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AST 1344 – Helping Someone Else To Push Through To False God Cultivation Realm? Third Grade Of Nine Continents Mountain

Yuan Su forced a smile as she watched that man, who had always been going along the flow yet had a heart as firm as a rock. No matter how much the world had changed, he would still be calm and serene. The one who could never be calm was none other than her own self.

In just a span of a few days, Soulsearch's and Yuan Su's power had undergone a huge change. Qing Shui was more concerned for the Qing Clan as he was trying to figure out how he could push their strength to the State Master level. By the time they were able to achieve that level, they would be able to rely on the Yang Pills to advance further.

The limitation towards one's body that was once given by the Crippling Divine Pills was considered a type of shortcoming. Even though the pills could increase one's power considerably, the aftereffect of consuming such pill was too great, which could inhibit the growth of the body's strong life force.

After that, there was the Xiantian Golden Pellet, which was actually a higher-leveled Crippling Divine Pill but far greater than it ever was. For ordinary citizens, Xiantian Golden Pellet was a true divine medicine.

Most wealthy merchants would never be short of money, yet they would regret having such a short life. In the World of the Nine Continents, the strength of martial cultivators would always exceed the rights of his past life. A powerful martial cultivator would resemble a government official in his past wherever they go, which was why powerful people would never run out of money.

Having money was good but not their short lifespans. In most cases, money would be required to avert calamity. It seemed that money would be spent just to settle things most of the time. Because of this, the majority of the descendants of those wealthy merchants were obliged to learn martial arts. No matter the amount of money they could spend, they must find the best medicinal pills to assist their children in their cultivation progress. Once their children were able to become powerful cultivators, it would be convenient for these merchants as father to engage in business deals.

Even so, those who were shown to be capable may end up being careless as a result of negligence. The stronger the person would become, the more they would feel dissatisfied in themselves and strive for greater power. Eventually, they would use any means necessary to achieve what they wanted, which would always end up in an unfavorable situation.

Qing Shui's miraculous acupuncture and the ability of rebirth could somewhat compensate these few points. He could renew vitality and spark a stronger life force, breaking the shackles of traditional ways. It was because of that that the members of Qing Clan could no longer be affected by the Crippling Divine Pill and the Xiantian Golden Pellet. They could, however, go through cultivation to boost their power.

But to build them to become State Masters could prove to be difficult. Fortunately, they still had a lot of time, so they were able to spend their money lavishly.

And so, a week passed. The matters with the Young Master of Shui Clan did not stir up a big problem. No one mentioned whether the youngest Young Master of the Shui Clan was alive or dead. In any case, they never bumped into each other ever again.

No one else from the Shui Clan appeared either and no one ever came to the Imperial Cuisine Hall to cause anymore ruckus. Due to that, Qing Shui had quite a lot of leisure time in his hands.

Qing Shui, who was taking a rest today, caught a glimpse of Old Man Puyang and the little girl coming into the Imperial Cuisine Hall. Things were different now. Even though it was done verbally, he and the Puyang Clan were considered as relatives. Because of that, Qing Shui happily welcomed them to the fifth floor.

Although Old Man Puyang couldn't come every day and could only manage to come at least twice every three days, the little girl was privileged enough to take some food home even after she had finished her meal. Other than Puyang Zhengming, no one else would dare to do so.

Once she got to know Qing Shui better, she began to grow closer to him, addressing him affectionately as her uncle. She had grown closer to Li Ji too. When she met Yuan Su for the first time, she wasn't scared. Perhaps this was due to Yuan Su's demeanor – a type of demeanor that could easily calm those around her.

"Old man, how have you been for the past few days?" Qing Shui asked as he poured a cup of tea for Old Man Puyang.

"Good. I'm just an idler. Whenever I'm free, I bring this little girl out for a stroll," Old Man Puyang said casually.

"Old man, you should be a Peak Martial Emperor, right? I was wondering if you have made preparations to break through to False God realm." Qing Shui said as he took a sip of his tea.

"False God?" Old Man Puyang smiled and shook his head.

Qing Shui only remained silent and watched him. He was well aware that Old Man Puyang was still capable of articulating his words clearly.

"The False God realm is too difficult to achieve. I have already reached the Peak Martial Emperor level for a hundred years. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to reach another breakthrough, so I gave up during the last few years of my life. I just want to live out the rest of my life in simplicity and raise Zhengming. My children can take care of themselves when they grow up and the future of the Puyang Clan still depends on them. At this stage, I don't have to worry anymore," Old Man Puyang said calmly.

