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AST 1346 – News of Yan Zhongyue? Puyang Clan’s False God Cultivator

Sensing the powerful force surging in his body, Qing Shui had never felt so replenished before. He started to slowly perform Taichi Fist in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

He didn’t know what realm he had reached for his Taichi Fist but each fist and palm he launched out would contain traces of Heavenly Dao. This was an ability he had gained after reaching Heavenly Dao.

This was a realm, a mysterious power. In the future, those who couldn’t attain the Heavenly Dao would all become dropouts. Only those who had the force of Heavenly Dao would be able to attain the False God realm.

Old Man Puyang had already attained the Heavenly Dao but was just at the very elementary phase. In comparison, the lady’s force of Heavenly Dao was much stronger and Qing Shui could clearly sense it.

What Qing Shui didn’t know was that the lady was also a little astonished when she saw Qing Shui. However, she was not showing much of it in her expression. It was because she could see that Qing Shui had also attained the Heavenly Dao. Generally, the younger one was when attaining the Heavenly Dao, the greater the person’s future achievements would be. With Qing Shui’s age, it would be no problem for him to become a False God. This was why the lady felt astonished.

Even amongst a big group of people, there might not be a single False God cultivator. Therefore, when the lady saw Qing Shui’s changes, she also felt very complicated. It was impossible for her to forget Qing Shui. She could never forget her first man, just like how men would never forget about their first woman. One would never be able to forget.

Each time she saw Qing Shui, she could see that he had made tremendous improvements. She didn’t know if it was for her, but she could feel Qing Shui’s sincerity.

It was a pity that Qing Shui wasn’t clear on all this nor did he dare to even think about it. Qing Shui didn’t dare to have too much hope toward this lady. He hoped that she wouldn’t hate him and that she would be able to live a good life and be happier.

Qing Shui waved his two hands and the currents in the air formed many tornadoes. It was in no way weaker than the Tidal Cloud Waves Seal. However, Taichi was more causal and there was a lot of room to allow for changes.

That was a realm, just like how Yehuang Guwu reached a very high realm in the cultivation of the Tiger Form. Or rather, it was a type of Heavenly Dao.

The Heavenly Dao was a mysterious existence. It was something which could be seen but not touched. It was a feeling. It was multifarious and there were truly too few people who could really grasp a bit of Dao. Being able to grasp just a little would benefit one for life.

Yehuang Guwu had also reached the Heavenly Dao miraculously after Qing Shui. It could be because of her bloodline and physique that she could actually bring the Tiger Form to a horrifying realm. Or rather, it could be said that she had already reached a brand new height. This was the expansion to a new path.

Yehuang Guwu only needed to cultivate the Tiger Form to be able to attain the False God realm in the future. And as long as she could reach a realm that was high enough, she could even defeat an Early False God as a Peak Martial Emperor. Of course, that would require the realm of her Tiger Form to be brought to greater heights.

The next day, Qing Shui waited for Old Man Puyang at the Imperial Cuisine Hall. They had agreed for him to head to Puyang Clan to extend the lifespan of that old lady.

Old Man Puyang had not arrived even though it was late in the morning but the people from Yehuang Clan came. It was still Yehuang Duzui and Yehuang Duxing. When they say Qing Shui, they smiled. However, their expressions were very strange.

When Qing Shui saw the two of them, he was also stunned for a while. He had a strange feeling. Was it about that man? Could it be that they had already gotten news about him?

Qing Shui welcomed the two of them into the room.

“Miraculous Physician Qing, we’ve mobilized a lot of our powers during this period of time and have even gotten the help from many friends. However, we only managed to get a small lead. This is the reason why we’ve come today.”

Yehuang Duxing said slowly. He was like his name, awake and intelligent. [1]

Qing Shui frowned slightly as he looked at the two of them.

