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Chapter 58: Time Flies By (One)

The boy trembled all over, standing up to flee in conditioned reflex. However, just as his body moved, his head followingly became wet with cold sweat and his four limbs firmly grounded themselves on the floor. He dared not move a hair. 

"Pitter patter, pitter patter…" The heavy rain poured cats and dogs. Even though he couldn't clearly see the man in front of him, he could feel the man wasn't even possibly as old as him. However, while he was ten-odd meters away, he could sense the terrifying atmosphere even separated by the massive rain curtain!

A kind of murderous aura that caused others to choke formed a tangible sharpness. It seemed as long as the other willed it, he was capable of taking his life at any moment.

The flying sword was very slow; at least in Xu Yangyi's eyes it was such. It swayed like a house fly, and its weak aura quite tempted him with the desire to slap it out of flight. 

Where was this place?

Cultivators… Demons, both were unreasonably weak! Not even to be compared to himself, but in comparison to Luo Sanfeng, Gao Ye, and the other champions, they were far inferior. If it had to be compared, he was presently Firecloud on that day and they were the cultivation clans, as well.

As the distance between the flying sword and the wolf demon became increasingly closer, the shivering of the demon's body became progressively fierce. He was close to using an appealing gaze, stealthily looking at Xu Yangyi. With his cultivation, while he wouldn't die from being stabbed by this sword, he would be seriously injured.

The person in front of him could definitely save him! In his heart, he held this hope, not looking at the other's clothing that was ruined like heaping trash. However, so long as this man was willing to save him, the man was absolutely capable of doing so!

Xu Yangyi looked pitifully at the flying sword, as to the extent that even the people behind could clearly hear it.

"Young Mistress! Over here! I pecked it, so there's no way it can flee!"

"Be at ease! With my Heavenshattering Earthsplitting World Annihilation Meteor Sword here, it won't be able to escape!"

Heavenshattering Earthsplitting World Annihilation Meteor Sword…?

Xu Yangyi resisted the urge to grin with great difficulty and gently waved his hand. The sword instantly lost direction and shakily flew into his hand. Subsequently, his two fingers grabbed onto it, taking this kickass-sounding Heavenshattering Earthsplitting World Annihilation Meteor Sword to press down on in the space between his fingers.*

The wolf demon had a head full of cold sweat, and he laid on the floor, not daring to say a word. This was a cultivators low-grade demonslaying piercing weapon from the Bountiful Treasures Pavilion that could cause him serious injuries... 

However, the man seemed to be at the initial stage of Qi Condensation, as well? How could the difference be so great? How did the sword cease to be so effortlessly? It perished? It died away!!!

Casually playing around with the peachwood sword like it was a lousy vegetable knife, Xu Yangyi suddenly asked: "How tall are you?"

His voice was quite soft and rather ordinary, yet it caused the wolf demon to break out with a cold sweat from tail to snout. The wolf demon dared not to raise his head and said trilly: "1, 1.82 meters…"

"You got smokes?"

Xu Yangyi tossed the peachwood sword into the mud at the side, and the wolf demon buried his head even lower: "None…"

Xu Yangyi sighed and clicked his tongue: "Take off your clothes."

"Yes… Huh?

The wolf demon was rendered dumb. Take off his clothes? Had he heard incorrectly? Nonetheless, even though he had his doubts in his mind, his body honestly stood up in an instant, starting to shed his clothing.

He was wearing a school uniform, one from some high school, and quickly took it off. After he took it off, he awkwardly held it in his hand and ensuingly discovered an even more awkward matter.

"Take off your pants."

The wolf demon continued to sincerely take off his trousers.

"Fiend, don't move!" At this time, following an attractive and tender shout, a young girl and… a hen jumped out not too far away with the grace of a tiger. Afterwards, the young girl was stunned. 

In front of her… there was a man wearing tattered clothing forcing her prey to take off his pants… moreover, the pants were even half-shed. 