Puyang Clan was a family with many descendants, especially from a period of great prosperity. They had descendants, so the tendency to grow and expand was still strong.

"Don't you want to strive for it?" Qing Shui smilingly asked.

"I want to. I have been striving for it for hundreds of years but it's unfortunate that there's no hope of it. For the last dozen years, hope has become more bleak." Old Man Puyang shook his head and smiled.

"If I extend your lifespan by a few more hundred years, do you think there's hope in that?" Qing Shui suggested after pondering for a while. The strength of the Puyang Clan could bring benefits for Qing Shui. Moreover, this old man's breakthrough to False God realm might not take a long time because he could provide assistance to him in that regard.

Old Man Puyang looked at Qing Shui with a surprised expression on his face, as if he had misheard those words. He continued to stare at Qing Shui in disbelief.

"Old man, you've been stuck in a bottleneck for so many years. Your state of mind seems to be tempered well enough. Perhaps this is one of the imperative requirements in breaking through to the False God realm. I will help you, even in this short amount of time, there's half a hope in breaking through to False God realm. If you can't achieve the breakthrough in this short amount of time, you can break through to False God realm in the next hundred years," Qing Shui said in a determined tone.

Now, it was Old Man Puyang's turn to lose his composure. He didn't seem to care about the False God realm before. Yet it wasn't that he didn't care but because the chance of actually achieving the False God realm was almost certainly impossible in the past. He decided to let go of things that he couldn't control. At this point in his life, he had to accept the unpleasant fact that some things were not meant to be.

However, it was different now. If he could achieve that one thing he had been dreaming about through hard work, it would be difficult to contain his excitement inside his heart.

"Qing Shui, are those words true?" Old Man Puyang was excited because there was still one thing in his heart that required Qing Shui's help in achieving.

"Of course, do you not believe in the things I've said?"

"I believe, of course I believe. I just feel that it's a bit inconceivable," Old Man Puyang cackled.

"Come, let's go up."

The little girl was busy playing with Yuan Su, so Qing Shui and Old Man Puyang flew up in the air without any concern. Qing Shui assisted the old man in nurturing his constitution while developing his potential before he proceeded to let the old man consume the advanced strengthening pellets of Ren and Du Meridians.

Qing Shui wasn't sure how much of the old man's power he could boost or how much potential power he could develop. The old man's body had already reached a bottleneck, which by normal circumstances would mean that further upgrade was impossible. The Peak Martial Emperor of 500,000 sun was already the highest point one could reach, so any power would be capped at that limit. Of course, most people would stop at 300,000 sun of power. Only a handful of prodigies could actually reach 400,000 sun of power. It would be considered extremely rare for one to be able to reach 500,000 sun of power during the Peak Martial Emperor level.

The disparity between breaking through to False God realm with the power of 300,000 sun and breaking through with the power of 400,000 sun was too great. This would be considered as a type of growth or the physical strength of one's body. For example, it would be considered a difference of one fold between Qing Shui's physical strength of 30 sun and the physical strength of 50 sun, which would make their differences much larger that it seemed. That being said, the power of 350,000 sun or 310,000 sun for a Peak Martial Emperor would always be much stronger than the power of 300,000 sun. Even the difference of 10,000 sun was considered crucial.

The lifespan of Old Man Puyang had already been elevated by Qing Shui. The ailments and impurities inside his body had been mostly cleared and it wouldn't be a problem to increase his lifespan by another 800 years. Furthermore, Qing Shui hadn't even used his full power to do so. He didn't put all his effort in it, not because he didn't want to help the old man but because he was afraid that it would be too outrageous. Besides, if the old man managed to break through to False God, his lifespan would be extended again.

Other than lifespan, the old man's power had also been increased from the original 350,000 sun to 450,000 sun. In addition to that, a strong energy had also been harnessed inside his body.

The Life and Death Needles that had been merged with the energy from the Shield Attack were aiding the old man in pushing through that huge barrier continuously.

The advanced strengthening pellets of Ren and Du Meridians had already enhanced the old man's Ren and Du meridians respectively, allowing his body to become sturdier. Once he managed to break through to False God, his body would not be destroyed by the sudden gain of power.

The Life and Death Needles bombarded with a stream of pure energy, which abruptly caused the Nine Continents Mountain to circulate once more inside his Dantian. A stronger energy of the Shield Attack began to merge with the Shield Attack that had been previously fused with the Life and Death Needles and flowed into the old man's body.

