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AST 1387 – Confronting Grade Four False God Cultivator, The Dividing Range of False God Realm, Fengming Yinsha

Qing Shui's words shocked Tianhe Renmo. The main reason he had come here was to assist Qing Shui. He still clearly remembered the words he had told him before. Everything he had today was given to him by Qing Shui. Therefore, he had to show up here no matter what.

Therefore, he didn't come here this time so that Qing Shui could give him a surprise. Although he wasn't too surprise to hear Qing Shui's words, he still spoke very happily. "I'm really looking forward to your surprise, brother."

Qing Shui brought him to a hidden chamber and started helping him to refine his body and establish his foundation by using Spring of Life, Five Elements Spring of Life, Gold Needle Constitution Nurturing and Nine Yang Constitution Nurturing. Tianhe Renmo was a worthy friend to keep, so Qing Shui didn't hold anything back when helping him.

By the time he was done with everything, half of the day had already passed. Tianhe Renmo was slightly disbelieving, just as how he felt when Qing Shui had healed him back then.

Usually it would be very difficult for him to make it through another False God Tribulation unless he possessed a heaven-defying object. Even if he managed to break through, unknown danger would still be lurking around as long as his foundation was still unstable. It would have been better if he didn't have a breakthrough in the first place.

Normally, if there were no unexpected surprises, this was the highest realm that Tianhe Renmo could ever attain in his lifetime — Grade Two False God realm.

But right now, he felt different. He was overwhelmed with a sense of complete control, as if he could control every fiber in his body. Furthermore, his strength had not only been increased after establishing his foundation this time but also stabilized within the Grade Two False God realm, very significantly raising his destructive power in actual battle.

"Brother, try to get used to your own body first. I will go take a look outside in the meantime." Qing Shui informed him before exiting the hidden chamber.

Tianhe Renmo responded with a smile and watched Qing Shui's retreating figure. He was still a little at a loss. Qing Shui was not only a lot younger than him in age but also a very enigmatic man.

He watched him as he left and had a feeling that nothing could ever stop this man in his tracks.

Everything he had now was all thanks to him. Apart from dying of old age, he would only die for Qing Shui's sake. Tianhe Renmo's lips formed a tight line and then started to try moving and jumping around in the hidden chamber.

Word about the Imperial Cuisine Hall and Che Clan were circulating around the Imperial Cuisine Hall region at the continent's capital. As soon as Qing Shui stepped out, Linghu Yu was here. He smiled very broadly when he spotted Qing Shui.

Likewise, Qing Shui was also very happy to see Linghu Yu. At least he could say that he had a friend here. Under such circumstance, whoever could come was a true friend because they were taking a great risk by coming here.

"It's truly a great pleasure to see you here, Old Master." Qing Shui had changed his way of addressing the old man to 'Old Master' before he even realized it.

Hearing the way Qing Shui addressed him, Linghu Yu's smile grew bigger. "I've told you before, the core of Linghu Clan lies in comradeship. Although sometimes valuing comradeship may put us on the losing side, the Linghu Clan has weathered through the storm all these years."

"It's true that valuing comradeship will sometimes put one on the losing side. However, there are times when one might gain some benefits instead too." Qing Shui chuckled.

The smile on Linghu Yu's face remained unchanged. "The Linghu Clan believe that valuing comradeship can be very rewarding. Therefore, this has been a virtue of utmost importance to us. Perhaps this is also why Linghu Clan can last until now!"

"Oh right, Old Master. If I were to fight with Che Clan, do you think anyone else from the Phoenix Dance Organization will join in?" Qing Shui had been concerned all this while.

"They will, if the Che Clan requests for assistance." Linghu Yu replied with a smile.

"Do you think the Che Clan will ask for assistance then?" Qing Shui asked.

"From the understanding I have of Che Clan, they probably won't for now because they see seeking help as a humiliation for them. The people from Che Clan are much too proud for that. They probably won't ask for assistance even if the entire clan is wiped out."

Qing Shui felt relieved after thinking about it. Although he had created some trouble for the Che Clan, it wasn't to the extent where a clan like Che Clan would seek help from others, at least not anytime soon since seeking for help was an act of weakness, especially going up against someone without any reputation like him.

Qing Shui's heart calmed down after knowing that Che Clan wouldn't look for help for now. He had yet to fully grasp the Phoenix Finger technique, but he felt like it was enough for now. Six fingers referred to the six aspects. After all, acupoints were not points of weaknesses for some people. If clearing acupoints didn't work that well, then one could alternatively clear their meridians, blood vessels, five viscera and six bowels or vital essence.