"Pervert!!!" After three seconds of silence, accompanied by the shrieks of a young girl and a hen, the human-chicken duo turned around in unison, using their hands and wings respectively to cover their faces. Their sharp voices reverberated throughout the grove.

"Keep going." Xu Yangyi's expression didn't change, beckoning towards the wolf demon who was awkwardly holding onto his trousers and left only in his underwear. The wolf demon's face blushed red and pink, and he respectfully handed over his clothing.

"No!" The young girl reacted and turned her head around, angrily reprimanding: "Fiend… Heavens!!!"

Xu Yangyi removed his belt neither slowly nor hurriedly and cast off his tattered camouflage clothing in the mud, not raising his head towards the young girl who swiftly turned around: "There's no need to shout so loudly. In fact, you can turn around."

"Per! Vert!" The voices of a person and chicken amped up by eight decibels. 

The clothes were quite well-fitting, and Xu Yangyi nodded: "Turn around."

The young girl and hen turned with reddened faces, In the next second, the young girl released a high-pitched shriek once again: "Pervert! Y-you put on some clothes, eeeehhhh!!!"

The wolf demon felt that in his several decades of life, he had never lost so much face. In the summer, it was normal to only wear underwear. His clothes were swapped on Xu Yangyi's body right now, but the one being called a pervert… was him…

However, without Xu Yangyi's nod, he dared not to move. In the comparison of his face and his life, it was obvious the latter was much more precious.

"You… You… What are you thinking!" The young girl's face turned around. It was then that Xu Yangyi could clearly see her appearance.

She was quite normal, not pretty, but not ugly, as well. Her appearance was roughly sixteen or seventeen years old. There was a bit of baby's fat on her face, and her hair was directly pulled back into a ponytail. She wore a cheap T-shirt and an even cheaper pair of jeans and sneakers. Her waist was pinned with a spacious belt and the front of it was fastened with several bags. If he hadn't seen incorrectly, the insides were all of the Bountiful Treasures Pavillion's lowest of the low's demonslaying products. Items that he had used approximately for the first five years when he had just entered Heavens Law.

"Young Mistress! He's only the initial stage of Qi Condensation! The initial stage! He's also a human cultivator!" The hen at the young girl's side looked stealthily at Xu Yangyi from her wing, suddenly screeching: "Young Mistress! Be reasonable! We should defend our interests!"

Xu Yangyi tilted his head and the wolf demon immediately dodged behind a tree, only then letting loose a long sigh. There was no need to confront that man… This feeling of his naked body was a thousand times better!

"Hold on!" At the hen's words and on top of the wolf demon that hid behind a tree, the young girl became immediately worried: "What the heck are doing! Are you taking him under your wing?! This is my demon that I caught through trial and tribulation! The handling rights are mine! Moreover! How did you get a hold of my magik treasure?!"

"Who did you catch!" When the wolf demon heard these words, his spirit went half flying! A human cultivator had just let him loose! If Xu Yangyi heard these words and his mood soured, what would he do if Xu Yangyi gave him up in passing? 

Hiding behind the tree, he stuck out his head and cursed: "I just bumped into you guys! Is it okay for you to chase me?! Don't chase me just because you say I'm a demon! Have you no shame!

"Aren't you a demon?!"

"Yes… Darn it! Wasn't it you that jumped out from there, Your Highness! It just happened to be that you ran into me! I was going to let the patriarch find you this morning!"**

"Yeah, right! I already saw your demon qi soaring earlier! C'mon! Get out here! If I don't take you in today, I'll have let down my ancestors!"

Xu Yangyi listened to this with a smile. This really was a hopelessly convoluted story. As for the specifics… a tentative descendant of what was considered a demon slayer had fallen for a boy and wanted to pursue him. She didn't pursue him though since it was said the other was a demon. Under her incessant pestering...

She hadn't expected the other would truly be a demon...

"What's funny!" The girl didn't hold back on her anger, inhaled deeply, and said furiously: "Our responsibility is to distinguish demons from the crowd! This was merely my honey trap! You… Which organization are you from! Be careful or I'll go the cultivation courts and sue you for harboring!"

