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AST 1545 - Titan Ox Strength, Miraculous Energy

When they entered the palace hall, Qing Shui felt the pressure diminished greatly. However, this actually made Qing Shui somewhat depressed. Based on normal logic, the closer they got to the treasures, the more intense the pressure and danger would be. However, the Frenzied Bull Strength was still circulating speedily around his body, unbidden of his will.

He turned his head back and discovered Qin Qing's face had turned completely pale as if she was under great pressure. Feeling taken aback, he sent a strand of Frenzied Bull Strength into her body.

In just an instant, Qin Qing felt that the pressure boring down on her had immediately diminished by a great deal. Just a while ago, the pressure was so intense that she couldn't even breathe.

This made Qing Shui felt even more curious. What treasure was in here exactly? It was actually able to exude such a terrifying pressure.

Qing Shui paused a little before bowing to the Titan Ox Mountain. After that, he and Qin Qing walked into the palace.

This was an extremely vast place that was shaped in circular segments. Naturally, this palace was smaller in size compared to the mountain but was much larger than any other palace Qing Shui had seen before.

There wasn't a single pillar in the palace to support it and the circular segments was so large that one couldn't see the end of the curve. Thick layers of dust covered the ground and no traces of any disturbances could be seen. It must have been a long time ago since anyone came to this place.

After all, not everyone could withstand the pressure when attempting to enter. In addition, there were numerous herds of Blackfire Demon Oxen to contend with.

The dust here was very thin, roughly only about an inch thick. Qing Shui looked around and realized that everything was very clean and the air flow was good. A truly long time must have passed by to accumulate so many layers of dust on the ground!

If this was in his past life, this place would have been filled with dirt, dust, spider webs, bird droppings, etc…

As he stared at the surroundings, Qing Shui held Qin Qing's hand as they walked in slowly. 

"Sister Qin, there seems to be nothing here. What information do you have in this place?" Qing Shui had already felt that there should be some treasures here. He only wanted to know what exactly the treasures were.

"There seems to be a stone monument here with a technique engraved on it. Other than that, there still seemed to be some other treasures here, but I can't vouch for the accuracy of the information." Qin Qing directly replied.

Qin Qing knew that without Qing Shui, she wouldn't be able to enter here. This already clearly indicated that Qing Shui was her fated one. She felt very happy in her heart when she realized that.

Their feet landed on the ground at the same time, kicking up a cloud of dust. The two of them walked in; the surrounding walls and ceilings were smooth and clean, which made Qing Shui suspicious of where the layers of dust on the ground came from.

The light from the palace was dim and air bubbles could be seen in some other locations. An indistinct energy could be sensed in the atmosphere, which caused Qing Shui to feel that there was something in here summoning him.

This path was very long, they took their time walking through it and half a day had already passed. When they turned around a corner, an inner palace hall appeared before them.

The only difference was that everything here was pristinely clean, with no dust on the ground compared to the outside. The spiritual Qi in the air was also extremely saturated and within the palace hall, a statue of a giant ox could be seen.

The form of this statue seemed similar to the Titan Ox Mountain but it had a sense of divinity to it. This giant statue was about 200 meters long and was extremely lifelike, exuding a sense of ferociousness.

When he saw the stone statue, Qing Shui knew that the indistinct energy he felt earlier must have originated from it. However, he later discovered that he was wrong when he saw the stone monument beside the stone statue.

This stone monument couldn't be considered small; it was about over ten meters in length, thickness, and width. It was because it was too near to the stone statue and was partially blocked by the statue that Qing Shui didn't see it earlier.

Other than this stone monument, there were no other things in here. Qing Shui turned his gaze to the monument.

Titan Ox Strength!

Qing Shui was startled, but after he finished reading it, his eyes gleamed. This was an ultrstrong version of the Frenzied Bull Strength. He turned his head back and discovered Qin Qing was also looking at the stone monument.

"How is it?"

A smile appeared on Qin Qing's face as she replied, "Still okay, but it doesn't seem so easy to cultivate."

The two of them stood before the stone monument. Qing Shui gingerly placed his hand on the stone monument and this action caused a strange scene to manifest.

Qing Shui's body trembled and at that instant, a pure surge of mysterious energy drifted from the stone monument right into his body. Initially, Qing Shui wanted to push Qin Qing away, but he realized that this energy wasn't of malignant nature.

Qing Shui then told Qin Qing to place her hand on the monument but Qin Qing said she felt nothing. He couldn't help but feel more and more astonished in his heart.

Very swiftly, Qing Shui felt that the size of the Seven-Colored Pellet in his body had expanded. He could also feel that the Frenzied Bull Strength growing stronger. The force gradually got weaker when it entered the body until it dissipated completely.

During this process, Qin Qing quietly stood there. When Qing Shui glanced at her she then asked, "How was it?"

Qing Shui smiled while nodding, "It shouldn't be too bad."

Qing Shui could only feel that his strength had increased, but as to the actual amount of increase as well as other benefits, he wasn't that clear about it. Despite so, he could still sense that the benefits he had gained wouldn't be too bad.

After he retracted his hand, Qing Shui turned to the stone monument once again. He discovered that the stone monument was no longer full of spiritual Qi like before. It was more like a normal stone monument. When he turned his gaze to the gigantic Titan Ox stone statue, he was taken aback by surprise.

The stone statue had suddenly became dimmed. He knew that this had something to do with the surge of energy that entered his body.

The Titan Ox Strength of the stone monument had already been branded in Qing Shui's mind. He glanced around his surroundings and moved on after he discovered that there was nothing interesting. He initially thought that there would be some heavenly ingredients or earthly treasures here, but he wasn't disappointed in any case as Qing Shui felt that he already benefited quite a lot.

After they went out, Qing Shui chose a location and decided to stay there with Qin Qing for a few days to cultivate the Titan Ox Strength.

Qin Qing naturally agreed to his request.

The location they chose was somewhat far from the palace. In this case, the pressure boring down on them would be lessened and the Blackfire Demon Oxen wouldn't appear here either. This was the central core of a sacred ground to them, hence it was very peaceful.

Qing Shui felt his cultivation of the Titan Ox Strength was extraordinarily smooth. This was maybe because of the Frenzied Bull Strength. In addition to that surge of mysterious energy into his body, he felt extremely familiar when he cultivated the Titan Ox Strength.

Qin Qing, on the other hand, met with difficulty as she advanced a step. On the surface, it seemed that she would have no problems cultivating the Titan Ox Strength and it should be a breeze to train it. However, when she started cultivating it, she found all sorts of obstacles at every step, it was as tough as ascending to the heavens. After she tried for half a day, Qin Qing decided to give up and focused on her phoenix finger and sword combination attack.

Staring at Qing Shui who was completely focused on his cultivation, Qin Qing felt a sense of calmness in her heart. Maybe, she had to hang out with him longer. However, she didn't know when he would be able to make her give up all her inhibitions completely.

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