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AST 1395 – Fourth Grade Five Elements Divine Flag, Bring One Person Along, Trapped in a Dilemma

Qing Shui was not afraid of massacres, but he did not want to massacre any more than he must. In his previous life, he had laughed when he heard that a man could not help but go with the tide. However, this was exactly how he felt in the current situation. There were so many things that were outside of his control, neither could he hide from these troublesome things. The only road was the one in front of him. It was a dark path that he must walk until the end.

"The strongest in the Left Custodian's clan is the Left Custodian. From the Left Custodian's clan, there may not be anyone who comes to cause trouble but the Phoenix Dance Organization may not be so nice," Yu Yijian said just now.

"Oh, if that is the case, we don't know if the Phoenix Dance Organization would like to continue to fight?" Qing Shui looked over at Yun Yijian and said with a smile.

"Phoenix Dance had been around for a very long time, normally they would not admit defeat so easily. After all, brother Qing Shui you dented the Phoenix Dance Organization by your lonesome to that degree, in addition to brother Qing's age, Phoenix Dance Organization will have a hard time giving up on you." Yun Yijian thought for a while before speaking seriously.

Qing Shui thought for a bit and agreed with her thinking. He had no renown. If he had renown, if he had annihilated several powers like that of Phoenix Dance Organization, then the Phoenix Dance Organization would have nothing to say about the death of the Left Custodian and Che Clan.

If the need arose, Qing Shui would not hesitate to use Phoenix Dance Organization as a stepping stone. Annihilating the Phoenix Dance Organization would cause a drastic change of power in the Phoenix Dance Continent. Many countries would become independent. If there was anyone who wanted to control the Phoenix Dance Continent, then he would need the strength to do so.

Unknowingly, more than two hours had passed by. The Yun couple and Tianhe Renmo temporarily returned to their respective rooms. Yuan Su, Yehuang Guwu and the young girl were together, they almost seemed like a family.

Qing Jun and Qing Shui were already familiar, right now they were almost like a real father and daughter duo. If the young girl had no issues she would still stick close to Qing Shui. Qing Shui knew a few tricks that could make her happy. Moreover, the hand signs were all taught by Qing Shui, so her communication with Qing Shui was the best.

Yehuang Guwu had no signs of pregnancy so far, which made her feel lonely and depressed. Qing Shui, however, did not feel the same. What they had was time so giving birth to a child was only a matter of time.

During these times, Qing Shui could be said to have used all his 'essence' on Yehuang Guwu. Every day, he would fatigue her to the point of almost collapsing. For the sake of a child, she cooperated to the best of her abilities. Moreover, Qing Shui could feel an unprecedented amount of enjoyment.

However, the more they were like this, the more she lost hope. Qing Shui tried to comfort her, saying that he was a physician and that her body had no issues. It was just that the chance to conceive was less likely and it would take more time and more tries to succeed but there would always be a chance.

These things could not be rushed. This was a slight drawback to having formidable strength, however the chance would not be lower than what it was, thus there was no need to rush. Just wait patiently!

Entering the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal again, when Qing Shui was refining and tempering his treasures, he laughed because the Five Elements Divine Flag leveled up……

Once Qing Shui saw the ability of the Five Elements Divine Flag, he was extremely happy.

Five Elements Divine Flag (husband)!

Current fourth grade, can set three locations within the Five Elements Space, each location can be traveled to once a month.

It was still three locations, that had not changed. The first location was in Central Continent, the second was in Phoenix Dance Continent and the third was in the center of Haohan Continent.

This time the grade increased by one but the positions that could be set remained at three, however there was an ability gained.

Other than the husband and wife Five Elements Divine Flags being transferred, they could bring one other person along.

To bring one person……

Qing Shui became excited, even though it was just one person a month. It meant that he could bring twelve people every year, there and back. He could reunite with family, whoever he wanted to see, he could also bring back……

Qing Shui was excited, even ecstatic. For example, if Yuan Su wanted to head back, he could take her back right now.

This was the fourth grade, the further it got in the grades, who knew how many people he could bring and how many locations could be set. Perhaps even a reduction in the cool down duration.

After some thought, Qing Shui temporarily set aside his idea. He proceeded to refine and temper the rest of his treasures, however none of them had changes. Qing Shui could sense that several pieces were on the border of leveling up. Perhaps the next time he tempered them they would level up, perhaps it would take years before they would level up.

