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Chapter 211: Danxia Temple (30)

“Amitabha…” At this moment, following a chant, Fahui was holding onto a khakkara. His expression was devoid of happiness and sorrow. He strolled over like he was idly sauntering in a courtyard.

In the wake of each of his steps, all the wilted lotus leaves parted one by one. He didn’t extend his hand to push aside the swath of lotus leaves, but they directly made a path. Fahui walked straight before everyone. His eyes flashed with spirited light, and he glanced deeply at the Heavenmend Stone. He recited a long a chant: “Amitabha… I never expected that such a legendary item would actually exist here.”

“Did you fire that arrow?” Xu Yangyi raised his head. Calmly, he asked the man in the sky with nigh callousness.

“And what of it?” The man stared blankly and sneered: “Do you even have the qualifications to lay a finger on such a marvelous treasure as the commander of a trifling rank legion?”

“It is a sin to hold this delusion.” Like he was looking at a dead man, he eyed Xu Yangyi: “You should rejoice. Fortunately, you didn’t get the Heavenment Stone, otherwise, you would already be dead.”

Xu Yangyi nodded, not wasting a further word. His hand moved into his pocket, and he closed his eyes and began meditate. At this moment… no one could act rashly! It was unknown how many people had come here… no one was willing to play the mantis in between the cicada and oriole. 

“Nangong Xiaoran…” Sister Nine glanced at the camouflaged man with icy eyes: “I didn’t expect that the Nangong Clan’s dog nose would be as quick as it was in the past.”

Nangong Xiaoran snorted coldly. He simply refused to acknowledge her. 

Presently in the sky, three cold stars approached. Greenwall’s Three Swords had come together. Just as they arrived, three gazes immediately looked towards the Heavenmend Stone in the middle. In a flash, they fired up. Shortly afterwards their gazes looked at everyone present, and they began to wisely meditate at the side.

No one dared to make the first move.

He’s here too. Amidst his meditation, Ling Xiaozi’s spiritual sense said to Xuan Chengzi: If we move later, leave him to me.

Junior brother… Xuan Chengzi was silent for brief moment: Now’s not the time to let emotions affect your decisions. There’s an extreme chance that this object is the legendary Heavenmend Stone. If its used to nourish a sword core, not only can we reach Core Formation… even Nascent Soul isn’t impossible.

Ling Xiaozi smiled faintly and said no more.

Time passed on by the minute and second. After ten minutes, following the sound of rustling lotus leaves being pushed aside, three cultivators wearing white long-gowns wordlessly appeared in the present scene.

The CSIB’s science exploration group.

Three late-stage Qi Condensation!

They were the same as the others, merely brushing an eye over the scene. They didn’t say anything and sat straight down to rest.

Ten minutes passed. Half an hour passed. An hour passed… After a full four hours, everyone had arrived here. The Ye Clan’s five people, the Yi Clan’s four people, Buddhism’s eleven people, the Ming Clan’s seven people, the CSIB’s group of three people, the Nangong Clan’s six people, and Daoism’s three people. In addition to the Xingtian Legion’s six people… only forty-five people had found the true passage when over a hundred people had entered.

All without sufficient qualifications had been eliminated outside the honeycomb wall.

Quan Ningyue, Zhan Twelve, Li Zongyuan, Mao Ba’er, and Fang Cheng stood collectively behind Xu Yangyi. Fang Cheng’s and Quan Ningyue’s gazes as they looked at the Heavenmend Stone carried a tangible roiling heat. Their breathing was rather coarse. 

“S-Spud…” Mao Ba’ers voice was trembling: “T-t-this is a destiny… A true great destiny… The Rootless Nine Bends Aqua… is totally nothing in comparison… Take it! We gotta take it!”

“That’s right, commander!” Quan Ningyue’s expression was also terribly grave: “In case we get it… I think master will definitely use his full strength to help you forge a true magik treasure!”

