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Chapter 1275: No Time

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When the light of the teleportation array dissipated, the group had already vanished.

Almost at the same time, a teleportation array in the central square of the underground Lantis City began to light up with a rich light. Under the accompaniment of Hegel and others, Lin Li slowly walked out from that light.

After stepping out of the teleportation array, and getting a clear glimpse of the surroundings, Lin Li couldn’t help but be shocked, even though he had seen a lot of this world.

Although the Octopus Clan resided at sea, they weren’t really submerged in water all the time. Only the weaker Sea Clans would live underwater, just like residents from the countryside on the mainland. However, there was a high level of humidity in the city because the Sea Clan had to live in an aqueous environment, after all.

There was a transparent canopy dozens of meters above the underwater Lantis City which separated the city from the water. Looking up from below, one would be able to see fish swimming past, which was similar to the feeling of looking at birds in the sky from the ground.

The buildings in Lantis City ranged from one to three stories high.. However, they were extremely colorful and shaped like enlarged conches. There was even a variety of patterns on them, which made Lin Li feel as if he had entered a fairy-tale world.

Instead of trees, clusters of brightly colored coral were used to decorate the city. In the eyes of the Sea Clan, corals were not very valuable, but they would probably fetch sky-high prices on the mainland.

Lantis City was not full of a gilded splendor, but it made Lin Li feel dreamy. Of course, it was his first time seeing an underwater city. The only ones he had ever been to in his previous life were those underwater aquariums, and thus he was extremely shocked by Lantis City.

Elder Zumar stayed by Lin Li’s side, and began introducing the place to him like a tour guide. He said, “Among the various sea cities, Lantis City of the Octopus Clan can be considered one of the largest ones. It’s in fact a notch bigger than the Gilded Kingdom’s capital, Hopra City.”

Lantis City of the Octopus Clan looked exceptionally gorgeous and resplendent under the light reflected through the seawater, reminding Lin Li of the Dragon King Ocean Palace, which was a legend from the world he had transmigrated from.

Among the seven overlords of the Endless Ocean, the Octopus Clan might not be the strongest, but the amount of wealth that they had amassed over countless years was far more than what the other Sea Clans could compare to. That was obvious from Lantis City. It could be said that each type of building material boasted an extremely shocking value.

In addition to the precious materials, there were also various mageweaths that were used to decorate the city since the Octopus Clan were experts in the field of inscription. Given Lin Li’s judgment, it would be extremely easy to tell what those mageweaths were. Even the hidden mageweaths couldn’t escape his eyes.

Lin Li did not know what the other areas of Lantis City were like, but at the very least, every inch of space that he was in now was covered with mageweaths. However, the mageweaths and mageweath arrays here were mostly Master-level mageweaths.

The mageweaths here had a variety of power and functions, some of which were for attack and some for defense. There were also some that worked like traps. Each and every single mageweath was definitely extremely sought-after in the outside world, and could be recorded in the history of inscriptions as an excellent work. However, with Lin Li’s current judgment, these impressive Master-level or even Guru-level mageweaths could barely arouse much interest.

The only thing that could catch Lin Li’s eye was a Guru-level mageweath array that was similar to the Conquering Mageweath of the Sky Castle. It was said that during the Octopus Clan’s prime, there were more than 20 Gurus of Inscription in the clan, and they were the ones who created this Guru-level mageweath array.

The Guru-level mageweath array was called the Kingdom of the Gods, and like the Conquering Mageweath, it had the power to significantly increase the strength of one’s team within a certain range. Although it seemed to be mightier than the Conquering Mageweath, its actual effects might only be one-tenth of the Conquering Mageweath.

Of course, even so, the Kingdom of the Gods mageweath array was definitely considered a top mageweath array. Only the Octopus Clan could have 20 Gurus of Inscription jointly creating a Kingdom of the Gods mageweath array. Other forces didn’t dare to think about it at all.

The mageweaths alone were more than enough to ensure that Lantis City would never fall. Although their power and functions might not be comparable to those of the Sky Castle, this city could definitely be called a sacred land. Lantis City was a crucial reason as to why the Octopus Clan could remain one of the top three Sea Clans and dominate the Endless Ocean for countless years.

Under the personal lead of Great Monarch Hegel, Lin Li slowly made his way towards a five-colored conch-like building while listening to Elder Zumar’s introduction of Lantis City.

This conch-shaped building could be said to be the center of political affairs of Lantis City where Great Monarch Hegel and the elders usually held conferences to decide on the various matters of the Octopus Clan. It was clearly used as the place to receive Lin Li this time.

At this moment, there were already a lot of people from the Octopus Clan waiting in line in front of the main entrance of the building. Besides, it could be seen from their attire that they should be powerful figures of high status in the Octopus Clan.

Seeing this scene, even Elder Zumar was startled. Regardless of what the welcoming ceremony was like just now, it was only superficial. The personal greeting and welcoming by the significant bigwigs of the Octopus Clan was a true reflection of the importance that the Octopus Clan attached to Lin Li.

Elder Zumar knew that Lin Li had extremely high attainments in inscription, but he didn’t expect that he would warrant such a grand welcome from the Octopus Clan. After all, he didn’t know how high Lin Li’s attainment in inscription was exactly, but everyone knew that the Octopus Clan had a high status in the field of inscription.

Hegel led Lin Li to the front of the crowd, and began to introduce him to his clansmen. In the past, Elder Zumar had once visited Lantis City together with Saint Edmund, during which occasion the Sea Clans had sent people to greet and welcome them. However, Elder Zumar still remembered very clearly that the people who had come out to receive them had been snobbish and arrogant.