No matter what, this time could be considered a huge breakthrough. Without thinking too far ahead, the state of the current Five Elements Divine Flag could already be considered a small Divine Artifact.
As long as they decided to settle there in the future, he could bring the family over. He would consider the situation first, if there was a need, then he would bring over the family. Now his heart was getting unsettled. He felt it was safer to have his family settle on the five continents for now.

He would wait for now, if the opportunity arose, he would temporarily bring his family over to the Dancing Phoenix Continent. That was because the cultivation speed here was faster than the five continents given the environmental factors.

He would first wait for the situation in the Phoenix Dance Continent to stabilize and for his existence to be confirmed before thinking about it any further.

The day passed by so peacefully. The Phoenix Dance Organization had taken no actions. There were many powers that were keeping a close eye on the progress of the current situation.

Originally, no one had faith in Qing Shui but the scene with the enraged Hellfire Phoenix left everyone in suspense, now that many believed the Phoenix Dance Organization could not withstand this young man.

The next day, Elder Yun Yang showed up. After seeing Qing Shui he let out a bitter smile. It was the first time the arrogant elder looked a bit embarrassed while glancing at Qing Shui.

"I had previously underestimated Phoenix Dance's strength, this was my carelessness. Fortunately, Mr. Qing's strength is so formidable. I will admit to my mistakes, if mister has any use for Yun Yang, please let me know without hesitation. No matter what you ask of me, I will agree to it and complete it to the best of my abilities."

"Old man, you do not have to be overly courteous. Come, take a seat, I actually have something that I didn't know what to do about." Qing Shui smiled as he indicated for the old man to sit down.

The others were also here, however Qing Jun had a specific maid looking after her.
"Oh, let me hear it." The elder was more courteous than before. Before he would view Qing Shui as a member of the younger generation, however, right now it was the complete opposite. In the world of martial artists, the strong were respected.

"I'm not sure what Phoenix Dance's plans are, I had originally thought they would seek me out immediately," Qing Shui said directly to the elder.

"Now that things have gone to this point, Phoenix Dance would not instigate and step first. Or to be clear, in the short term, they would not take this initial step. They would rather mister take action first, when the time comes and they could not defend, they could at least try to find another way," the elder said after much thought.

Phoenix Dance must carefully plan out their next steps due to Qing Shui's frightening strength, otherwise they could be annihilated. If they suffered a loss unwillingly, then the name of Phoenix Dance Organization as the strongest force on the Phoenix Dance Continent would be weakened.

To have done something wrong and still want to pretend to be the good guy. After hearing the elder's words, Qing Shui thought that the Phoenix Dance Organization was the worst. When the time called for a decision to be made and yet they hesitated, they would only be dragged down by their inaction. If Phoenix Dance Organization was willing to suffer humiliation by admitting to their wrongdoings and apologized, Qing Shui really could not do anything more. Of course, if he really wanted to do it, he could but he would not have any moral grounds to do it.

The problem was, Phoenix Dance Organization was not certain whether they could take down both Qing Shui and his beasts. They were also afraid that Qing Shui was going to run. Once they started the fight, there was no going back. Therefore, they did not want to take action first. They would rather Qing Shui force them to take action, then use the opportunity to kill Qing Shui. If they did not succeed, there could also be another way to salvage the situation.

Would Qing Shui force them to take action?

Qing Shui's face had a desperate smile. If they wanted him to force their hand, then he could comply with their wish. However, he would not let them have their way.

"Old man, if the Phoenix Dance Organization was annihilated, what would become of Phoenix Dance Continent?" Qing Shui asked hypothetically.

The elder was stunned and thought for a while, "There would be a power that would inherit all that belonged to the Phoenix Dance Organization. On the surface nothing would change but the power that inherits all of Phoenix Dance Organization's property would need to show their strength. For instance, whoever annihilated the Phoenix Dance Organization would undoubtedly have claim to take over everything belonging to the Phoenix Dance Organization."

Qing Shui thought it over and agreed with the logic. If he wiped out the Phoenix Dance Organization, would he need to take over everything? He was not part of any organization. Southern Sea Putuo Mountain and Heaven Secrets Academy were not qualified.

Though the mentioned organizations could not take over, Qing Shui thought that if there were people who wanted to take over, they would at least contact him first. If he did not agree to it, then they will end up fighting him. Unless, they were confident enough to be able to best him.

