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  Ye Tian had long seen it in some books in the field of cultivation. If he does not determine the nature of his own property, if he cultivates the magical powers of different attributes from his own field, then...even if talent level is high, it will become a waste...


  However, it is a big taboo for the cultivators of the Source Continent!

  Because on the mainland, the fields of various attributes are incompatible with each other.

  For example, Ye Tian was awakened by the Water Domain properties, but cultivates with Fire attribute method.

  In this way, the fire and water attributes will clash with each other and as for origin source in the Dantian, it is over!

  Grandma Wu saw Ye Tian knew that it was so powerful, and she didn’t say anything when she smiled.

  Wang Si also smiled and said: "Yes, Ye Bai's father and other family members of Ye Family are in the middle of the hall. I am dealing with the drug. Without saying it, I have to deal with it quickly."

  "Mother, do you need me to help?"

  Ye Tian really cared about her mother.

  Ye Bai’s father, Ye Xiao, was in the mid Domain Realm. It’s hard to talk to people like this. This time, Ye Bai is locked up. If it’s not good, it’s very likely to be troublesome.

  Wang Si smiled: "Do not worry! Children, let me reveal a little secret to you, Ye Xiao came to Ye Residence this time, his hand is not broken."

  "Hey?" Ye Tian did not understand the meaning of the mother's words.

  Wu’s mother explained: “Your mother’s meaning is that Ye Bai’s hand was broken in the name of Ye Xiao’s hand, and he came to Ye Residence to get the medicine. Now Ye Xiao’s arm is not broken, he is definitely not make trouble, but come and apologize for Ye Bai."

  "Oh..." Ye Tian suddenly realized.

  I really can't think of it, there was still such a member in the family.

  Wang Si reached out and patted Ye Tian’s shoulder: “Children, although you can’t currently practice the methods in the field, but the basic cultivation methods that my father passed to you can’t be abandoned, so practice!”

  "Yeah!" Ye Tian nodded.

  "Then I will go first!" Wang Si took Grandma Wu and turned to the position where the Ye Residence's meeting room was located.

  "Brother! You cultivate well, I am going to see the fun" Ye Qianqian made a face in front Ye Tian, ​​even behind Grandma Wu.

  Ye Tian shook his head. After watching his sister go far, he went straight to his own separate cultivation room.

  After shutting down the cumbersome steel gate, he entered the chaotic black soil space and began to cultivate the space field.

  It is not that he does not listen to Grandma Wu and his mother’s words, and cultivates the magical powers that are not his own.

  It was the space field.

  Different from other fields.

  This does not belong to any of the fields of gold, wood, water, fire, earth, etc., and does not clash with the attributes of any field.


  Ye Tian found.

  The space field of the Demon Dragon Beast seems to be related to the awakening of Chaotic Black Earth Space Domain.

  It's just that where this connection is, it's not known. Only by interpreting the mysteries can you get the answer.

  In the Chaos Black Earth Space

  Ye Tian sits on the ground with his knees. In accordance with the method of cultivation of the space field, he closes his eyes and gathers his spirits. His hands pointing towards the sky, and the power of the surrounding source was slowly entering into his Dantian.

  When it reached saturation, carefully diverted the power of the source to every part of the body.

  This is obviously very difficult for him who was only in the early stage of the Domain.

  Almost all of the power of the source was diverted, and all of them collapsed and disappeared.

  "No! Come on!" Ye Tian did not give up and tried again.


  Again failed.


  ten times……

  One hundred times...

  One thousand times...

  Until the failure of nearly 10,000 times, Ye Tian was somewhat discouraged to give up, the last time he succeeded, he was vaguely able to touch the rules of the space field.

  But he was happy about this.

  The Source energy in his body disappeared again.

  "What happened?" Ye Tian opened his eyes in confusion: "Does it mean that my cultivation method is wrong?"

  Seeing the time was not early, he was about to helplessly leave the Chaotic Black Earth Space, but the sudden scene shocked him.

  He saw it in front front of h three meters away.

  A magic dragon beast that was condensed by black soil was squatting on the ground, and the surrounding space was bursting.

  As if it was born to be the darling of space, it had been merged with the surrounding space.

  "Is it true that my cultivation posture is wrong?" Ye Tian, ​​who was whimsical, learned the way of the black demon dragon beast, squatting on the ground and began to work in the space field.


  In an instant, he only felt that the force of the source flowing into the body was dozens of times faster than usual, and the phenomenon of the previous collapse did not appear at all.

  Ye Tian suppressed the excitement and quickly diverted the power of the source to every part of the body.

  The unexpected happened.

  There was a ripple in the space around Ye Tian, ​​and his body suddenly disappeared, and then appeared five meters away.

  "Ha ha ha... I understand now!" Ye Tian, ​​who felt that his body had turned upside down, excitedly smiled and said: "This is the space field. This is the working principle of the space field. Although I can only use the space rule to teleport five meters, and the power of the source is huge, but this represents the threshold for success into the space field! ”

  "But... I wouldn't have come up with a demon dragon beast to help out in the chaotic black soil space. I am afraid that I can touch the threshold of the space field in my life!" Ye Tian sucked in the breath and looked at the darkened black earth. The dragon beast: "Just how it appeared again? Is it that ... is the heart?"

  Ye Tian, ​​who thought of this, tried to imagine the appearance of the tiger at the gate of Le Residence. UU reading


  Almost at the same time, the black soil not far away condensed into a huge mane.

  The previous Dragon Dragon beast disappeared.

  But there incident was.

  In the sea, he didn’t get any news about the tigers and after a while, the rapid collapse disappeared.

  "This..." Ye Tian did not understand the reasons for this.

  "Do you want to say... If you want the Chaotic Black Earth Space to condense the scorpion war tiger, you must do the same as the demon dragon beast, absorb the essence of the skull or other parts of the body?" Ye Tian fell into thought, thinking for a long time he reached the conclusion.

  Only this conclusion was the most reasonable and most relevant explanation.

  "Oh, no matter what, next time I enter the Chaotic Black Earth Space, I have find a piece of the bones of the tiger to try it."

  Ye Tian stood up. After taking off the Black Soil on the robes, his figure flashed out of the Chaotic Black Earth Space.

  In fact.

  The result of today’s cultivation was still quite large.

  At least, it let him understand the entry rules in the Space Domain, as well as the black soil in the Chaotic Black Earth Space, you can use the consciousness to control the condensation into the dragon beast, and various creatures.

  "What kind of talent is it? It is really mysterious!" Ye Tian, ​​who walked under tree-lined path, shook his head.

  Seeing that the lights of the living room were brightly lit, he increased his pace towards the living room.


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