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Chapter 38: Battle Royale (Three)

Gao Ye was a tall youth and moreover extremely robust. He was nearly as tall as Chu Zhaonan, approximately around 1.9 meters tall, as well. His head was bald, and his muscles were bulging like that of a sturdy ox. With eyes as big copper bells, he looked at Chu Zhaonan overbearingly.

Chu Zhaonan couldn't even be bothered to give him a glance. From leg wrappings, he coolly took out a gun. It was a small handgun, exceptionally small, one the size of a palm. So small that the brand couldn't be seen clearly, and it was without any runes. 

"Hehe… Gao Ye's laugh was raspy, and his voice was like a rusty blade. Atop the arena stage, he didn't make a first move, but rather crossed his arms across his chest and looked at Chu Zhaonan with full interest as the latter leisurely loaded his pistol. He had only filled it with a single bullet, one that was dark green in color. 

"Are you retarded?" After waiting no less  than a minute, Chu Zhaonan callously blew on the muzzle of the pistol, and Gao Ye sneered. 

"Firearms basically can't hit cultivators nor can they kill them. Didn't learn that at the Tianfeng City branch?"

Chu Zhaonan's gaze flit across him, looking down at Xu Yangyi below the stage and suddenly laughed.

"Your show wasn't bad. However, I've got a part here, as well. Although the time was a bit long, it will still be a triumph in style."

Xu Yangyi laughed. He cross his arms and leaned back against the stone wall, not speaking. Gao Ye had lost… He knew that Chu Zhaonan didn't need a gun. However, he was still a newcomer that didn't understand much regard the cultivation world, so he simply didn't understand what having a gun represented. But while he didn't know, he could perceive that the pistol on Chu Zhaonan's waist was very dangerous… extremely dangerous. 

His five senses had already strengthened by third in comparison to ordinary cultivators. Every time his spirit sense congealed over that gun, he kept on feeling a stabbing pain between his eyebrows. This was the manifestation of a danger signal. When had originally kicked Chu Zhaonan on the airplane, he had understood that Chu Zhaonan's body was absolutely unlikely to be much weaker than his. Their realms were similar, and as Chu Zhaonan took out the small pistol, while he hadn't felt a prick between his brows, he had still felt extremely uncomfortable. 

"Since you have such self-confidence…" He whistled a tune: "Lemme see if you're worth anything." 

Chu Zhaonan could see these words were lip service, and the corner of his mouth faintly turned upwards. In the next second… he had vanished! Gao Ye's vision suddenly intensified, and Xu Yangyi's eyes flashed. The gazes of everyone in the arena were trembling! Moments ago, Xu Yangyi had also been a shadow, but this time, Chu Zhaonan had truly disappeared! 

Xu Yangyi sucked in deeply, and his spirit sense rushed forth like a tide. Short of 0.3 seconds later, he raised his head with a jolt! All the middle-stage Qi Condensation cultivators, late-stage ones, and Foundation Establishment cultivators raised their heads without exception. Twenty meters high in the air, Chu Zhaonan's figure astonishingly appeared! 

"Gun Kata…" Chu Zhaonan had at some unknown point taken out two guns in his hand at this moment, a pair of identical silver pistols. He breathed in deeply, and his gaze suddenly sharpened explosively: "Heartseeker!"

"Swooooosshhh!" In an instant, he revolved into a spinning top from head to toe! However… as he spun, all that could be seen at the center of this camouflaged grassy-green tornado were the tongues of flames! From ten, they counted to a hundred, a hundred turned into a thousand, and a thousand transformed into over ten thousand! At nearly the same moment, they furiously churned outwards! 

"Bang Bang Bang!" in midair, the roar of the hand guns formed a symphony of slaughter! Simultaneously, Shadowslay surprisingly stood up and slightly flicked out with forefinger. 

"Buzz!" A gigantic curtain of green light surrounded the arena stage to the innermost sides on all four directions! 

