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AST 1405 – Grade Four Sea Dragon Dynasty, Qing Sha's Enemy

Qing Shui had mentioned to Qing Sha before, that should she decide to leave one day, she would have to tell him personally so that he would know where she was heading.

Now that Qing Sha was going to leave, Qing Shui still felt that he needed to know what she planned to do.

"Daddy, don't poke into this matter anymore. You have already helped me too much. I know I won't be able to repay you enough no matter what I do." Qing Shui smiled as he looked at Qing Sha, yet there was a bit of grief and relief in his eyes.

Qing Shui knocked on her head gently and said, "Aren't you afraid that I'll be sad listening to those words? So you don't want this daddy, is it? Do we still need to repay things between us?"

"You are my dad and will always be. My greatest fortune was meeting daddy. Even if you don't want me anymore, you will always be my dad," Qing Sha held onto Qing Shui's arm and said with a tone of endearment.

"Alright, from now on, no matter what it is, I will solve it for you with confidence. You are treating me like an outsider after you've grown up. Are you trying to make me sad on purpose?" Qing Shui said, glancing at Qing Sha.

"I had a happy family before. I had a father, a mother, an elder sister and an elder brother who loved me. My father was able to obtain a powerful martial art technique somehow. I don't why but the current members of the royalty in the Sea Dragon Dynasty felt very concerned about that. Back then, they weren't the royalty of the Sea Dragon Dynasty yet. It was just a battle technique, but they annihilated my entire family. My parents and siblings died horribly and no one was left alive."

Qing Sha recalled the story calmly but Qing Shui and Eldest Princess were able to hear the raging anger growling behind her calm manner clearly. The hatred behind the death of her parents and siblings was irreconcilable. No matter how long it had been, as long as she was still alive, she could never forget about it. Even if she were to use eggs to fight a stone, she would have her enemies stained in yolk.

"My girl, daddy will go with you!" Qing Shui said calmly.

Qing Sha lifted her head and looked at Qing Shui, "The Sea Dragon Dynasty is very powerful. I think daddy should not go there."

"Why do you still doubt my power? I will still fulfill your wish even if I have to go to the other Three Continents, not to mention going to the Western Oxhe Continent too." Qing Shui smiled while maintaining eye contact with Qing Sha.

"I initially planned to settle this one step at a time and make them feel my turmoil. With my powers, I won't be able to kill them all at once," Qing Sha said in a devastated tone.

Qing Sha's power had already reached a terrifying level. If Qing Shui didn't offer his help to her, she would have fallen into a state of Qi Deviation even if she had the Blood Terminator constitution. After all, that rate of progress was too horrifying.

Qing Sha's power had already surpassed Yehuang Guwu's initial power back when she was still in the Western Oxhe Continent. It was a horrifying power to have existed and it was definitely the best power to exist in the Western Oxhe Continent, yet she said her powers weren't enough to annihilate the entire Sea Dragon Dynasty.

It seemed like this Sea Dragon Dynasty was quite powerful.

"Daddy will accompany you and fight them head on. We will annihilate your enemies in the name of your family," Qing Shui said with a smile.

Qing Sha was still young, yet she had been carrying a heavy burden for the longest time. This was a heavy burden carried in her heart, which was akin to that of a big mountain. For her to be able to endure it until now was already a remarkable thing to do.

Not everyone could endure the disgrace and responsibility like she did. If it were to happen to most people, they would always have two options. The first would be going to the Sea Dragon Dynasty in haste to exact their revenge and be released from their burdens by dying quickly and the second would be forgetting about revenge entirely and living like ordinary folk.

Qing Shui went to visit Headmaster Sui and Headmaster Cao once more. Both of them were quite leisurely and free at the moment as they had basically dropped everything concerning the matters of Heaven Secrets Academy. However, their prestige was still regarded highly.

Both of them were naturally happy to see Qing Shui. They could sense his unfathomable power, yet they had no idea about Qing Shui's current standing of power. The disparity of their power and his was too great. Nevertheless, they were excited for him.

