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Chapter 34

"There are not that many in the law realm?"

"There are more than 30 in the domain realm, not enough?"

The guards in the early stages of the domain realm shouted out .

As far as they know, there are no more than ten powerhouse cultivators in the law realm in Lava Town .

Of course, the hidden is not included .

Grandma Wu, who understood the meaning of Ye Tian's words said in a low voice . "My current strength can withstand five of the powerhouses in the Lei family, but only up to five . "

"Is it?"

"Is this impossible?"

The guards did not believe this .

The big hammer also doesn't believe it .

They have long known that the strength of Grandma Wu is in the law realm . They also know that the law of flying can be transformed into an avatar, which is equivalent to two Grandma Wus, but it is also a bit far-fetched to say that she can withstand five powerhouses .

Ye Tian said . "No! Wu Po, your wrong, you can resist all the powerhouses of the Thunder leopard" .

"Ah . . . " Grandma Wu smiled bitterly . "The young master said it! I will try my best . "

"It's not everything, but Grandma Wu is sure to do it!" Ye Tian looked at Wang Si . "Mother, in this case, I will bring out the stealth law source bracelet! For Grandma Wu, it should improve her strength again . "

"Good!" Wang thought that he didn't want to hand out the source bracelets . She found the stealth law source bracelet that Te Tian said and handed it to Wu .

"Mrs . . . . You . . . do you still have a source bracelet? And keep a second one in your space ring? This . . . what is this?"

After Wu took a look at it, she couldn't help but ask .

In her opinion, Young master Ye had a clone law source bracelet, which is amazing in itself but suddenly he also produces a stealth law source bracelet which is unbelievable considering there aren't many source bracelets in the whole of Lava Town or even the continent .

Wang Si smiled mysteriously, and indifferently . "Wu, the bracelet, you shouldn't ask, I want to say that you don't believe it when I say I brought it from my family, so! You can use it . "

"Cough . . . " Ye Tian couldn't help but smile .

Mother's intentional lie is well said . Anyway no can doubt it .

Sure enough, he didn't expect her to believe it .

Grandma Wu believes . "Mrs . I don't believe anything about this . Let's be a fifth-level refining master . I can give my wife two different attributes of the same bracelet . This is obviously normal!"

"Yeah!" Wang Si sighed .

Do not doubt the origin of the source bracelet .

Grandma Wu wears the stealth bracelet on her wrist . After carefully checking her own attributes, the wrinkled face suddenly shows an exited look . "No wonder the young master said that I can cope with the seven law realm cultivators . It turns out that he already knew that the stealth law adds a bonus to my strength . "

Both the stealth law and the flight law belong to the wind attribute . When the two are combined, it is naturally able synergize and improve the strength of both of them .

This is not a secret at all in the mainland .

"But what about the other 31 domain cultivators with Lei Tianbao . How should we deal with them?" Shadow looked at Ye Tian . "Didn't you say I only have big hammer?"

"Yes! In my opinion, one big hammer is enough . " Ye Tian winked . "Because my mother has two source bracelets, one is in the strength law and the other is in the self-contained speed law . If you wear it with big hammer, both of your strength should be able to directly reach the peak law realm . "

"Hey?" Shadow thought that he had misunderstood . "Was there two source bracelets? and are they in the law of strength and speed?" He awakened with the speed talent, if there is a real bracelet with the speed law then it isn't a problem to double his strength .

"Are you sure your not bragging?"

Asked the dim big hammer .

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Grandma Wu also didn't believe it, and looked at Wang Si in vain .

However, when Wang Si smiled and took out two source bracelets from the space ring, big hammer fell silent, and shadow knives breathing began to hasten .

Grandma Wu even asked . "Madam, don't tell me this . . . These two bracelets were also brought by your mother's family?"

"Yeah! Is there a problem?" Wang Si put the two source bracelets in the hands of big hammer and shadow knife . "But if the Ye family hadn't encountered the biggest crisis in in its history then I wouldn't of taken them out . My baby is coming out! I still wanted to make a dowry for our families Qianqian!"

Grandma Wu suddenly said . "My God! Lady, your married to young master Ye, this dowry is too rich, right?"

"Mother . . . don't make jokes in these times!" Ye Qian1ian was tweaking and blushing .

"You kid!" Wang Si shook her head and smiled .

Ye Tian followed with a smile, then looked at shadow and big hammer . "You need to quickly adapt to the strength brought by the source bracelets, and there might be a fierce battle with Lei Tianbao . I don't want to see you falling because you can't adapt to your new strength from the source bracelets!"

"Yes! Young master!" Shadow quickly put on the source bracelet, suddenly excitedly walking around the hall . "Ha ha . . . The young master really said yes, my current strength is really at the peak of the law realm, This feeling is really amazing! You can even touch the edge of the rule of law . "

"That's good!" seeing it as he expected, Ye Tian sighed .

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But big hammer is lying in the same place, looking at the source bracelet on is hand with an ugly face .

"What happened to you?" Wang Si asked with concern .

Big hammer was crying and sullen . "Madam, this source bracelet is good, but the arm of the skull is so thick that it can't be warn at all!"

"Ah . . . " Wang Si gasped dumbfounded .

Ye Tian and the others heard the words, but they were also dumbfounded .

However, after breaking out of the daze, they all laughed .

"Okay! Ok!" Ye Tian tried to hold it back . "We don't want to laugh at big hammer . The others are stupid . there is no need for a scene . The time the next fight against Lei Tianbao will be soon . "

"It will be good!"

Shadow gave a serious look at Ye Tian .

It must be said that there was no chance before against thunder and the thirty domain cultivators . Now however, they have the speed law bracelet, it's not the same as it used to be .

Wang Si and Wu Po also recovered their serious expressions and listened .

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