"This is…" An old man said slightly surprised: "Senior Shadowslay used spiritual force to construct a defensive cover? He…" He glanced at Chu Zhaonan in shock: "Does Senior Shadowslay believe this student can injure the same graduating juniors! Is the distance between them so far?" 

"Gun kata!" But at the same time, there were many people that had already recognized Chu Zhaonan's moves and gasped coldly. They immediately defended the juniors of their own family within their spiritual energies! 

"Great Grandfather… What's going on?" A young boy looked bewilderedly at the cautious face of his great grandfather in front of him who was also an ancestor of their Song Family and asked incredulously. 

"This is a gun kata." The old man's expression was focused: "This is an arcane effort, a secret technique he brought himself. The demand for it on the market is at least a few billion! Furthermore, it is uncertain to say its price is without market! It looks stylish and has a reputation of being equally a sure killer… I took a look at this competition in advance, and that student's surname is Chu. I'm afraid he has a backer within China's government whose greatness cannot be imagined..." 

Gao Ye was already stunned. What Chu Zhaonan had said wasn't of the Hundred Solutions? What was this?

He couldn't see it clearly, but he could distinctly sense it. A countless number of bullets were racing towards his entire body in attack! They seemed to flutter about like honey bees and butterflies, but the fact of the matter was that every single bullet's final destination was his heart!

"ARRRGHHHH!" He suddenly roared, and the muscles of his entire body sharply swelled. The camouflage clothing on his body burst apart without warning, and all the veins on his upper body were like rushing dragons and serpents converging together into the image of a qilin on his chest! 

Life Sacrification! 

Xu Yangyi's gaze turned a shade grave upon seeing this. A student capable of using life Life Sacrification was absolutely deserving his reputation as a rank one. 

"Turtle Burdens!" With his second roar, Gao Ye cross his arms over in front of himself and leaned his body forward. Adding Life Sacrification and Turtle Burdens together, he didn't believe he wouldn't be able to block this confrontation of mere firearms! 

Even if he couldn't block it… he didn't have any other move afterwards to use! 

"Bang Bang Bang!" Endless tongues of fire spewed out resplendent fireworks up in the sky like a fountain of flames. As all the bullets were on the verge of making contact with Gao Ye, countless tiny ripples suddenly appeared before him at the same time. 

If someone looked carefully within these ripples, they were all incomparably compact bullets. Meanwhile, the four walls of spiritual power were the same as the front of Gao Ye, simultaneously suffused with several millions of ripples! The several millions of bullets bombarded at the same time, concurrently arriving at a magnificent spectacle!

"Haaa…" Xu Yangyi inhaled deeply and took his hand out. Powerful… As expected, Chu Zhaonan was very powerful! Arcane efforts weren't something they could access, but treasure blades would be put into the hands of brave warriors. Evidently, Chu Zhaonan was that man of bravery. This was his true strength! A split second ago, killing intent had filled the open space! Every ripple was a true streak of murderous will. If it weren't for Shadowslay taking action to obstruct it, then perhaps Gao Ye would've died already by now!

"Buzz..." Shadowslay waved his hand and the four walls of spirit force dissipated into white spiritual energy, but the bullets that had been "stopped" in midair by the spiritual energy walls finally fell down with a jingling noise at this instant. The sound was clear and crisp like small and big pearls raining down on a jade platter. A floral shower of countless bullets rained down upon Chu Zhaonan's surroundings! It was merely this floral shower was a fatal one, even bringing with it hissing white smoke caused by radiating severe friction. It was a perfect curtain call.

A drop of cold sweat on the tip of Gao Ye's nose fell onto the ground. Heaven knows that at the final instant, he had nearly believed himself to have died. Bullets without limit… A genuine forest of guns and raining bullets! It was as if several million reapers had brandished their sickled and coming charging at him while screeching! How was Life Sacrification coupled with Turtle Burdens supposed to resist this?

"Tianfeng City, Chu Zhaonan wins." Firecloud's voice echoed out, shaking everyone present from this stylish feast of slaughter out of their stupor. Yet in the next second, a familiar sound like that of a crumbling biscuit swiftly pervaded everyone's ears. 

