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AST 1409 – People from the Divine Sound Sect, Demoness, Eternal Spring Palace

Qing Shui’s current abilities were strong enough, but he could still sense a powerful charm from the melody, a feeling that his heart and soul were being controlled.

People from the Divine Sound Sect?

A thought came to Qing Shui’s mind. For one to be able to have such great achievements in music, it could only be someone from the Divine Sound Sect. The Divine Sound Sect was also one of the Four Great Evil Powers. Since he had found someone from the Divine Sound Sect, he should be able to find someone from the Demon Lord Palace!

Thinking of this, Qing Shui didn’t hesitate anymore and rapidly dashed out toward the place where the sound was coming from.

“Lass, you should join the few elder brothers on the bed to play that beautiful melody!”

The closer Qing Shui got, he could hear a lascivious and evil melody, causing his brows to be tightly knitted together. He arrived at the scene very soon. Five ladies dressed in clothes that were white as snow were being surrounded by over 30 men. One of the ladies was in the middle, playing her zither nonstop. However, there were no signs of any war drums.

“A bunch of hypocrites, only daring to reveal your lewd expressions in such an obsolete place. When my Eldest Martial Sister arrives, all of you will have to die.” The lady continued to play her long zither, not even throwing a look in their direction as she played an elegant and transcendent melody.

“It’d useless even if that demoness were to come. Our Eternal Spring Palace’s Second Elder will be arriving soon as well. It’d be good for that demoness to come. We’ll let our Second Elder take care of her.” Saying this, the man laughed out loud lustfully.

“Eternal Spring Palace is a lascivious and evil organization. Yet it can still have a spot in that so-called righteous league. This is really a joke.”

“We are trained in the Duo Cultivation Technique. Very soon, we’ll be able to let you experience what it feels like to be in the seventh heaven. We’ll guarantee that you’ll never be able to leave us again.”

The man appeared to be middle-aged but Qing Shui knew that he was at least 200 years old but was just relying on Youth Retaining Arts.

This was a handsome man with a tall and slender figure. However, his pair of amorous eyes were exuding a lewd glow. Anyone could tell what that gaze meant.

“Eldest Martial Brother, let’s not talk so much crap with them and just seize them to have some fun. In this god-forsaken place, even a female orangutan would appear beautiful.”

“Pffft, Sixth Brother, can you not sound so much like a beast?” One of the men couldn’t hold it in and spurted out over the other man’s face.

“I’m just stating an analogy. All the ladies in the Divine Sound Sect are like beautiful flowers. We’ve really came across great fortune this time! I’m feeling the itch!”

“Alright, let’s break this Five Melody Supreme Formation first!”

The middle-aged man in the middle exuded a faint glow from his amorous eyes. It was strange gaze that would make one feel unease. A pinkish Qi came out from his hands, condensing into a pink sword.

“Righteous Qi Melody”

When the lady saw the man’s Peach Flower Sword Qi, she changed the melody on her zither and a righteous and seemingly indestructible Qi encompassed all five of them.

Depressed Melody!

The lady closed her eyes slightly, her long lashes twitched and she played out several music notes on her zither. Her fair forehead was filled with perspiration.

“Everyone hang on. This lady won’t be able to hang on for much longer. Once they’re out of energy, we’ll be able to seize them without any effort.” The man depleted the ladies’ endurance and spirit energy as he spoke.

Several tens of people surrounded the few ladies, incessantly depleting their endurance. The ladies would be in danger if their defense were broken through.

Just then, a figure came out from the distance. She was like a fairy gliding along in the air, with the speed of a shooting star.

“Eldest Martial Brother, this is bad. That demoness is here.”

The man frowned but he quickly regained his composure, “Isn’t that the Second Elder?”

A thin, grey colored figure also appeared in the distant, rushing over.

Qing Shui stood in the far distance, watching as the two new figures quickly headed to join the people on each of their sides. Qing Shui couldn’t tell the age of the lady. Under her pure and snow-white clothes, she had a wonderful and well-embodied figure. Her silhouette seemed a little similar to that of Yehuang Guwu and was very sexy. Her bone structure was well-proportioned and slender. Her curves were well-defined.

Her lovely face was as beautiful as a drawing and was one that could draw out one’s soul. Yehuang Guwu’s attraction was more obscure but this lady’s was a combination of obscurity and display. It was a high level attraction and wasn’t just a superficial one. One would feel that her attraction was one that was very in-depth.