“We’ll be honest with you. Yehuang Clan hasn’t continued to dive deeper in. The top notch existences in the Dancing Phoenix Continent have already stopped Yehuang Clan. If we were to continue the investigations, it would likely be the end for the Yehuang Clan. That person isn’t someone Yehuang Clan can investigate,” Yehuang Duxing sighed and said.

This time around, Qing Shui was stunned. To think that Yehuang Clan didn’t even have the rights to investigate… Who on earth was that man and where was he? It was apparent that he wasn’t in the Dancing Phoenix Continent and it was impossible for him to be in the Soaring Dragon Continent either.

Then there was only one possibility. The vast and boundless Haohan Continent.

Even though they had gotten a lead, it was nothing and could only affirm his existence as well as the fact that he was very powerful.

“Miraculous Physician Qing, that person isn’t called Yan Zhongyue, but he looks like the person in your portrait. Therefore, we can’t fully affirm it either. After all, there are all sorts of strange things in this world. Could they be two people who looked the same?” Yehuang Duxing tried to sway Qing Shui’s thoughts.

“Maybe. Sorry to have troubled the two of you.” Qing Shui wouldn’t think about anymore. It seemed that if he wanted to get to know some of the actual situation, he would need to reach the highest level of the Dancing Phoenix Continent. Even Yehuang Clan, who had Early False Gods had no rights to know of the information. It could only go to show that the other force was very powerful.

He could have lost his memories. Moreover, it had already been so many years. Could he have married another woman? Could he have forgotten about his mother and about Qing Qing? Did he know of his existence…

In the future, would there be a day when he would need to fight against him?

Qing Shui’s thoughts were all messed up and neither Yehuang Duzui nor Yehuang Duxing disturbed Qing Shui. Right now, they didn’t dare to harbor any thoughts concerning Qing Shui. Even if they were to work together, it would just be a normal collaboration.

“I’ll still have to thank of the two of you. The time may come when I’ll be leaving this place and heading for the continent’s capital.” Qing Shui made his words very clear. He would be leaving at anytime and there was no need for them to pursue any form of collaboration between them. They hadn’t managed to get any concrete news about the man.

Yehuang Duzui and Yehuang Duzui could only leave it at that. If Qing Shui and the man were really father and son, to which there was an extremely high possibility, putting aside the fact that they might accept each other again as family, it would be very easy for them to destroy Yehuang Clan if they had the intention to do so. Even if they were to ignore that man and his abilities, just this young man before them had unlimited potential. No one could be sure how far he could go in the future. However, Yehuang Clan wouldn’t be able to go up against him. It was because even right now, Puyang Clan, Gudu Clan and other clans with False God cultivators already had a good relationship with him. Therefore, it was better for them to be on good terms with him as much as possible.

Yehuang Duzui and Yehuang Duxing left. Qing Shui went down and saw Old Man Puyang and the little lass seated in a corner on the fourth story. The lass was looking at something outside, occasionally breaking out into crisp laughter. It didn’t seem to be abrupt at all but on the contrary, gave a comfortable and soothing feeling. A child’s laughter was said to be the best music in the world.


Seeing Qing Shui, the lass happily greeted him.

The lass often came here and was also very familiar with Li Ji and Yuan Su. The lass, who was precious like crystal, was someone people would easily take a liking to. Moreover, they had arranged for her to be betrothed to Qing Shui’s son. At that time, Li Ji had said that if she were to give birth to a daughter, she would also want her daughter to be married to Qing Shui’s son. Qing Shui didn’t know what to say.

Qing Shui gave Zhenming a hug and then greeted Old Man Puyang before they headed out.

In his previous life, there would also be cases where the elders decided for their children to be betrothed to each other while they were still toddlers. Back then, the father of the boy wouldn’t be allowed to hug or carry the girl because she would be his son’s wife. It was nothing much since the girl was still a kid and the father’s daughter-in-law would be like his own daughter as well. However, in some places which tended to be more conservative, it wasn’t allowed.

In this area, the world of the nine continents was more open-minded. The world of the nine continents and the world in Qing Shui’s previous life were on the forefront in different areas.