The increase of power allowed Eldest Princess to seem a bit different than before. She had a beauty that transcended the mortal world. There was wisdom hidden in her deep, clear eyes, as well as a tinge of indescribable feeling behind her gaze. She could make people stop and take a look at her beauty.

To be honest, for someone with a beautiful appearance like her and the women in the Portrait of Beauty, describing their beauty felt a bit inadequate. Just like this woman in front of him – her facial features were all perfect, especially her beautiful eyes. But the prettiest features of all would be her mannerisms and charm. It was a kind of beauty that could be understood but not described and one that could make any ordinary people feel inferior about their own appearance.

She led Qing Shui by the hand contentedly and strolled along the mountain peak.

Qing Shui would turn to glance at the woman beside him at times. This feeling was quite intriguing. A beautiful woman that he would never be able to see in his past life was now his woman. Moreover, the first time he saw her, the chances of them starting a relationship was nearly zero to none.

But fate was just as mystical. It seemed like there was virtually a magical string binding both of them together.

Eldest Princess seemed to have realized the same thing. She looked at Qing Shui and said, "I thought we were destined together when I saw you for the first time. After that, your temper became worse."

At that point, Eldest Princess laughed. That was back when they were at Rong City battling with the Scarlet Flame Sect. It was the first time Eldest Princess appeared in that place.

"Then did you ever think that you would become my wife one day?" Qing Shui asked, smiling. Reminiscing about the past still felt quite pleasant to him. It felt quite nice.

"No, you are a snotty brat. Hm, just a slightly powerful snotty brat." Eldest Princess smiled as she glanced at Qing Shui.

Qing Shui felt that he was really a bit petty when he remembered his past self or one could say that Eldest Princess was a bit too arrogant. After being scolded like that by the Eldest Princess, Qing Shui bluntly whispered a few words into her ear, causing her face to flush red.

This snotty brat was starving…..

Eldest Princess wasn't pregnant and this made Qing Shui think that the chances of getting pregnant were really low. If this was in his past life, she would have sought medical advice by this point. Of course, if the chances of getting pregnant was very high, most people would lose their jobs and things that were safe to sell would not be great for business anymore.

Qing Shui and Eldest Princess never took precautions or anything whenever they copulated. Nature would take its course – if there was a child, they would raise their little one. Eldest Princess had been looking forward to having a child of her own too.

It would be the greatest failure for a woman if she couldn't become a mother in her entire lifetime!

"I'll wait until you decide that you don't want to be here before I'll bring you to the Dancing Phoenix Continent. The Qing Clan has already moved there."

"Even if I go there, I can't stay at home every day. A woman will become ugly easily if she doesn't do anything." Eldest Princess appeared intellectual as she smiled while looking at Qing Shui.

Qing Shui was surprised by her words. There had been a saying in his past life, where working was considered important for women because they would lose their charisma should they lack a job to tackle.

"Then let's expand the Heaven Secrets Academy to the other Three Continents one day."

She was certainly a strong woman. On that note, Qing Shui had quite a lot of strong women staying by his side….

After staying for two days, Qing Shui and Qing Sha left the Heaven Secrets Academy and flew towards the southernmost area of the Sea Dragon Dynasty. The desolate mountain regions were on the southwest region, but they still had to pass through a huge area of desolate mountain regions en route to the Sea Dragon Dynasty.

This wasn't his first time entering the desolate mountain regions and even though they were called the desolate mountain regions, there were many people living inside, especially near the borders.

Going to the Sea Dragon Dynasty would require him to pass through the borders.

As for the Desolate Sect, Qing Shui couldn’t care less about destroying them. He felt that there wasn't a need to do so anymore.

Qing Sha's Golden Ni Lion had grown stronger too. It had consumed all that it needed and had gone through multiple evolutions. The current Golden Ni Lion was almost on par with Di Chen's Blue Luan but it was more vicious-looking than the latter.