The barrier between a Peak Martial Emperor and the False God realm was akin to a large mountain range – unshakable and immovable. A large amount of energy of the Shield Attack continued to assault the barrier but was rebounded by the greater energy from the barrier itself, causing the streams of energy to bounce back to Qing Shui and his Nine Continents Mountain.

The circulating speed of the Nine Continents Mountain had increased!


This sound didn't came from the old man's body but from Qing Shui's body. Qing Shui was pleasantly surprised, yet he didn't have the time to examine what had happened exactly. He could only sense the energy of the Shield Attack emitted by the Nine Continents Mountain had grown much stronger.

Time passed by slowly. Qing Shui finally stopped when he was completely out of energy. The unyielding barrier did not even budge even in the slightest. However, this was normal. If there was a slight budge, then Old Man Puyang's breakthrough could happen in the near future.

Qing Shui ceased his actions and said, "Old man, this will require some time. It's better than what I had expected. I can guarantee you that it is possible for you to break through to the False God realm."

Qing Shui was elated. He could now use this method to help his family and friends in forcing a breakthrough, then stabilize and nurture their constitution after that. With the use of medicinal pills and whatnot, there would be no problem in achieving that. This was somewhat similar to Strength Infusion. However, Strength Infusion could only happen once. This method, on the other hand, could be used continuously, albeit after a certain cooldown period. During this period, their power would be stabilized in order to maintain on the higher realm.

"I can feel it, Qing Shui. The impassable barrier seems so close now. Moreover, I have reached 450,000 sun of power. I actually feel that there's hope in breaking through to the False God realm now." Old Man Puyang was emotional as he gazed at Qing Shui with a different perspective.

Previously, he thought Qing Shui was a terrible existence that only warranted fright. But now, it seemed that 'terrifying' would be a better word to describe this man.

He also felt that he had made the right choice this time. Not only did he have a good relationship with Qing Shui, like two best friends of different ages, most importantly, Qing Shui would worry for his family. This was all worth it in his opinion and based on his experiences in life, he could see what kind of person Qing Shui was. There was nothing to worry about for Zhengming in the future anymore.

It was already late when he returned to the Imperial Cuisine Hall. Old Man Puyang took the little girl with him and left.

It was at this moment that Qing Shui began to inspect the Nine Continents Mountain in his Dantian.

The technique that hadn't reached the next level had finally achieved an upgrade. Previously, his power and attack speed were tripled. After the upgrade, his power and the attack speed were now quadrupled.

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AST 1345 – Meeting the Demon Lord Once Again, She Was A False God Cultivator? Physical Strength of 12 sun

The Nine Continents Mountain had reached Grade Three and it would attack its target with three times that of his physical strength and three times his speed. This was pure power. Therefore, Qing Shui’s attacks with the Nine Continents Mountain had reached close to 150,000 sun.

However, the attacks of the Nine Continents Mountain weren’t as simple as just having a strength of 150,000 sun. It was because it also moved with three times his speed. Qing Shui’s speed was already considered to be very terrifying. Furthermore, he had gotten an explosive increase in his powers and thus his speed had increased by a lot as well. With the Nine Continents Mountain’s attacks reaching 150,000 sun, under that terrifying speed, the impact would far surpass 150,000 sun. It wouldn’t even lose out to spirit energy attacks in any way. Moreover, there was still the terrifying shield attack which, with the increase in the grade, the power of the shield attack was also greater.

The Nine Continents Mountain had leveled up and Qing Shui was extremely happy. If he were to fight against a Peak Martial Emperor now, the Nine Continents Mountain should be able to fend off various kinds of attacks as if they were child’s play. Moreover, Qing Shui could still weaken his opponents. One Nine Continents Mountain alone would be able to sink the opponent into depression. Through heart follows intent, he would be able to control the Nine Continents Mountain with his mind, unleashing its prowess to the limit.

Before Old Man Puyang had left, he had brought up something with Qing Shui. He wanted to see if Qing Shui could help to extend the lifespan of an old person in Puyang Clan.

This old person had a terrifying cultivation level.

False God cultivator!

To think that Puyang Clan also had False God cultivators. This False God’s lifespan was coming to an end and hadn’t interfered with the world’s happenings for many years. The older generations from the Yehuang City’s great clans all knew of this person’s existence. Although the person wasn’t concerned with worldly affairs, no one would dare to neglect her existence.

This old lady was Puyang Clan’s Old Ancestor.