"So how is it going to be? Do you need my help? I'm not being courteous. I'm serious about it." Linghu Yu looked at Qing Shui and offered him earnestly.

Qing Shui looked back at Linghu Yu and shook his head. "I'm not being courteous with you either. I will definitely not be shy should the time of need arise. True friends will not drag others into a mess."

Linghu Yu smiled when he saw Qing Shui's smile. "True friends do not fear being dragged into a mess."

Linghu Yu left. Qing Shui had no plans of dragging the Linghu Clan into this. They were inferior to the Che Clan and were also part of the Phoenix Dance Organization. He didn't want to draw support from anyone either. His main focus now was to make his power known and also to temper himself.

Not long after this time, about twenty people came in the afternoon. Qing Shui wasn't certain if they were from part of the Che Clan but the strength of this group of people were slightly stronger. They were all cultivators of at least Grade Two False God realm. The few who led the group were already beyond Grade Three False God realm, probably around Early Grade Four False God realm or slightly stronger than that.

Beyond Grade Five False God realm itself was a dividing range. Grade One False God was two million sun of strength. Grade Two False God realm was the strength of Grade One False God realm plus two million sun, which was four million sun. Grade Three False God realm was four million sun of strength from Grade Two False God realm plus three millions sun, which was seven million sun. Grade Four False God realm was the strength of previous realm plus four million sun. This pattern in strength only applied all the way up to Grade Five False God realm.

Thus, Qing Shui wasn't aware of the strength beyond Grade Five False God realm. He had only gotten to know that it was a dividing range after asking around but no one was certain about the exact amount of strength.

Raising one's strength would be increasingly difficult towards the end, so one would find themselves lingering around the same level most of the time. Therefore, attaining the False God realm didn't guarantee a smooth ride ahead. Every False God Tribulation was as challenging as trying to breakthrough the False God Realm.

Peak Grade Five False God required a strength of 16 million sun of strength. Although Qing Shui could almost reach this amount of strength using the Paragon Heavenly Technique, he was worried that his opponent would possess the same technique too.

Grade One, Two and Three False God cultivators wouldn't possess the heavenly technique. Only cultivators whose strength had exceeded 10 million sun possessed this technique. Cultivators would possess only one heavenly technique or one killing battle technique after attaining every 10 million sun of strength. This meant cultivator would receive one heavenly technique upon attaining 10 million sun of strength, another additional heavenly technique upon 20 million sun, then another additional heavenly technique upon 30 million sun and so on.

At this point of time, Qing Shui already had three heavenly techniques in his possession. Furthermore, the Paragon Golden Armor technique was a passive heavenly technique that cost no energy consumption. Compared to his other heavenly techniques, Qing Shui favored this more. With the Paragon Golden Armor technique, his body could instantly be turned into an indestructible diamond body.

He had not met a Grade Four False God cultivator in the continent's capital so far. At least two among the three leaders of this group had attained the Grade Four False God realm, possessing about 10 million sun of strength. However, it was uncertain if they possess any heavenly techniques.

Qing Shui didn't allow Yehuang Guwu and Yuan Su to step out. He tasked them to look after Qing Jun. Initially, Yehuang Guwu insisted on stepping out but Qing Shui stopped her and asked her to believe in him.

Tianhe Renmo stayed beside Yehuang Guwu since Qing Shui requested for him to protect the two ladies and Qing Jun.

"Do you want to kill yourself or do you want me to do it for you? If I have to do it, you will die a terrible death."

One of the leaders was an old man with snowy white long hair and eyebrows that reached all the way down his waist. His cloudy eyes were void of emotions, not even anger.

The others stayed silent. However, some were glaring at Qing Shui pointedly while the others were giving him a death stare.

"I am very curious. How does such an arrogant clan manage to survive up to now?"

Despite Qing Shui's words, he knew that these people weren't actually showing too much arrogance. After all, considering the fact that he had killed so many people from Che Clan and the high position where these people had always been in, their words had merely expressed their anger over this incident.

"Whether or not Che Clan is arrogant is none of your business. Since you have killed people from the Che Clan, you will need to be ready to face us." The old man wasn't angry or at least he didn't seem to be angry. His voice was extremely icy, firm but very calm.

"I'm getting really lazy to talk about this. I won't provoke anyone on my own accord but I'm not afraid of anyone who is blind enough to provoke me either. If a mad dog bites me, I will beat it to death so that it won't be able to bite anyone else again," Qing Shui said softly but his words were very clearly conveyed.