Fang Cheng was solemn-faced as well and said: “I once heard master-ancestor say… passed down to the present, there are about three items that can act as spirit treasure embryos. One of them is the Heavenmend Stone! But master-ancestor also said that even he has never seen a spirit treasure embryo.”

Xu Yangyi nodded, his gaze looking at the Heavenmend Stone with passion. He was determined to win this treasure! Nonetheless, the present scene was equally dangerous! In these seemingly tranquil grounds, everyone was searching for an opportunity to take action, competing in patience.

Pondering for a long time, his face flickered with a smidgen of resolution. He said lowly to everyone in the Xingtian Legion: “After things start later, I can’t look after you guys. It’s very possible that each of us will be scattered. Zhan Twelve.”


“I’m giving you a special mission.” The killing intent in Xu Yangyi’s eyes faintly glinted and calmly swept over Nangong Xiaoran: “Do you have a divine ability that allows you to instantly disappear and evade pursuit?”

This was an assassin-essential divine ability. As expected, Zhan Twelve nodded: “I do.”

“Do you have magik artifacts that can create a disturbance? For example, an item that can kick up smoke and dust in front of someone, and interfere with their vision and spiritual sense?”

This was also a good carried on an assassin’s person. Zhan Twelve nodded and said: “Yes.”

“Good…” Xu Yangyi laughed and quietly said a few words to Zhan Twelve. Afterwards, he faced everyone and said: “Don’t worry… Very soon, there’ll be someone who won’t be able to hold themself back…”

Seemingly verifying his words, a voice carrying an indifferent smile suddenly rang out: “What? Could it be that all of you don’t know what this object is?”

No one spoke, but the gazes of everyone present turned bitingly cold.

The rearing of a head… represented that this chaotic battle was on the verge of havings its curtains pulled wide open!

Xu Yangyi took a deep breath, and his entire body’s spiritual force revolved. Silently, he stood up from his meditation stance. His gaze was seemingly careless, yet he never relaxed over the blowing wind and stirring grass in these grounds.

In the present scene, each person was like this.

As for the person who dared rear his head at this moment… he possessed even more absolute confidence in himself and in his clan!

“If everyone keeps sitting until we’re old, what’s the point of this item? If that’s the case…” A young man was dressed in an ancient tunic suit. Even though its surface was stained with splotches of blood, his entire being was like a sharp unsheathed sword. He smiled as he stood out and cupped his hands: “It would be impolite for this Ye to refuse.”

Just as his voice fell, his entire body abruptly transformed into azure leaves and vanished from its original position. At the same time, without any warning, the Ye Clan’s five people threw themselves forward at almost the same time. The picture in each of their hands unfolded in the wind, meeting the breeze and growing! In a flash, from about a foot in size, it transformed to be over ten meters wide in range! The countless talismans on the surface glimmered and sunk towards everyone’s feet in an instant!

“A replica of the Ye Clan’s clan-protection magik treasure, the Jadelight Diagram?” Mao Ba’er stood up with a swoosh. His canine eyes opened wide: “They actually brought this item with them?

“Clan-protection magik treasure?” Xu Yangyi furrowed his brows and asked.

“Why do you think Ye, Yi, and Mo are called humanity’s three clans?” Mao Ba’er nervously roved about without direction: “Each of them have a clan-protection treasure that’s been passed down for a thousand years! They don’t fall short in comparison the legendary super-rare spirit treasures! Legend has it that they have the power to slay a Core Formation ancestor! As for the Jadelight Diagram… It’s the Ye Clan’s clan-protection magik treasure!”

Mao Ba’er tightly locked his eyes on the scene and gritted his teeth: “Even if it’s a replica, its power can’t be underestimated at all! This Fellow Daoist… might be ranked very high in the Ye Clan’s echelon!”

Before Mao Ba’er’s voice even fell, a chant of “Amitabha” rang out. Closely following, a large golden hand in the sky covered cultivator Ye without a trace of benevolence. It appeared that if he didn’t stop, he would immediately be crushed into flying ash!