Other than Old Man Puyang and the lass, no one else in the Puyang had met this old lady before. They had only heard that there was a powerful existence in the clan.

Qing Shui naturally agreed. Moreover, he wanted to take a look at how powerful a False God was.

For the past few days, Qing Shui would take one Three-Yang Pill daily. There was a limit to the number of the pills one could take. Under the effect of the Double Portion Medication, Qing Shui could take double the portion of the Three-Yang Pills.

Although the increment to his strength was no longer significant to Qing Shui, what he viewed as the most important, was to strengthen his constitution and to stabilize and reinforce his Nine Yang Physique. This would allow the power in his body to be even more pure and condensed, thus stabilizing the state of his achieved realm.

Realm was something very important. It was something which couldn’t be built up through medicinal pills.

Qing Shui didn’t try the Four-Yang Pills. He was waiting, waiting for the medicinal effect of the medicinal herbs to increase, as well as waiting for the Treasure Hunting Pig and the Jade Emperor Queen Bee to attain a breakthrough. Qing Shui was also full of anticipation for the Four-Yang Pill. He wanted to see the difference between the Three-Yang Pills and the Four-Yang Pills. How great could the demarcation between the two be?

Just as Qing Shui was thinking about this, there was a familiar ripple. Without any hesitation, Qing Shui immediately left the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. Then, with a flash, he dashed up into the sky at an unbelievable speed.

Qing Shui was very agitated. It was because it wasn’t easy to be able to encounter that familiar aura here. The last time they had met, it was a few years ago. Very soon, Qing Shui saw it.

There was a huge old turtle. Right now, the old turtle wasn’t any smaller compared to that huge green dragon he had met in his consciousness. It was just that one of them was very, very long, while the old turtle was an immense and gigantic creature.

Qing Shui also saw that cold and arrogant lady.

Demon Lord!

The lady’s hair was put up, her brows soft and her face, which was clear of any signs of makeup, appeared to have the color of the morning sun reflecting on the snow. Her beauty was divine and she had a pair of beautiful eyes that seemed to have the cold of winter.

That pair of cold and piercing eyes were beautiful like snow and appeared to be pure but yet were so cold that it felt as if the cold would penetrate down to one’s bones.

She had a beautiful figure and her snow-white plain clothes couldn’t hide her curves. Her shoulders were sharp like blades and the arch before her chest was breathtaking. Her waist seemed to be smooth as silk and her slender figure was beautiful like a great jade carving masterpiece. Her pair of bare beautiful feet exuded a translucent glow…

Standing there, she exuded an aura which made one feel that she mustn’t be tainted. Amongst all the ladies Qing Shui had came across, she was one who was the hardest to get close to. It wasn’t due to the fact that she was cold but rather, it was an air of arrogance that came out from her soul.

The lady was still as cool as before. Her pair of beautiful eyes were still so cold that it would penetrate into one’s bones. However, she was extremely beautiful, like snow, pure yet with a chill that would enter one’s ones. Her coldness was very natural, as if it was something she was born with.

When the lady saw Qing Shui, she was also stunned. This was the first time that Qing Shui had seen a ripple in those beautiful, cold eyes. However, it was the tiniest hint of a ripple, which then disappeared completely.

She looked at Qing Shui, silent. Earlier, she had also sensed Qing Shui’s aura. And when Qing Shui arrived, she seemed as if she was here waiting for him.

When Qing Shui saw this lady, he was still very astonished. It was because even though he had become many times stronger than before, he still couldn’t sense her cultivation level. She was still that unfathomable.

He could clearly sense that she was a lot more powerful than Old Man Puyang.

False God?

To think that she was a False God existence. Although Qing Shui had made a daring guess previously, he was still very shocked to find out about it. He didn’t know if back then, she had concealed her abilities or was it because she had just been released from the seal. She was now worlds apart when compared to her strength from back then. Or maybe, it could be because he was too weak back then.

When Qing Shui saw this lady, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of defeat. It was so funny how when he was back in the five continents, he had thought that he could at least stand on the same ground as her when they met again. The ignorant were truly fearless.

Back then, it was a miracle for her to not have killed him. After all, before her, he was insignificant and weak as an ant. To be violated by an ant, would be like a person having his finger bitten off by an ant. The person would probably have squashed the ant on the spot. This was just an analogy. Back then, regardless how Qing Shui had been out of options, he had ended up having a physical relationship with her. This feeling was not much better than having an ant biting off your finger.