"Young man, you are the arrogant one. You don't know patience. It will be very easy for you to end up on the losing side. Only the powerful are entitled to arrogance. Even if you want to be arrogant, you will also need to learn how to do it appropriately. Otherwise, you will be beaten to a pulp soon." At this moment, the old man's eyes lit up but the death Qi around him was very thick.

Qing Shui could sense that the old man's cultivation must be very special. Otherwise, he couldn't have such intense death Qi around him.

"The inheritance of Che Clan has gone on for quite a long time. Long enough to diminish the magnificent aspiration and ambition it once have in the past. The rise and decline of a clan is a repetitive cycle. Perhaps this time, Che Clan is at the decline of its cycle." Qing Shui wasn't provoked.

"You think too highly of yourself." The old man trembled. He wasn't the only one. Qing Shui's words had made the other people feel very unpleasant too.

"Well then, let me present you a song. Perhaps all of you might be able to feel something."

Qing Shui didn't bother to hear their response and immediately pulled out a five-string zither. The instrument was silently placed in front of him. Qing Shui then reached out and effortlessly strummed it downwards, producing a cheerful melody in the air. It gave off a tranquil feeling that transported people into a world with blooming flowers, beautiful spring sunshine, and little animals playing with each other, accompanied by melodious birdsong and the fragrance of flowers….

Zheng zheng…

The scenery transitioned the very next moment into a dangerous place, deep in the mountains. Wilderness stretched as far as the eye can see. Standing alone in the midst of this empty barren land that was completely void of vitaly between the heaven and earth, the wind blew violently…

Zheng zheng…

Many ferocious, lofty and huge demonic beasts with deadly jaws suddenly appeared in the surroundings. These demonic beasts were sinister and terrifyingly disgusting with an overwhelming stench. Meeting any of these in a desolate and hopeless circumstance could make one give up on even resisting.


One of the old leading men suddenly yelled very loudly. Some other people in the surrounding snapped back to reality as if they had just woken up from a dream. Those with lower strength were still lost in the illusion and seemed to have lost the spirit in their body.

"What is your relation to the Divine Sound Sect?" The leading old man asked with a frown.

Divine Sound Sect?

Qing Shui didn't make a move or any sound. He was clueless about the Divine Sound Sect. However, he could see fear and hostility in the old man's eyes.

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AST 1388 – Blood River Chariot Formation, Che Qi's Sure Kill Heavenly Technique, Blood Saber Death Seal

Hearing the Divine Sound Sect being mentioned, Qing Shui did not say much. He had never heard of the Divine Sound Sect but it seemed rather formidable. He decided he would remain silent. If the Che Clan was wary about the Divine Sound Sect, then Qing Shui's silence would cause them unnecessary worry.

"The Divine Sound Sect and I have no relation. You can be reassured that they would not interfere because there will be no need for it." Qing Shui said with a smile.

His way of speaking caused further uncertainty within the hearts of the members of the Che Clan. It was already past the point of no return. The elder's face paled as he looked at Qing Shui, "The Divine Sound Sect is a sinister and evil force, to join forces with a sinister power, the Dancing Phoenix Continent would not allow the likes of you to go about unscathed."

Qing Shui remained calm and collected, he had already guessed as much. Previously, he had heard of the Four Great Evil Powers. Demon Lord Palace was one of the four, it would seem that Divine Sound Sect was amongst their ranks as well. However, Qing Shui did not know the remaining two.

"Those who walk straight would not be worried about their shadows being slanted. However, there are people who could be under the light of the sun but could have an evil heart," Qing Shui said with the least bit of concern.

"Regardless of what your relationship with the Divine Sound Sect is, you killed someone within the Che Clan, now you will be buried with them." The elder's voice was loud. The elder belonged to the Phoenix Dance Organization. If the Divine Sound Sect was to intervene, then the Phoenix Dance Organization would not stay idle. The Phoenix Dance Organization and the Four Great Evil Powers were in opposition to each other.

"If that is the case, then we should just talk about our abilities. Will all of you come at me all at once or will it just be you?" Qing Shui provoked him again.

The simplest provocation was usually the most effective. Right now, the surroundings were filled with members of the Che Clan. It would be easily misunderstood as if they were bullying the weak with their numbers.

"Do you have time to care if we were all attacking at once? You can come at us with your full force too. Do you know how pitiful you are? Just like a fool rushing to challenge an entire clan, then asking for one on one fights. Who do you think you are? Do you think after saying a few words things will go as you wish? I am a busy man, I do not have time to play with you. My only goal is to take your life to account for the lives of the Che Clan that you have taken." The elder looked at Qing Shui and said with disdain.

