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AST 1362 - Perfected Nine Yang Golden Body, Complete Saturation, A year, Violet Gold Level Tiger Form, Chi Ao and Chi Feng

Qing Shui didn't know where he could set up his next location once the Five Elements Divine Flag broke through again. If it was about him travelling alone, actually, he was almost ready for it. But the precondition was that he would need to first cooperate with Yehuang Guwu.

Refine medicines!

Qing Shui successfully refined the Four-Yang Pill once. Now, he was going to continue refining it. Upon successfully refining it once, the success rate when he continued to refine more had increased a lot. After failing twice in the middle of the process and eventually going for the Golden Snake Grass, now, basically, he would only get things in his favour every time he tried to refine the medicine.

It was just that each time he refined, he would only get one pill out of it. Though Four-Yang Pill may be precious, its value was undisputable. In terms of increasing one's strength, it could help boost it by tens of times. Other than that, it could also help strengthen the person's body physique. It had a surprisingly powerful effect on some people with unique body physiques.

Qing Shui spent almost all of his time refining Four-Yang Pills. He only stopped after successfully refining ten of them. Now, he needed to consume either one or two of them.

He still had a month of time left within the realm. This was already almost enough time for him. Even if it wasn't sufficient, he would still return back to his room. Hence, he wasn't worried about it.

Now, no matter where he was, there was one habit he had, where no one would bother him. That was, whenever he was in his bedroom, no one would go in to interrupt him. Hence, he wasn't worried about this.

Four-Yang Pill!

The increment of one sun worth of raw strength was considered quite decent to the current Qing Shui. At least when compared to One-Yang, Two-Yang as well as Three-Yang Pills, it was already considered to be extremely powerful. But what he paid more attention to was the part which stated that it helped increase one's body physique and that it had an even more dramatic effect on people with unique physiques.

As he swallowed the Four-Yang Pill, a scorching aura emerged within his body. After that, it rapidly spread itself around his entire body. It felt really bizarre. It was like when someone threw a stone into an enormous surface of water causing a ripple which spread throughout the rest of the water.


A clear and loud noise rang through his body. After that, an even more violent and surging energy burst within his body. Despite this, he didn't feel any pain. On the contrary, he felt incomparably comfortable. Unknowingly, Qing Shui was already able to see the internal part of his body.

His gold-like bones had become even more solid. Even his Violet Gold Bloodline within his body had gotten slightly thicker. A violet energy surged through his blood.

Nine Yang Golden Body at Grand Perfection Stage!

Qing Shui revealed a satisfied smile. His Nine Yang Golden Body had reached a height which it had never achieved before. Originally, it was only at Great Perfection Stage but like the saying 'there is no limit to learning'. The Grand Perfection Stage was just a self-definition. On the surface, it was still considered to be at Great Perfection Stage. But only Qing Shui would be aware that this was a grade which was achieved after breaking through Great Perfection Stage. It was much more powerful compared to before.

Qing Shui operated his Spiritual Sense only to find his strength once again going through another change. Originally, he was only able to increase 10% of his raw strength. But now, possibly due to his body physique as well as the Nine Yang Golden Body achieving Grand Perfection Stage, his raw strength had actually increased by 60 sun. Other than that, there had also been a significant increase to the strength of his body. At the same time, his endurance was also extremely formidable.

There was yet another huge surprise. The barrier towards Eighth Heavenly Layer had loosened somewhat!

At the instant when the Nine Yang Golden Body successfully reached Grand Perfection Stage, the barrier which had been standing firmly like a mountain in front of the ordinary people had actually shaken. Even though he had yet to break through, one thing that was for sure was that he mustn't be too far away from it.

The Eighth Heavenly Layer had gone from initially being far in the indefinite future, eminent and unapproachable to the current state, where he was closer to stepping into it. It had been a long time, if it wasn't for the realm, Qing Shui felt that this was something he would never have thought of. With the realm present, it didn't matter if his talent wasn't that great, he would still be able to achieve a great height. He was very hard working, even though he had the realm, he was more hardworking than anyone else.

After thinking for a while, Qing Shui thought he might as well use the Double-dose medicinal Pill and take another one.

