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Chapter 111: Reparations (2)

“You can go back to being angry later. The Top said to speak strictly according to question and answer, not one sentence more.” Zheng’s manager sighed: “Zheng, these words were passed down from Deputy Provincial Governor Zhao’s secretary this time. I’m not aware why our show has drawn the attention of a high official, however, I only know that if you don’t speak like that, we’re going to have to head back, pack our things, and beat it.”

Zheng Song didn’t open his mouth. Eventually, he coldly snorted: “Manager Zhang, haven’t you checked out what his background is? His reputation is too frickin’ green, not to mention which moneybag’s brat he is. 

“I haven’t.” Manager Zhang pushed on his glasses and said in confusion: “I just wonder… This Xu Yangyi, from his looks to his height to his build, he really is a good prospect taken into the entertainment circle. However, his background just can’t be found…”

“Can’t be found? He doesn’t have a management company? A performing arts background? At the least, he should have someone who recommended him into this social circle, right?!” Zheng Song’s temper wasn’t minor. Upon hearing these words, his anger suddenly became greater, and he slammed a table and yelled: “There’s never been anyone whose entered the entertainment circle that HASN’T been promoted! He’s gotta have a manager, right? The company he’s part of can’t be investigated?!”

“No… I didn’t say that…” Manager Zhang seemed a bit scared. Walking over in front of the door and twisting the handle, he said softly: “I said… that even this person’s birth, birthday, and any background he had before show biz can’t be found… It’s a blank space… It’s just like, just like…” He pursed his lips, his voice low: “This guy came outta nowhere.” 

Although Zheng Song’s temper was big, he was no fool. Not only was it confined to Manager Zhang, but when even he heard these words, he was qwelled from amidst hot rage in an instant. “Someone’s protecting him?” Zheng Song stood up, pacing left and right. After a while, he furrowed his brows and said: “Does he have a special identity? No, no, no, Manager Zhang, aren’t we thinking too much? With this kind of status, what’s this guy even come to our cast and crew to do?”

“Of course there’s something up.”

“Who is it?!”

The door that was just shut opened, soundless and without warning. A man wearing a suit, approximately 1.9 meters tall, and a head of choppy locks was followed in by four young men and women, directly opening the door and walking in. 

While he wore a suit, he had no necktie, and his buttons were casually left open wide. Zheng Song couldn’t see what was the brand of the suit, and the shirt moreover couldn’t be made out. It appeared as if the other had thrown on his clothes just as he pleased and walked out like so.

But on the contrary, the hair of the men and women behind him were styled in exceptional closeness to their own temperaments, the brands of the suits on their bodies at worst valued at several tens of thousands of Chinese dollars per article of clothing. At a glance, Zheng Song who was of the entertainment circle could see that a girl’s brooch was the latest model just recently released last month from a famous designer.

“Young Zhao.” Manager Zhang’s eyes shone, immediately recognizing a man among them. The movie shooting in Mingshui Province this time had borrowed the vicinity of the Four Great Joint Pools and also the other’s many contacts. Prompt, he bowed and laughed: “Sir, why have you come?”

Nonetheless, Zhao Yuanjing didn’t even glance at him, laughing towards a tall youth at the lead and saying: “It’s for them.” 

For us? What did we do wrong?

Manager Zhang’s heart suddenly grew nervous. Among youths, entertainment companies were mighty on the surface, but in reality, he knew of his own business. If some province wanted to stop them, they could call out as they pleased, enough to cause them no end in headaches. Especially Zhao Yuanjing, a true heir of political prestige. 

If something really did happen, he wouldn’t be capable of taking responsibility for it at all!

“Young Zhao, how is it that you have time?” Thinking of this, he immediately spurred his mind to maximum overdrive, abruptly sending a few good meaningful looks to Zheng Song. Piling a sincere smile across his entire face, he promptly stood up and beckoned everyone to sit: “Everyone, please sit; you’re all honored guests. All of you noble visitors. Wait a moment, I’ll brew some coffee right away.”

“No need.” The tall man sat down on the sofa, crossing one leg over the other as if he was the host. His hand on the sofa, he looked at the ceiling: “I was afraid you wouldn’t recognize me, so I specifically called over a few people that you would.”

That was besides the point! However, none dared to say no! Without the desire to introduce himself, this young man waltzed in as if he was the master. The silk-pants aura that laid on his body simply needed not to be seen; it could be smelled. Moreover, he held no intention of responding to Manager Zhang and Zheng song, posing question and taking answer himself.

Manager Zhang was wet with cold sweat. What was the spin on this? His eyes unconsciously sized up the person who had come. He was all too understanding of the unique personalities that flowed in society. As for the people who had come, regardless of their temperaments, clothes, and seeming mildness of clouds and gentleness of winds, Manager Zhang immediately knew that each person sitting here was either a prince or princess of Mingshui Province.

Especially this one… His gaze involuntarily fell on the body of the young man who was sitting by himself on a three-person-wide sofa. No one dared to sit together with him! Not even Zhao Yuanjing dared! His palm was slick with cold sweat. Zhao Yuanjing was the son of Deputy Governor Zhao… This...

The corners of his eyes twitched, and he saw Zheng Song’s gaze. Zheng Song was full of questions; he didn’t recognize a single one of these people. Manager Zhang forthwith made an effort to make a signal with his eyes a few time. Of these sitting people… a mere Yuan Zhaojing could cause their movie team to hover between the lines of life and death. Even if a famous director was overseeing production, what of it?

