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Chapter 215: Danxia Temple (34)

“Little mongrel… If I don’t pull out your tendons and flay your skin, it will be an injustice to the Nangong Clan’s grace!” Qiao Wu had gone insane. The Nangong’s sixth master had died here. After returning, they would surely be buried together with him!

In the wake of his anger and fright weaving together, his voice started to tremble. His body had already started to involuntarily transform.

His head of white hair frantically grew, and his face also turned pointed. His clothes began to break apart layer by layer, and his claws grew sharper and sharper. In a state of rage and fright, he had already started to completely demonize!

“Fifty-two seconds… Fifty-two seconds…” Quan Liu’s voice was brimming with incredulity. By no means had he foreseen that the young master, a proud son of heaven, would be beheaded within fifty-two seconds!

If the foe encountered was half-step Foundation Establishment like them, he could still accept it. However, it wasn’t! On the contrary, it was a cultivator with the same late-stage Qi Condensation cultivation!

Who was he to blame? The young master for being too stupid? It truly wasn’t like so! Nangong Xiaoran wasn’t dumb at all. In arcane combat, Nangong Xiaoran had been utterly defeated very few times! Otherwise, it was absolutely impossible for him to enter the clan’s echelon! Or hold such a high ranking!

Was he to blame this opponent for being too cunning?

Perhaps this was how it was… The chain of strategies just now had created slivers of complacency. It was this sliver of ease that allowed Xu Yangyi to kill his opponent in a flash! If it wasn’t because Nangong Xiaoran was the one who was killed, he would practically be applauding the other!

“He actually… really did kill Nangong Xiaoran…” God Ming Twelve looked at everything before his eyes in amazement. Immediately, he trembled coldly from head to toe. That was Nangong Xiaoran… A single-digit ranker… Even Sister Nine wouldn’t go provoking him rashly, not to mention that he even brought two half-step Foundation Establishment with him this time. Now… those two half-step Foundation Establishment ACTUALLY didn’t save him? 

As soon as he recalled that he had once provoked Xu Yangyi and openly declared his desire to kill him, he was unable restrain himself from shivering.

“Yet he was killed anyways…” Sister Nine gently bit her lip: “Fortunately, I blocked him back then, otherwise, the person’s head being displayed here right now wouldn’t be Nangong Xiaoran’s…” She turned towards God Ming Twelve and said coldly: “But yours.”

“This kid… absolutely isn’t normal…” The Ye Clan’s Old Four pursed his lips. For the first time, he deeply memorized Xu Yangyi’s figure. Without nearly any consideration, he said lowly to his other clansmen: “If we get out alive, I want all his data!”

At this moment, not a single one of Greenwall’s Three Swords opened their mouths. They knew Nangong Xiaoran. In the same vein, they also knew that he was extremely troublesome. Moreover, he had even come with two half-step Foundation Establishment! He could be considered the power that they were most unwilling to provoke here. Nonetheless… right now, before their eyes, he had been cleaved into two parts by a single cut!

“Ling Xiaozi.” His expression grave, Xuan Chengzi spoke: “I recognized he was strong before… Now, I’ll make a correction. This person isn’t just good in realm… His comprehensive strength is even stronger!” He said with seemingly deep meaning: “You lost to him in nothing more than a bout of spiritual sense. If can be ignored, it would be best not to bother about it. This person… is not easily provoked.”

Following Nangong Xiaoran’s head falling to the ground, the present scene returned to complete silence. Everyone had confirmed that someone had died, but none had expected that the leader of the Nangong Clan, one of the Five Great Demon Clans, had been beheaded!

Gazes converged on Nangong Xiaoran’s head, his eyes still wide open in death. Fahui softly chanted and shared a glance with Ye Old Four. Appearing to come to an agreement, they happened to respectively collect their rosary beads and gemmed parasol. Sister Nine gently beckoned and her corpse puppet returned to her side. She and Yi Old Five snorted coldy in unison, and her gaze turned to Xu Yangyi with seemingly deep meaning.

