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Chapter 181: Entering the Secret Realm

Xu Yangyi looked icily at him and suddenly laughed, as well: "What number are you?"

"I am the twelfth-ranked God Ming." The white-haired man laughed comfortably and elegantly cupped his hands in ceremony: "In the secret realm, I look forward to Fellow Daoist's many, many pointers." His gaze fell on the storage ring on Xu Yangyi's figure: "To take something without telling is called stealing. Presumably, when the old ancestor sees that I have returned this item to its original master along with Fellow Daoist Xu's skull, it will surely be a great comfort to his mind."

These words were undisturbed, even similar to two old friends, long-acquainted soul brothers, chatting. However, the killing intent in these words were without the slightest bit of masking. Their gazes were like blades clashing in the air, yet died away in the blink of an eye.

"How nice." Eventually, Xu Yangyi laughed and nodded: "I haven't taken a life in a long time. I got a slight itch."

God Ming Twelve smiled as he bowed slightly, his etiquette bereft of fuss: "In that case, I hope Commander Xu can stay alive until we meet, alright?" His long and narrow gaze flashed with a wisp of killing intent, and he sneered: "I… am like someone searching for their lover, foolishly tracking down Fellow Daoist Xu's footprints."

The two of them laughed and cupped hands, taking the other's name and placing it upon the executioner's platform within their hearts.

The Ming Clan… Within Xu Yangyi's seemingly tranquil gaze was icy coldness, impossible to be rid of. He could avoid Foundation Establishment seniors, but as for those of the same rank in the Qi Condensation realm… he truly wasn't afraid of anyone! 

"Fellow Daoist just said that this secret realm only permits Qi Condensation to enter?" He laughed and asked.

God Ming Twelve feigned an appearance of of surprise: "Fellow Daoist is unaware?"

"As a Core Formation master's disciple, Fellow Daoist is actually unaware?" He looked Xu Yangyi up and down, full of interest: "This was news from the day before last, otherwise, why does Fellow Daoist think that besides the present Foundation Establishment cultivators upholding order, there are only a few insignificant Foundation Establishment cultivators? It appears that your position in Daomaster Ancientpine's eyes is just a wave to summon and a beckon to go. But, this too is no great hindrance. After all, at the latest tonight, your Master-Ancestor Ancientpine will announce this matter."

The crook of Xu Yangyi's mouth curved upwards: "You're not scared of master-ancestor?"

"Of course I'm scared. I'm scared to death." God Ming Twelve approached a bit more and said coldly: "But now is Cultivation Civilization, not the age of ancient cultivation."

Xu Yangyi nodded: "I like your manners."

"Regarding the dead, the Ming Clan naturally cannot howl like those lucky wild dogs. With our status in the five great demon clans, it's proper to maintain respect for a dead man. Wouldn't you say? Commander Xu?"

Xu Yangyi beamed with smiles as he extended his hand: "If you say so. In that case… we'll be seeing each other in the secret realm?"

"In the secret realm we will." God Ming Twelve smiled and used his gilded folding fan to block Xu Yangyi's hand: "But… even if I was more respectful, I couldn't possibly shake hands. Shaking hands with a dead man is too much bad luck."

Finished speaking, he departed in perfect satisfaction. Xu Yangyi indifferently watched the view of the other's back, and Mao Ba'er came over and asked: "Your butt buddy?"

"Mhm." Xu Yangyi casually answered with a hum and stowed his gaze.

"Your butt buddy is very flashy." Mao Ba'er sighed emotionally: "Also, I've got no choice but to remind you, but the MIng Clan ranks as one of demonkind's five great noble clans. The ones entering this time are in no way just a single twelfth seed. I'm afraid the strength of the true apex clans transcends your imagination."

"A single blade to behead." Xu Yangyi remained completely unmoved and nodded towards the legionnaires: "Everyone, rest up well. We'll be entering Danxia Temple soon."

Time drifted by rather quickly.

Xu Yangyi didn't rest whatsoever but rather immediately contacted Zhao Wuye. After Jadesun found him, he notified the other at once. Presently, Zhao Wuye ought to have been the vicinity since earlier.

Perhaps the Zhao Clan was still few in number, but they were able to enter the clans here with the status of a non-first-rate clan.

Zhao Wuye answered very swiftly. Right now they couldn't enter; the secret realm had still yet to fully condense. As soon as the secret realm completed its materialization, he would come find the Xingtian Legion.

Afterwards, Xu Yangyi carefully inspected the items that should've been brought once over. It wasn't until he verified that the equipment was all in order did he begin to meditate.

It was unknown how long it had been. He suddenly furrowed his brows and opened his eyes. "Qi… My spiritual sense connection has been severed?" He studied his hand, fairly confused: "My misperception?"

