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AST 1794 - Yuan Su's determination

Yehuang Guwu was still quite surprised by the changes which she underwent herself. She looked at Qing Shui in disbelief. After all, her strength increased by a lot all of a sudden. Before this, she was already a Divine Grade Warrior. This had caused her to develop a feeling of loneliness in the Qing Clan.

And now, Qing Shui and Yiye Jiange's returns had made her realized that she was not strong enough. The reason why Qing Shui increased her strength was to clear up her uncertainties and made her set an even clearer goal.

What she was surprised the most about wasn't her increase in strength, but it was the changes that took place in her body. She could clearly feel it inside. It was a state which closely resembled a warrior at his peak state. It was a kind of aura, a feeling like she would emerge successful in every endeavor. It almost felt as if she could easily kill warriors who were many times stronger than her.

Being in so much joy, Yehuang Guwu immediately embraced Qing Shui's neck. It was only until she noticed that the people around her were looking at her and smiling, that she embarrassingly let go of him.

Compared to his other women, Yehuang Guwu had a more daring personality. To her, she distinguished between love and hate very clearly. Other than these traits, she was also a very enchanting and charming woman. Her body contained an intense aura which belonged to the nobility.

There were some things which could never be covered up. When she was in Qing Clan, she was a very carefree person. However, the aura which she had since birth was still very intense. To her, protecting the clan itself came as a priority. She would also help the juniors to improve their strength.

She got along well with Qing Yi and treated this place as her own home. She watched over it dearly since Qing Shui was her everything. If this was Qing Shui's home, this would also be her home. No matter what, she wouldn't allow any accidents to happen here.

When Qing Shui noticed Tantai Xuan looking towards him, he approached her with a smile, "Did you have a good time last night?"

Qing Shui's words made her blushed, she shot a glare at him, "There are so many people around here, please act more seriously." (Changes have been made to the front part, Tantai Xuan is already Qing Shui's woman. Due to fatigue from yesterday, I have made a slight mistake in writing the novel. I apologize for it.)

"That's definitely one of the most serious things that can ever happen. This is a sacred act and Giving birth is a mission that each human must carry out. Come and think about it, throughout the entire world, an immeasurable amount of people are doing things like this every day." Qing Shui stared at Tantai Xuan with a serious look.

"Ah, you bastard. I am not going to listen to what you say." Tantai Xuan has ran out of ideas on how to deal with this man. She shouted out with her red face. However, she soon got upset because when Qing Shui was speaking, no one around him could hear it, and yet she shouted out what she said loudly.

Luckily, the people here were all Qing Shui's woman.

"Yes, Sister Xuan`Er, what did he tell you for you to have such a huge reaction?" Yehuang Guwu smiled and walked towards here.

Tantai Xuan blushed, she rolled her eyes and said, "He said that you have been very cooperative yesterday…. Hence, he wanted to let me……"

With how Tantai Xuan's personality was, it was indeed very difficult for her to speak about these kinds of things. That was why Yehuang Guwu was so convinced about it. Furthermore, it was true that Yehuang Guwu has been very daring last night.

Yehuang Guwu looked at Qing Shui and said in both embarrassing as well as grumpy tone, "You little bastard, you dare to say."

Qing Shui rubbed his forehead. By now, Tantai Xuan was already nowhere to be found. He said in an upset tone, "You silly girl, you have been deceived by her. Your brain is indeed getting more and more dirty, considering that you believe her immediately."

Actually, Yehuang Guwu has now understood something. Qing Shui wouldn't tell her about how Tantai Xuan and the others were doing. Naturally, he also wouldn't mention her to them. Could it be that he had something on his conscience? She couldn't help but mutter out some words in a shy tone, "Blame the little girl for getting it right….. You must come to me tonight… I want to gain back what I deserved….."

Naturally, Qing Shui agreed to it. After secretly touching her upright breasts, he quickly left the room.


While Qing Shui was walking out of the courtyard, he happened to run into Yuan Su who came out from another courtyard. He conveniently grabbed her hand and walked outside; It was now noon.

Yuan Su didn't have much reaction to it. She smiled while allowing Qing Shui to hold her hand as he pleased. She didn't try to utter any words as she followed Qing Shui along.

"How have you been lately?" Qing Shui asked while walking. When he first came back, he greeted Yuan Su and gave her a hug. Soon after, he was occupied with many things that he didn't have time to spend with her. By now, everyone would already know what he was occupied with.

Hence, only now that they were finally able to spend time with each other.

"I am good. And here I thought you wouldn't show up." Yuan Su smiled and looked at Qing Shui. Her beautiful eyes were full of spirits and attractiveness. Her smooth skin also looked very bright. Upon looking at her soft and tender lips, Qing Shui felt a strong urge to go forward and kissed it.

"Well then, did you miss me?" Qing Shui smiled and looked at her.

"No, what for?" Yuan Su smiled. Her elegant voice when she smiled was very alluring.

Qing Shui rubbed his head, "I am afraid I might be too straightforward with this one. Why don't you be my woman then? If you agree with that, you will immediately find out what you will miss me for."

Yuan Su blushed, "You scoundrel!"

"Are you trying to compliment me with that?" Qing Shui asked in a joking manner.

"You shameless bastard! Are you still not exhausted from all the exercises yesterday?" Yuan Su blushed even more upon saying it. She didn't know why she would say it.

Qing Shui was stunned. He then replied in a slightly erotic way, "You have underestimated me a little too much. I am precisely what one known as 'A golden spear which never collapses'".

"In your dream! You must feel very happy talking about all of these." Yuan Su looked at Qing Shui without blinking her eyes and said in an indifferent tone.

Surprisingly, Qing Shui actually felt a bit nervous after seeing her reaction. He chuckled and said, "I feel happy whenever I talk about it with the person I like, when it's with you I feel particularly happy."

Deep down, Yuan Su felt a sense of warmth in her heart. She was a bit happy. Certainly, she understood what Qing Shui was trying to say, "Qing Shui, I like you, but since you already have so many wives, please don't rush me. Throughout this lifetime, I will definitely be your woman. Can you please give me some time? I don't know why but… Whenever you mention about me becoming your woman, I will feel very insecure……"

Actually, Qing Shui already noticed that this wasn't a matter of her being nervous. It should be something like a phobia; There was actually a phobia towards marriages. Though Qing Shui might not be a psychiatrist, he knew that this kind of illness couldn't be cured that easily. It would require the patients to cure their phobia with their own heart.

Qing Shui felt that her case shouldn't be that serious. Though she was insecure, she didn't push him away when he tried to have closer interactions with her. Hence, she was unlikely to feel disdain towards men. What she was truly frightened about should be the part where the two people got intimate.

As to why she found it frightening, Qing Shui was unsure of it. There were some things that shouldn't be forced. Hence, he could do nothing but to wait for her. The moment she spoke about it would be the time when she finally opened up her mind. By then, Qing Shui would have a high chance of success to make amends to this kind of situation. If he tried to do it the other way, he might potentially make matters worse or maybe even caused unusual changes to her mind.

"You are my woman. I will never force you to do anything that you don't want to do. Don't feel stressed out. I am someone close to you and I will always be." Qing Shui grabbed her and spoke to her gently.

These words came deep from his heart. He has always felt that this woman had lived a bitter life. He wanted her to feel relaxed and lived her life in a more joyful way.

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