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AST 1312 – The Most Powerful Suffered The Most Cowardly Death, Dancing Phoenix Continent?

When Qing Shui heard what the old man had said previously, he felt that this old man was someone who did things with despicable methods. He never expected that he would be talking about whether human's hearts were inherently good or bad with this old man.

Actually, just like the things which the old man had said before, Qing Shui felt that humans were born to be inherently good. Whether a person wanted to be good or bad was something which could be decided momentarily. But as they grew older, it was easier for humans to learn to be bad. They couldn't hold themselves from its temptations. Often, bad people would have better gains compared to good ones but of course, they would also receive the same amount of retribution in return.

Other than that, some were also forced up onto that path. Considering that this was a path of no return, they could only hold their emotions within and try their best to walk till the end of the road.

The old man turned silent for a moment upon hearing what Qing Shui said. "Actually, as long as a person could find happiness in their life, it doesn't matter what they do."

"Well, there has to be a precondition for it too, which is to not hurt others. Harming others for personal gains, such kind of thing is unacceptable." Qing Shui smiled as he continued speaking.

"This world is all about the survival of the fittest to begin with. The fact that someone is being harmed is because of their own weakness. This is the reality. It's impossible for the world to go on according to one's wish." The old man looked at Qing Shui. He didn't have the slightest intention to back off.

Qing Shui turned silent. Somehow, what the old man said still had a bit of sense in it. A person's principle for existing had its own reason and needsto be developed. It was just like some of the reasons which weren't reasons. If there was no evil, how would there be justice? If there was no bad, how would there be good?

Without insane demons, there wouldn't be such a thing called righteousness. Without evil people, we wouldn't know what was the meaning of good people. Hence, the world was a diversification of complicated things. Even evil people also helped to add more colors to the world.

"Alright then, it seems today we won't be able to rest well unless one of us died. I won't kill the women and children from the Beitang Clan. As long as they're people incapable of fighting, I wouldn't make things difficult for them." Qing Shui said slowly.

"If we all died, even if you didn't make things difficult for them, they still wouldn't be able to live. Once we died, it didn't matter whether you killed them or not, they would still be killed by other people." The old man looked at Qing Shui. However, it didn't seem like he was very eager to make his move.

Qing Shui knew about this kind of situation. Putting royal clans aside, even for normal aristocratic clans, there would be a lot of people who would come to provoke them once they experienced a huge reduction in strength. The development of a clan was a road of continuous fight and bloodstains. Only by constantly developing themselves would they be able to prevent others from surpassing them. Once they fell behind, they would only be treated as a stone under their opponent's feet, ending up as blood stains on the ground which others would step across along their journey while they were advancing forward.

"Karma runs in a cycle. I have no choice in this. Since the day you stepped into the world of martial arts, you should have expected that such a day like this will come." Qing Shui slowly operated his Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation.

"You can't!" The old man said all of a sudden.

Qing Shui looked at the old man, confused.

"You have unparalleled talent, no one can stop you in advancing forward. It is impossible even for the Beitang Clan to seek revenge from you. Just beat down the Beitang Clan however you want, but I hope that you will leave behind a way out for them." The old man said loudly.

"I don't want to take such a risk."

"We will fight you today, we don't mind fighting to death. Those left behind are just weaklings and you can kill those whom you find threatening. I just hope that you will leave a bit of heritage for the Beitang Clan, it's fine even if it means letting them become commoners." The old man let out a sigh.

"Aren't there still people from the Beitang Clan in the other three continents? Not only that, there are even some of them in the five continents." Qing Shui didn't know if there were still survivors of the Beitang Clan in the five continents.

"The other three continents? They are slightly more powerful than us. Unfortunately, we don't really share that much relation with each other. Actually, even the Beitang Clan from the Western Oxhe Continent and the five continents can only be considered as separate clans. Our life and death doesn't really have any influence on them. They won't bother to even care about us either. They may not even aware that there is a Beitang Clan here."

