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  Lei Tianbao took a sip of tea and clapped his hands.


  A big black man wearing a mask appeared in the living room: "The patriarch, what is the command?"

  "You go to follow Ye Baojun. If he kills Wang Si's family, then you will give me Ye Baojun..." Lei Tianbao made a neck slitting gesture.

  "Yes!" The masked black man turned into a black mist and disappeared.

  Lei Tianbao smiled: "Haha... The good play is about to be staged. If Wang Si and Ye Tian know that they are about to die in the hands of their own family member, what would they think?"

  "But if Ye Baojun kills Wang Si and Ye Tian, ​​that is, Wang Meng that the old fogy would have no clue that this is something done by me!... I am really clever."


  Wang Si with Ye Tian, ​​Grandma Wu, and Ye Xiao, did not leave Lei Residence. In the halfway, they ran into Lei Ruoxi and Zhou Ziqiang.

  The two of them saw Ye Tian appear in Lei Residence, and they could not help look at each other.

  Wearing white dress, Lei Ruoyi, looked at Ye Tian with a proud attitude: "What are you doing at my house? I was not clear at the [Elegant House] that day? It is impossible between us."

  "Yes! As for the inferior who awakens ordinary talents, do you still want to continue to pester Ruoxi?" Zhou Ziqiang touched the acne on his face and said.

  "Is it?" Ye Tian, ​​who listened to this was not angry in contrary looked at Zhou Ziqiang with a smile: "By what you said, it seems that if you awaken the high-level talent, you will be worthy of Lei Ruoxi."

  "You!" Zhou Ziqiang was thinking, how can Ye Tian be so calm and also retort his words, and for sometime he was unable to speak.

  Lei Ruoxi said: "Okay! Ok! Don't make noise! Ye Tian! If you have some self-knowledge, just go!"

  "Good! I am going!" Ye Tian did not want to have a quarrel. He reached out and took the mother's hand. He looked up and walked out of Ye Residence.

  Followed by Grandma Wu, she looked at Lei Ruoxi and followed closely.

  Just out of Lei Residence

  Wang Si reached out and grasped Ye Tian’s handsome face: “Child, did Lei Ruoxi's words hurt you just now?”

  “No!” Ye Tian smiled lightly, revealing the white teeth.

  For him who is familiar with Lei Ruoxu's character, he was not afraid to think much about it, why bother to say it.

  Grandma Wu sighed: "Madam, you don't have to be sorry for the young master. Lei Ruoxi ridiculed the young master today. Sooner or later, she will know how foolish she was."

  "Yeah!" Wang Si nodded.

  Ye Xiao: "Madam, don't talk about these useless topics. Now that Lei Tianbao is not willing to deal with Ye Baoun, what should we do next?"

  "Let's go back for now!" Wang Si sighed helplessly and took the lead in the direction of Ye Residence.

  Ye Tian knew that her mother was not happy, and quickly caught up with her arm and talked about some happy topics.

  Just after reaching the one kilometer distance to Ye Residence, Ye Tian suddenly felt tgat something was not right behind him. It felt like someone was following him in stealth.

  "Child, what's wrong with you?" Wang Si noticed that Ye Tian's face was a little dark.

  Ye Tian deliberately bent over and took the dust off the leather boots. After looking at the environment behind him, he whispered: "Mother, we are being tracked by a strong cultivator at least in Principle Realm, we must be careful." ”

  "What!" Wang Si’s heart almost stopped, and she wanted to turn around and see what happened, but was stopped by Ye Tian.

  Ye Tian lowered his voice: "Mother, don't look back. This is someone sent by Lei Tianbao. If he knows that we found him, it will ruin the plan. ”

  "That leaves... What plans do you have?" Wang Si took a deep breath and tried to slow down her heart beat.

  Ye Tian: "I saw that there was no grove in the front, one kilometer away. We can wait there to ambush, and knocked out that cultivator."

  "This... According to what you said, cultivator is Principle Realm. Can you knock him out with the strength of several of us?" Wang Si questioned.

  "Should be OK..." Ye Tian grabbed his head and was about to sneak a glance at the strong man behind him. Suddenly his face changed and he stood still and said nothing.

  "What happened again?"

  Wang Si pulled the arm of Ye Tian.

  Ye Tian came back and whispered in the mother's ear: "The one tracking us is Ye Baojun and his blade beast. We are in trouble here. Maybe this old guy wants to be back in us. Ye Baojun wants to kill us on the way!"

  "Ah... are you sure?" Wang Si couldn't help but shudder. UU reading

  With the strength of the peak Principle Realm of Ye Bianjun, it is easy to sneak up on the four and killing them.

  Ye Tian: "Mother, this time you believe what I said! Tell what I saw to Grandma Wu, now we can only fight."

  "Good!" Grandma Wu said, who was next to Wang Si.

  Seeing this Grandma Wu took the lead and headed for Ye Residence.

  Ye Tian followed.

  Grandma Wu asked Ye Tian: “Young Master, how did you notice that Ye Baojun was behind us? I couldn’t even notice it.”

  Ye Tian could not help but slow down and said: “I have awakened the talented Chaotic Black Soil Space, although it is an ordinary talent, but it has very strong understanding of the space. The induction is very keen, Grandma Wu, Ye Baojun is next to a pear tree at least 500 meters behind us. As for the Blade Point Beast, it is only two hundred meters away from us."

  At this distance, Ye Baojun and the Blade Point Beast must be close to each other.

  "I understand!" The Grandma Wu nodded in surprise. "The young master, now we are very close to Lei Residence. Ye Bingjun won't dare to come. I guess he wants to do it, but also in the front grove, but since you know where Ye Bingjun is hiding, I don’t know who is going to die now."

  "Grandma Wu, are you sure?" Ye Tian blinked.

  "Of course, young master! You probably don't know my strength, is it Principle Intermediate Realm?" Grandma Wu mysteriously blinked, and then stopped talking to Wang Si.

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