This time, his raw strength had increased by a total of three sun. The strength of his Nine Yang Golden Body body physique had once again increased by a bit, causing the Grand Perfection Stage which it just achieved a moment ago to be more stable.

Qing Shui, whose strength was originally already very tough to increase, due to the Nine Yang Golden Body once again making another breakthrough, it had helped the energy storage space within his body to increase significantly. The increase this time made him feel that he was not far away from False God.

Now, Qing Shui's strength was already considered to be quite terrifying. He didn't know to what extent his strength would reach. The strength of Peak Martial Saints was up to 500,000 sun. This was the highest one could achieve. As to whether there were exceptions, this was an unknown.

But things were special in his case. His Spirit Energy's attacks were already beyond 500,000. His physical offensive strength had yet to achieve 500,000. Could it be that his physical strength needed to achieve 500,000? Or could it be both his physical and Spirit Energy strength needed to achieve an average amount worth 500,000?

Now, Qing Shui's physical strength had achieved nearly 300,000 sun. The Nine Continents Mountain achieved a terrifying strength worth nearly 900,000 sun.

As for his Spirit Energy, in the case when he unleashed the Seal of Roc, it had achieved a strength worth beyond 800,000 sun. This time, upon taking the Four-Yang Pill, in a short while, it had helped increase his strength by an average amount which was beyond 500,000 sun.

Of course, the 10% chance to double in prowess couldn't be counted. He had a feeling that it was very likely his strength would stop increasing if he took the Four-Yang Pill again in the future. The reason being that the barrier exclusive to him was finally here.

Before he broke through to either False God or Eighth Heavenly Layer, his strength would no longer increase. No matter through what methods or what medicinal pills he had, even if his body was to leak out energies or burst, it still wouldn't increase.

He didn't know if he should take the Four-Yang Pill again after three days. If it didn't increase his strength, would he still need to continue taking it? If it increased nothing, he would stop consuming it. But it was likely that it would strengthen his Nine Yang body physique. Hence, he was lost as to whether he should still eat it or not.

What did False God and Eighth Heavenly Layer require for him to break through? Could the answer be the Nine Yang Golden Body? Prior to this, it was precisely because it reached the Grand Perfection Stage that the barrier had loosened.

He decided to continue consuming them!

Qing Shui was aware of what he needed to do. Even though he knew that it was a bit damaging for him to consume it without increasing his strength, for False God, the Eighth Heavenly Layer, to make sure he could find that person, as well as for the person in Demon Lord Palace, he must break through to False God as well as Eighth Heavenly Layer as soon as possible.

Thinking up to this point, Qing Shui realized that he still had a lot of things he needed to do.


In the blink of an eye, a year passed. It had been five years since he left the five continents. None of the people from Qing Clan had yet to come to Western Oxhe Continent. But Qing Clan has gotten themselves two visitors.

Chi Ao and Chi Feng!

The two children whom Qing Shui once met in Eastern Victory Divine Continent. At that time, he told them to come look for him after ten years if they were still interested. Back then, he told them that he would be in Greencloud Continent but now that Qing Clan had a huge reputation, very coincidentally, the brother and sister had also found out that Qing Clan had moved to Central Continent.

At that time, Qing Shui had said to let them come look for him after ten years. That was because he knew that after ten years, they would be strong enough to travel back and forth on the five continents. After all, they had body physiques which were quite uncommon. They were similar to, yet different from, Qing Sha's body physique.

It had already been a year since Qing Shui was still pacing back and forth outside of the great door to both Eighth Heavenly Layer as well as False God grade. To other people, one year might have been a short time but to Qing Shui, it was significantly long.

Though the barrier to Eighth Heavenly Layer had loosened a little, it was still standing firmly there. For most of the time, Qing Shui felt like he was about to break through the bottleneck, yet he was never able to do so.

His raw strength had also increased by only two sun upon taking the Four-Yang Pill again. Then slowly, it stopped increasing totally. It had been a year, his raw strength just stayed at 65 sun worth of strength.

Within this one year, Qing Shui's strength remained the same. But in other aspects of his, there had been great developments in terms of refining medicinal pills and helping others. As for the one with the most significant changes, it was none other than Yehuang Guwu.