Testing again, there still wasn't any sensation!

"No!" His gaze twinkled as he loked outside: "Not severed… but coming from an unresistable interference!" 

At this moment, the qi and spiritual sense within his body seemed to encounter its natural predator, tightly suppressed within his body! And yet… he could clearly feel a supremely terrible qi orb outside! It was swiftly taking shape!

"Commander!" Not even waiting for him to gain a clear understanding, Mo Yeyu rushed in: "It's about to open! It's about to open!!"

Xu Yangyi's eyes shimmered. With a tiger's leap, he stepped quickly and moved outside: "How long have you been meditating?"

"A day and seven hours!" Mo Yeyu's baby face carried a smidgen of flushed excitement. He spoke and answered with incomparable urgency, and his actions were even faster!

Without any dialog, Xu Yangyi almost charged outside the tent in two steps. Outside, the color of the sky was already dark, however, even a darker sky would still be unable to shelter the rays of red light cast down from the thick clouds of the night. Moreover… everyone was incapable of ignoring the tremendous maelstrom that spun like the wheel of fate!

This vortex was already completely different from what Xu Yangyi saw awhile ago. At this moment… it was devoid of a sliver of iron-gray color! Instead it transformed into a kind of milky-white!

Rays of silk-like qi incessantly rose from within yet fell back in. The current vortex didn't have a strange appearance in the slightest but rather became incredibly pure and holy. It seemed as if it was a sacred lake suspended in the air, set up right!

The secret realm… was on the verge of finishing its evolution!

The boundless secret realm was like a mirror erected between heaven and earth, shrouding the world. A person standing infront of this vortex couldn't even be considered a speck of dust! 

The palaces and crowds of tents below the mirror seemed as miniscule as ants in contrast. Yet before the mirror were countless "mosquitos"!

They wasn't mosquitos but rather an untold number of cultivators. Already, magik treasures ascended into the air, and flying magik artifacts calmly awaited the secret realm to finish congealing!

Densely packed together, they appeared as tiny as mosquitos beneath the illumination of milky-white qi.

It was unknown how long it had been. Perhaps it was an hour or even longer. In a moment which none had anticipated, all of a sudden, the tremendous qi vortex abruptly exploded with a wave of white light that rendered one incapable of looking straight at it at all!

In a twinkling, there only existed light between heaven and earth! It resembled the moment an atomic bomb exploded, the kind of extremely bright light that caused retinas to rupture!

Endless shadows were distantly cast far away. This brilliance persisted for ten seconds until it was finally extinguished.

Xu Yangyi tightly shut his eyes, took a deep breath, and solemnly opened them. In the next second, even he was unable to restrain himself from gasping coldly!

A door to heaven!

The tremendous maelstrom had transformed into a door to heaven! It was no less than a thousand meters tall! 200 to 300 meters wide!

A look upwards was unable to capture its height. A turn of the head was unable to witness its length. It was like a great qi mountain towering in Red Willow Gully! Majestic without peer! Anyone who looked upon this scene would only feel shock in their hearts towards this great boundless extreme!

The present scene was absolutely silent, absent of the peacock's cry or the crow's caw. Among humanity's seven great lineages, demonkind's five great clans, and the three great sects, not a single person spoke. 

Between the two enormous one-sided stone doors was an expanse of sparkling and pure whiteness. It was the purest qi! A qi already purified to the extreme! At the same time… it was also the entrance of Danxia Temple's secret realm!

"GO!!!" In the sky, an excited roar suddenly erupted, and a wave of hearty laughter facing upwards was heard in the air: "Our Nangong Clan will be the first to step in! Hahaha!"

One of the five great demon clans, the Nangong Clan, moved into action.

This voice seemed to be the dragon boats' command during the Dragon Boat Festival! Subsequently, countess tiny black dots arrived in front of this door. Perhaps they were demon familiars, simply unrecognizable, or perhaps they were flying magik artifacts, diverse in both color and form, but at this moment, they exploded with rays of soaring treasure light! They charged towards the entrance in a frenzy! [1]

"Xuanyuan Demon Clan! Xuanyuan Gongyu! All Fellow Daoists make a path!"

"Beijing's Xu Clan will be the first to step forward! Hahaha!"

"Xichuan's Baili Clan shall take the path!"

"Nanhe's Zhou Clan, come with me!"

At this moment, the sky was flowing with light and brimming with color, a rich variety of shades and tones. Fireworks one after another in succession, stars falling like rain! The east wind night set with colored lanterns like a thousand blooming flowers! [2]

Before this tremendous door, there was a single clan still able to maintain calmness. Elites from the clans, true geniuses, carried their own power and rushed inside with maximum strength!