Puyang Clan was located very near and was a clan that had kept a relatively low profile. However, keeping a low profile didn’t mean that no one knew about them. On the contrary, quite a number of people knew about them. With so many people gossiping amongst themselves, Puyang Clan would definitely be in the top three amongst the clans which people discussed the most about. The clan had strict rules and members of the clan weren’t allowed to be arrogant and throw their weight about outside just because of their clan’s background. It could be because the clan had strict rules that Puyang Clan’s abilities continued to soar.

They entered from the back door. The environment was very refined and quiet. It wasn’t very big but not a single person could be seen. The Puyang Clan was a big clan and their manor was very big. This was basically a small courtyard at the back and wasn’t connected to the rest of the Puyang Clan.

Probably many people weren’t aware that someone was staying here!

There were some vine-typed plants like the Boston Ivy. The courtyard wasn’t big but size was something relative. It still took up over one mu in area. All the necessary facilities were present and although it appeared to be old, there was a rustic feeling to the place.

An old lady sat on a deck chair, eyes closed and resting. She was extremely thin and was past her prime. However, she exuded an indescribable aura. As she laid there, she appeared to be very much at peace, just like the most ordinary old lady. Yet, she also gave off the feeling that she wasn’t ordinary.

At that moment, the old lady opened her eyes. Her eyes were very calm, with faint hints of a smile in them. The world weariness that was reflected in her eyes was the traces of her life.

“Old Ancestor!”

The lass pounced over happily and the old lady casually caught her. Just through this action alone, Qing Shui could see a kind of mysterious power that was gentle yet natural.


Way of Nature. It seemed that the old lady’s realm was very high. This should be a slightly higher realm than an Early False God cultivator.

“Old Ancestor!” Old Man Puyang greeted her respectfully.

“This little one pays his respect to senior.” Qing Shui greeted her respectfully. Puyang Clan’s expert deserved respect. One of the reasons Puyang Clan could be like what it was now, was definitely due to this Old Ancestor.

“Young man, you’re the one of the most outstanding people I’ve met over so many years. You have a bright future before you. I heard that your primary focus is in medicine but it seems that Qing`er is wrong.” The old lady smiled and looked at Qing Shui.

Puyang Qing was the name of Old Man Puyang.

“Senior really has discerning eyes. I actually learn a lot of different things. I don’t know what I primarily cultivate either. It’s just like how I’m a blacksmith but my hammer technique, which I use for forging, can also be used to deal with my enemies. Therefore, I feel that Dao is multifarious and there’s no need to be a stickler on what I learn. As long as I can attain Dao, learning anything would be the same. All routes will lead back to the same source. In the end, the result achieved would all be the same.” Qing Shui gave it some thought before he said seriously.

“You spoke well. For one so young to have some understanding, it is very rare. In this area alone, you’re much stronger than many of your age, including an old monster like myself.” The old lady nodded.

“Old Master should already have brought this up to you. The reason I’m here today is to extend your lifespan.”

“Extend my lifespan? That’s very tough. Although I still appear to be very powerful, my vitality has come to an end. Nothing will work anymore.” The old lady’s expression was very calm, as if she no longer thought much of life and death.

“Then what if I can recover and reignite some of your vitality, clearing some of the sedimented impurities and hidden illness in your body? It’s just that to do all these, I’ll need your cooperation.”

“Hmm? Other alchemists and physicians have also brought this up before. This isn’t something to be surprised about. Even I know about it. Are you sure that you’ll be able to get rid of some of these?” The old lady looked at Qing Shui curiously. After all, Puyang Qing’s change was already considered a tremendous impact. It was just that Puyang Qing wasn’t a False God cultivator.

[1] The characters ‘Du’ and ‘Xing’ in this case, likely refers to ‘being the only’ and ‘awake’ respectively. Together, they can be interpreted as being the only one who’s awake.