However, Elder Zumar noticed that the ones whom Great Monarch Hegel sent to greet and receive Lin Li were full of earnestness and fear towards Lin Li, and their tone of voice was also very respectful, a complete opposite of what he remembered.

“Master Felic, this is Joshner, a Master of Inscription who is responsible for creating mageweaths for the Octopus Clan. He is also very knowledgeable about magic scrolls,” Hegel introduced as he led Lin Li to an Octopus Clan elder.

After hearing the introduction, Lin Li nodded with a smile on his face, and said, “Hello.”

Master Joshner was introduced simply as the person in charge of magic scrolls. What a plain introduction! However, Zumar knew that Master Joshner could be said to be the “directing producer” of the mageweaths of the Octopus Clan whose inscription attainments were absolutely considered to be the top in the clan. The works of Joshner would definitely fetch record-breaking prices even during auctions.

Elder Zumar still remembered that the last time he visited this place with Saint Edmund, Master Joshner did not even show up. In fact, when Saint Edmund requested to meet Master Joshner, the latter simply declined, citing the reason of being unavailable.

Another person came up next, and Hegel similarly smilingly introduced him to Lin Li, “Master Felic, this is my teacher, Guru of Inscription Harcrow. He has produced many mageweaths that are used in Lantis City, and has also participated in the drawing of the Kingdom of the Gods mageweath array.”

“Oh, hello, Master Harcrow,” Lin Li greeted. There still wasn’t much of a change in his expression, as if there wasn’t much of a difference between Harcrow and the previous inscribers.

On the other hand, Elder Zumar froze in shock after hearing Hegel’s introduction. Lin Li might not know who Harcrow was, but Elder Zumar was well aware that this name was a legend in the Endless Ocean.

In terms of seniority, Grand Elder Hayes of the Octopus Clan was just like an elementary school student in front of Harcrow. During the Ocean Dynasty’s rule, Harcrow was the chief inscriber until the Ocean Dynasty was overthrown, after which Harcrow led the Octopus Clan through countless ordeals in the great Ocean War, which allowed them to earn their position as one of the seven overlords.

The most powerful mageweath array of Lantis City, the Kingdom of the Gods mageweath array, was created by 20-odd Gurus of Inscription of the Octopus Clan under the lead of Harcrow. The completion of the Kingdom of the Gods mageweath array allowed Lantis City to become a truly unconquerable city.

Given Harcrow’s identity and status, even the lord of the Illuminati might not get a chance to meet him. Over the past few thousands of years, there hadn’t been any news of Harcrow, and people even thought that the famous Guru of Inscription had passed away.

Elder Zumar had never thought that he would have the chance to meet this legend of the Octopus Clan thanks to Lin Li.

Hegel’s introduction of each greeter made Elder Zumar incredibly astonished. When he came to visit with Edmund previously, the Octopus Clan had only sent some senior members and a few junior inscribers to greet them.

However, through Hegel’s introduction, Elder Zumar heard the names of legendary figures who were extremely famous in the entire Anril. In fact, among these people, there were many whom he hadn’t heard of in years, and who the people in the outside world thought had already passed and would remain legends.

Even a powerhouse like Saint Edmund couldn’t put on airs in front of these mighty figures of the field of inscription. Meanwhile, Elder Zumar somehow felt a sense of inferiority. However, Lin Li did not express much, and merely greeted them with an indifferent nod.

However, the mighty figures of the field of inscription of the Octopus Clan did not show the slightest trace of dissatisfaction. Even though they seemed to have some suspicion in their eyes, no one dared to stand out and say something inappropriate in such an untimely manner.

After the introductions, Hegel led Lin Li and the inscribers of the Octopus Clan to the five-colored conch-like building. On the other hand, Elder Zumar was already a little groggy and dazed at this moment. He didn’t know what he was doing, and was merely following Lin Li subconsciously.

Hegel invited Lin Li to Lantis City mainly for the sake of getting some guidance from Lin Li. On the other hand, Lin Li didn’t want to waste too much time there, so he soon cut straight to the chase after a polite exchange of pleasantries.

The inscribers of the Octopus Clan had already heard about Lin Li from Hegel. Although many of them might not believe that Lin Li, a human inscriber, really had such high attainments in inscription, they had all prepared a long list of questions to ask him a long time ago.

The vast majority of the inscribers of the Octopus Clan had reached a bottleneck in their inscription research for various reasons. Hence, they had lots of inscription-related questions. For example, the Guru of Inscription Harcrow had already been a Guru of Inscription for thousands of years, but he still hadn’t improved much in inscription. If Harcrow could break through his bottleneck, his attainments in inscription would probably reach the peak of the Guru-level very soon. In fact, he might even be able to get a glimpse of the mysteries of the Divine-Smith-level.

However, Lin Li did not come to give a lecture on inscription. If he were to answer every single question of the numerous inscribers of the Octopus Clan, it would probably take him at least three to five months to do so. Hence, while the inscribers were about to ask Lin Li for some guidance on Hegel’s signal, Lin Li extended his hand to stop them unceremoniously.

Seeing Lin Li’s actions, Elder Zumar, who had just recovered from his senses, once again slipped into a state of confusion. President Felic is really bold. He actually didn’t do those mighty figures of inscription a favor!

Immediately afterwards, Lin Li turned around to look at the white wall behind him which was probably used for hanging things like maps and diagrams during council meetings. While everyone watched in bewilderment, he stood up and walked towards the wall, where he pulled out a crystal pen, and began writing on the wall.

Lin Li was very quick in drawing the mageweath, and by the time the crowd below recovered from the shock, he was already putting away the pen and walking towards Great Monarch Hegel. He said, “Alright, if they have any issues, they can find the answers to their questions on the wall. Let’s talk about the matter of inscribers going to the Tower of Dusk.”

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