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  Although this was the case, if Ye Tian couldn't easily grow the Origin Bracelet, she wouldn't be so generous as the head of the Ye family.

  How could Grandma Wu know the inside story? She was moved by the affection shown and nodded: “That... I will accept it!”

  At last, in the face of Ye Tian and Wang Si, Grandma Wu wore the Origin Bracelet with the Avatar Domain in her hand.

  And the next second.

  Grandma Wu was forced to be in the same place, and her eyes were full of shock.

  "What's wrong, Grandma Wu?" Wang Si asked.

  "Yes!" Ye Tian asked.

  Grandma Wu returned to the reality and excitedly said: "Madam, you don't know what kind of change this Origin Bracelet in my hands comes with!"

  "Oh... talk about it!" Wang Si was curious.

  Ye Tian also listened carefully.

  Grandma Wu said: "My original strength was stuck in the Mid of Principle Realm for decades, but after wearing this source bracelet, my strength suddenly rose to the Peak of Principle Realm and because of that I suddenly got epiphany for the breakthrough. But It’s not the real point. The point is that when I open Flight Domain before flying I can only morph 50% of my own strength, but now… four times is a good estimate.”

  "Oh... this is a good thing!" Ye Tian said with a smile: "Now our Ye Family have four Grandma Wu protecting it."

  In fact, he had already expected it. Because in the Source Continent, it is impossible to not have any Domain Artifacts, especially the Domain Artifacts that can conform to the Strong Attributes.

  "Yeah! This is really a good thing." Wang Si followed up: "But this thing cannot be told to anyone else, only the three of us can know."

  "Yeah!" Wu mother agreed.

  At the moment, the family already have a lot of crisis and she was not stupid enough to reveal her strength at this time.

  Ye Tian: "I certainly will not tell anyone, Qianqian will not, well! Nothing else, I am going to practice martial arts."

  "Go!" Wang Si waved his hand.

  Ye Tian smiled, turned around and walked out of the hall.

  However, just after the door was opened, he was blocked by the Big Iron Hammer and Uncle Ying, who dragged him back to the eccentric hall.

  ”Why did you come back?"

  Grandma Wu looked at Ye Tian with a puzzled look.

  "This, you ask Uncle Ying and Big Iron Hammer!" Ye Tian helplessly spread his hand: "It’s the two of them who pulled me back."

  "What's the matter?"

  Wang Si looked at the Uncle Ying and Big Iron Hammer.

  The big hammer smirked and smiled: "Mrs. I have succeeded in breaking through with the help of those Heavenly Ice Grape you gave us to eat. I have now reached the Early Principle Realm."

  "Is it true?"

  Wang Si was stunned.

  This news for her, for the current Ye family’s head, to suddenly have more than two masters of the Principle Realm was too important.

  But she knew in her heart that all credit goes to Ye Tian.

  Uncle Ying was a bit embarrassed and said: "Mrs, Big Iron Hammer is saying the truth. We both really broke through the Domain Realm, and reached the Principle Realm but the breakthrough caused a little trouble, well... a few houses on the east side of the field have collapsed..."

  "Haha... It's okay, looking for the family to rebuild a set, is it? Don’t worry, Ye Family is not that broken." Ye Tian smiled happily. (TL: A genie in the house)

  "Not bad!" Wang Si nodded: "You can break through anywhere, that is, the entire Ye Residence doesn’t collapse. But this thing can be shared with me, of course, other Ye family members will not say anything too."

  "We know!" The Big Iron Hammer said: "I didn't say anything to anyone after consolidating the laws of Domain Realm after the breakthrough. The lady, Young Master and Grandma Wu were the first one to know."

  "That's good!" Wang Si was very pleased: "There is nothing special going on other than the troubles you already know about. Recently, Ye Residence is not peaceful, and the security matters are bothering more me."

  "Will do!"

  "For sure!"

  The Big Iron Hammer and Uncle Ying bowed to Wang Si,
turned around and took Ye Tian with them out of the hall.

  "Madam, then I will go to deal with Ye Molly's things, and change the medicine of Ye Xiao!" Wu said to Wang Si.

  "Go!" Wang Si waved his hand: "Yes! If you see the Shopkeeper Wang telling him to come here, I have something important to tell him."

  "Okay!" Grandma Wu flashed and disappeared into nothingness.


  Lei Residence, a quiet study room in the east.

  Lei Tianbao leaned over the chair and flipped an old book. From time to time, he took a cup of tea on the desk and took a leisurely drink.


  An injured big-face masked black man suddenly appeared in front of the desk out of thin air. After carefully watching the situation around him, he said in a small voice: "The patriarch... The mission you handed me failed?"

  "Oh..." Lei Tianbao did not lift his head: "Is that Ye Baojun dead?"

  "No!" The big-faced black man suddenly fell to the ground: "Ye Baojun is dead, and the Blade Beast is dead too."

  "Then why do you say that the mission is not completed?" Lei Tianbao took a sip of tea: "Is it because you were injured?"

  The big-face masked black man even shook his head: "That Ye Baotian and the Blade Beast were not killed by me, is... is..."

  Speaking of this, the big face masked black man did not dare to say it.

  Lei Tianbao's brow wrinkled: "Say quickly!"

  "Yes! Yes!" The big face masked man was drowning in sweat: "It’s Ye Tian who killed Ye Baojun and the Blade Beast, and I was everything when I was hiding in the grove, and I was almost killed by him too."


  Lei Tianbao, who was drinking tea, when heard this he sprayed out the tea out of shock: "Are you sure that what you said is true? With the strength of the Early Domain Realm, how could he kill Ye Baojun? Killing the Blade Beast is still believable, the blade beast is also having Domain Realm strength, you ... you hurry up and tell me everything that happened at that time, in detail!"

  "Yes! It is like this. I saw it in the grove at the time..." The big face black man stood up and elucidated the exact details of Grandma Wu and Ye Xiao’s fight against Ye Baojun and Blade Beast respectively. How Ye Tian and Wang Si suddenly disappeared. In the end, Ye Tian’s move when he sneaked behind Ye Baojun and stabbed him dead.

  Lei Tianbao listened to everything carefully.

  As the big faced black man complained, the expression on his face turned into a shock from surprise, then from shock to horror, and finally from horror to stunned.

  For him.

  This incident did not clarify his doubts about Ye Tian and only increased them. How is Ye Tian supposed to have an avatar in the early stage of Domain Realm, because the Avatar Domain belongs to the Wind Domain attribute, but to Ye Tian, ​​the boy who awakened the Chaotic Black Soil Space was like a cheat!

  Then there is Ye Tian’s five-meter sneak attack on the Blade Beast. He also wants to understand, but he was not able to!

  Because of that flicker move, which in his opinion, in the Source Continent's greatest ten domain, Space-Time Domain, is impossible to achieve!


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