“Huff…” At this time, an exhaling sound was heard from behind. Fang Cheng had regained consciousness. His healing abilities were too astonishing. Presently, the wounds on his body seemed more or less gone. As he opened his eyes, he looked upon the landscape in front of him and gasped coldly: “Junior brother! This…”

He didn’t finish speaking because Xu Yangyi made a gesture for him to be silent. 

Xu Yangyi walked over to his side, helped him up, and said: “In a chaotic battle… just like this, everyone is looking for each opportunity to eliminate an outsider. Nangong Xiaoran has already died… but Qiao Wu and Quan Liu haven’t! Besides… they’re going crazy against the Xingtian Legion and coming for revenge.”

“Junior brother?” Fang Cheng suddenly lifted up his head, believing himself to have heard incorrectly. He had personally crossed hands with Nangong Xiaoran. He knew how difficult the other was to handle.

Xu Yangyi gently shook his head and said seriously: “So… everyone’s goal right now is me. In the Xingtian Legion and the Nangong Clan’s battle, no one joined in. You see that Quan Ningyue’s hands are shaking… We’re the best elimination target… If there’s one more strong person here, fine, but the best is a dead strong person.”

Fang Cheng didn’t speak any further. Instead, he mustered his qi with the utmost effort. Even he could sense the hidden, dense killing intent in those seemingly placid gazes.

Even if Qiao Wu and Quan Liu failed to kill the Xingtian Legion… they could still take advantage of the opportunity to make a move. In this place, there was no morality of the Rivers and Lakes, only the law of the jungle.

Suddenly, a furious roar echoed throughout the entire scene.

“I’m going to bury you all together!!!” A giant skylark shockingly emerged within Zhao Wuye’s seal. It was approximately thirty meters in size and released a piercing cry towards the sky, madly rushing towards Zhao Wuye and Mao Ba’er! The giant skylark was nearly insane! Its mouth issued a raspy screech. The swiftness of Its speed even caused the soil on the ground to churn because of Its rapid charge!

God Ming Twelve’s gaze flashed, and his hand stirred. However, it was immediately pressed down by Sister Nine. She gently shook her head.

“It’s not time…” Sister Nine said quietly.

“Junior brother?” Behind Fahui, a copper man asked.

Fahui’s expression was unchanging, and he also shook his head: “Wait.”

Qiao Wu’s distance from the deathly pale-faced Zhao Wuye and Mao Ba’er was already less than ten meters. Xu Yangyi yelled out at once: “Undo the seal!”

Zhao Wuye gritted his teeth. Undo to the seal? How could it be undone!

A normal seal simply wasn’t able to trap an old half-step Foundation Establishment monster! Already, there was a fair difference of substance between such a character and the Qi Condensation realm! This formation was a formation he had extended and laid down with his essence blood. Even if he wanted to undo it, it absolutely wouldn’t be accomplished in a second!

And to half-step Foundation Establishment… ten meters was truly crossed in a wink! A second wasn’t even needed!

“Fuck… who would’ve thought that I, Zhao Wuye, would lose my life here…” Zhao Wuye’s complexion was pale. Even now, he could feel the enormous pressure brought by this now-demonized half-step Foundation Establishment straight at him. It was a kind… of power seeming able to cause one’s body to collapse!

He was absolutely unable to bear it. 

At the side, Mao Ba’er had long since fallen into unconsciousness after his neck had been punched through. Even if his neck hadn’t been pierced, he was still unable to do anything against the sure-kill attack of an old half-step Foundation Establishment monster that had nearly lost all rationality!

Xu Yangyi didn’t say anything. He lifted up Falling Moon, revolved his entire body’s spiritual force, and then rushed towards Zhao Wuye’s seal. Even if he did go in, there wouldn’t be any effect. Nonetheless, he simply wouldn’t not go just because it appeared there would be no result!

How others treat me is how I treat others! Even if I have to go through the myriad masses.