Back then, Qing Shui almost lost his life at the hands of this demonic beast which originally had a lifespan of 15 minutes. He sealed it up after that but ultimately became Qing Sha's demonic beast in the end.

With Qing Sha's power, she could do whatever she wanted in the Western Oxhe Continent under normal circumstances. It was definitely terrifying and heaven defying for a young girl to possess such power. All of this was a favorable coincidence and if she hadn't met Qing Shui, she wouldn't have been able to achieve this kind of accomplishment.

However, what she desired was to annihilate an entire dynasty. In truth, majority of the best ones within the Grade Four Dynasty have the power around 8000 sun or maybe less than that. But it wouldn't be strange for a few world-transcending old monsters to appear within a big sect or a big dynasty. Things that were spread as rumors could never be trusted entirely.

With the use of the Nine Continents Steps, Qing Shui and Qing Sha wouldn't need a lot of time to reach the Sea Dragon Dynasty. However, they would still require about ten days of time to travel even with their current speed. The distance to their destination was quite far, after all.

The Sea Dragon Dynasty was a huge place and that would include a vast area of sea too. A lot of islands situated within the sea area were also part of the Sea Dragon Dynasty. These southern areas were considered to be the strongest part of the dynasty. Even the barbarians wouldn't think of provoking the Sea Dragon Dynasty that easily.

Waterwolf Clan was the one controlling the Sea Dragon Dynasty.

This was the same Waterwolf Clan that annihilated Qing Sha's family.

Qing Sha's vicious spirit was formed because of this hatred before the procession to its awakening. Of course, most importantly, it was due to her body constitution. If this wasn't the case, no matter how angry or furious she became, she wouldn't be able to form the type of constitution that she had now.

This drastic unforeseen circumstance would only hasten the awakening of Qing Sha's constitution.


After ten days of traveling, they had reached the Sea Dragon Dynasty. Perhaps it was due to the area being located near the sea that the climate felt extremely humid. The vegetation around here was quite dense too.

Moreover, it was mostly rainy and there was no winter. The rainwater would be accumulated in a huge amount as it seemed like it would rain in every three days.

The sun was bright in the sky. It was currently the scorching summer. Despite this, dense clouds could be seen hanging in the sky. Sometimes it would be hot and suffocating but compared to the stuffiness in his past life, this was much more comfortable.

This place wasn't the capital city of the Sea Dragon Dynasty as it was located on an island. However, there were so many islands in the sea and each island had its own city. If someone unfamiliar wanted to go to the capital city, they would have a hard time finding it.

"Sha'er, let's take a rest here. Tomorrow we will go straight to the city." Qing Shui knew where the city was and he had even confirmed it by asking the locals.


Both of them stopped by an inn and decided to order a few dishes of food. This place was near the sea coast, so the dishes were mostly seafood. The taste of the food was good and it was especially fresh.

It had been a long time and Qing Sha was still young back then, so they weren't able to comprehend the true strength of the Waterwolf Clan. However, as they were one of the royal households of a Grade Four Dynasty and the overlord of this territory at that, their strength could not be far off what they had expected.

But no matter how strong they were, Qing Shui would not think highly of them. He had the confidence and capability to do so.

Starfish Inn!

This place was a high class inn. The structure of the building was tall and luxurious and there was a high flow of traffic in front of the door. Most people frequenting the inn were wearing extravagant clothing and they were cultivators to boot.

An enticing delicate aroma flowed in the air, overwhelming the sense of smell of the guests. Humans were essentially animals who desired food and sex, with food as the priority. When one had been fed and warmed up, their sexual desires would emerge. Only when one had their belly full would they think of other things. If a man was on the verge of starvation, he wouldn't get in the mood even if he was given a lot of beautiful women. His body function may go out of order as well.

Of course, most people came for pleasure when dining in the Starfish Inn instead of filling their tummy. Qing Shui had good hearing as he could hear a few women talking in a seductive voices inside the inn.

Doing it on the dining table also had an exciting atmosphere to it. There wasn't a lack of that in the World of the Nine Continents. Moreover, brothels were considered a legal business too!