“Brother Chu was afraid you wouldn’t learn of this matter, so he came here specifically to make a trip.” Zhao Yuanjing laughed: “Mr. Zhang, originally, you came to my approach to ascertain a scenic area, so you could shoot a picture. I’m here to give you a word. You must remember at all costs not to say one wrong word tomorrow.”

“If said, your crew and cast will be taken away.” Chu Zhaonan waved his hand indifferently. It was nothing more than a production and filming crew. A famous director? What was that? Not to mention his grandfather, his own father was still governing Mingshui Province. If this matter is done well, I’ll allow you to continue shooting. If not, the hell you still here for? Isn’t that an eyesore?

Over a 100 million invested? How is that damn business my concern?

Manager Zhang’s sweat quickly dripped down. Who the heck was this person? How was he so tyrannical? This was a film that Huayi Broadcasting Corp had invested over a 100 million into! Close to 200 million in Chinese dollars! His crews would be taken away just because of this young man’s word?

His gaze landed on Yuan Zhaojing. He didn’t expect only to see the other unhurriedly light a cigarette and laugh: “Didn’t you hear clearly?”

“I got it…” Manager Zhang immediately answered. Zheng Song who was at the side had long since become stricken dumb, his eyes wide and his mouth foolish. 

What the fuck was going on?

“Tell your actor to control his mouth. Otherwise, he won’t be getting out of Mingshui Province.” Chu Zhaonan glanced at the stunned Zheng Song, furrowing his brows in dislike. How sharp was a cultivator’s five senses? Long before he entered, he had heard Zheng Song’s rambling. For him to converse properly with the other could already be considered an achievement of Heavens Law’s teachings. On the airplane, he had sent all that he didn’t favor on their ways with a kick. Him not directly kicking Zheng Song was honestly because the other couldn’t rouse his interest. 

“Yes! I understand!” Manager Zhang replied in haste, simply uncaring for the sudden reddening and blackening of Zheng Song’s face.

Who was this? Wasn’t this too much of a silk pants? Ordinary silk pants absolutely wouldn’t be able to speak of such blunt threat. Everyone would bear smiles and pass the knife in secrecy, however, Chu Zhaonan was different. The thoughts of cultivators and ordinary people didn’t exist on parallel lines. In regards to he himself… 

Why did he have to put on a pleasant face for these people? They didn’t have this qualification. 

“Remember.” After this word was finished, the group of people got up and left. Tomorrow, the boss’s arranged task truly couldn’t run into a mishap. “Did you give it to him?” Chu Zhaonan reached the door and asked lowly.

Yuan Zhaojing was stunned: “I forgot. I’ll mail it to him.”

Chu Zhaonan nodded and then opened the door.

Thunk… The door shut, and the inside of the room was silent.

“Manager Zhang, who the heck are they?!?!?!” A moment later, Zheng Song’s furious voice rang out: “How awesome is he!? Who does he think he is?!”

“Not who…” Manager Zhang complicatedly looked towards the entrance and gritted his teeth: “One of them was the son of Deputy Provincial Governor Zhao.”

“...” Zheng Song immediately went mute. Even if he was more popular, in comparison to the children of such political noblesse, he still didn’t have the courage to provoke them. The duo didn’t speak, but in their hearts, they oddly pondered something together. 

Who was it at the lead?

Nonetheless, none dared to give voice to this fuzzy thought. No… This wasn’t important. So many people had been moved to action, and it appeared he hadn’t even said two remarks, but a man of such status, so long as he made an outing, to stand before them was the best warning!

Not to mention them, even their chairman would also have to keep a smile as he listened here! Chu Zhaonan hadn’t elected to make a call, but rather chose to personally go on a trip. Although his words were not many, his bearing was very much evident!

In that case… a problem had arrived. Were they to escort tomorrow’s person akin to that of an emperor or like a naval guard? What was the status… of the person they were unable to investigate any risings and fallings of?

“A great matter… seems to have befallen us…” After ages, Manager Zhang took a long sigh and said towards Zheng Song.

The next day at ten in the morning, Xu Yangyi punctually arrived at the Mingshui Province television station. The appointed interview was to be conducted here.

“Mr. Xu, it is an honor to meet you at long last!” Just as he entered the room, two enthusiastic voices rang out: “It’s truly our honor to interview together with you, sir!”

“Hello, you guys are?” Xu Yangyi shook hands and asked.

Zheng Song and Manager Zhang both choked. This feeling… The other didn’t even remember who they were?

“Hehe, we’re the people you’re interviewing with this time. He’s the actor Zheng Song, and I’m his manager. This lowly one is surnamed Zhang.” Manager Zhang dared not to expose a trace of a discontent smile and said without delay.

Xu Yangyi nodded, making an inviting gesture. The three people sat down on the sofa. This was Mingshui Province’s video-recording studio. Many interview programs had been carried out here. Less than five minutes later, a woman entered.

“This is the hostess of Mingshui Province’s currently popular program ‘Performing Arts Collective’, Liu Yurao. This is specifically for our interview. She was once the anchor of a special program for the supernatural, Solving Secrets.” Peony’s gentle voice rang out at the side of Xu Yangyi’s ear: “In addition… your interview video will be released to the Cultivation Eye Video Network. They bidded a broadcast cost of three medium-grade spirit stones.”

“Why didn’t you tell me in advance?” Xu Yangyi smiled while he slightly leaned his head and said quietly.

“This was just negotiated this morning. Sir, your click number should be pretty high. There’s also the benefit of promoting your image.” Peony laughed as she answered: “Commander, there’s a great difference in building a contacts network in the cultivation world than in the past. In an era where the internet is prompt in delivery and acquisition, even China Cloud’s and CSIB’s rankings rely on the internet. Web visualization surpasses all other mediums.”

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