Qing Shui never expected for the old man to first beat the return drum. At the same time, he also knew that the old man was still thinking of making a desperate bet. "It seems you have yet to give up on your plan. Are you planning to numb my heart? I still mean what I say, I won't kill the women and children. But as for the males, you guys won't be able to escape from death."

The old man was extremely scheming. First, he showed himself to be weak to numb the opponent's mental state. He then waited for the moment to catch his opponent off guard. This way, he might still have a chance to bring about a change to his fortune. Unfortunately, his scheme had already been seen through by this young man.

"Old man, would you prefer if we have a one-on-one fight or would you prefer having all of you attack me at once?" Qing Shui smiled and said. Do not underestimate what Qing Shui just said, this had somehow caused quite a huge influence to the old man. Certainly, the chance of the old man to win would be very small if it was a one-on-one battle. If he choose to attack Qing Shui with the others, it would only show that he felt nervous. Hence, with just one sentence, Qing Shui was already able to gain the upper hand mentally.

"I am not your opponent when it comes to fighting one-on-one. If that's the case, there is no point fighting. Let's not talk about being fair and square in a fight like this. You are powerful. Can it be considered to be bullying the weak by relying on the fact that you are strong? We will fight against you all at once!" The old man retained his usual expression. He start off by putting a label on Qing Shui first. Actually, he was just trying to look for a way to comfort himself. However, whether this would really help comfort him, only he would know.

Qing Shui found it ridiculous and didn't say anything. Bullying the weak by relying solely on the fact that he was strong? A hundred of them group together to fight him. Now, there were yet again more than ten of them against him, yet he was accused of bullying the weak just because he was strong. Nothing more should be said at this point. Since they were planning to gang up on him, all he had to do was to destroy their group.

"Set up the formation!" The old man shouted out loudly.

"Like you will be able to do so!"

Qing Shui's voice came through. After that, his body slipped out like a demon and he quickly pulled out the Primordial Dragon Flame Whip from his hand.


Surprisingly, the effect of doubling the attack prowess had actually appeared!

The Primordial Flame Dragon Whip landed on where one of the old man was and immediately whipped him to death.

Qing Shui's knowledge towards formations had long since surpassed what these people knew. Hence, he could locate the eye of the formation with just one look. That part was just like where the heart of a snake was located at. Not only it was weak, that part could immediately break the formation once it was destroyed.

As soon as the old man saw what Qing Shui was doing, he couldn't help felt his lips trembling from anger.

Nine Continents Mountain!

As soon as Qing Shui activated his consciousness, the Nine Continents Mountain hurtled past the old men. The mighty 9,000 sun worth of strength caused a crushing defeat to the people whichever it passed through. The majority of the people got instantly killed. Initially, the old man wanted to stop him, but as of now, even he himself was stunned because of shock. Right at this moment, Qing Shui swung his head and threw a golden sword towards him.

This was the golden sword from the Five Elements Divine Refining Technique.

The sharp attack, together with Qing Shui's current Spirit Energy made the old man to feel frightened. He quickly attempted to dodge them, but one of the warriors from the Beitang Clan behind him didn't manage to avoid it and immediately burst to death. That made the old man felt even more panicked.

Emperor's Qi!

Following on, Qing Shui summoned a few demonic beasts. He let his demonic beasts dealt with the other people around. Together with the Nine Continents Mountain, he didn't give them even the slightest chance to set up a formation.

The old man never expected for Qing Shui to have a powerful attack like the Nine Continents Mountain. It had a very powerful agility and possessed both defensive and offensive elements. In a battle between experts, every second counted. Once they lost their initiative to attack, they would only suffer the fate of becoming passive in battle. So much so that they might not be able to turn the tide of the battle until they died.

Before the old man managed to move, his strength had already decreased by 20% due Qing Shui's Emperor's Qi. Right at this moment, Qing Shui called out the Thunderous Beast with his consciousness.