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AST 1406 – Eldest Daughter of the Watermoon Clan

"Both of you, please come in. What do you need? We have Steamed Swordfish, Trinity Lobster, Braised Sea King Crab……"

When they entered, an enthusiastic man came up to welcome them.

"Just serve us your best dishes!" Qing Shui didn't bother to listen further. Both of them could eat anything, so he decided to let the waiter serve them a few of their best dishes.

"Alright, please wait for a moment."

This area was a big hall and Qing Shui intended to stay here because there would be people who ran their mouths with news inside the inn. Regardless of whether this information were correct or not, this place would have a lot of it at least. Qing Shui was accustomed to listening for news whenever he went to an inn.

The service was quick. There were about ten dishes being served onto their table within fifteen minutes. The aroma of the food was perfect. Even Qing Shui, who frequently consumed the food in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, could sense the authenticity of the aroma – it was a cuisine of absolute freshness.

"Have you heard? Someone from the Watermoon Clan is going to take their revenge against Waterwolf Clan."

At that moment, a voice rang out. Qing Shui had been paying close attention to everything but when he saw Qing Sha shivering, as if she was about to stand up, he quickly extended his hand and held her down. He could see the movements in her eyes – it was a type of excitement and an unspeakable restlessness.

"Watermoon Clan? Wasn't Watermoon Clan destroyed entirely?" Someone else immediately questioned the statement.

"Rumor has it that there were two people who escaped the tragedy. They are the sisters of the Watermoon Clan. The eldest sister took the younger one and escaped," the man who previously made the statement said casually.

"The Watermoon Clan is quite unlucky. Both clans have been friends for generations and they are said to be closer than any brothers will be. Shuiyue Tian's acquisition of the powerful battle technique has instead helped the Waterwolf Clan to achieve their goal. Those who know about it now will not say anything. After all, it's because of that battle technique that the Watermoon Clan was able to achieve such great accomplishments. The Sea Dragon Dynasty is huge, so no one will suspect whether the actions of the Waterwolf Clan are right or wrong. If it were other people, they might choose to do the same thing."

Qing Shui was now certain that Qing Sha was definitely Watermoon Clan's youngest daughter. However, why wasn't she together with her elder sister? Was she lost?

However, if he thought about it further, it could be a possibility. Her elder sister wanted revenge but she wasn't willing to let Qing Sha suffer the same hardship she was facing, so she sent her away, allowing her to become an ordinary person and allowing the last of the bloodline of the Watermoon Clan to survive.

In the World of the Nine Continents, ability was the only thing that would not base itself on gender. It could be passed down from generation to generation in a family.

"Then do you know how that person from the Watermoon Clan is doing currently?"

"I'm not sure. I heard that she's trapped inside the capital city while being injured too. At this point, it will be difficult for her to escape," said the first man who spoke earlier.

"Winner takes all. Watermoon Clan is destined to disappear from history. With the Waterwolf Clan already successful now, the strength of the power of the Western Oxhe Continent to rival against the Waterwolf Clan is quite weak, let alone the Watermoon Clan themselves."

"My girl, let's go!" Qing Shui pulled up Qing Sha gently.


"Wait for me for a moment!"

This area was also a city but not where the Waterwolf Clan was located. This clan was located at the true capital city, which was also on an island. To reach that island, Qing Shui would need to ask for directions in order to go there.

"My friend, can you give me the directions to go to the capital city?" Qing Shui asked with a smile.

"Who are you, don't interrupt our conversation," a young man standing at one side scoffed unhappily.

Qing Shui also became impolite – as there was no time to do so – and slapped that man swiftly, knocking him down. That young man fainted immediately.

Qing Shui turned to look at the other man.

This man stared at Qing Shui, wondering why he would look for someone like him. But he was very certain that this must have something to do with the conversation he had before. He began to feel unsettled.

His eyes were darted everywhere.