A single step faster… It was quite possible that each step was to be faster!

In the sky, blazing colors of endless purple and red qi illuminated the faces of those below to become multicolored. Yao Xintan's eyes reddened, his voice hoarse as he looked at Xu Yangyi and howled: "Commander!"

"No rush." Xu Yangyi's eyes were also flushed somewhat red, and he tightly bit his lip a few times, restraining his emotions to immediately charge in and look around as to what it was like was beyond the door. He turned his head and said to everyone: "The path we're walking is different from theirs'."

"That which Fellow Daoist says is very true." Just as Xu Yangyi's voice fell, twenty people emerged from the darkness. At the lead was Zhao Wuye. His expression was solemn as he cupped his hands: "It's unknown what kind of creatures are beyond the giant door. As for where we're going, it is quite possibly a place leading to the true entrance of Danxia Temple!"

"Our path is much more direct, convenient, and fast than the others'! Much more quicker! Why walk into this entrance that we know nothing at all about the inside?" Behind Zhao Wuye, Zhao Ziqi and a tall, thin middle-aged man followed. The man laughed, his voice bright: "With the Zhao Clan's several centuries of great effort, how can we enter an incomprehensible door?"

"I will make an introduction for Fellow Daoist." Zhao Wuye deeply cupped his hands: "This is Zhao Mingfeng, late stage of Qi Condensation and the clan's second elder."

"Zhao Fenglai, peak middle-stage Qi Condensation. The Zhao Clan's majordomo." A fat man repressed his extreme excitement and cupped hands, worrying about his etiquette as much as possible: "Commander Xu, I've looked forward to meeting you for a long time. It is indeed the Zhao Clan's good fortune to be able work together with you." 

"The others are all the Zhao Clan's elites." Zhao Wuye licked his lips: "There's no time to lose; we'll move out straightaway!"

Xu Yangyi didn't say anything, nodded, and immediately followed. However, he turned his head and discovered there were quite a few legionnaires who hadn't moved. On the contrary, their expressions were odd and unnatural. "What's up with you guys?" He furrowed his brows and asked.

No one spoke, but after a few seconds, Gao Wuya said tremblingly: "Commander… you… did you say… that you suspect a path leading to Danxia Temple's true door… is real?"

"Naturally!" Zhao Fenglai was a seemingly young and refined man who wore glasses and camouflage. He turned his head and laughed: "In respect to the Zhao Clan's great efforts for the past several centuries… and Earth Masters of centuries, don't tell me it's fake?"

All the legionnaires were rendered stupid! It was true! It was actually true! They weren't walking into this door but rather a path leading directly to Danxia Temple's suspected true entrance! Heavens… The true door of one of the eight great deadlands!

"You guys…" Xu Yangyi looked at them suspiciously: "Didn't think I was making a joke back then, right?"

Its because we believed you were joking! Everyone took a quick glance, curling their lips but not saying anything.

The words said at that time were evidently to stir their moods! Danxia Temple's true door… How many cultivators were unable to access it and enter? They had thought Xu Yangyi was rousing morale! Who fucking knew that this door to heaven wasn't going to be actually entered now! Unexpectedly, such a path truly existed!

Yet shortly, their embarrassment vanished without a trace. It was substituted with incomparable excitement! Danxia Temple's true door! How many people had once entered it?! Now… they held this chance!

Even if the cultivators ahead were ultimately still able to arrive in that place, what of their degree of safety? Time? It unconditionally couldn't be compared!

Looking upon the crowd's expressions, Xu Yangyi turned around, and his hand raised up into the night sky. His voice was like the horn of soldiers and officers going into battle. Deep and low, it carried a flavor that bewitched hearts.

"Willing to take the sword at waist and behead Loulan for country! Xingtian Legion…" His hand suddenly chopped downwards, and a sound like a metal sword unsheathing resounded powerfully: "Set out!!!" [3]

[1] Dragon Festival is a Chinese festival celebrating fealty and filial piety. It occurs on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month. People race dragons boats to have fun.

[2] This is a poet from Song Poet Xin Qinji. "Fireworks one after another…"

[3] Poem from our favorite poet Li Bai. I usually translate poems these days based on context, but the tricky thing about this is that Xu Yangyi actually says this outloud. A little history behind this poem is the ancient city of Loulan (Chinese name) also known as Kroraina. It was located around an important oasis on the Silk Road (ancient trade route that stretched to Persia/China). Throughout history, the Chinese ruled over it intermittently. In history, the King of Loulan was assassinated, hence the "behead". Loulan was active mostly (200 BCE - 600 CE)The general intent of this poem is like "Let's go!!!!"

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