Violet Lightning Strike!

Bloodthirsty Demonic Vines!

Violet Lightning Strike!


The enormous Bloodthirsty Demonic Vines immediately bound itself around the old man. The strength of the Eight Eight Divine Nebula Formation was still very powerful. The old man tried to struggle really hard. Unfortunately, even with his strength that was already one time more powerful, it didn't seem like he was able to break free from it.

At this moment, Qing Shui looked around. The others were almost completely wiped out due to the weakening effect by the Diamond Gigantic Elephant stacked along with its Mighty Dragon Elephant Stomp. Initially, Qing Shui's Demonic Beast already had powerful speed and defense. With the additional boost provided by the Gale Scroll as well as Coiled Dragon Statue, they just became more frightening.

The Fire Bird possessed the most powerful attack. The controlling ability which the Thunderous Beast and the Seven Headed Demonic Dragon Spider possessed could exhaust their enemies to dead.

"You won't be able to kill me with this. Let me go and fight me fair and square."

Qing Shui smiled and shook his head. "There is no need for that. Killing you is as easy as flipping my palms."

At the moment when Qing Shui finished speaking, he summoned the Treasure hunting Pig. The tiny, golden pig carried a ray of golden light as it approached the old man. As he looked at the huge bloody hole in front of his chest, he found it hard to believe that this was something done by the demonic beast from before. The demonic vine, which he himself was unable to destroy, was penetrated easily by this demonic beast like it was nothing. Not only so, it even managed to easily penetrate through his Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation.

But all of these were just a very short and momentary thought. Very soon, his mind was swallowed up by enormous darkness. Qing Shui took over the Interspatial Silk Sachet brought back by the Treasure Hunting Pig. He smiled and kept all of them back into the realm.

He only left behind a few corpses on top of the mountain and departed using the Fire Bird. Now, quite a lot of people should already be aware of the situation of the Beitang Clan. As for other members from the Beitang Clan, if they were not currently in the Silver Lion Dynasty, it was very likely that they would have been pursued by others. Very soon, they would all lose their life.

Hence, he wasn't worried of Beitang Clan making a comeback yet again. Besides, it's easier said than done to actually do so.

After a day…

The Silver Lion Dynasty had also disappeared from this world. In the meantime, the Great Qi Dynasty was advancing its way forward with the aid provided by the Buddha Sect. Even with the Buddha Sect's strength, they were only able to barely manage it. However, money still came from danger, let alone the Great Golden Buddha Temple still possessed quite decent strength. Qing Shui secretly asked someone to help look after it. He wanted to only carry the matters further once Little Fattie was back.

Little Fattie must rule the Buddha Sect. With his innate skills, he had already proven himself enough. However, Qing Shui still needed to prepare some more stuff for him first. Following on, he also need to help him completely awaken.

Naturally, Qing Shui would now stay behind to provide them with a little bit of help. Even though the Beitang Clan and the royal clan of the Silver Lion Dynasty was no more, there were still a lot of other powerful clans. They were keeping a close watch on everything, but no matter how tight they had been, they wouldn't dare to make any moves. No matter how powerful they were, were they as strong as the Beitang Clan?

Hence, the plan to take over the Great Qi Dynasty went on quite smoothly. Halfway through the plan, there was a clan which didn't know the immensity of heaven and earth. Qing Shui annihilated that entire clan with absolute strength in front of a lot of clans. Not even a chicken or a dog was spared.

Qing Shui was aware that at a time like this, he must not be lenient. The reason why he did this was not only to intimidate them, but to also demonstrate his strength. This way, it would make the Beitang Clan to progress with even greater difficulty. Qing Shui was unconvinced that there was no fish which escaped from the net for an aristocratic clan like this. He did this to make the people who discovered the Beitang Clan or the people who had held previous grudges with Beitang Clan to not hesitate to kill them.

