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Chapter 142: The Auction (3)

In the venue, everyone finally sighed long and deep. Followingly, countless gazes looked towards Xu Yangyi on stage.

“This child… is not normal.” Master Qingzhan mumbled to himself for a moment and then said: “Beneath Core Formation menace, he actually didn’t kneel and moreover didn’t lose himself… If he is able to cross this chasm today, he will certainly become a person of great capability.”

“In the face of a Core Formation ancestor’s interrogation, h-he actually chose to bring self-detonation talismans? To prepare to blow up the demon core?” At the side, a junior following a senior gasped coldly. He knew that if it was him, perhaps he would’ve long since stooped low under a Core Formation cultivator.

“Since that’s how it is, what determination does Fellow Daoist Ancientpine have that is good for this auction?” A voice was faintly heard from a golden pavilion.

Xu Yangyi wordlessly buttoned his suit in silence, and a voice wasn’t further heard from the black pavilion. No one whatsoever saw that his palm was slick with cold sweat. His gaze looked deeply towards the golden pavilion. He had heard this voice before.

Ancestor Floatingcloud!

“Young friend Xu is a subordinate of This Dao Master. Naturally, it ought to be a fair auction.” Daomaster Ancientpine’s voice replied insipidly: “Fellow Daoist Skybearer, the Cultivation Court takes fairness and equality as goal. Surely you won’t look on passively as a Core Formation ancestor shamelessly makes a move against a Qi Condensation cultivator, no?”

Silence. Skybearer seemed to be hesitating. After a short time, a voice was heard and said leisurely: “Naturally.”

“That’s not right…” Below, a Great Circle Foundation Establishment cultivator narrowed his eyes: “Why is Daomaster Ancienpine exerting himself like this? He didn’t hesitate to offend a Core Formation and also made Ancestor Skybearer publicly declare his position?”

“There’s only one answer…” Thousandedge was likewise below. His fist squeezed in a death grip: “This little brat… made a deal early on with Daomaster Ancientpine!”

“He’s part of the Featherwood Guard, so Daomaster Ancientpine is his immediate superior! That night… Daomaster Ancientpine personally arrived and gave this brat ten imperial mandates! This clearly demonstrates his attitude!”

“Ancestor… This protection-seeking little bastard! In the end, what benefits did this son of a bitch give the ancestor?!”

Daomaster Ancientpine’s attitude was perhaps still not sufficiently conclusive, yet Daomaster Skybearer’s attitude was no small matter!

“In that case…” Daomaster Ancientpine’s voice rang out again: “Let’s begin… With myself here, of course I won’t allow someone to disadvantage the Featherwood Guard.”

A few cold snorts were heard from several pavilions. A good few Core Formation masters were inwardly annoyed in their hearts. Wasn’t this taking the Xingtian Legion, the sole contact, and elevating Xu Yangyi to the Featherwood Guard’s height? Ancientpine, are those over three hundred years old in your hand still few? During the period of the republic’s founding, was your hand not swift to be dyed red? Now you’ve declared your position towards a Qi Condensation cultivator? And a declaration so resolute?

“Junior…” In Ancestor Floatingcloud’s golden pavilion, a pair of seemingly closed yet not closed eyes discharged a wisp of a chilling edge: “With your… knowledge of the cultivation world’s ways, you can compare to a Foundation Establishment cultivator of many years…”

“You cannot consume this destiny… because it is too great… so great that it makes my heart restless. Thus… you dragged in Fellow Daoist Ancientpine as your rear shield. Why are you taking each step so meticulously?” For the second time, the gaze he looked towards Xu Yangyi with surprisingly carried a sliver of admiration. “Nonetheless, you still must die.” After ages, he sighed faintly: “I am positive… the pill master is you… This is the titanic destiny bestowed to you by the Animus Armament… I will be waiting… ten years, twenty years… Are you even able to outlive me?”

“Unfortunate. Such a meticulous nature and the addition of the Animus Armament’s colossal destiny. Indeed, you have the promise for the Grand Dao of Core Formation in the future…”

“Yes.” Xu Yangyi bowed deferentially as if nothing had just occurred. He swiped his storage ring, and the eyes of the Ming Clan below all thrashed. A very familiar ring… especially since there was a serpentine design on it...