Qing Shui stared back blankly, to think this old man was so thick-skinned. Qing Shui laughed, "You know no shame. To say those words without any strength to back it up. Alright, then come at me all at once. I will not look down on you guys. If you all come at me and die together, your ancestors on the other side won't recognize you as their clansmen."

"Boy, to be so cheeky at death's door. Attack, Blood River Chariot Formation!"

The elder waved his hand after yelling those words. Everyone pulled out a blood red long sabre. They were grouped together in a strange formation, as if it was a giant blood chariot, releasing an intense killing intent. The elder, with a blood sabre in hand, stood on top of the chariot, as if he was the driver.

Yehuang Guwu would soon come out, Qing Shui slightly raised his hand. This formation was different from the formations he had encountered before; it had no aura. The formations before that were all enveloped in an aura were all considered small formations. Their weakness was in the consumption level, the bigger it was the higher the consumption. Most could not last more than fifteen minutes. However, the Blood River Chariot Formation in front of Qing Shui was different.

This formation was like the ones used by Qing Shui. It chained together all the Origin Qi, using the elder as the eye of the formation. In battle, the elder was the only one who would attack, the others would not show their hand. This way, the elder's strength could be fully utilized. The elder's strength would be more formidable, regardless of it being his attack, defense or speed…

"This is our Che Clan's inherited battle formation, Blood River Chariot Formation. We will put you in your place, with your lack of outlook and experience. Your sole efforts are nothing more than a fool's bravery. Of course, what you have shown can't even be considered bravery." Che Qi looked at Qing Shui and slowly raised his blood saber.

The elder's name was Che Qi, his position within the Che Clan was not low. These people were all his strongest partners, Blood River Chariot Formation had enabled him to kill many formidable martial artists.

"Then I will show you what a simple man's bravery is. A real man's bravery can surpass the strength of a battalion of 100,000," Qing Shui said after seeing the opposition's formation and letting out a sigh of relief.

"Make your move, don't say I didn't give you a chance." Che Qi's killing intent was slowly spreading to the surroundings.

Hundred Birds Worshipping the Phoenix!

Emperor's Qi!

Qing Shui naturally was not going to waste anytime shredding their power with a potent debuff, then transitioning with steps.

Nine Palace Positions!

Nine Palace Laws!

Five Elements Steps!

Qing Shui's silhouette moved, after such a long time, the stone that acted as the eye of the formation had no fluctuations. However, the power increase was doubled for formations and Nine Palace Steps.

The least of his worries was a position type formation. Since Qing Shui knew that there were not many that could exceed his knowledge in positioning, especially when it came to formations that required many people to cast. Even if it was powerful in strength, it was still intertwined with both strong and weak members. Therefore, Qing Shui can cast Formation Intercept to break their formation.

Formation Intercept!

This ability extends from formation techniques. Once a formation was intercepted, its power is reduced. This is exactly why Qing Shui wanted to intercept the formation.

Qing Shui's speed was fast or it could be described as smoothly drifting and changing unpredictably. His silhouette would flash by and appear on the left, his fist would strike the head of the opponent.


Another loud pitched noise resounded. Qing Shui's fist struck his opponent leaving behind a wavy mark on the head of his victims. Suddenly, a giant sabre Qi like that of the speed of lightning slashed towards Qing Shui, carrying an intense killing intent.

The debuff from before had already shocked Che Qi. 30% strength was still frightening, it left him feeling that Qing Shui was evil. Even with his weakened strength, it was not something that Qing Shui could easily resist.

Qing Shui quickly retreated using Five Elements Steps.

At the same time, the entire formation fiercely advanced forward with Qing Shui's retreat. Compared to Qing Shui's speed, the formation's advancement was not slow by any means. An overwhelming Bloodwave Qi rushed towards Qing Shui, at that moment even Qing Shui felt like he was being smothered. This was not a feeling related to breathing or not.

Blood Saber Death Seal!

The elder slashed with the saber in his hand again. His blood saber transformed into a vibrant color, a grey cloud-like entity appeared in the surrounding, as if it was engulfed in the air. It was too sudden that he had not seen it before but now he could clearly sense it.


A dull noise resounded as Qing Shui was sent flying. The moment Qing Shui's body was struck by the Blood Saber, a golden aura blocked the sharp attack.