With the way Qing Shui acted, many people already knew that at least for now, the Great Qi Dynasty was under Qing Shui's protection. Hence, not many people dared to protest. At the same time, a lot of people also felt really happy. When such a strong warrior looked after the dynasty, it would make the dynasty more prosperous. Naturally, they would also follow along and develop according to the situation. So much so that the dynasty might end up becoming more peaceful.

This was also something which Qing Shui desired. Throughout these few days, what Qing Shui was happy about was that the Five Elements Divine Flag had ascended by yet another grade. At the moment when Qing Shui saw the locations which he could set up a checkpoint, he was stunned.

He had long since figured out that he wouldn't be able to set up his location around Western Oxhe Continent for quite a long period of time. The locations which he could set up around should still be very likely around the five continents. However, he never expected that the location where he could set up the Grade Two Five Elements Divine Flag checkpoint to actually be in the Dancing Phoenix Continent!

Dancing Phoenix Continent……

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AST 1313 – Lady’s Seduction, Preparing To Head To the Desolate Mountain Regions

When he saw that location, Qing Shui went into a daze for a very long time. It was only until he had set the location that he could believe everything was real. Qing Shui looked toward the current Five Elements Divine Flag.

Five Elements Divine Flags (Husband)!

Second grade, can be refined with Blood Essence twice a day. For now, two locations can be set up within the map of the Five Elements Divine Flag. The number of locations can increase in accordance with the ascension in grades. The user can shuttle back and forth between the locations. It can be used to travel to each location once every month.

State: recognized owner!

It could be used together with the Five Elements Divine Flag (Wife), allowing travel between the two points without any restrictions. The only restriction was that it could be used solely between the two owners of the Five Elements Divine Flag!

This surprise was too great. The Dancing Phoenix Continent… Qing Shui had thought about it a lot, but had not expected it to be one of the other three continents. He had initially felt that the greatest possibility would be in the five continents, or at worst, in the Western Oxhe Continent.

Qing Shui stood in the space with the Five Elements Divine Flag for very long, feeling so excited that he forgot about the time. After he came out, he had already calmed down. Basically, one problem was resolved.

Qing Shui then used the Five Elements Divine Flag’s function, which allowed him to travel between the husband and wife flags.

He felt very happy, and wanted to share the new grade of the Five Elements Divine Flag with that lady. Therefore, he immediately used the transportation function. This time around, the lady wasn’t taking a bath. However, she was on her bed, wearing a set of thin snow-white sleeping gown.

Qing Shui directly landed on her bed!

The lady looked at Qing Shui, as if she wasn’t surprised at all. Usually, when the Five Elements Divine Flag was used for transportation, there would be a slight fluctuation one or two breaths of time beforehand. Therefore, she knew that Qing Shui was coming.

Qing Shui rubbed his nose and smiled awkwardly.

The lady patted next to her, “Lay down, let’s have a talk for a while.”

Qing Shui laid down next to her. This bed was a little big for one person, but a little small for two people. Therefore, when the two of time laid next to each other, it felt a little packed. Their shoulders touched and Qing Shui could smell a faint orchid-like fragrance. Qing Shui subconsciously breathed in, enjoying it.

The lady was very calm towards Qing Shui’s expression and smiled, “Why did you suddenly come back? I know that you’re fighting it out with the Great Northern Dynasty.”

“It’s already over. You’re really well-informed.” Qing Shui smiled, not finding it strange that the lady knew about this.

“For a sect, the most important thing is to have timely information. The Heaven Secrets Academy is the same. You should be the one taking it over.” The lady smiled and said.

“I don’t really need it. If I need one, I’ll build one by myself. The reason I’m here today is to share a piece of good news with you.” Qing Shui smiled and said.

The lady’s body trembled slightly. Even though Qing Shui was next to her, he couldn’t tell if she was trembling or if her body had unconsciously moved a little. After so many years, this was the first time she had heard from a man that he wanted to share a piece of good news with her.

