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Artifact planting space Chapter: 002


The atmosphere some inexplicable embarrassing.

"Actually she was saying that Ye brother entangled her!!!" Ye Qianqian biting her thin lips and her little face appeared wroth.

Ye Tian who recovered from shock and looked at the white girl and then a touch of a smile on his face revealing neat white teeth: "Lei Ruoxi, I think you made the wrong assumption! When did I entangled you? When did we became so close?"

Ye Qianqian angrily followed by opened:" Miss Lei, you should mind your words, my brother such a good person, when did Ye brother entangled you. Was not you that everyday stick to my brother?"

"You..." white girl did not expect that kind of answer from Ye Tian followed by Ye Qianqian, she stompped her leg and said: "I said serious, I am joking with you!!!"

"I do not joke with you, Lei Ruoxi!" Ye Tian eyes became serious color: "If you hate me, I can immediately disappear in front of you, as you said the so called entanglement. To begin with we are not close, it was you who came to me. I think you do not be have to be sentimental."

Chi Chi~ ~ ~!

Listen to the words of Ye Tian, Ye Qianqian hide her mouth with her hands and laughing.

Ye Tian of this sentence really despicable, but she likes!

"You..." White girl embarrassed and her face became red, in the crazy stare at the Ye Tain after she said angrily: "You... you really do not have a little like me?

These words out, she actually regretted some, according to the reason this should be Ye Tian of the lines ah! How all of a sudden from her mouth to say it!


"Not at all!"

Ye Tian do not want to go back on his words.

In the town of Lava, he grew up to know Lei Ruoxi, know her character, basically her father Lei Tianbao is a very powerful, she became an arrogant girl, she is most like to look high of herself to belittle others.

This is her character but the most annoying character, how he will like her.

If not Lei family and Ye family in the Lava town, have many exchanges between businesses, mutual needs to help each other, he will not play with Lei Ruoxi together.

"You are saying lies, I do not believe you did not like me at all!"

Looking at the eyes of the clear eyes without a trace of panic and sadness of Ye Tian. His eyes are just calm and calm. Lei Ruoxi is beginning to flustered.

She originally thought not to embarrass Ye Tian when separated their ways. And now it seems that she is really passionate.

Ye Tian seems that he did not like her at all.

Ye Qianqian eyes see Lei Ruoxi face is ugly, and even reach out and pulled the Ye Tian's arm, softly said: "Brother! We go! Do not stay here."


Ye Tian nodded, picked up the fishing rod and the bamboo basket.

Was about to leave with Ye Qianqian, Lei Ruoxi stopped him: "Wait a minute, Ye Tian! I do not care if you like me or not, it is past. After a few days later, you and I will no longer of a world of people. If you do not want to be mediocre over a lifetime, practice a lot! So that you have the ability to enter the [Mo Academy], you will know how much you said today is ridiculous, you will regret for not liking me."

Originally this ugly words she do not want to say, but if she cannot find a sense of superiority in front of Ye Tian, Lei Ruoxi mind some cannot reconciled, so regardless of the consequences she said it out.

"You want me to regret because of you, regret because I did not like you... let's meet at [Mo Academy] to see it!

Ye Tian has a calm and handsome face with a smile, but he from Lei Ruoxi's words found few clues, certainly with the awakening of talent.

And he dares to determine, Lei Ruo Xi talent awakening level is definitely higher than him.


With Lei Ruoxi character, will not tell him so ugly words.

Just... This time in the [Mo Academy] talent identification, he awakened in the end what is the field?

With the meaningful look at Lei Ruoxi, he with Ye Qianqian turned down the second floor.

"I'm angry!"

"Damn, why! Why would it be this break up, obviously Ye Tian should be angry! But why I was angry? Still not willing?"

"Well, wait until the teacher of the Mo Academy announce the your talent. Then you will ask me for you, and you will know how ridiculous you are today!

Looking at the disappearance of Ye Tian, Lei Ruoxi teeth straight stomping her feet, her face with anger, unwilling, jealousy...

However, in her heart, she was aware of, do not know why? There is a little bit like Ye Tian...


Back to the Ye family.

Ye Tian found.

Followed by Ye Qianqian little face always with a sweet smile.

Out of curiosity, he could not help but asked: "My sister, is it because I was dumped by Lei Ruoxi, you look are very happy?

"No!" Ye Qianqian shook her head: "brother! I am smiling because of the thought of Lei Ruoxi hear you do not like her, that pair of her eyes of the expression of death, it is more than Jun Jun.

"Oh...hahaha" Ye Tian laughed: "Do not mention Lei Ruoxi, she has become a past tense, in order to be able to enter the [Mo Academy] we need to learn more knowledge, we should still practice good, to enhance our own strength so that she cannot look down on us.

[Mo Academy], is a talented talent to enter a Academy for talent.

There, not only have a variety of fields of the teachers, but also can contact the origin of the mainland tens of thousands of years to save the comprehension of knowledge, for the future to go on the road covered with the most solid foundation.

"Can I get into the Mo Academy?"

Ye Qianqian blinked, and some could not believe Ye Tian to hear.

Although she succeeded in awakening her field, but to the [Mo Academy] is not so simple, one of the high tuition fees are not ordinary people can afford the burden.

And tuition is not the origin of the mainland currency, but the Lingshi.

"I said can be able to!" Ye Tian stretched out his hand shot Ye Qianqian's fragrant shoulder: "Well, do not tell you more, I went to practicing martial arts practice, and I still have not figured out my field What type it is!"

"What kind of urgent ah! Brother!" Ye Qianqian even said: "With your congenital condition of qualifications, talent awakening the field will be bad?

"It is hard to say!" Ye Tian face slightly wrinkled: "Your talent awakening of the field, although the currently cannot see what type, but it can make withered flowers and trees to reproduce the vitality, if no accident, Rare talent is not run, but mine..."

Speaking of this, Ye Tian could not help shaking his head: "My field, in the pubic region is a few kilometers of chaotic fuzzy space, which in addition to the black soil, what valuable information are not enlightened, I was thinking that my talent awakened The field may be a waste, it is just a piece of land can only grow vegetables.

Puff bared.

Ye Qianqian grinned: "Brother! You do not tease me, in the origin of the mainland, I never heard that the strong awakened out of the field is kind to grow vegetables. Do not think so much and so on! And everything will only be announced, maybe the time brother of your talent is the legendary Myth class talent!"

"is it possible?"

Ye Tian waved his hand, thoughtfully went straight to the martial arts field.

If it were not for today's Lei Ruoxi's words, he would not be so anxious because he was very confident in his talent.

"But if my talent awakened the field, really can only grow vegetables how to do?"

"That I should have tried!"

Walking on the road Ye Tian, suddenly plucked out of the road a weed, readily thrown into the pubic region at the chaos black space.

He wanted to see, after transplanting in, will not be a surprise.

While in the next second.

So that his stunning scene took place.


Let's meet again.


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