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AST 1347 – Attitude of the Puyang Clan, False God Tribulation

The old woman felt really curious looking at Qing Shui. If it had been other doctors or alchemists, she definitely wouldn't feel anything. But Qing Shui was different. The old woman was still particularly astonished with the change in Puyang Qing.

Even though there was a huge gap in strength, she wondered if his medical expertise would have effect on her False God Grade. Despite not knowing, she was still willing to give it a try. Even if it meant only to witness the medical expertise of this young man, she also felt the need to try it.

"What do you need me to do?" The old woman looked at Qing Shui with a smile.

"I need you to be very confident. If even you yourself don't have that sort of strong desire, even if you have taken in divine pills or unique medicines, it would still be useless. I can tell that you seemed to have seen through life and death. That way, the effect brought about from me helping you would be a lot smaller." Qing Shui needed her strong desire to seek survival.

The old woman remained silent. Actually, just like what Qing Shui said, she didn't really weigh life and death very heavily. So much so that she had already planned to live her remaining life quietly.

All powerful warriors were lonely. For people like Headmaster Sui and Headmaster Cao who were close  like brothers, inseparable and also like-minded with each other, it was already considered a sort of blessing. A lot of people might have seemed like they had a lot of friends, in actuality, they didn't feel that great deep inside.

"I can tell that you have yet again stumbled upon another bottleneck of your grade. Don't you want to breakthrough and have a look at it?" Qing Shui was telling the truth. It was just that he didn't know what grade it was. After all, he had no idea on what kind of strength and grade came after False God Warriors.

"Huh, you are actually able to tell that I have reached a bottleneck. Actually, I am at the bottleneck for Grade One False God. If I want to breakthrough to Grade Two False God, I will have to go through False God Tribulation once again."

"False God Tribulation?" Qing Shui asked confused. He really wanted to ask the old woman questions regarding False God Realm. But he felt that this was somewhat rude. But seeing an opportunity now, he naturally wouldn't let it pass.

"Yes, False God also consisted of ten levels. In other words, it has ten grades, just like Martial Emperor, Martial Saint and Martial King. For the first few grades, one would only have to break through the bottleneck to achieve the next grade. As for False God, it is a bit different. To break through each time, one would need to experience False God Tribulation. Once they succeeded in making it through the False God Tribulation only then would they be able to break through to another grade. If they were to fail it, the only thing which awaited them would be death. Hence, a lot of people wouldn't want to continue breaking through once they reached False God Grade. If they were to fail, they would disappear right away," the old woman explained slowly.

"Is False God Tribulation really formidable?" Qing Shui was very curious.

"Warriors at False God grade would have to break through the existing obstacles if they want to break through to the next grade. And at the moment when they broke through the barriers, it would trigger a few unusual phenomenons across heaven and earth. The majority of people would trigger Heavenly Thunder. Grade One would trigger Grade One Heavenly Thunder. Grade Two would trigger Grade Two Heavenly Thunder. Compared to the Grade One Heavenly Thunder, it was even thicker and it lasts even longer."

"Is the False God Tribulation the same for every False God Warrior?"

"They are all different. But there is one thing which is similar, the stronger the person is, the more powerful the unusual phenomenon will be. As for how frightening it is, even I myself am not clear about it." The old woman seemed like she was looking forward to see it, talking up to this point.

"Will there be a significant increase in strength every time a person breaks through a level?" Qing Shui said with a smile.

"This is related to the strength of the person who broke through to False God Realm. For someone who broke through to False God at a strength worth three hundred thousand sun, compared to those with strength worth four and five hundred thousand sun, there is a large difference between them. Furthermore, following the False God Tribulation, the difference in the increase in strength will also widen."

"Oh, so this is the case. Well then, please allow me to help you attempt it!"

"Alright!" The old woman smiled and nodded.

Puyang Qing quickly took over the little girl from the old woman. After that, the three of them made their ways towards the living room. They also didn't say much. They just got into the main topic right away.