Qing Shui was surprised but he immediately understood that the Paragon Golden Armor had the effect to withstand one fatal attack.

Che Qi was more astonished than Qing Shui because the Blood Saber Death Seal was Che Qi's number one Sure Kill Heavenly Technique. It was a certain killing blow, even if the opposition was to avoid the attack, the Blood River Chariot Formation could continually advance until the Blood Saber Death Seal hit the target. During this time, the target was locked on, there was no escape. There were exceptions but Che Qi had never known of an exception.

Blood Saber Death Seal could double the strength of this certain killing blow but this slash had not killed the young man.

Qing Shui was stunned, he had thought of using Sacred Jade Divine Stone Ring to dodge but it had malfunctioned…

Moreover, Paragon Golden Armor's effect had already appeared, thus implying that slash was enough to threaten his life. Suddenly, Qing Shui thought of Heavenly Techniques.

Only a Heavenly Technique could do that, otherwise, his Paragon Golden Armor's protection would not activate. Without a doubt, he was using a Heavenly Technique and it could only be used once.

Che Qi had thought of taking the young man's life under his saber, even using his Sure Kill Technique. However, he had not thought that it would be ineffective.
At this moment Qing Shui did not move and Che Qi did not advance. The stare down continued for a moment as both found their answer.

Qing Shui made his move, this time directly towards Che Qi.

Seal of Roc!

Qing Shui used Seal of Roc in midair. Seal of Roc was a spiritual sense lock on but it was not an absolute lock on.

Che Qi laughed as he saw Qing Shui attack. It was especially frightening to have a smile on the Che Qi's face that looked like death. He slashed with the blood saber, the sabre Qi that was red like a fiery blaze spun in the air like a giant sabre and dissipated the Seal of Roc. The red sabre Qi continued to rush towards Qing Shui.

Qing Shui's silhouette disappeared into the distance, then suddenly he appeared at the tail end of the Blood River Chariot Formation.

Knowing Qing Shui was about to attack, Che Qi was more relaxed, "Even if I don't move you would not be able to do anything, you attack cannot break the defence of my formation."

Qing Shui laughed, he raised his hand to form complicated seals. Finger Seal!

Phoenix Finger Acupoint Strike!


Qing Shui's hand was fast, after one low pitched noise resounded he raised his other hand to strike with a hand seal.


Qing Shui's movement was fast. Three strikes happened within the time of taking a breath. The time to take a breath was not long but Qing Shui's level by a martial artist's standard was considered slow.

Had the opposition stopped him, Qing Shui would have only struck once and retreated, then he would find an opportunity to strike the same location on the next attack.

One clear cracking noise resounded. The old man that was struck by Qing Shui dropped like a rock!


Continuing, Qing Shui's silhouette moved on to attack the next target.

Che Qi's face changed immediately, in a flash, he tried to slash Qing Shui once again.

Blood Saber Soul Reap!

Che Qi utilized the Sure Kill Heavenly Technique. Though he had formidable battle techniques, he could only utilize the Sure Kill Heavenly Technique once, so he cannot be over-reliant on it.

Nine Continents Mountain!

Qing Shui controlled the mountain with his consciousness. The Nine Continents Mountain came at a crashing speed!

Since the Nine Continents Mountain's power did not threaten Che Qi, its shielding force could be used for blocking.


Che Qi hollered in a loud voice and heavily slashed toward the Nine Continents Mountain!


Nine Continents Mountain was deflected without receiving any damage.

Qing Shui took the opportunity and controlled the Nine Continents Mountain to crash towards the centre of the Blood River Chariot Formation.


With Che Qi's powerful strike, adding in Qing Shui's opportunistic guidance, given Qing Shui's perfect positioning, it was a perfect chance to direct all that energy into the Blood River Chariot Formation. Had Qing Shui guided the mountain in the opposite direction from Che Qi's strike, he would not have been able to control the Nine Continents Mountain. However, this was the perfect opportunity, he could even add a bit of his own force.

Immediately, several elders within the Blood River Chariot Formation was sent flying out of the formation as they spewed blood. Even with the formidable defense of the formation, there were heavy casualties.

They were the weakest amongst those in the formation, even in formation technique they were relatively weak.

At this moment, Che Qi wanted to vomit blood. His anger shot up his head. Did he not just shoot himself in his foot?

At the same time, Qing Shui did not forget to cast Phoenix Finger to attack the acupuncture point he had struck before. He had tried to protect the acupuncture points that had been struck but Qing Shui attacked his other acupuncture point. However, this time it took five finger strikes before he could take care of that person.

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