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The most powerful means of Ye Baojun was to rely on the Stealth type attacks. As long as the hiding location is exposed, the attacker’s strength will definitely drop significantly. This was not a secret in Ye Family and even the whole  Lava Town knew it. 

"My God... It turns out that our Ye  now has the strength of Principle Realm strongman!" Ye Tian smiled, and the worry in his heart also dropped a lot.

The four of them gradually drifted away.

Soon he arrived at the edge of the grove.

Grandma Wu voice out to Ye Tian: "The young master, where is Ye Baojun and the blade beast’s location now? I want the specific location?"

"The blade beast has blocked our way, and they are waiting for us on the big blue stone on the road ahead." Ye Tian glanced casually behind him: "As for Ye Baojun, he is only one hundred away from us."

Grandma Wu slowly nodded: "Young master, after three seconds Ye Xiao will go to deal with the blade beast, you protect the lady, and let me deal with that Ye Baojun."

"Ye Xiao can deal with the blade beast?" Ye Tian is somewhat worried.

In his view, before Ye Xiao was almost sneak attacked by the Blade Beast, he is not wounded now, but he was still not the opponent of the blade beast.

"To tell you the truth, Ye Xiao was hiding strength, he is now at the peak Domain Realm. To deal with the exposed target of the early Domain Realm, it is a piece of cake! ”

Grandma Wu said, suddenly a sharp soft sword appeared on the hand,  Flight Domain opened, and her body flashed into a light beam and rushed towards the position where the old man was hiding.

And at the same time.

Ye Xiao roared and opened the Hardening Domain. His skin twisted and turned and hardened instantly. Holding a weird big hoe, he leapt towards big bluestone not far from him.

Ye Tian saw everything.

Quickly he took his mother's hand, and even before she was aware of it, they entered the Chaotic Black Earth Space.

The Chaotic Black Earth Space was the absolute field of Ye Tian. It belongs to a different space that is separated from the Source Continent. Based on the strength of the Domain of Ye Baojun, he simply cannot just enter and leave without getting hurt.

Of course, there is also a fatal flaw, that was, the entrance and exit were at the same point and could not be transferred.

If the enemy knows this secret and stays in the same place, then the trouble was big enough to make anyone cry.

Of course, Ye Baojun was unaware of this fact.

Chaotic Black Earth Space

Wang Si looked at Ye Tian worried: "Child, mother is very safe in this space, but Grandma Wu and Ye Xiao...?"

Ye Tian took Wang Si’s hand and comforted her: “Mother, don’t worry, I will go out and help Grandma Wu and Ye Xiao. If I see that the situation is taking a turn, I will bring them both into this Chaotic Black Earth Space. "

"Well, that's good!" Wang Si slowly nodded: "But you must be careful."

"Do not worry! Mother." Ye Tian took a sharp dagger from the space ring, and his body disappeared from the Chaotic Black Earth Space.


He appeared on the lawn of grass out of thin air, and the sound of the fighting around could be was heard easily.

Looking around, Ye Tian found that at this moment Grandma Wu and Ye Baojun were playing hard to solve the fight. Although Grandma Wu's overall strength was not as good as Ye Baojun, with the advantage of her Flight Domain, she could fly quickly and have an upper hand.

However, Ye Xiao was not doing well. Because he has attacked the Blade beast, he was in a state of being beaten at the moment.

If it wasn’t for the Hardening Domain that had repeatedly blocked the deadly attack of the blade beast’s sharp claws, he was afraid that the Ye Xiao would have been turned into a corpse by now.

Ye Tian, who saw this scene, decisively chose to help Ye Xiao. Seeing that the blade beast was just five meters away from him. His figure flashed at a strange speed and appeared behind the side of the blade beast.

Stroke ~~~!

The sharp dagger in the hand did not hesitate to stab the position of the heart of the blade beast.


Blood splashes ~~!


The blade beast made a roar of desperate despair, and swayed the tail in an attempt to fight hard and finally sneaked off Ye Tian.

However, Ye Tian had already estimated this and he succeeded in one stroke. At the same time, his body flashed into the Chaotic Black Earth Space.


The tail of the blade beast slammed on the ground, making a dull vibration.


A crack of several meters long cracked on the ground.

However, at this time, the blade beast attacked the Ye Tian, stabbed the heart, and the tail slammed the ground simultaneously while it was dying.

After seeing Ye Baojun, who fought in the desperate distance, he lowered his head with powerlessness.

"Animals, you have today!" The injured Ye Xiao roared, reading waved the weird big hoe on his hand, and slammed it down. It directly smashed the head of the blade beast into the dirt.

"Ha ha ha... son! Your father has taken your revenge!" Ye Xiao laughed wildly.

"No!" Seeing that the blade of the beast was killed, Ye Baojun’s heart was bleeding, and his eyes were red with madness and desperation.

The murderousness radiated from the body making the heavens and the earth change!

"Want to run? Not so easily!" Grandma Wu suddenly made a trick in the Flight Domain. In an instant, she split into two people, and one left and one right quickly flew toward the Ye Baojun.

But the next second Grandma Wu was stopped in the air, watching carefully around.

At the crucial moment, Ye Baojun suddenly appeared from the shadows.

Just as she wanted to pass the sound to Ye Tian, to tell her where Ye Baojun was hiding.

Peng ~~~!

Ye Xiao suddenly vomited blood and flew out a few tens of meters away. He was squatted heavily on a big tree, and then he fell on the ground and could not climb.

The corpse of the blade beast suddenly disappeared at the same time.

Undoubtedly, he was Ye Baojun who took it away.

Looking at this scene, Grandma Wu was shocked. When she was about to fly to save Ye Xiao, but she found Ye Tian appearing on the grass out of thin air.

“No!” Grandma Wu shouted: “Young Master is dangerous!”

However, when the voice just fell, she saw Ye Bingjun appearing behind Ye Tian, and a sharp short sword directly penetrated the heart of Ye Tian.


Ye Tian looked back at Ye Fengjun with horror. His mouth wanted to talk but spit out blood.

"Ha ha ha..."

Ye Baojun smirked and laughed, and at the same time he took out the short sword stabbed in the heart of Ye Tian again.

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