Thinking to this point, Qing Shui thought he had gotten ahead of himself. He should be focusing on how to deal with the massacre between him and the Phoenix Dance Organization first. He could travel to the nest of the Phoenix Dance Organization and end things once and for all.

Qing Shui did not know how large the Phoenix Dance Organization was. They were the strongest existence on the surface of Phoenix Dance Continent but they were made up of many large powers and clans combined. Usually one clan would only have one to several people enter the Organization but it represented the entire clan's entry.

The Che Clan had only two or three people enter but the entire Che Clan could have been said to be a part of the Phoenix Dance Organization. In totality, the Elders and Custodians of the Phoenix Dance Organization plus the members it had did not account for a large amount of people. However, each person was backed by many people, similar to that of the Che Clan. They only had two or three people within the Organization but the entire Che Clan and the dozens of False God martial artists all belonged to Phoenix Dance.

Qing Shui had already encountered the Left Custodian, if he went upwards it would be the Deputy Head and Head. There could also be several formidable old monsters, thus Qing Shui's mind was not optimistic. The opposition did not make a move because they had much to lose, whereas Qing Shui had nothing to lose but much to gain.

Qing Shui was so young but the strength he displayed could only mean he had a bright future ahead. Phoenix Dance had no choice but to tread carefully, if they did not kill Qing Shui and let him run off, then only death awaited them. This was the reason why they did not take action yet. Otherwise, given Phoenix Dance Organization's strength, they could easily slaughter Qing Shui. The main thing was not to allow him to escape.

"I feel that mister should temporarily cease fire against the Phoenix Dance Organization instead of risking your life," the elder suddenly said.

Qing Shui was still analyzing whether to not go but since the elder gave him the advice, Qing Shui laughed and asked, "Old man, please call me Qing Shui. Could you tell me why I should not go?"

"Phoenix Dance's foundation is deeply rooted. Qing Shui your strength is formidable, your beasts are strong, however their foundation is rich with talent. I can be certain that if you rushed over now there would be no benefit, instead if you stayed still, you would end up with the upper hand." The elder thought for a while before saying those words.

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AST 1396 – Great Sacred Buddha Stone Leveled Up, Two Supreme Martial Artists

Qing Shui was uncertain whether it was just a coincidence that the elder saw through his thoughts, but he hit the nail on the head with what Qing Shui was thinking.

Originally, it was merely an idea but after what the elder said, he felt it was not simply an idea anymore, he should follow suit and not make a move. This way he would make the opponents be wary of his actions, the longer it took them the better it was for him.

"Old man, what you said makes complete sense. Let's just wait and see," Qing Shui said while laughing.

The elder looked at Qing Shui, with eyes carrying appreciation. He then followed up reiterating Cloud Flutter's goodwill and left with the Yun Yijian couple. Qing Shui did not need their protection, when the elder thought about this he could only laugh.

"Younger brother, in the meantime, I cannot help you. Let me return to the martial sect for a while," Tianhe Renmo informed Qing Shui with a smile.

Qing Shui was stunned for a moment, he knew that they had their own things to take care of. With his current abilities, he could battle Yelang Wuji without any issues. Moreover, Yelang Clan would not gang up on Tianhe Renmo when he was alone, after all they were aware of his relationship with Tianhe Renmo, so there was nothing to worry on that front.

"Then, so be it, brother please be careful. If anything comes up please inform me," Qing Shui said with a laugh.

Imperial Cuisine Hall was back to normal operations. However, the current Imperial Cuisine Hall was unlike how it was when he first arrived. Previously, the Aristocrat Clans did not even bat an eye at the Imperial Cuisine Hall, now they could not wait to establish a rapport with them.

One thing that made Qing Shui happy, was that during treasure refinement, the Great Sacred Buddha Stone had risen in grade.

Great Sacred Buddha Stone!

Grade: One. Can be refined with pure energy. There was a limit on how many times it could be refined each day.

Effect: Can be immersed in water. The longer it is immersed, the more spiritual power will be contained the in the water. Further, the spirit power will not disperse. For a certain grade, it can only affect a certain amount of water. Water that is under the Great Sacred Buddha Stone's effect can be used in many ways such as drinking, irrigation, breeding animals… …

Cannot recognize an owner!