A jade bottle appeared in Xu Yangyi’s hand. Suddenly, countless spiritual senses, so burning that they were quasi-physical, promptly nailed into the bottle.

“A Spirit Strengthening Pill.” He didn’t make much of an explanation: “Is used to break through minor boundaries. It gives a cultivator an increased 20% probability of breaking the bodily limiter. Ten middle-grade spirit stones for a single one.”

No one spoke. Everyone’s gazes looked towards the twelve pavilions in the sky. If the Core Formation masters didn’t speak, they dared not take the initiative to scramble over each other.

“Fellow Daoists.” No one expected that Skybearer’s voice would echo at this moment: “I will not take the the first five pills.”

Not a person held objectection. The Dao Masters also needed their own squads, and it was appropriate to give the Foundation Establishment community some benefits. It wasn’t that it couldn’t be allowed at all. However, it caused the other Dao Masters to feel regret. Presently, only the two Dao Masters Skybearer and Blackmountain had such weight.

This remark was dull, but the atmosphere below thereupon rose up in fervor! The eyes of hordes of people flushed red. There wasn’t a person whose hands weren’t tightly gripping their armrests, unable to restrain their emotions. They knew that following this word, the most fierce fighting for the first five pills was on the precipice of starting!

Stones in upheaval collapse the cloud, and raging waves slam the shore. On the contrary, it was actually oddly peaceful. All that remained was the sound of heavy breathing, so low it couldn’t be heard.

It wasn’t know how much time had passed, but a somewhat hoarse voice finally broke the serenity: “The Yan Demon Clan bids 300 middle-grade spirit stones!”

A middle-aged man excitedly stood up and raised his right hand: “The Yan Clan is Nanhe Province’s top demon clan. We’re a noble lineage specialized in spirit vegetation. Also, the Yan Clan promises the Xingtian Legion to cover all machine puppets!”

“Five hundred.” Before his voice even fell, a middle-aged woman in the third row in front of him stood up. She pushed on her chained glasses and said lowly: “Five hundred medium-grade spirit stones! Beijing’s Clouddream Cavern is also ready to put forth 50,000 medium-grade spirit stones for a year! This high price is to engage in a collaboration with the Pill Dao master!”

“50,000 medium-grade spirit stones?” A Yan Clan cultivator with a hawk-like nose sneered: “According to what I know, the Clouddream Cavern’s spirit vegetation crop wasn’t bred well last year. At the last moment, a recall was made, which lead to a large fall in prestige. Didn’t the cultivation securities plunge continuously for over two months? 50,000 pieces truly is a great expenditure.”  

“Hehe, we’re both the same. In the year before last, your Yan Clan’s machine puppets were stated to be be B-rank, but the result was only C++. It didn’t pass the B-rank examination, and Nanhe Province’s foundation was soon fully occupied by the Zhou Clan. Where did you all come up with the capital to contend for this once-in-two-centuries medicinal pill?” The woman snorted, revealing not the slightest weakness: “This shouldn’t be a reputation sale of a few ill-managed cultivation companies, yes? You think the medicinal pill can be borrowed to turn over the salted fish, a reversal of fortune?”

“You…” The hawk-nosed cultivator’s complexed reddened. The other party had truly hit the mark. Their business from the year before last was even more cacophonous than the Clouddream Cavern’s. The Zhou Clan had repeatedly squeezed them out from a string of three cities in Nanhe Province. This time, the Yan Clan really did want to transform with the aid of the medicinal pill, the thought of returning to office after hermitage in the mountains. For merely this hope, they were willing to part with several ten thousands of medium-grade spirit stones!

Hostilities were just beginning. This mood truly wasn’t very warm! The Pill Dao that had emerged after two centuries moved everyone’s hearts. What did they even care for face now? Exposing weaknesses? No fear! 

If you’re going to expose me, then I’ll expose you! Which clan’s cultivation company doesn’t have some mismanagement scandals? How many clans are no longer able to pay exorbitant cultivation expenses because of company bankruptcy and go from a great clan to a deteriorated husk? Right now, it depends on whoever has more hidden inheritances! Whoever has ample capital!