It was no wonder that those people called her a demoness. She was someone who was like the most beautiful demoness and even Qing Shui felt that she looked like one. However, she was one that would keep people who weren’t good enough away, a demoness of the highest quality, one who was polar opposites with a lady that was like a female saint.

This lady wore a faint but extremely seductive smile that appeared natural at the same time. It wasn’t one that seemed intentional. This was also one of the reasons why this lady exuded such a powerful seduction.

“A bunch of garbage who thinks that you’re righteous. All of you are just beasts wearing human hide. Do you know why you’re revealing your true selves now?

It’s because you guys are real beasts and perverts. The demons in your hearts have caused you to reveal your true natures now. There would be one day that people like you would perversely end up getting yourselves killed.”

The lady’s voice was very attractive and had a strange melodious feel to it. Furthermore, her gaze was one which would make one felt ashamed of themselves, as if they were neither good enough to be a good person nor a bad one.

The Second Elder arrived and the men all greeted him respectfully. The old man’s figure was short, at about 1.6 meters. Although he was very thin, he seemed to be tough as steel. He had a sorry look, with triangular shaped eyes, a big nose with rosacea and two big front teeth which made him seem like he had a rabbit’s mouth.

Although the heaven was very harsh on this old man’s appearance, they had made it up to him in other areas. He had great talent and had the Three Yang Constitution.

“I shall see how you people are going to run today. If you were to submit to us obediently, I’ll assure your safety.” The old man’s voice was very sharp and a little piercing.

“You people weren’t able to do anything the previous time. What can you do this time around? If I wish to leave, which of you would be able to stop me?” the lady smiled and said.

“Your Soul Suppression Melody no longer has any effect,” the old man smiled lewdly and said.

“We don’t know about that,” the lady smiled and said.

“Take a look and see what this is.”

“The Grand Silent Buddha!” The lady said in astonishment and her beautiful brows were knitted together.

“How about it? Will you submit to us? No matter what, you’ll have to submit to us eventually. If you don’t agree, you’ll have to enjoy treatment that you wouldn’t have dared to imagine. For example, snakes that like to find holes to slide into…”

“With your appearance, you can’t even be compared to a dog. It really puts me off. Otherwise, I would have considered following you.” The lady revealed an extremely charming smile.

The Second Elder’s expression appeared worse than before. He had always been dissatisfied with his appearance. If not for the fact that he was very strong, everyone would probably look down on him. Right now, he was a great master and many people wouldn’t touch on the topic of his appearance. There were also many ladies who were willing to follow him. He knew that they had other intentions for doing so but he was willing to live in his own world, as long as he was happy.

Even though he knew well that this lady was saying this to spite him, he could not help but feel angry. He clenched down on his white protruding teeth. Martial arts cultivators weren’t omnipotent. He could make himself appear youthful but couldn’t really change his looks. He could change the structure of his bones for a short period of time, allowing his body to undergo slight changes to his weight and height. But this would only be temporary.

“Later on, I’ll let you know what it feels like to be half dead. With so many of us serving you, you’ll definitely feel especially satisfied.” A vicious glow flashed in the Second Elder’s triangular eyes as he dashed out toward the lady.

Soul Suppression Melody—Soul Suppression!

The lady suddenly lifted up her hands and her pair of exquisite silver bracelets on her snow-white wrists started moving.

A trembling sound of a cold voice that seemed as if it would make one’s soul feel hollow rang out. It wasn’t especially pleasant but it sounded so cold as if it came from a lonely ghost.

The Grand Silent Buddha in the Second Elder’s hand exuded a soft golden light which slowly encompassed the surroundings. It was as if spring had returned to the ground and sunlight was shining down. The dejected expressions all gradually disappeared.

“I told you that with your cultivation and your Killing Melody won’t be able to break through my Grand Silent Buddha. This thing can cause most of the people from your Divine Sound Sect to lose their battle prowess. Even yourself and the experts in your sect will suffer great impacts on your battle prowess,” the Second Elder said proudly.

“Don’t be feeling happy too soon. The Divine Sound Sect isn’t so easily dealt with. It’s just a Grand Silent Buddha. We don’t think much of it.” After saying that, the lady took out a snow-white longsword which had many small mysterious holes. The way they were lined up was very strange.

The lady made her move and managed to dodge the Eternal Spring Palace’s Second Elder’s grasp. The snow-white longsword in her hands pierced out toward the Second Elder’s wrist abruptly like an agile snake.

Squeak squeak!