"Don't think too much. Just lead the way. It's because you guys mentioned about the capital city earlier. I don't have the mood to think of another way. And you better not think of looking for someone to fight me. Whoever you seek is useless. If you interrupt my affairs, I will not hesitate to kill you," Qing Shui said calmly.

"Alright, I will lead you immediately. I hope you don't break your promise," the man replied quickly.

And so, Qing Shui and Qing Sha flew to the island where the capital city was with this man.

The appearance of the Hellfire Phoenix immediately stunned that man. From then on, he didn't think twice about the situation. Just like Qing Shui said earlier, someone as powerful as him would never plot scheme against someone like him.

Even though the distance to the capital city was quite far, he had Hellfire Phoenix to hasten the journey. Moreover, Qing Shui directly used the Nine Continents Steps after he had asked thoroughly about the distance!

Because of that, Qing Shui and the other two managed to arrive at the island of the capital city after just under two hours of traveling.

The appearance of the Hellfire Phoenix left a lot of people in a state of shock.

After Qing Shui was able to confirm that this was the place he needed to find, he finally freed that man. In addition, he rewarded him quite handsomely. Because there were medicinal pills inside, that man would be able to enjoy the benefit of the reward for the rest of his life.

"Let's go find Waterwolf Clan directly!" Qing Shui said with a grin.

Qing Sha was now a bit excited and Qing Shui could feel her emotions. After all, the hatred from many years ago had been building up pressure on her. Furthermore, she would be able to find justice for the loss of the lives of her parents and sisters today.

"That person from the Watermoon Clan has been caught. I heard she will be burnt alive at the Heavenly Wolf Platform today." At that moment, there were noises resonating from the path ahead. Qing Shui has good hearing as he was able to hear those sentences.

"Really? Then the Waterwolf Clan is trying to tell everyone that this is the result of revolting against the royalty of their clan."

"That's right. The Watermoon Clan shouldn't have come. The eldest daughter of the Watermoon Clan has suffered for so many years and killed less than 20 members of the Waterwolf Clan. In spite of that, that's good a show of spirit."

"The Waterwolf Clan too, they had good relationship with the Watermoon Clan initially. They shouldn't go as far as to burn her alive. That's too cruel."

"This is called 'making an example of someone'. Besides, the eldest daughter of the Watermoon Clan did kill about 20 of the Waterwolf Clan's best cultivators."

Qing Shui didn't hesitate. He went up directly and inquired about the Heavenly Wolf Platform. This time, he got an easy answer. It was located at the busiest main square in the central area.

Since they wanted to make an example of the eldest daughter, it would be great if more people could witness the punishment. Because of that, the place they chose for the execution would also be the busiest place in the city.

The distance to the platform was considered near, so Qing Shui and Qing Sha quickly ran towards their destination. The eldest daughter of the Watermoon Clan had been exacting her revenge for one and a half years already. She specialized in stealth assassinations and her actual strength was considered impressive. In one and a half years, she managed to kill 20 of Waterwolf Clan's best cultivators.

She was a thorn in Waterwolf Clan's side. They weren't able to capture her after multiple attempts in between the assassinations. This time, they sent out the best assassins in their household and were able to prevail against the eldest daughter of the Watermoon Clan by breaking her meridians, crippling her cultivation in the process. They tied her to the pillar on the Heavenly Wolf Platform and decided to execute her by burning her with fire.

When Qing Shui and Qing Sha managed to arrive at the Heavenly Wolf Platform, there was already a crowd surrounding the area. Qing Shui didn't call back his Hellfire Phoenix, so everyone was surprised at the appearance of a giant black demonic beast.

Some people thought that it resembled a phoenix but the existence of a black phoenix was very rare, so they couldn't be certain of it. However, they were still deeply affected by the menacing aura of this demonic beast.

Qing Shui focused his gaze at the most conspicuous area on the platform. A woman with her hair disheveled and her body stained in blood was hanging from a stone pillar. Below her was lumber of high quality already arranged for the fire.