“Oh? What’s the good news?” The lady seemed to be very curious as well.

“The grade of the Five Elements Divine Flag has increased. Guess where I can set the location at now?” Qing Shui smiled and said.

“Where?” The lady asked curiously.

“Make a guess!” Qing Shui smiled and replied.

“The other three continents?” The lady asked, a tad of yearning in her voice.

“Clever!” Qing Shui was a little speechless, but he didn’t find it strange that the lady could guess this. His expression had betrayed him because he was too happy. He already set one of the locations in the five continents, so if it was just somewhere else in the five continents, he wouldn’t be so happy. It was unlikely that he would be this happy if the location was in the Western Oxhe Continent either. After all, she was around and he could transmit to where she was without any restrictions. Therefore, there was only one answer left—the other three continents.

“It’s really in the other three continents?” The lady got up abruptly and asked in surprise. When she flipped over, she was leaning against Qing Shui, and her thin sleep gown made Qing Shui’s heart beat very quickly.

“Mmm!” Qing Shui inhaled. He almost reached out his hands to hug her.

“Which continent?” The lady seemed to have also sensed that her action was ungraceful, but yet thought of something and did not get up. Her well-rounded peaks rested heavily on Qing Shui’s chest.

The lady’s figure was very well-embodied. At the very least, her breasts were the biggest Qing Shui had ever seen before. Her rounded snowballs were very heavy, and were unrivaled both in elasticity and beauty. Qing Shui had seen everything that other time.

“Dancing Phoenix Continent!” Qing Shui gulped.


Hearing Qing Shui’s gulp and looking at his gaze, she asked seductively, “Do you want to eat…?”


After saying that, Qing Shui seemed to have regained his senses and smiled awkwardly. When he lifted his head, he saw her graceful and pure appearance and her mature charms. It made his heart itch. This was an extremely beautiful elder sister.

“Erm, I have a weak will. Don’t take it seriously.” Qing Shui looked at her and smiled awkwardly.

“Should I let you have a bite?” The lady’s arms were pressed down against Qing Shui’s and her chest was against his. The soft and tender flesh almost reached Qing Shui’s chin. An amazing fragrance went up into his nose.

“Martial Aunt, I was wrong. I shouldn’t have looked at you.” Qing Shui felt as if he was half in heaven, half in hell. His upper body felt extremely good, but his lower half felt very uncomfortable…

“I like to be seen by you. In the future, if you want to look, just look daringly. If it’s difficult to see, then you can take off my clothes for me.” The lady’s mature voice had an unspoken temptation to it.

Demoness. A demoness who would eat a person whole without even spitting out the bones. Qing Shui didn’t believe her words. Until now, this lady still gave him an illusory feeling, as if she wasn’t real but was someone who existed only as clouds or fog.

“What are your plans? Are you going to head to the Dancing Phoenix Continent soon, or will you be heading over at a later time?” The lady no longer teased Qing Shui but rested her forehead against his. When she spoke, her breath entered Qing Shui’s mouth and nose. It felt very refreshing. Her teeth were snow-white, having an indescribable demonic charm to them. They were less than an inch away from his face.

“I don’t know yet. We shall see. Maybe I’ll head to the Dancing Phoenix Continent to take a look.” Qing Shui gave it some thought and said with uncertainty.

“Mmm, then what are you planning to do in the meantime?”

“I want to go check out the Beast Blood Tribe. It's been a while since the Desolate Sect has done anything.” Qing Shui had everything planned out. It was impossible for the Desolate Sect to leave things lying. He just didn’t know how strong those two geniuses had grown.

“Mmmm, if you’ve decided to go to the Dancing Phoenix Continent, remember to pop by before you go. I’d like to go there and have a look too.” The lady smiled and said. The tip of her nose had been in contact with Qing Shui’s all this time. Sometimes, she would even rub her nose against his. Both of them had arching noses, and their noses would touch each other.