Two strange sharp sounds rang out, piercing his eardrums. The Grand Silent Buddha the old man was holding once again exuded a faint gold glow and he dodged the lady's sound attack and then he charged out toward the lady at an even greater speed.

Divine Melody Acceleration!

The lady’s hand swung once again and a melodious sound rang out. Her speed increased tremendously.

Qing Shui’s eyes lit up. The Divine Sound Sect had a strong mastery of music and music could stimulate one’s potential. Music was very powerful. It could change a person’s mood, stimulate potential and change one’s disposition. There was more than one way of cultivation and as long as it was a suitable method, everyone could gain great achievements in their cultivation.

Sound Demon!

The lady’s sword once again trembled a little and a snow-white silhouette appeared beside her. This was something that was similar to the protection from the White Tigers that Yehuang Guwu condensed. However, unlike the White Tigers. This particular one excelled in attacking one’s spirit and it had about the same strength as the user. Although it looked very obscure, it could unleash some strange sounds and people with weak spirit energy would probably go crazy. Even those with decent spirit energy could receive disturbance and won’t be able to focus their willpower.

This thing could only use its spirit energy to attack and it required a lot of spirit energy.

It was actually quite useful.

Golden Buddha Light!

Suddenly, the Grand Silent Buddha exuded a powerful glow and landed on the Sound Demon, instantly causing it to disappear.

Spring Comes Upon A Withered Tree!

A powerful vitality came from the Second Elder and his palms turned into a shimmering dark green color. They looked very beautiful in this instant, like a work of art. It could greatly increase the user’s tenacity, resistance, recovery, speed and endurance.

Eternal Spring Palace’s Duo Cultivation Technique couldn’t be used in battle. All Duo Cultivation Techniques were just a means to increase one’s strength and weren’t meant to be used in fights.

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AST 1410 – Qing Shui Took Action, Phoenix Cry Sonic Attack, Reversal

After using the Spring Comes Upon A Withered Tree, the old man was as if he had rooted to the ground. It was as if he the roots he had sent out could extend to a large area around him.

Grand Melody Eruption Technique!

The longsword that lady, who was like demoness, held onto, suddenly struck out with a profound melody. Everywhere it passed by, the surroundings would turn into a grey-white color that seemed to be a sickly color, without any hints of vitality.

Eternal Spring Palace’s Second Elder didn’t dare to let down his guard and suddenly extended out his two hands. Two rows of huge green wood, that were several tens of meters long, grew out before his palms, surrounding them.

Eternal Spring, Grow!


The lady abruptly swung the longsword in her hands, letting out a soft bellow!

Boom boom boom…

A series of loud explosions rang out and the protection from the green wood gradually shrank. However, its destructive prowess got increasingly weaker as well. By the time the green wood had disappeared, there wasn’t much prowess of the Grand Melody Eruption Technique left either. Despite this, it still pushed the old man back two steps.

Soul Capture!

The lady swung her hands fiercely again and her wrists moved with great agility.

Although the Eternal Spring Palace’s Second Elder had the Grand Silent Buddha, this time around, its effect didn’t seem to be as powerful as before. The Divine Sound Sect’s attacks were mostly spirit energy attacks and in this world, people who primarily cultivated their spirit energy were generally fewer in numbers.

Divine Sound, All-Pervasive!

The lady’s seductive body sashayed as if she was in a slow dance. It seemed as if she was performing a sword dance, yet it was also as if she was a fairy who was gliding across the air. Her beautiful appearance would make one lose themselves while watching her.

Entangled Roots!

The silhouette of the old man from the Eternal Spring Palace seemed to become even smaller and he was encompassed by a gigantic tree which exuded strong vitality.

“Everyone press on and seize these few ladies so that the demoness will be distracted. This can let Second Elder defeat her at a faster speed,” shouted the Eldest Martial Brother from the Eternal Spring Palace.

“Yes! We must use these ladies to threaten her. I don’t believe that she won’t submit to us then.” Another voice shouted out as well. The frequency and the strength of their attacks increased tremendously.

“Sisters, we must hang onto our defense and not let Eldest Martial Sister be distracted. Eldest Martial Sister, there’s no need to care about us. Otherwise, it’ll just be a useless sacrifice. Kill as many of them as you can. If you wish to leave, they won’t be able to stop you anyway. You can find another chance to seek vengeance for us in the future,” the lady playing the zither said slowly. She appeared very calm, as if she didn’t care about life or death.

“You can go be a cuckold in the other world! Look at that big green hat that you’re wearing! [1]”

After saying that the lady appeared in the middle of the group with a flash, cutting off a person’s head with a single strike.

