianqian, and I tell you, Qianqian is very important . "


"Oh . . . " the disappointed Wang Si sighed .


Ye Tian saw Ye Qianqian came back with big hammer and smiled . My sister has awakened the life domain . To put it plainly, it's an auxiliary domain that can heal our teammates . If the plan fails, such as Grandma Wu getting injured . How can we survive without Grandma Wu?"


"But Qianqian can't heal people yet . Let her go help" Wang Si smiled worriedly


In her opinion Ye Qianqian wasn't any better than Ye Tain, who is simply going to die .


"Mother, your wrong . Ever since I found out my domain, I have been secretly practicing . Although it is only n its basic form, it still has an effect!" Ye Qianqian said seriously . "If you don't believe me then I can show you . "


"Okay, okay, I believe you!" Wang Si replied helplessly .

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Seeing that am incense of time is nearing, Ye Tian looked at Wang Si . "Mother, send a greater recovery pill and five inferior recovery pills to everyone present, just incase . "


"Good!" Wang Si agreed, and took out the greater and inferior recovery pills from her space ring .


Ye Tian waited at the side, and then said . "let's go now! Remember! It's our aim to deal with Lei Tianbao . "






Big hammer and Shadow immediately took off, out of the hall .


Ye Tian took his mother's arm, followed by the other guards and sisters/


As for Grandma Wu, she suddenly disappeared .

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