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Chapter 226: Danxia Temple (45)

None were any the wiser that below the water, a weak, indistinct spiritual sense was also paying attention to this region.

“The last… The last one… 3,600 years… The end is just about to be reached…”

Closer… Even closer… Xu Yangyi already saw Wei Zhongxian who had Buddha wheels emerge at his head, his hands, and his legs.

Black, white, violet, and azure… corresponding to four divine abilities. Four several-meter-wide halos lingered in the surroundings. The present Wei Zhongxian was terrible and awesome. His might directly pressured Core Formation! He couldn’t be viewed as just an initial-stage Foundation Establishment!


Ling Xiaozi’s explosion had already passed. Wei Zhongxian was without a hair’s wound. From his emotionless mouth, he spat out the first word.

“FUCK YOU!” Xu Yangyi was terribly anxious in his heart. He was still several hundred meters away from Wei Zhongxian! There wasn’t enough time to cross this distance!

Stop! Stop! STOP! In his heart, he frantically shouted. I’m not willing, I won’t take this! I definitely got here! But this old inhuman dog of a castrate is going to kill me?! My great hatred still hasn’t been avenged and I have the Eternal Alchemy Canon. How can I die here?

“Do me a favor…” His hand pointed ahead, unwavering: “And shut! UP!!!”

In the next second, he didn’t expect that countless vines would suddenly grow out from his palm! The speed was several times greater than his Chasing Skylark! The vines faced the wind, growing! Each one was no less than an arm thick! Countless barbs grew out from their surfaces! In a wink of time, they reined in Wei Zhongxian’s mouth!

“This is!” Originally, Li Zongyuan was almost terrified out of his soul. Yet in this instant, he suddenly sat up.

At his side, Mao Ba’er also sat up in fright, looking upon this scene incredulously!

Fahui’s gaze was shaken. He looked at Xu Yangyi with incomparable shock: “Demonification… He… He isn’t a pure human… but I’ve never heard of this kind of figure among half-demons! No matter human or half-demon, such a figure should be famous!”

However, this reining was only temporary.

In a blink, Wei Zhongxian’s mouth was like when he had devoured Ye Old Four. His jaws separated, opening up to a horrific degree like a snake, and spread wide again.

The light of Xu Yangyi’s eyes erupted. It seemed that as long as Wei Zhongxian was truly disrupted, he would have to start over again! And in these five seconds… he still needed seven seconds to charge across roughly thousand meters!

Buzz… Wei Zhongxian’s mouth flourished with golden light. Xu Yangyi could already see the complete view of that small box!

What to do… What was to be done! Was there something… that could truly interfere with the corpse puppet again? So long as it was one time! Once was enough! After one more time, he could rush in front of Wei Zhongxian!

He subconsciously stroked his storage ring. The items inside essentially couldn’t wound this Foundation Establishment corpse puppet! All of a sudden, his eyes shined. No… there was still one thing!

“Devour…” At this time, Wei Zhongxian had surprisingly chomped through the arm-thick vine, and a vague word came from his mouth.

Swoosh! Almost simultaneously, a silver-white object shot out from Xu Yangyi’s hand and pierced straight at Wei Zhongxian’s head! It… was the sword point from the Yellow Springs path’s strange dimension! Just as this sword point was launched, the sky brightened. 

The sky didn’t turn white… but rather pitch-black. In the sky that only held countless violet talismans… boundless starlight suddenly flashed! Rays of golden light hung down from the sky. In a flash, white qi lotuses floated up on the water’s surface!

A sensation that none could ignore, one that could even be said holy, soundlessly descended upon this space. It died away in the blink of an eye! However, Xu Yangyi’s eyes quickly saucered! He thought back to a phrase. A phrase that Daomaster Jadewave had told him that day at the Four Great Joint Pools!

Starry Heavens Flower and Rootless Lotus. Golden light like muslin, power shakes Xuan Yuan!

“What… W-what is this?!?!?!” Beneath this mighty pressure, Fahui actually laid down on his stomach, wet with cold sweat. Terrible… Too terrible! This invisible sensation was practically akin to a god descending into the mortal world!

Likewise, Xuan Chengzi kneeled on the ground, his teeth trembling: “What is this item… It’s too scary… I’ve never experienced such an awful feeling…”

The sword point had transformed into a resplendent golden light. With a speed beyond the naked eye, it rapidly charged Wei Zhongxian!

Boom boom boom! On the water’s surface, the palm-sized sword point brought forth a giant wave that was approximately a thousand meters! It was without the slightest warning, absent of any justification! Yet amidst the giant wave, the mote of golden light was first to arrive. Soon after, Xu Yangyi urgently rushed from behind like a deity!

Wei Zhongxian’s voice stopped for the first time. In his eyes, a wisp of consciousness actually appeared! Looking blankly at the sword point, he spoke his first conscious words.

“Heavenly Opening… Heavenly Opening… Heavenly… Opening… reappear… Heavenly Opening… Exp… losion…”

Those who could speak weren’t of mind to. In Xu Yangyi’s heart, a giant heaven-torrenting wave had already surged! The Tianqi Explosion… The Animus Armament… If this sword point was that item… 

A terrible, hair-raising guess swiftly emerged in his mind. But! At this moment, he didn’t have the effort whatsoever to go verify it. That was because… life and death would be spelled in this fleeting moment!

Thunk! Wei Zhongxian’s voice yet to fall, the sword point had already nailed firmly into his head!