“Second Elder, save me!”

“Demoness! You’re courting death!”

Eternal Spring Palace’s Second Elder brought out a strong and old-fashioned wooden cane.

Witherwood Chant!

A stream of yellow aura locked onto the lady’s body.

Sure Kill Heavenly Technique!

The old man used his Sure Kill Heavenly Technique.

The abilities of the old man and the demoness were both at 10 million sun. They were each powerful existences in their respective sects and with a strength of 10 million sun, they would be considered to be powerful existences no matter where they went. At their level, even if they were to have a Sure Kill Heavenly Technique, they would only have one.

The old man had now used it up.

The Witherwood Chant could rapidly weaken the target in all areas. Moreover, once used, the target would be weakened by 30%. The more powerful the target, the faster they would be weakened. Even if they didn’t move, their depletion would still increase by five times, until their strength had been weakened to the level of an ordinary person. One day later, if the target was still alive, then they would automatically recover.

Prison of Wood!

The old man swung his hand once again and the surroundings became a huge prison made from green wood, imprisoning everyone.

After doing all this, the old man appeared a little weak. If the lady were to attempt to break through in this case, she would definitely deplete a lot of her power. After being hit by the Witherwood Chant, even if she were to break through the prison, she would also lose 90% of her strength. When that happened, he would be able to deal with her with great ease.

In a battle between cultivators, strength and endurance were very important but so were battle techniques. Victory or defeat could be easily determined with powerful battle techniques, just like the Sure Kill Heavenly Techniques.

The lady had a Sure Kill Heavenly Technique but it was a pity that her strength had been weakened by a lot. Therefore, even if she were to use it, she wouldn’t be able to reverse the situation. The rate of her depletion would become even faster. Sure Kill Heavenly Techniques tend to use up 10% of the user’s strength. For those who were powerful, losing 10% was nothing to them and it could last very long. However, it was different now that she had been hit by the Witherwood Chant. If she were to use 10% of her strength, she would probably be left with not more than 40% of her power.

The loss of her strength made her feel anxious. She wasn’t afraid of death but that she wouldn’t be able to die a peaceful death. She was afraid that she might not even have the option of suicide.

“Haha, demoness. Look, your sisters are also barely hanging on now.”

“With you, I’ll be able to attain a breakthrough. The heaven is treating me quite well. If it was earlier, I’d let you become my woman. But now, I’ll let you become an ownerless Dao companion in our Eternal Spring Palace,” the Second Elder laughed proudly.

Clank clank!

Just then, two abrupt notes from a zither rang out.

Clank clank…

The lady suddenly felt that not only had the weakening power in her body stopped weakening but it was instead, increasing. Power was burning up in her blood. It wasn’t just her. The other few ladies who were struggling to hang on also slowly felt more at ease. Prior to this, they were facing the possibility of having their defense being broken through at any moment.

The countenance of the Eternal Spring Palace’s Second Elder changed drastically. He felt that an expert from the Divine Sound Sect had appeared.

The lady had actually thought that a senior from their sect had come but yet it didn’t seem to be the case. She knew many of the seniors in her clan. However, someone with such mastery of music, the person should be a member of the Divine Sound Sect.

Clank clank…

Surges of battle will rose and not only did the lady’s power regain its peak, it was still rising to greater heights.

Phoenix Cry (Battle): Can increase the target’s battle will, allowing the target’s abilities to be fully unleashed or even to bring it beyond its full potential.

Phoenix Cry (Eruption): Can increase target’s battle prowess, giving certain chances of letting the attacking power be doubled.

Phoenix Cry (Break): Can increase target’s chances of neglecting the opponent’s defense to a certain degree.

Phoenix Cry (Retreat): Can reduce the target’s battle will, causing the target to be unable to perform as well as usual.

The person playing the zither was naturally Qing Shui and what he had performed was the Phoenix Cry Sonic Attack.

With Qing Shui’s current powerful spirit energy and with such a high quality five-string zither, the prowess of the music he played was even more powerful. He wanted to test out the Phoenix Cry Sonic Attack and thus didn’t even bother using the Emperor’s Qi. Otherwise, it would be better for him to just take action directly.

The lady now didn’t think too much but swung her snow-white longsword to perform the Grand Melody Eruption Technique, destroying the surrounding green wood prison.