Qing Shui first helped the old woman perform Constitution Nurturing. After that, he helped release the impurities and filthy substances from her body. He also helped heal some of her unmentionable diseases. Even though breaking through to False God might help heal a bit of the unmentionable diseases and purify some of the filthy substances and impurities, when all was said and done, the old woman had still lived for a long period of time. There would definitely be a huge amount of filthy substances and impurities within her. False God warriors might have been powerful but the impurities within their bodies came in even larger amounts compared to that of Martial Emperors.

Drop after drop of black liquid dripped down. To his surprise, an amount worth almost a small cup of tea has been accumulated. At the moment when Qing Shui stopped, Puyang Qing held up the small cup and went to sort it out.

The little girl was playing outside. After all, it's better to not let children see the scene of acupuncture treatments.

At the moment when the first drop of impurity got removed from her body, a fresh aura emerged from within her body. Even though it was very weak, it was very distinct. It was just like her vital force awakening slightly. That was a kind of life force. At this moment, hope once again lit within her. She was even thinking about aiming for Grade Two False God.

At the moment when a lot of the impurities within her body were removed, she had come to fully believe Qing Shui's words. This young man truly possessed extremely terrifying medical expertise. Any clan who could make friends with a doctor like him was the clan's luck. After all, for a powerful warrior to be able to live up an additional a thousand years…… This sort of benefits……

Not only had her vitality become more powerful, she also looked even younger. Or rather, it was a kind of spirit. The old woman still looked very old and serene. But she seemed like she has had one more additional spirit energy added to her, just like a kind of spiritual movement.

The old woman noticed that her strength had become even more stable. She only smiled after quite a while, "Just your medical expertise alone is already enough to help you rush headlong across the continent. Given time, with just one word from you, there will be countless people coming to fight for you."

"Granny, you must be joking." Qing Shui shook his head.

"No, I mean it. But the precondition is that you need to showcase your abilities. But it would be best that you have huge strength at your disposal to act as a deterrence," the old woman replied.

"Yes, I am also trying hard to raise my strength. Qing Shui now also understood this saying.

Forging skill, medical expertise, cooking skill and more, all of these weren't Qing Shui's goal. They were all only his methods. Methods for becoming a strong warrior. Or else, he would rather only make his friends and close relatives food. Also, the good stuff within the blacksmith store.

The reason why the old woman valued Qing Shui so highly was because Qing Shui had helped her increased her lifespan a lot. Even if he conserved his energy, it was still worth not less than eight hundred years.

The lifespan of False God was already considered to be really long. They could live up to five thousand years. Unfortunately, almost everyone was unable to live up to three thousand years old. Furthermore, this was still after they had eaten all of the consumable medicinal pills which helped increased lifespans.

Qing Shui had already been conservative by helping her increase her lifespan by eight hundred years. Originally, he never even planned to help her increase by that much. But for a moment, he didn't manage to restrain himself. Ordinary warriors, other than those at Xiantian Realm, would hardly be affected. The higher up they progressed, the less they would have. For State Master Grades, normally, they could only live up to half of their lifespan and they would have been considered to have run out of life. Similarly, for False Gods, most of them could also only live up to half of it.

Qing Shui on the other hand, if he operated all of his strength, he should be able to help increase an overall 80% of lifespan for a person. That's the maximum amount. Any more than that and he wouldn't be able to achieve it even with his medical expertise.

"Qing`Er, no matter how things turn out in the future, this person will always be Puyang Clan's friend and a benefactor. No matter what he does," the old man looked at Puyang Qing and said.

"Old Ancestor, Qing`Er will keep it in mind." Puyang Qing was also an old man in his sixties. But compared to the granny, there was a huge gap between their seniority.

"Granny, the little brat has now arranged betrothal of minors with my son. No matter how things turn out in the future, I hope that other than friends, we can still end up as relatives by marriage." Qing Shui smiled. Simultaneously, deep down, he also knew that the old man was trying to declare his position.