Qing Shui tried to focus on the person on the stone pillar but couldn't get a clear picture. Suddenly, a pernicious aura beside him was unleashed. At that moment, the artifact that Qing Shui had used to suppress her pernicious aura has lost its effectiveness.

"All of you will have to die!"

The pernicious aura soared through the sky. Qing Sha's silhouette shuffled from Hellfire Phoenix to the sky and flew towards the stone pillar in the public square.

"Stop! Who are you? We will kill you without mercy if you take another step closer."

When the guards defending the square saw someone trying to charge through, they quickly went up to prevent her from doing so.


Qing Sha struck out with her palm, shooting a grey aura akin to that of an arrow and penetrated two people who tried to stop her. Both of them died immediately, on the spot.

When the guards defending the square witnessed their deaths, they quickly swarmed towards Qing Sha like bees.

However, the disparity of strength between these people and Qing Sha was too great. Qing Sha's power had soared and broke the limit, multiplying her strength by a number of degrees. Moreover, these people were already considered dead in her eyes.

She killed them without restraint or mercy. If Qing Sha didn't kill these people, her hatred would never be relieved.

Boom boom!

Qing Sha only used a few breaths of time to kill and evaporate those who had intercepted them, leaving a few drops of blood on the scene.

"Insolence, who are you? How dare you come and cause a ruckus here?"

An old man who was the leader of the guards stood forward.

Qing Sha spoke no words and quickly rushed towards the old man, raising her hand to shoot an arrow of pernicious aura.

"You are seeking death?! Kill her! At the same time, take out your flame tubes and shoot at the sky."

There were a number of guards present but a portion of them had already been killed off by Qing Sha earlier on. There were now half the number, yet these men were not able to stop Qing Sha, not even for a second.

And just within a few seconds, none of the guards of the Waterwolf Clan were left in the square.

Qing Shui called back his Firebird and was already standing beside Qing Sha.

Meanwhile, Qing Sha rose into the air and released the blood-covered woman from the stone pillar. This woman was tied with chains that punctured through her ribs, collarbone and shoulder blade. That was the reason she was covered in blood.

Looking at her situation, Qing Shui was incredibly angry. Qing Sha was even more furious than him – her anger had shot through the roof.

This woman had already fainted for quite some time but when Qing Sha released her from the stone pillar, she woke up, possibly from pain. Her face was covered in blood, as well as her disheveled hair, which was also covered in dust. There were two streaks of horrifying scars across her face, making her seem a bit ferocious.

Her scars seemed like they were made a long time ago.

The woman seemed calmed when she saw Qing Sha and said softly, "Illusion. It's another illusion. Am I dying?"

Her voice was coarse and crackling.

"Elder sister, I'm Little An. Elder sister, I've come," Qing Sha couldn't endure any longer and cried.

"Little An, this isn't a dream, isn't it?"

The woman looked at Qing Sha in surprise before looking at her surroundings.

"Little An, why have you come? Run away quickly. I'm fine on my own. If anything happens to you, I will not die peacefully. Didn't I tell you from the beginning to not come back here ever?" said the woman, agitated.

"Sis, I came to save you. I will annihilate the entire Waterwolf Clan." At that moment, Qing Sha's pernicious aura rose to the heavens. Those around her felt uncomfortable, yet this woman didn't feel anything. Qing Shui didn't feel discomfort either.

Perhaps the pernicious aura could be directed willfully?

"Little An, you are not their opponent. While they aren't here yet, leave quickly. Leave as far as you can……"

"Haha, you can't leave. Since you have killed the members of the Waterwolf Clan, you are against the Sea Dragon Dynasty. No one will be able to save you. You lot are rebels." An old yet forceful voice rang out in the air.

About a hundred people appeared in the sky.

"Rebels? If the Sea Dragon Dynasty vanishes, then we won't be considered rebels, will we?" Qing Shui spoke without raising his head. After that, he took out the chains punctured through the woman's body with proficiency.

He had the Golden Needle. The woman did not feel any pain as the chains were being taken out of her body.

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