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Artifact planting space Chapter: 003

In the chaotic black soil space the weeds started to grow faster, even with the naked eye can see the speed of rooting, buds budding, flowering...

That is all in a few minutes of time, these weeds grown into a more than one meter tall strange plants.

"What exactly is going on?"

Ye Tian cannot comprehend the current situation. With his consciousness of a thought, his stature flashed into the chaotic black space which is in his public region.

So far, he found that his chaotic black space can be freely accessed to some benefits.

He squatted down in front of the strange plants and Ye Tian carefully pulled one of them out. When he took a closer look, he found that these plants have a spiritual energy.

Spiritual plants have a very medicinal value.

If you want to buy at a pharmacy, then you need hundreds of gold coins to buy a single plant.

"Ha ha ha... I made a fortune!" Ye Tian excitedly laughed: " These kinds of weeds can be called a chick of a chicken, if I planted some valuable rare medicine then?"

Thinking of it, Ye Tian flashed out from the chaotic black soil space.

He directly ran towards the east of the flower garden of his family.

Where a black porcelain pot inside a Ice grape vine was growing of the one feet of length. He put them into the chaotic black soil space along with the pot and he also followed into the chaotic space.

He just stepped on the ground, he finds that the Ice grape vine extends it's root to the black soil and rapidly started rooting it's roots.

Just make Ye Tian feel strange is.

Potted black porcelain has no reaction, he thought that the porcelain basin may block the growth, incredible scene took place.

Chaotic black soil space's black soil on the ground in an instant set off and covers the pot with black soil.

"My god, what's this?"

Looking at the front of the scene, Ye Tian stunned.

At the same time, he discovered that his awakening of the field is not just simple, but also very strange.

Just to be buried in the black soil of the porcelain basin with black porcelain dug out, the ground suddenly uplifted and then, never seen a black vine plant from the black soil drilled out at the speed of blink of an eye, scattered leaves, bloom and bear fruit.

And the black vines bared out of the fruit, turned out to be black porcelain pots and the number more than one.

Ye Tian keenly looked and counted to nine.

"Do you say that I awakened this chaotic black soil space, not only can plant any plants, but also I can plant pottery or may be the artifacts?" Ye Tian heart set off a storm of waves: "If the cultivation of immortality with the strong artifacts? Isn't that something?"

Think of this leaf Tian's breathing speed risen rapidly.

He knows that.

If it can, what does that mean?

Means that all the things that can be used in his awakened chaotic black soil space can be planted out.

But then Ye Tian is making a self-deprecating smile: "It seems that before my guess was right, my talent awakened the field, is a common field can only grow things, in the face of an enemy with no attack and no power. I am afraid I can only use it to escape.

And... look at the origin of the mainland, there is not many number of artifacts, the spirit of artifacts only hundreds of pieces. My father has only first-order mystery is also valuable, that I go where to find samples for planting?"

But I can only spend money to the alchemist hands to buy! But I was 16 years old, there is no gold on my hand, if I ask mother, it is clearly irrational, chaotic black soil space can grow things, in the absence of Before you figured out, but cannot tell her. Ye Tian took a deep breath, tried to calm his feelings calm down: "What should I do next?"

Ye Tian thinking...

Time unknowingly in the passed few minutes.

"Hey..." Ye Tian of the eyes suddenly bright: "Artifact with the immortality I temporarily cannot get to plant experiment, but the home is not there is a broken second half of the mysterious [origin bracelet] I'll pursue my mother and ask her to take it out.

Think of this Ye Tian, was about to go out, but he accidentally discovered, before the cultivation of Ice grape vine, even bears a dozen stacks of mature purple Ice grapes in the space, which are shining and flashing crystal Light by the Sun rays.

"This is a good thing! Father planted for decades did not bear any fruit, but in my chaos black space suddenly there are results!"

Ye Tian watched the Ice grape vine and saw bunch of grapes hanging down, he took a string of grapes to his hand and eat it, suddenly coolness flowed throughout the whole body, even the tiny pores on the were not let go.

Ice grapes.

Belong to the second-order precious fruit, you can use it as medicine, eat and can enhance the resistance to the Field of fire's fire resistance and immunity. One of the money cannot buy good things.

These grapes can be found in the origin of mainland in some of the underground black market, but the price was pretty high, the traders spend a hundred Lingshi(spirit stones) for one grape, which shows the short supply of these grapes.

One hundred Lingshi(spirit stones), if the origin of the mainland for the universal currency coins, but that a full ten thousand gold coins, enough to buy a street in the town of lava shops.

"I really did not think that I just ate a million gold coins worth of grapes!" Ye Tian sighed will take off a string of ice grapes into the hand of the space ring and his stature flashed out of the chaos black space.

He wants to share the good things like purple Ice grapes, that is with his parents, brother and sister.

But his father and brother went on an adventure to the mysterious days yan secret and has not come back for 3 yrs. "These purplr ice grapes can only wait until they come back and then give them a surprise!" Walking in the woods Ye Tian revealed a smile.

He just about to ask the guard of the family, about his mother's where about, he saw his sister Ye Qianqian is running towards him crying.

"What's going on? Who offend my sister?"

Ye Tianyi said, then quickly greeted up.

Ye Qianqian Although the father picked up the abandoned child on the roadside, but they are never treated Ye Qianqian as an outsider, in this town everyone knows.

"Ye big brother!" Ye Qianqian rushed to the Ye Tian's arms, sobbing and complained: "I do not want to marry, I did not marry Zhou Zijiang."

"Ah... What is going on? Mother did not mention anything about you going to be married?"

Ye Tian stroked her head and said to her.

Ye Qianqian softly said: "I do not know how the matter, but now Zhou's patriarch Zhou Luo Tian is proposing this matter to our mother! I overheard and came running to you."

"Ah..." Ye Tian slightly stunned.


In this Lava town there are only 3 major families, they are Lei family, Zhou family and Ye family.

Where Lei's Lei Tian Bao, Zhou's Zhou Luo Tian, with his father Ye Kong are the initial state of the law, these three of them are the highest strength of the town of lava.

Talent, Awakening, Field, Law, God of War, God king, is the origin of the mainland realm strength level.

But Zhou's power was a little bit higher, Ye cannot match the place, that is they operate in the Lava town of a unique Dan drugstore, the Zhou family's largest heritage is able to refining the third order of the following strong use of immortality is a [Mo school] the teacher, have to respect the three points.

So in general, in the town of lava, but no one would dare to provoke Zhou's people.

Thank you for reading.

Let's meet again.

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