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But the next second, the smile on Ye Baojun’s face solidified. He didn't know when a long spike pierced his chest.

Drip ~~!

Drip ~~~!

Brilliant red blood slowly fell on the ground!

And the another Ye Tian who appeared behind Ye Baojun like a ghost holding the dagger in his right hand. Ye Tian stabbed Ye Baojun again.


The dagger was pulled out and Ye Baojun fell to the ground with no breath. His eyes were of a defeated boss in a game. It seemed like, he didn't even understand how he died.


Grandma Wu quickly flew down to Ye Tian's side. After kicking the body of Ye Baojun aside, she questioningly asked: "What means have you used to actually sneak on Ye Baojun?"

The perception of the Principle Realm strongman is much higher than that of the Domain Realm Experts. Therefore, in the view of Grandma Wu, Ye Tian’s sneak attack killed Ye Baojun, which was simply impossible in her vision.

However, if she knew that the Avatar Domain in the Origin Bracelet she used earlier was a product of his Domain, he was afraid that he wouldn't know how to reply.

The Space Domain’s existence completely crushed any pros of the Stealth Domain.

Ye Tian did not answer the question raised by Grandma Wu. Instead, he suddenly condensed all the powers in the body and took out the dagger in his hand and threw it into the woods.

"Ah..." a scream came, and then a shadow quickly fled in the direction of Lei Residence.

"This… why is there the strong man of Lei family hiding in the dark?" Grandma Wu ‘s heart was tightened suddenly and she looked at Ye Tian with a strange look: “How did you find out, even I can’t find it?”

"Grandma Wu, before I answer the question you asked, let's go back to Ye Residence!" Ye Tian cautiously took a look at the surrounding environment: "This small forest is really not safe."

"Good! Good!" Grandma Wu did not even nod, she handled the body of Ye Baojun, and then raised the seriously injured Ye Xiao, followed by Ye Tian, and quickly walked toward Ye Residence.

However, at this time the way she looked at Ye Tian's eyes changed brimming with awe.

Even Ye Baojun, who she was not capable of killing was actually attacked and killed by Ye Tian!


Ye Residence

Wang Si was anxiously walking around in the room.

It was not until Grandma Wu took Ye Tian out of the side door that she stopped her steps: “How are Ye Xiao’s injuries?”

"He won't die, but it is estimated that it will take more than half a year to heal!" Grandma Wu said with a smile.

"That's good!" Wang Si sighed.

Grandma Wu looked at Ye Tian: “Yes, you can tell me now, how did you kill Ye Baojun in one stroke?”

“It’s actually very simple!” Ye Tian took out a source bracelet that was planted in Chaotic Black Earth Space and handed it to Grandma Wu: “You should understand it when you look at it.”

“Oh...” Grandma Wu took the green round bracelet in her hand. After glanced at it, she shouted out: “My God, this is not the defective bracelet of our family. It can give the wearer more than 50% of the source energy, and even bring their own domain!"

"Yes." Ye Tian nodded.

Before he left the Chaotic Black Earth Space black, he wore the Origin Bracelet with the Avatar Domain, deliberately using the avatar to die and kill Ye Baojun with a single stab.

Then using the Space Domain, Ye Tian killed him.

Although Ye Baojun’s strength was a level higher than him, in the absence of defence. Ye Baojun was not King Kong with absolute defence, and naturally, he was killed in the end.

Of course, the most important thing was that Ye Baojun had sparred a few hundred rounds with Grandma Wu before, and his Source Energy was mostly consumed. His overall strength was greatly reduced.


He took advantage of Ye Baojun's smugness. Ye Baojun did not enter in Stealth Domain. Otherwise, even if it was a sneak attack, Ye Tian might not be able to kill him in the end.

However, these facts were clearly not told to Grandma Wu, or he will be treated as a monster.

Because it was already abnormal for sixteen years old to kill an expert cultivating for many years.

Sure enough, Grandma Wu still had her doubts. She looked at Wang Si with a puzzled look: “Mrs Si this is the Origin Bracelet you gave to Ye Tian?”

"This... yeah!" Wang Si blinked. "Is there something wrong?"

Ye Tian’s Chaos Black Earth Space can plant the Origin Bracelet was a fact which she didn't want anyone except her to know.

Even if Grandma Wu is trustworthy, it won't work!

Therefore, she was unambiguous at the time of screening.

"There is nothing wrong with it. It’s just that I have been in Ye Residence for so long. Why haven’t I heard that Miss Wang has such a Source Bracelet?” Grandma Wu smiled bitterly.

Wang Si smiled and quickly changed the topic: "You are old, there are many things you don't know, but today, you killed Ye Baojun and the Blade Beast, is not the thing but an accident."

"Yeah! It is estimated that Lei Tianbao will be mad at knowing it!" Grandma Wu’s face was full of wrinkles as she smiled happily: “Before asking for his shot, we ourselves accidentally killed Ye Baojun. Dead! Haha..."

Ye Tian also smiled: "Grandma Wu, you talk with mother first. I haven’t practised today so I have to go practice the martial arts."

"Wait a minute, young master!" Grandma Wu handed the Orignal Bracelet in her hand: "This baby, you take it, I don't really need it."

"No, it's for you!" Ye Tian thought for a moment and said seriously.

"Ah..." Grandma, We said: "You are not funny when you are joking."

"I am not kidding!" Ye Tian waved his hand: "In the woods, I saw that Flight Domain can be separated. If you wear this Source Bracelet, the overall strength should increase by a lot."

"This..." Grandma Wu looked at Wang Si on the side.

Although knowing Ye Tian’s words were sincere, but possessing the Origin Bracelet, even the lowest category is third-grade Profound Tool. The value of this treasure was not low.

However, Grandma Wu was surprised again.

The lady smiled and thought about not putting the Origin Bracelet in her hand: "Grandma Wu, don't look at me, just like Ye Tian said, I naturally have no opinion. But don't forget that if your strength is enhanced, in fact, it will also strengthen Ye Family's strength!"


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