Her strength was already worth 400,000 sun. Throughout this one year, Qing Shui helped her perform Constitution Nurturing many times. He even helped her perform Strength Infusion. In any case, once he lost a bit of his strength, he could just replenish it with a Four-Yang Pill. It would be a waste if he didn't perform Strength Infusion anyway.

The thing lost from Strength Infusion was the purest energy. Furthermore, one of the factors that had to be taken into consideration was the body physique of the person in which Strength Infusion was being performed on. Normal people could only accept Strength Infusion once. For people with good body physiques, they could accept it many times. Normal people would feel reluctant to give their purest energy to other people, let alone normally, when ten sun worth of strength was infused into the person's body, their body would only manage to absorb less than one tenth of it,

Qing Shui's Strength Infusion would only be appropriate for people with formidable strength. For some of the weaklings, it would be inappropriate for them to have it. With insignificant strength, they would receive an insignificant amount of boost. Not only this, Qing Shui would also waste one chance for him to carry out Strength Infusion. Hence, Qing Shui helped raise the body physique as well as innate skills for Shi Qingzhuang, Zhu Qing as well as Yun Duan. He wanted to wait until their strength has been raised to help them perform Strength Infusion.

Yehuang Guwu's body physique was really powerful. Within a year, Qing Shui had helped her perform Strength Infusion almost ten times. He would do so one time almost every month. This was also the reason why she could manage to raise her strength up to this kind of level so soon. Other than that, her Tiger Form had also achieved Violet Gold Level. She could now summon six white tigers. Each of them had four times her own strength.

Just like before, each of the tigers consumed 10% of her strength. This included both her physical strength as well as her Spirit Energy. The time which it lasted had been extended to eight hours. Furthermore, it could be used as a mount, which caused Qing Shui to feel envious.

Yehuang Guwu said that this was already almost the highest grade. Beyond this, there were two more grades that awaited. But the possibilities of achieving them were rather small. Despite that, for now, this were already enough.

She had already informed Qing Shui that she wanted to set off for Dancing Phoenix Continent. So many years had gone by, she didn't want to wait anymore. With her current strength, it shouldn't be a problem for her to face off against Yehuang Clan. Six tigers with strength worth 1.6 million sun. Even some of the Grade One False God warriors of Yehuang Clan wouldn't be able to defend against that. By then, he could also try to greet them with something of his own. For example, weaken them. Basically, there were no cards left which Yehuang Clan could play. Hence, Qing Shui promised her.

With Tiger Form, the most important thing for Yehuang Guwu was her body motion. She would need to match her body motion to that of the white tiger. Actually, very early on, the woman had already learned the Nine Palace Step from Qing Shui. In fact, she was the one with the fastest improvement. Now, defending herself against a strength worth four hundred thousand sun was no longer that tough.

Chi Ao and Chi Feng came. Qing Shui was also really happy about it. He arranged for them to be in Qing Clan. After these ten years, they had also grown up to be adults. The two of them looked handsome and beautiful. They addressed Qing Shui as uncle.

The two of them were Heavenly Pernicious Lonesome Star. Certainly, there would be something special about them. In actuality, it was just that they possessed abundant Pernicious Aura and it was a bit hard to search for their origin. Legend had it that their parents were dead, nor was there any evidence left on their bodies.

Ten years time, under the influence of their own Pernicious Auras, they had also become really powerful. As of now, the two of them could already set off for Western Oxhe Continent with their strength. Despite this, they still chose to remain behind Qing Shui.

"Ao`Er, Feng`Er, how is your grandfather doing?"

"He has been great, he often talks about you, uncle."

"Alright, cultivate nicely. Go back to see your grandfather whenever you miss him. But once you guys become powerful, it will take you guys less time when you try to go home again."

Unlike Qing Shui, they didn't have the Nine Continents Boots. It took them a long time to travel back and forth.

"Yes, we know about that, uncle. As of now, the change taking place in Jade Mountain Village is really significant. Everyone is learning the Tiger Form which uncle taught. As of now, the Jade Mountain Village was also very popular. Other than the two of us, there were still quite a number of people who were really powerful. Throughout these ten years, we have also walked around Eastern Victory Divine Continent. Now, the Jade Mountain Village has also already become considered to be a popular spot," Chi Feng said happily.

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