Xu Yangyi clearly sensed the inside of his body. After the great battle, his meridians were like water pumps. He drew upon the meager amount of spiritual force still left in his meridians. At the same time, his spiritual sense completely opened, and Pill Cauldron Builds Spirit was left activated. He understood that as soon as Nangong Xiaoran had died, the surrounding pack of wolves waiting wouldn’t mind casually eliminating him at all. After all, he, who had killed Nangong Xiaoran, was too conspicuous at this moment. Conspicuous to the extent that he was unable to make people not take note. 

Currently, in front, Qiao Wu was wildly approaching, and Zhao Wuye and Mao Ba’er were confronted with the crisis of a fatal blow. At the back, everyone seemed harmonious but held underlying thoughts within their hearts. If the Xingtian Legion then lost their soldiers or commander under Qiao Wu’s and Quan Liu’s hands… they wouldn’t be able to exit Danxia Temple!

“Huh?” At the boundary of mortal peril, an aged voice, soon to be buried, suddenly rang out and coughed severely: “Cough, cough… This Throne is still unaware… when could half-step Foundation Establishment call themself ‘This Throne’?”

Just as his voice fell, an ancient palm-sized bronze mirror shockingly appeared in front of Zhao Wuye and Mao Ba’er. As for Qiao Wu’s colossal body, it suddenly charged over. However, in the next second, everyone’s pupils jumped.

The mirror… seemed to have no bottom! It surprisingly took Qiao Wu’s entire body and stored it in! Soon after, in the place Qiao Wu was originally standing, space fluctuated. Once again, Qiao Wu mysteriously appeared in his prior position!

“M-magik treasure! This is a magik treasure!” Everyone had believed Mao Ba’er, originally soon to be dead, had passed out and died. Who had expected that his ears would twitch and his eyes would quietly narrow into slits? Mao Ba’er had clearly watched everything before him and scuttled back up afterwards. Furthermore, he viciously woofed and roared at the skylark, his entire body seemingly brimming with enthusiasm. “Come! C’mon! Fight me on the mattress arena for 300 rounds!”

A good picture of a dog relying on his master’s power to make threats.

Zhao Wuye hated that he was unable to kick this lowly dog to death, yet he simply didn’t have the time to consider this. Opposite from him, Qiao Wu looked at him in shock. Afterwards, crimson eyes suddenly looked towards the place from where the aged voice was heard.

Over yonder was a hunched-back old man who was leaning on a walking stick, thin like a monkey. He gently waved his hand, and the ancient mirror produced a glorious radiance.

“Scram… cough, cough…” The old man coughed twice: “Give thanks that you lot aren’t dead… If this was outside… I would’ve killed you a millions time long ago… cough, cough…”

“Bloodblade?” Sister Nine’s gaze faintly rippled: “Why has he suddenly appeared?”

“He should’ve only come to look for things to prolong his lifespan. He shouldn’t care about the Heavenmend Stone too much…” God Ming Twelve also thought this to be strange: “From the beginning until now, he hasn’t tried to find an ally, but now he’s shown up…” His voice yet to fall, he discovered Sister Nine was looking straight at him. He said in confusion: “What?”

“You just said…” Sister Nine gritted her teeth: “He hasn’t found an ally?”

God Ming Twelve nodded.

Sister Nine turned her head and fixedly locked her eyes on Xu Yangyi: “You’re wrong… It wasn’t that he wasn’t looking… I get it… He was examining. Examining who had the qualifications to be his ally… but he actually… didn’t choose Buddhism or Daoism. He went so far as to…”

“Are you saying he chose the Xingtian Legion?! This weak chicken of a legion that has nothing more than middle-stage Qi Condensation besides its commander?!” God Ming Twelve’s eyes suddenly opened wide. He looked at Sister Nine incredulously.

“If not… what do you think he’s doing right now!” Sister Nine gnashed her teeth and said: “Why would he help out that man and dog? Mercy for the heart? Utter nonsense!”

In her heart, she thrashed in pain.

The Xingtian Legion… or perhaps it could be said that Xu Yangyi was too dazzling. Now was the best opportunity to eliminate them. Unexpectedly… Bloodblade was still alive and walked into this place! Furthermore, he had revealed himself in this developing moment and stuck his hand into this matter!

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