"Alright, Zhengming has great veins and bones. Judging from her look, I can tell that in the future, she will achieve great things and everything will go smoothly for her in her life. "The old man stood up looked out the window at Puyang Zhengming who was playing.

"Granny, I have two medicinal pills with me here. I am wondering if they will be of use to people at your strength?" Qing Shui handed over two porcelain bottles. They were Ren and Du Duo Meridians Strengthening Pill.

"Alright, I will give it a try once I find the time to do it." The old woman put them carefully away right after she accepted them.

"Oh yes, use it when you want to break through your current grade. It shall be of help to you. At the moment when you take them, it is best if you make the preparations for breaking through your current grade," Qing Shui thought about something and said seriously.

"Thank you mister!"

"Granny, at the very least, we are considered friends! I am your junior, why don't you call me Qing Shui?"

"Well then, I will put down the formality. Qing Shui, I have to thank you for helping Qing`Er, if you hadn't helped him, it was basically hopeless for him to break through to the False God Level."

They shared a conversation with each other. At noon, the group had lunch right in the old woman's room.

"Granny, how is Yehuang Clan?" Qing Shui hesitated for a while and said.

The old woman thought for a while, "it should be quite ordinary. There are a lot of clans like this. They are all the same. Yehuang Clan should be really powerful in Yehuang Country."

The old woman gave Qing Shui a strange look at the time when she finished speaking.

"Granny, how strong is Dancing Phoenix Continent City? It is said that the continent city is a lot more powerful than Yehuang Country." Qing Shui had heard Yehuang Duzui and Yehuang Duxing say before about there being powerful forces which could easily eliminate Yehuang Clan.

"The continent city is one of the most powerful spots in a continent. There isn't even a single Grade Two False God warrior in Yehuang Country."

"Granny, do you know anything about the Demon Lord from Demon Lord Palace? How strong is she?" The woman has turned enemy with an entire continent. It was likely that she might be very powerful. Also, the divine turtle and her Demon Lord Palace, just how strong were they?

This time, the old woman didn't seem to feel particularly curious. She also didn't really ask Qing Shui anything. She only spoke gently, "The Demon Lord Palace is very powerful. So is the woman. She should be equal in strength with the most powerful person in Dancing Phoenix Continent. Most importantly, that divine turtle of hers is infinitely powerful."

The old woman didn't say much. Despite this, Qing Shui still managed to understand a few things about it. It was not that easy for people to face off against her.

By the time Qing Shui returned to Imperial Cuisine Hall, it was already halfway through the afternoon. His visit this time to Puyang Clan had helped him gain a lot. He was still a long way ahead from helping the woman. Other than that, it was that the person whom his mother missed also seemed to be really powerful. For all of these, he would only have the ability to investigate them once he achieved Eighth Heavenly Layer and became a False God Warrior.

Cultivate, researching on cooking, refining demons, magic weapons, drawings and also training a swarm of Jade Emperor Bees. Qing Shui also looked through the Nine Yang Pharmacopoeia to see if he could find any medicinal pills which helped raise the grade of his Spiritual Medicinal Beasts.

The days just went past like this. Unknowingly, half a year had passed.

To other people, half a year was just like a snap of the fingers. But to Qing Shui, it wasn't the same. He spent his six months very efficiently. It was just that halfway through it, he would still head back to Qing Clan. He would use the Ren and Du Meridian Strengthening Pills and Yang Pill to help raise their strength. Certainly, only a minority of people could use Yang Pills.

Luan Luan was one of them. She was one of those who was improving the fastest. The Ren and Du Duo Meridians Strengthening Pill was considered to have provided Luan Luan with a significant improvement. In the future, her strength was bound to continue rising and become even more terrifying.

Wenren Wu-shuang had also come out of her seclusion. Her strength also skyrocketed. Her body physique was very similar to Yehuang Guwu's but they were also not entirely the same. Ever since the last time when Qing Shui performed Duo Cultivation and awakened her body physique, her formidable bones and veins ability had finally displayed their prominence.

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