Xu Yangyi swept an eye over her: "Got water?"

"I do! ... No! Answer my question first! Who are you! This my income for the next month!"

"Young Mistress…" The hen gently coughed, using her wing to jab at the girl's leg, and said gently: "He seems fiercer than you…" 

"So what he's fierce? Does being fierce mean you can screw around with the law? … Can't you wrap up what you're saying in a single breath? You want water, right? Here!" 

A warm cup of water was placed before Xu Yangyi in irritation. He took it without the least bit politeness and took a swig. 

The warm water seeped into his innermost core, and he sighed comfortably. Smiling as he raised a finger, a water drop drifted unhurriedly in the center of the three people. Soon after, he flicked it effortlessly, and a sound like a bullet hitting a tree crisply entered everyone's ears! He furrowed his brows; the result wasn't quite good. Ordinarily, the water drop should've been able to pierce through the tree.

"Hiss…" The wolf demon coldly gasped. His vision was extremely good, and he already clearly saw the fist-sized hole that emerged on a large tree ten meters away!

Silent, the hen rushed over to the tree in the proceeding aftermath. Afterwards, she immediately used her wing to cover her beak, looking at Xu Yangyi like she didn't recognize him. The young girl's mouth formed an O-shape at the very first moments of the water drop's impact, and both her eyes went round as she looked at the tree. Eyes still wide, she looked over at Xu Yangyi. Looking at the tree in disbelief, she looked incredulously at Xu Yangyi once again.

Her gaze roamed endlessly between the person and the tree. Her noisy mouth instantly closed tight, and everyone looked at Xu Yangyi like he was a demon.

Xu Yangyi closed his eyes and experienced the warm water moving about in his ice-cold chest. He then asked: "Where is this place?"

"Mingshui Province's Bai County… City." The young girl immediately supplied an answer, standing up incredibly straight and proper. Her voice hovered between respect and docility, switching between the two rather well.

A county-level city?

Xu Yangyi sighed gently. It was no wonder that the standard of cultivators and demons here were so frighteningly low. In particular, a county and county-level city simply couldn't have a branch from the Big Three and that was granted some provincial-level cities at the fringe wouldn't have one. Even if the Big Three wanted to spread out, they still didn't have that many people.

"How many clans and hunting grounds are there? Which power is greater?"

"There are three clans and four hunting ground. The cultivator's power is greater."

Xu Yangyi nodded and opened his eyes to look at the hen: "Is that your manager?"

"Yes, Mister!" The hen immediately squatted on the floor, and her animal face seemed to carry a flattering smile: "I truly am very happy to be able to meet you, Sir! The weather seems to have brightened up!"

The torrential rain was still downpouring as before. 

This kind of bald-faced lying skill cause Xu Yangyi to recall Mao Ba'er.

Mingshui Province… appeared to be light years away from Nantong Province, located at China's most northern side. It was a separation of over 10,000 li. 

That spatial crack… had surprisingly brought him to such a faraway place? With his sudden disappearance, wouldn't Mao Ba'er be a cornered dog jumping over a wall?*** 

The use of this phrase was pretty good… but anyhow, his first order of business was to contact Heavens Law headquarters. He still had to enroll and get in touch with the Featherwood Guard. Perhaps Lotus was also nervously waiting, right?

T/N: I think I mentioned it, but a li is an ancient measurement, approximately half a kilometer. Also, next chapter will be 60. Author skips 59. Making another bet for OWL. If NYXL beats Boston Uprising, I'll work to release another chapter DATED: 1/11/18

* 狂拽酷炫吊炸天 - Chinese slang. I used the word kickass-sounding. Actual meaning: Madly dragging awesome that can f*cking explode the heavens. LUL

** I did some localization here. Your highness = "Great god" Chinese slang used mockingly in this context.

*** This is a chengyu "cornered dog jumping over a wall" meaning "drive to desperate actions." Didn't localize because Mao Ba'er is a dog LOL

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