Not only had Qing Shui’s Phoenix Cry Sonic Attack caused the lady’s power to swell up drastically but her attack would even occasionally have double the damaging prowess…

This was not all. There was also a certain percentage of neglecting the opponent’s defense to a certain degree. When these two factors were put together, the attack could be lethal.

Moreover, Qing Shui would also play the Phoenix Cry Sonic Attack to reduce the battle will of those people from the Eternal Spring Palace, causing their strength to suffer from some setbacks.

By increasing one side’s attacking prowess and reducing that of another, the two sides who were initially at a similar level, now could not be compared.

Divine Sound Lock!

Divine Sound Soul Pursue!


This time around, the attacking prowess happened to double and the difference in their abilities was tremendous. A loud sound rang out.

The eyes of the Eternal Spring Palace’s Second Elder popped open as he saw his body exploding. At that moment, he saw that his body had disappeared. Then, he was instantly engulfed by darkness.

The remaining people were no match for the lady and weren’t even able to escape. Very soon, all of them died at her hands.

“May I ask which senior has extended a helping hand? I’d like to request a meeting.” After doing what she had to do, the lady quickly spoke in Qing Shui’s direction.

Qing Shui walked out from a concealed spot. He had already put away the five-string zither and he appeared next to the lady with a flash.

After seeing Qing Shui, the lady was stunned. She had initially thought that it had been a senior from her clan. But upon seeing that it was a man, she knew that this person wasn’t from their clan. There were no men in the Divine Sound Sect.

She had thought that since the person had such a powerful mastery of music, the person should be a senior from her clan. However, she now knew that it wasn’t the case. Moreover, this man was very young and she had the feeling that he wasn’t relying on Youth Retaining Arts but was truly young.

“Divine Sound Sect’s Shen Ling pay respects to Senior. Thank you for saving our lives,” the lady said respectfully.

“There’s no need to stand on ceremony. I know a little bit about music as well and had taken a liking to you guys. Those people are inhumane despite wearing human skins. They deserved to be killed,” Qing Shui smiled and said.

“Senior doesn’t just know a little about music. I consider myself to have some achievement in music but when compared with Senior, it’s like comparing the difference between light from a firefly and the bright moon.” When the lady said this, she really felt that she was a failure.

“I’m called Qing Shui. I might not be older than you in age. It’s better that you don’t be calling me senior and just call me by my name,” Qing Shui smiled and said.

“You’re Imperial Cuisine Hall’s Qing Shui?” The lady asked in astonishment.

Qing Shui was stunned. He hadn’t expected that he had become so famous. He smiled and replied, “Miss Shen knows me?”

“You’re very well-known. You’re really as young as the rumors say. I just hadn’t expect that you were so outstanding in the area of music as well. That came as too much of a surprise. You’ve saved us. How should we repay you?” The lady’s seductive eyes were especially attractive. As she looked at Qing Shui now, her eyes were flashing with a spiritual glow.

“You really want to repay me?” Qing Shui smiled and looked at her.

The lady nodded, “Of course. We must repay the help you’ve rendered. You’ve shown us great kindness.”

“Can I raise any request?” Qing Shui looked at the lady and asked, smiling. He didn’t even blink.

The lady’s expression was a little strange. She knew of her own charms and out of ten men, nine would want to have their way with her in bed from the moment they first saw her. The tenth person would either be an eunuch or impotent…

Shen Ling gave it some thought before saying, “That’s right. I can promise any of your requests.”

The other ladies wanted to say something but Shen Ling waved her hand to stop them.

It was because she saw that Qing Shui’s gaze was very clear. If a person was having desires or thoughts, it was impossible for them to hide or suppress them perfectly. This was especially true when it was in the area of relations between men and women.

“Tell me how to go to the Demon Lord Palace. I think I’m lost. As long as you can tell me the direction to the Demon Lord Palace, I’ll treat this as my request. What do you think?” Qing Shui smiled and said.

This was the first time that Shen Ling felt that she no longer had any charm. For this, it was the same for both men and women. If the other party were to insist on pestering them or have strange thoughts, then they would feel that the other party was shameless. However, if the other party were to be very serious, they would feel that they had no charm and that the other party wasn’t interested in them. They might even feel angry at the other party for having poor judgment, for not liking them…

This was how it was between men and women. Other than toward their own kin, people would more or less have some kind of thoughts toward friends of the opposite sex. This was just thoughts that they would have. Of course, there were also close brotherly friendships between people of opposite sex. But such brotherly friendships were exceptions.

[1] Wearing a green hat is used to describe that a man was made a cuckold of.

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