"It's not…" An old man raised his head in astonishment.

"Real or fake…" A middle-aged woman uneasily shifted her Chanel bag and looked at the suddenly shaking stone steles in stupefaction. 

"Nantong Province's luck… is too good this time? First there was that fiend Xu, and now a second fiend has appeared?"

"Another person has broken the stone steles of past graduations apart?"

"Heavens… This does the Nantong Province branch proud. Two fiends in a row!" 

The sound of cracking rang out progressively, and subsequently, four stone steles shattered apart with a rumble! Eighteen stone steles were violently swaying back and forth! 

No one spoke.

Among the light pillars of the disintegrated stone steles, Chu Zhaonan looked proudly at Xu Yangyi from the stage above. Xu Yangyi raised his head, looking at his counterpart bereft of the slightest concession with a warring gaze. This was a declaration of war. This was an honest-to-god battle challenge! He, Xu Yangyi, had roused a hundred percent of Chu Zhaonan's fighting will!

Xu Yangyi had settled his battle in three seconds before. His style was crude, barbaric, and unreasonable.

Chu Zhaonan had settled his battle in thirty seconds after. His style was polished, graceful, and untainted by even an iota of dust. Within the gathering of ten thousand flowers, not a single petal had touched his body. Among the pitter patter of infinite bullets, the will to fight had ascended to the pinnacle in the eyes of these two.

Cultivation was originally a contest of all living things, a path that present situations that they were! Only the most suitable opponent was capable of sharpening  one's own skill, willpower, and one's strength to an even higher level!

They both understood this principle. At this instant, they seemed to have caught sight of each other as predestined rivals. Their styles were different and their timings was different, but their strength and fierceness flowed together in a similar vein. Chu Zhaonan raised his hand and sliced it across his throat, licking his lips. He hadn't even looked at Gao Ye's face which was deathly ashen.

The students watching this scene turned their gazes to Xu Yangyi. It was because they understood it very clearly… These two people were cut from the same cloth, the strong and the monstrous. Their opponents would not be them by any means! It was without question that Chu Zhaonan was not looking at them. A monster… should compete against monsters! And combat other monsters!

"I'll be waiting for you." Xu Yangyi's brows didn't move. It appeared the present pitter patter of raining bullets wasn't the same as Chu Zhaonan's background. He could've concealed it, could've relied on the Hundred Solutions, but he hadn't. Rather, he had taken out his own impressive hidden card, demanding for battle!

If you want a fight, then I shall satisfy you! You desire a battle where you can fight to your heart's content and dye your fist with blood. I, Xu Yangyi, look forward to an expert I can stand shoulder to shoulder with, as well!

"You're not worried?" A voice abruptly emerged from Xu Yangyi's surroundings, that of a woman's. Her stature was not tall, and she could not be considered rather beautiful. 

"Why should I be worried?" Xu Yangyi raised a brow and replied.

"That's an arcane effort none of us have ever seen! This kid is cheating!" The woman said hatefully: "We're going to go together and make an appeal to the Foundation Establishment seniors! This is illegal! He's cheating! He secretly learned other arcane efforts!"

Xu Yangyi stowed his gaze away from Chu Zhaonan's body, glancing pitifully at her: "So, all of you can only be the hare. Your heart is without sword, but your sword on the outside is hale, shining, and sharp…" He fished out a lighter and leisurely lit a cigarette, satisfiedly taking a drag: "but you can only be the hare."

He answered the woman no longer, placing his sight on the present cultivation families, their faces excited as if they went mad. Wither another glance, he saw the excitedly standing personnel of the Bountiful Treasures Pavilion, Featherwood Guard, and CSIB. He ought to have accepted such courtesy. The strong had never wanted for false modesty. He laughed as he flicked his cigarette ash, an incomparably resolute thought within his heart now.

This is a man that only I am capable of breaking! Besides myself, there are none that can muster a shred of threat to him! 

He was quite sure that Chu Zhaonan also had this same thought within his heart.

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