Can be upgraded!

He had received the Great Sacred Buddha Stone previously in the Western Oxhe Continent. Though he had been using it constantly, because it did not have any grade, its area of effect was very small. He had not thought that after all this time it would finally break through to the first grade.

Although it was the first grade, given that Sacred Objects were of the type of objects that had difficulty to break through at the beginning, the breakthroughs afterwards would be a lot easier. This made Qing Shui extremely happy. To break through one grade would mean that its effect would be more powerful than before. Grade 'One' was not only as simple as having one more than 'zero'. The difference was like not having a wife, then marrying a good wife. The difference was as wide as the sky to the earth.

That also described the gap between a zero grade and first grade Great Sacred Buddha Stone!

This was great. Now he could use the Great Sacred Buddha Stone soaked water to water his herbal plants. He could also use it to refine drugs and so on… Even if it was only first grade, it had satisfying utility. Of course, the effect was not as good as a higher-grade stone, but he understood what it meant to be content with what he had. Otherwise, his mindset would be stuck on the fact that first grade was incomparable to second grade or third grade's effect. Right now, what he needed was to make good use of the current grade of the Great Sacred Buddha Stone.

Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant was its normal self. Seven-headed Demon Dragon Spider and Thunderous Beast were all at their peak state, they were about to break through. However, it was also normal if it took eight to ten years before they broke through.

The Hellfire Phoenix rested on a giant Chinese Parasol Tree. Since it recently broke through, its strength had not stabilized yet. Over the next while the Hellfire Phoenix's strength will slowly stabilize, its Phoenix bloodline will also ignite causing significant increase in strength and battle prowess.

If there was no battle, Qing Shui would allow the Hellfire Phoenix to cultivate within the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal. It had only recently evolved into the Hellfire Phoenix, there was inheritance that it needed to understand, absorb, and digest.

Qing Shui longed for the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant to break through, once it broke through, he felt he could really unleash his abilities. Though he could show off his strength now, he had already waited for so long, he didn't mind waiting for a bit longer.

Three days passed by quickly, however Phoenix Dance Organization had no movements. Qing Shui also did not make a move. His focus was on taking care of the Imperial Cuisine Hall. These three days, he had issued several visitor cards. However, there were lots of rules attached to them. For example, each year he would only treat them once, whether they were would fully recover or not it would use up that year's quota.

Many people who possessed the visitor card would cherish this once a year chance. They would not use it to advance their cultivation but use it when their life was on the line. Martial artists were never short of critical and untreatable injuries, chronic diseases, etc.…

Qing Shui had forewarned them, if they did not cherish this chance, he did not mind letting them die. But if two were to appear at the same time, he did not mind extending his hand to help both. It would mostly be based on the situation and person.

As time passed by, Qing Shui's influence rose significantly. His name as the Miraculous Doctor was growing.

Not long after he opened the shop, Qing Shui, who was at the top floor, felt two formidable auras. He thought in his mind, "perhaps the Phoenix Dance Organization finally made a move?"

However, Qing Shui quickly brushed away his thought. From the two auras, he felt that one of them was suddenly fading away. In his spiritual sense, these two small suns felt as bright as the fire of life.

How formidable!

Qing Shui saw what seemed to be dusk, just like the sunset.

His life span was coming to an end!

This was a sign when a life span was about to end!

That was why Qing Shui thought these two were here seek medical aid. Which faction or power were these two powerful people from?

Carrying a complicated mood, Qing Shui walked out directly!

"Two elders, do you need some help?" The male servant near the door said with a smile.

The two elders were dressed poorly but their clothes were very clean. Their plain clothing was not even worth wearing for normal civilians. They gave off the appearance of two ordinary old man.

"Rumor has it that there is a Miraculous Doctor here, coincidentally we also really need a doctor right now."

"Two elders, do you have a visitor's card? If not, you will have to wait for the walk-in times, which is three days away." The male servant said courteously.

"Visitor card? Second brother, let's go, looks like this place is a fraud!"

The elder that spoke had a voice that was aged, his tone was bleak, it did not carry any other thoughts.

"Older brother, no matter what the rumors said that this place is very good. Let's try it. You heard him, the Miraculous Doctor here also provides free walk-in examinations. He even cured many terminal illnesses. The visitor card was not to look down upon the poor, because the free walk-in does not allow the rich to participate, if they found out the rich participated they would not treat them ever again. When the rich need to be treated, they need to pay a very high price."