“Mmm, alright. If you wish to go down, we can go immediately. We can still return immediately if you don’t like it there.” Qing Shui gave it some thought and said.

The lady shook her head gently. It seemed as if her eyelashes were going to touch Qing Shui’s. Her features looked very mature, but exquisite at the same time. Her snow-white skin was like resin, without a single wrinkle.

“No need. I’ll go when you feel like going. It’s not as if I have a strong yearning to go.”

“Martial Aunt, if you don’t get up soon, I won’t be able to hold it in any further.” Qing Shui said. This was pure torture.

“Haha, I want to see how you won’t be able to hold it in.” The lady smiled and lifted her head, seeing how Qing Shui’s face had turned flushed red.

“I’m going to take a cold bath!”

Qing Shui licked his lips and then said something which made the lady burst out laughing. Her face, which was so close to hers, was deeply imprinted in his mind. Qing Shui then did something very daring.

He reached out his head and sucked on the lady’s beautiful lips, letting his tongue enter, and gently brushing her beautiful teeth. The lady’s body felt a little cold, and so did her mouth. It felt extraordinarily refreshing.

The lady seemed to have never expected Qing Shui to do something like this. Her eyes narrowed and she once again did something which took Qing Shui by surprise. She neither resisted nor stopped him, but went along with him. However, her actions were so clumsy that Qing Shui once again verified his guess.

This mature demoness was not only a virgin, but didn't even know how to kiss, despite acting so daringly and even a little immorally. This stimulated Qing Shui’s desire even further. However, he woke up to his senses once again. He hugged the lady, and only let go after kissing her for a very long time.

The lady appeared very calm and she looked at Qing Shui, licking her lips, “Kissing doesn’t feel bad. In the future, if I wish to kiss you, you aren’t allowed to reject me.”

Qing Shui rubbed his head. He now knew the lady’s situation. She had emotions and desires just like any other person. However, it was a pity that her physique didn’t allow her to engage in sex. She could only kiss. However, Qing Shui didn’t know why she had kissed him. Seeing how clumsy she was earlier, it should be her first time. This was something which was hard to feign. Moreover, Qing Shui was almost considered to be an expert in this area by now.

“With Martial Aunt’s caliber, you can find yourself all kinds of men. Why did you choose me?” Qing Shui had always wanted to ask this question.

“I like to eat someone more tender. Kid, are you satisfied with this answer?” The lady’s mature and seductive face had a strange charm when paired with her graceful and beautiful eyes.

“This shouldn’t be the main reason. Furthermore, it’s not like you’re that old. You’re only 800 years old at most.” Qing Shui chuckled.

“You rascal. I’m only a few years older than Ruyan. Alright, your horrible psychological attack to make me confess is effective. Do you really want to know why?” The lady looked at Qing Shui and blinked.

Qing Shui nodded fiercely.

“Actually, I don’t really know why either. It’s just a feeling. A lady’s intuitive feeling can be very terrifying. Right now, our relationship isn’t that clear either. I’m destined to live my life alone. However, if I were to find a soulmate or a friend, it’s best to find one who can see me as a woman. However, I won’t want to harm the person. I’ll treat him like a husband. Would you be able to satisfy this wish of mine?” The lady looked at Qing Shui and smiled. Her smile seemed a little bitter.

All ordinary people would harbor feelings of love. This was something which was indispensable in one’s life. It was even more important than life itself. This lady’s physique was even worse than a man’s impotence. Impotency could be treated with medicine, but this lady couldn’t be touched. If one couldn’t bear it, they would have to pay with their life. Who would dare to touch a lady like this?

“That day when I was having sex with Ruyan, your sudden appearance almost scared the hell out of me.” Qing Shui smiled and said.

The lady thought back to that day and her face flushed red. She said something next to Qing Shui’s ears, causing him to almost explode.

“My physique won’t allow me to have sex with you, but I’ll definitely use my mouth to try your taste…”

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