“I have a word. Although it’s unpleasant to listen to, I still hope young friend Xu can pass it on to the Pill Dao master.” This thought firmed in everyone’s hearts. Not waiting for the two people to finish, bright laughter echoed from a seat. An old man in the crowd was leaning on a walking stick and stood up: “In the modern era of Cultivation Civilization, the Dao of Pills coming into this world is a grand affair that illuminates both past and present. If the Pill Dao master chooses, he must choose a clan of pure legacy and robust strength. I hope young friend Xu can carry on these words.” Finished speaking, he surprisingly bowed slightly towards Xu Yangyi.

Xu Yangyi somewhat realized that this old man seemed soon to die. However, the spiritual pressure of the Great Circle of Foundation Establishment simply failed to deceive anyone! It wasn’t a question for him to live for another few decades! Was this the so-called… wealth able to bring a devil to heel?

“Longsu’s Gan Clan. We are a noble lineage specializing in crafts, and Longsu’s top clan…” 

The old man still wasn’t finished speaking, but the Yan Clan cultivator laughed coldly as he interrupted him: “Crafts? Of the three great crafts, which Dao do you specialize in? The Gan C;an’s has made talismans their life force for several hundreds of years. Are you now preparing to extend a hand towards the Dao of Pills?”

The old man’s face was thicker a city wall, and he chuckled: “At the very least, the Gan Clan has never been poorly operated. We are an inheritance of several centuries, having expanded from a small store to the entire nation. I mean no boast, but the Gan Clan’s spirit stones are enough to provide for a province in the cultivation world for over ten years. Young friend Xu, so long as you carry these words, the Gan Clan will promptly deliver 300 medium-grade spirit stones! If the pill master nods, the Gan Clan will have other generous gifts to present!”

“When the time comes, whether Fellow Daoist Xu is representative or messenger, you will forever be the most honored guests in the Gan Clan!” The top clans were also distinguished by relative superiority. 

The venue was a killing floor in the contest of financial resources. Not many half-step Core Formation could take the lead. Wealthy cultivation lineages and houses of the three great crafts were all around!

“Hehe… Interesting.” The old man’s voice yet to fall, a fat young man pushed on his glasses and stood up: “You embellish the drawing of flat bread, yet keep on talking without mentioning a price. Gan Clan, your sincerity is inadequate.”

“A thousand middle-grade spirit stones! 88,888 medium-grade spirit stones to engage in collaboration with the Pill Dao master!” Not waiting for the old man to speak, the youth immediately cupped his hands towards Xu Yangyi: “Young friend Xu, carry these words, and another 300 medium-grade spirit stones will be offered.”

Xu Yangyi smiled and cupped his hands, but didn’t answer at all. He knew that this was only the prelude. The true buyers still hadn’t emerged. Merely… the stimulation of these top clans towards the Dao of Pills exceeded his imagination!

The ordinarily civil and amiable great clans were just starting to roll out their maneuvers. Not only was it a shouting of prices, but moreover a mutual unmasking of legacies! As long as the impression of “this clan is unreliable” was left in Xu Yangyi’s heart, even if it was a sliver, it was sufficient!

There was only an opportunity for five pills. After five pills signaled the killing floor of Core Formation masters. Who was still willing to leave their hand behind?! On the floor, there were several tens of China’s top clans; how much weaker was one than the other? All were nearly equal. If this pill was missed, the matter of whether or not they could have the next pill was essentially uncertain!

“Three thousand spirit stones.” At this moment, a leisured voice was heard. Everyone went sluggish. 

Who was this?! Are you having so much fun?! Medium-grade spirit stones are quite expensive to manufacture! You think our hearts aren’t dripping with blood when we shout for a few thousand? What’s the meaning of you frickin’ tripling the price?

However, no one cursed because they further understood. The other’s shouting represented his will to have it! An old auction method was to come up with a large price to send others into retreat. Nonetheless… 

Three thousand was far from reaching the crowds’ mental price level! 

[1] “Securities”. Not really a note related to the story, but I want to clarify this word. This word in general points to stocks/bonds/other financial instruments. 

[2] “Turn over the salted fish” This is a common idiom that means “a reversal of fortune” as I had written. Back then ancient fisherman were frustrated by the speed that fish decomposed, so they could not be sold. This “salting of the fish” helped them preserve their stock and profits. 

[3] “Returning to office after hermitage in the mountains” An idiom from the scrolls of The History of the Jin Dynasty, a part from a scholar named Xie An (320-385 BC). Positive connotation to this idiom. Describes an idea of a official losing his position and then regaining it.

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