“Skanda Holds Scepter.” Fahui’s expression was still placid like a lake. Following this hand’s appearance, the bodhi rosary on his neck suddenly collapsed and divided into several tens of emerald dots that charged towards the Ye Clan’s five people.

Like fireflies flying everywhere in the night, they unexpectedly carried brahmic chants as they flew forth. Subsequently, the rosary beads became increasingly faster as they soared! One could even see the blazing trails they left in the sky due to friction!

However, this wasn’t everything!

At the same time, an ancient black corpse was shrouded from head to toe with black qi. It was covered in armor yet moved like the wind. Its ten fingernails were like ten sharp swords. It oddly appeared behind the cultivator surnamed Ye and its black fingernails sharply rose without warning! They pierced straight at the middle of cultivator Ye’s back!

Both of cultivator Ye’s eyes trembled with fear, yet he simply didn’t retreat half a step. He said hoarsely: “Ancestors protect me!”

In the next second, both of his hands formed a bizarre Dao-seal. A ring-shaped blaze swiftly formed between both of his hands. Immediately, the black hilt of an unknown object slowly emerged within the flame array. Cultivator Ye grabbed the handle and forcefully pulled. In the wake of a swoosh, a parasol embedded full of pearls and jades shockingly appeared!

BOOM BOOM BOOM! In a spark of flint, just as this umbrella opened, the rosary beads collided with the parasol’s surface like a meteor shower! Fiery-red ripples of spiritual force madly exploded on it! Even the ground slightly trembled because of these rosary beads! Furthermore, the surrounding wilted lotus leaves gently floated down leaf by leaf!

This explosive barrel filled with gunpowder only lacked a spark. As for the Ye Clan, they took the lead to ignite the fuse! Just as this fuse was lit, the three great powers of the Ye Clan, Ming Clan, and the Buddhists took action at nearly the same time!

“The Ye Clan’s Old Four really is bold. Allow me to lend brother Ye an arm for such a grand occasion.” Following a long chuckle, a fourth clan joined in without the slightest hesitation!

Before his words finished, a sword tip as narrow and slender as a viper suddenly flashed. Like a streak of white light shining in the night, a sword rose up gracefully!

“Yi Old Five!!!” Cultivator Ye gnashed his teeth so hard that they chattered. Without a second word, his entire bodily spiritual force completely erupted. In an instant, the manifestation of a two-meter-tall ancient cyan tree formed behind him. He shouted loudly, and tree leaves flew down. Immediately, as if the pitter-patter of rain was heard behind him, the jingling of shattered jade rang out!

The Yi Clan’s Old Five was a thin, tall youth. In a flash, he was already thrusting out with tens of swords! The swords were aimed at vital parts. Surprisingly, this action was a killing move to eliminate the other faster!

In this place, there was no human or demon, only benefits and opponents!

“What are you still looking at? COME!” Following Yi Old Five’s snarl, he slapped the crown of his head, and a white-jade sword point about a foot long whistled as it flew out! In the next second, one turned into ten, ten into a hundred, and a hundred into ten million! Like a sword box had been opened, countless sharp swords formed an azure sword-lotus behind him!

“Flower Pinch Sword Art… Azure Lotus Smiles!”

Swoosh swoosh swoosh!!! Swords fell like rain! The sword upon sword took aim at cultivator Ye who was closest. The sword light reflected snowy brightness on Ye Old Four’s face.

In the sword rain that blotted out the sky and concealed the earth, Ye Old Four fiercely gritted his teeth and abruptly roared towards the other side: “What are you still waiting for?! If you don’t move now, until when will you keep on waiting?!”

In the next second, three rocketing sword-lights charged straight towards Yi Old Five’s head, heart, and qi sea, piercing these three vitals!

Greenwall’s Three Swords!

Everyone’s gazes flashed. As expected… the Ye Clan had an ally! At this moment, they suddenly launched a revolt! 

[1] A Khakkara is a Buddhist staff.

[2] Skanda is a Mahayana bodhisattva known as the guardian of Buddhist monasteries. His name also means Dharma Protector.

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