“SSRRAAAGHH!!!!!!” A sharp screech tore open the vast sky without warning! Wei Zhongxian’s wretched scream echoed. In an instant, his entire body’s qi was shaking unsteadily! Nonetheless, in the next second, a hellish voice rang out again!  


The third time, the third time that it rang out!

Xu Yangyi’s whole body had long since transformed into an indistinct afterimage! His distance apart from Wei Zhongxian’s figure was already less than twenty meters! Three obstructions and three increases in speed! Life and death was in this very moment! However, Wei Zhongxian’s last move arrived even faster than everyone’s imaginations!

“Spirit… Uhh… raghh…” As the next word was said aloud, an incomparably frightening fluctuation suddenly flickered in the sky! The clouds split open, and the sky seemed to subsequently crack apart. A terrible fiery mushroom cloud was faintly visible in the split clouds of the sky. Endless scarlet radiance fell down and reflected red clouds off the ground!

At this moment, below intense red light, Xu Yangyi’s silhouette couldn’t be clearly made out! Furthermore, it was unknown… how far away he still was!

“Amitabha…” Fahui closed his eyes and recited a chant. He said no more.

Xuan Chengzi faced towards the sky and sighed deeply: “Junior brother… I’m sorry. Senior brother still won’t be able to live on…” He closed his eyes and was met with darkness. This was the best method for ignoring death. However, a few seconds later… ten seconds later… the horrific spiritual force explosion didn’t arise!

“Could it be…?” Fahui immediately opened his eyes. Bearing a gaze of immense expectation and joyous surprise, he looked staunchly towards Wei Zhongxian!

“Heavens…” Zhao Wuye covered his mouth and trembled all over.

“Thank you, God, Holy Mother, Allah, Mary, Jesus Christ…” The expression of Mao Ba’er’s canine face was one of total shock. Not daring to believe, he gazed at everything in front of his eyes.

“This… This…” Xuan Chengzi’s lips were shaking. Looking at the scene before him, he suspected that an issue had come up with his eyes!

Already, Xu Yangyi’s complexion was so choked that it was thoroughly red. A foot was stomping down on the teeth of Wei Zhongxian’s lower jaw, and a hand was propping up the teeth of Wei Zhongxian’s upper jaw! His entire figure was wedged inside the incredibly large mouth!

Even now, the mouth was braced to the extent that it deformed! Looking from here, Wei Zhongxian’s face couldn’t be seen at all. All that was visible was his exaggeratedly propped-open mouth! In the sky, the enormous fireball was already quietly falling back!

Drop by drop, blood spilled over onto Xu Yangyi’s leg from his hand. At the beginning, it was still a drop, but after a brief period, it immediately transformed into a stream!

“Fuck…” Xu Yangyi’s eyes were somewhat reddened. This monster’s jaws… were as sharp as blades! At this moment, his hands were essentially holding onto a tract of sharp blades that were pressing down with full power! His foot was stomping down on blades that were forcibly closing upwards! He simply couldn’t resist a Foundation Establishment cultivator’s qi. Blood flowed down from his hands and dyed his lower body red!

“TAKE THE NEXUS!!!” Zhao Wuye bellowed. Xu Yangyi’s fairly dim eyes brightened again. Exhausting his maximum power, his other hand stretched into Wei Zhongxian’s mouth!

However, by this application of force, blood abruptly burst forth from his seven apertures! It was just like someone had grabbed onto him and powerfully squeezed! 

Although the explosion from moments ago had receded… he who was the closest to Wei Zhongxian suffered the greatest effect!

Presently, he already felt the inside of his body splitting open! His internal organs seemed to burn in pain! Each of his meridians were clamoring in pain and collapse. Were it not for absolute willpower fueling him, he would’ve long since fell in!

No good… He couldn’t prop the jaws apart for long. In a flash, he understood the situation. His hands and feet were all fiercely shaking like he was having a stroke! At most, he had ten seconds! When he couldn’t hold on anymore was the time he would be chomped into two pieces!

His heart sparked in this time, and he searched for the box with his full strength. However, as Xu Yangyi became more nervous and was unable to find the Animus Armament, the closing of Wei Zhongxian’s teeth drew increasingly near! At the start, it was a single person in height, but now, it had already transformed into half a person! Even now, he could sense the eerie chilliness of the other’s teeth!

“Fuck!” He extracted each sliver of spiritual force from his entire body. This time, his extended hand finally touched an object. 

Round… A familiar feeling. His heart relaxed, and he forcefully pulled out! Yet now, he suddenly felt that Wei Zhongxian’s teeth strength was madly increasing! It appeared… the other also understood that he couldn’t allow Xu Yangyi to pull out this item at all!

What was to be done?!

From Xu Yangyi’s hand, the blood on his legs already caused his head to swoon and eyes to blur by a little bit. Each extra second of perseverance was torture. He ruthlessly bit down on his tongue, causing his eyes to quickly sober. He carefully looked at the place where his hand was grabbing the box. He then compared it to his own position.

His eyes flashed with a shred of absolute determination. 

To be willing to part with something… To abandon something willfully… With a reluctance to let go, where would gain come from?

Soon afterwards… 

Without warning, his entire body withdrew from Wei Zhongxian’s ridiculously large and deep mouth! 

Apart… from his hand holding the box.


With a heavy groan, Xu Yangyi faced upwards and gasped. A sharp pain that he had never felt spread from his left arm!

In the last instant, his left arm and his body lost connection. He steeled his heart and consumed his full power, tearing at the Animus Armament’s lower part!

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