"However, the poor can't always wait for the free walk-in treatments. What if they can't wait?"

"Usually those who can't wait are treated immediately. Elders please come in."

At this very moment, Qing Shui walked out while smiling as he spoke.

"Miraculous Physician Qing!"

The male servant hurriedly said.

Qing Shui waved his hand to signal him to do other things.

"Miraculous Physician? At such a young age?" The older elder looked at Qing Shui with disbelief.

They had actually heard of Miraculous Physician Qing being a young man, but they had thought he was middle-aged. Never in their minds did they think he was this young.

"Don't need to question, your life span is coming to an end, it can be treated," Qing Shui laughed and lead them upstairs.

Both elders were stunned again, they stared at Qing Shui in disbelief but proceeded to follow him upstairs.

Halfway there, Yuan Su appeared.

"Sister Su, you should follow along and come check out his symptoms. In the future, you will need to participate in treatments like this, only those who can extend life spans are considered powerful doctors."

"You can really extend life spans?"

The elder was in disbelief, if it was just a small bit of extension to life span, there would be many ways, but he was skeptical whether this young Miraculous Doctor was treating him as a normal person. This was the first time he had put himself in a situation to have his life span extended this way.

In his situation, he had already sought out many doctors and alchemists. Moreover, he understood his own situation the best, thus he decided there was no need to seek any more help. However, he could not convince his brother otherwise, right now they were holding on to a sliver of hope for finding him a way to survive longer.

Suddenly the elder saw that this young Miraculous Doctor had such strength and capabilities……

"Old man, let me diagnose your pulse!"
Once the elder collected himself, he extended his hand towards Qing Shui.

Diagnosing his pulse was only a formality, Qing Shui did not actually need it. However, Qing Shui decided to do it in hopes of sensing the same thing as Heavenly Vision Technique. He wanted to teach the feeling of pulse diagnosis to Yuan Su.

Meridians Knocking Soul Pulling was very strong, what Qing Shui used it for was to determine whether or not he could completely grasp the situation within the elder's body with Meridian Knocking Soul Pulling.

When an expert is on the scene, they would be able to distinguish whether the person was knowledgeable. The elder felt that this young Miraculous Doctor was magnificent, but he did not believe he could extend his life span. He just wanted his brother to drop the matter.

"Elder, if I treat you now do you have any objections?" Qing Shui took out a box of Gold Needles.


The other elder nodded.

"Sister Su, you should assist me. I will do acupuncture in the front and you can do it in the back. Just like how you do acupuncture normally." Qing Shui laughed and handed Yuan Su a box of Gold Needles.

The elder was very calm but the other elder on the side was panicking. "Stop, stop. I somehow feel like there's something wrong here, you wouldn't be using my brother as a guinea pig for that girl would you?"

"It is the first time she has helped extend life spans, elder please don't be too excited." Qing Shui laughed and started acupuncture. Yuan Su was at the back of the elder and also started acupuncture.

The elder was shirtless, his body was thin, the other elder wanted to stop the process.

"Second brother, you need to trust the doctor," the elder said calmly while his eyes were closed.

The other elder bit his lip, then stopped. He carried a worried look on his face.

"You don't have to worry, since your older brother's life span is coming to an end regardless, if there was an accident there would be no loss but in the case where his life span is increased, then you profit! Don't you think so?" Qing Shui said calmly.

"Miraculous Doctor has a point," the elder with his eyes closed said happily.

"……." The elder on the side remained silent.

Five Element Acupuncture, Constitution Nurturing, Nine Yang Golden Body Strengthening… When a pungent fishy fluid started dripping out, the elder that was awaiting on the side held a bowl to catch the dripping fluid.

They stopped when half the bowl was filled. The elder went to clean the bowl himself. Qing Shui sprinkled fragrant scented powder in the room, then opened the window. The room was instantly filled with a sweet odor.

"Older brother, how do you feel?" The elder that had returned asked excitedly.

Qing Shui did not say anything, he already knew there was no need for anything to be said. These two elders had terrifying strength. Qing Shui intended to heal them, to collect some good karma. At the same time, he wanted to send the two formidable martial artists away, especially since they were old monsters. If they had any weird obsession and decided to fight Qing Shui, then it would be a mess.

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