Therefore, it was already considered a miracle that Qing Shui was still alive, that she hadn’t killed him.

Back then, this lady was also astonished, very astonished. Each time she met him, he had improved by a terrifying rate.

“Hello, I sensed that you were passing by, so I came to take a look…” Qing Shui would always appear to be uneasy before her. It was out of guilt and a feeling of inferiority, as well as a strange feeling of wanting to help her. It was a pity that he still didn’t have the right to do so, nor did he know if he would ever gain the right to help her.

He felt that he would but he just needed time. It was a pity that it was too hard to get a lady like her to fall in love with him. Who knew if this lady had any feelings, emotions or desires?  Compared to Yiye Jiange, she was an even more troublesome existence.

“What do you have to say? I should be leaving.”

This was what the lady said. Thankfully, she didn’t leave immediately like she did the other time. Previously, she had just left.

When Qing Shui heard what she said, he took two steps forward, “I want to help you. I don’t know if you can use the medicinal pills that I have. And I know acupuncture. I should be able to help you increase your powers.”

Qing Shui had heard about her. She seemed to be up against many enemies and many people wanted to get rid of her. Right now, he was strong enough to help her, so he wanted to give it a go since they had met again. However, he knew that the possibility was very low.

The lady shook her head slightly, not saying anything.

“I only want to help you!” Qing Shui smiled bitterly and said.

“Do you know how many people are after my life? If you don’t wish to die, don’t get too close with me and don’t mention me at all.” The lady’s cold voice was very pleasant to the years but there was a strong tone of rejection in her voice.

“I don’t know how many people are trying to kill you but I wish to help you. Even if you’re up against the entire nine continents, I also wish to help you. It’s a pity that I’m not strong enough to help you now. If I gain enough power to help you one day, I’ll definitely go and look for you. Can you give me a chance and let me help you a little now?” Qing Shui said very slowly.

The lady didn’t show any changes to her expression but just cast her cold gaze upon Qing Shui, “Why? Just treat it as a dream and forget about it!”

“I can’t. If I could, I wouldn’t have been thinking about looking for you. However, each time I meet you, I realize that there’s a huge gap between us. I’d also heard of your plight, therefore, I won’t say anything. I really want to help you. I won’t harbor any other thoughts. Please,” Qing Shui asked, with great anticipation.

Qing Shui knew that it was very hard even to become friends with this lady. Therefore, he only hoped to be able to talk to her for a bit longer. He hadn’t spoken much with the lady since the first time they had met.

“Maybe next time. I should leave,” The lady said softly and was about to turn to leave.

“Then take this. I hope that it can be of some help to you.” With that, Qing Shui tossed out an interspatial silk sachet.

The lady reached out her hand and grabbed it.

“I’m leaving!” When the lady’s voice reached him, she had already disappeared with that divine turtle.

Qing Shui stood in midair, feeling melancholy as he looked in the direction the lady disappeared in. He was already very astonished to find out that she would catch the interspatial silk sachet. There were many things inside, including medicinal pills, wine, spices and even some Jade Steamed Buns and other food…

In the most conspicuous spot, there was a beast parchment which had recorded the different benefits of the different items clearly. There were also several Ren Meridian Strengthening Pellets, Du Meridian Strengthening Pellets and other medicinal pills.

This was already considered a great improvement and he should be feeling happy. Qing Shui didn’t know how long he had stood in the air before he returned to the Imperial Cuisine Hall. He secretly told himself that the next time they met, he must reach Peak Martial Emperor, one who had reached a strength of at least 500,000 sun.

The moment he returned to the Imperial Cuisine Hall, Qing Shui entered the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. He wanted to refine the powers he had gotten from the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant during this period of time. The Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant’s physical strength had increased from nine sun to the current 15 sun. There had been an increment of six sun. Therefore, Qing Shui’s physical strength could also increase by over one sun. Although it wasn’t a lot, it wasn’t considered little.

Now that he had become more powerful, it was easier to refine the additional power. Furthermore, his own cultivation was also improving and his physical strength had reached 12 sun.

His strength had reached close to 60,000 sun and when the prowess of his attacks doubled, it would be close to 120,000 sun. And the Nine Continents Mountain would reach an attacking power of close to 170,000 sun.

In comparison, Qing Shui’s spirit energy was stronger. If he were to use the Seal of Roc, he could reach a strength of close to 160,000 sun and when the power was doubled, it could reach a terrifying 320,000 sun.

He had surpassed the lowest level amongst Peak Martial Emperors.

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