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AST 1258 – Vitality Orchids, Hard To Meet Di Chen

This problem had continued to troubled them. They had always hoped to be awakened. Such a talent already appeared prior to the awakening, so if the awakening went through, the benefits they receive would definitely be something amazing.

“Is that really possible?” Hu Yezhong looked at Qing Shui with great anticipation.

“I’ll be able to know after today, you must trust me. I can help you right now.” Qing Shui smiled and said.

“Of course I can trust you. If it’s possible now, I want to try it immediately.” Hu Yezhong said, not able to wait.

“Alright, then we can start immediately. Sit down cross-legged, focusing on your Dantian. Don’t think about anything else.” Qing Shui smiled and took out a box of gold needles.

To Qing Shui, stimulating the potential in one’s body was an easy feat. It was nothing much.

In about half an hour, he managed to accomplish something which appeared to be extremely hard. In order to bring about their awakening, they took quite a lot of medicinal pills which raise one’s potential. However, it was a pity that the awakening didn't occur even till now. But now, they could hardly believe that it managed to come so easily within such a short amount of time.

“Today, I can only awaken about one-third. However, there’s no need to worry. In the time to follow, the full awakening will be completed.” Qing Shui smiled and kept the gold needles.

Even without Qing Shui’s words, Hu Yezhong could already sense it. In such a short amount of time, his abilities had increased by multiple folds. The area that increased more was his body’s toughness. He felt as if he was like a metal wall. The aura he exuded could be felt by the people around him.

“Amazing, this is too amazing.” Hu Yezhong grabbed Qing Shui’s hand and said agitatedly, not even able to speak well.

“Third Brother, if you don’t have anything else, can you please make way? It’s my turn next.” Hu Yimin was extremely agitated.

Because she had a Shadow Body, she could raise her speed. To her, speed was more important than strength. Therefore, she was more agitated than anyone else now. Regardless if it was men or women, the pursuit of power was endless.

Right now, Qing Shui was helping them, as well as helping himself. He wanted to slowly build up his influence in the the Western Oxhe Continent. The places in the Western Oxhe Continent didn’t have a competitive relationship since most of them were barely able to handle their own territories. If there was competition, it would be for their reputation.

These were also the things which the old men from the Heaven Secrets Academy had told him. Therefore, if there was someone from the Western Oxhe Continent who became Grade Five or higher, then it wouldn’t be a bad thing for that person to reign over the entire Western Oxhe Continent. If no one was able to unite them, then it would be a cooperative relationship. Of course, there must also be competition but it wouldn’t be to the point where they would eradicate one another. This was because no one would be able to bear that level of damage.

When Qing Shui performed the acupuncture on them, it was through their clothes. However, the clothes must be thin. When Hu Yimin's potential was stimulated, a very powerful aura that was like a gush of wind flowed. The active aura changed Hu Yimin’s disposition completely.

“Thank you, Qing Shui.”

Hu Yimin gave Qing Shui a hug. Right now, everyone felt that this young man wasn’t simple. Something which could make their clan helpless was solved by Qing Shui in slightly over an hour.

“There’s no need to stand on ceremony. Sister Min, both you and Third Brother should go and stabilize your powers. The effect should be very good.” Qing Shui took out two bottles that contained Constitution Nurturing Pill and handed it to them.

Since he decided to help them, he need to see it through the end. The Constitution Nurturing Pills weren’t something which was especially precious either.

The next day, after breakfast, Qing Shui followed Hu Yimin to head to the Diwu Clan. The Diwu Clan was also in the Imperial City, but was more inward compared to the Hu Clan. The further a clan was situated in, the more powerful their clan was.

Right now, Hu Yimin was like a brand new person. However, Qing Shui felt that she was very good to him, just like how an elder sister would treat her younger brother. He could tell that it was a feeling that she sincerely felt from the bottom of her heart.

“Right now, I believe that you’ll be able to treat her.” Hu Yiya said to Qing Shui excitedly. They were on Hu Yiya’s Blue Hawk as they travelled at a relatively fast speed.

“You have so much confidence in me?” Qing Shui asked politely. He was confident in himself as well, but one mustn’t make it too absolute. It would be awkward if he ended up not being able to treat the person.

“Yes, I have a lot of confidence in you. Now, no matter what you say, I’ll feel that it’s the truth.”

“Sister Min, that won’t do. You’ll get deceived very easily like this.” Qing Shui smiled and said.

“Are you looking down on me? My eyes are still very bright.” Hu Yimin spoke confidently.

As they chatted, they came to a relatively secluded place. The buildings here didn’t seem like much, which was something which Qing Shui couldn’t understand. By right, someone from the Diwu Clan shouldn’t be staying in a place like this.

As if she could tell what Qing Shui was thinking, Hu Yimin smiled and said, “My friend insists on staying here.”

By the time she said that, they had already came to the most quiet manor. There were many flowers around and the place was filled with the fragrance of orchids. There were more orchids than other plants in the courtyard, and there were a variety of colors.

Two maids stood at the door, and they were both cultivators. What astonished Qing Shui was neither of the two ladies were weak. They could even be said to be very strong. However, thinking of how they were from the Diwu clan, it seemed perfectly normal.

For Peak Grade Four State Masters to be a guard here… It was really a great investment.

“Stop there!”

The maid on the right coldly shouted out to stop Qing Shui and Hu Yimin.

“I’m Hu Yimin. I came here before.” Hu Yimin quickly said.

“You can enter, but he can’t.” The maid continued to say.

Hu Yimin didn’t insist and said to Qing Shui with a smile: “Wait here for a moment, I’ll come to get you later.”

Qing Shui nodded and watched as Hu Yimin entered.

After 15 minutes had passed, Hu Yimin finally walked out. She flashed the token in her hands and then waved toward Qing Shui.

Qing Shui quickly entered.

The place wasn’t very big. It was only about one Mu in size but there were many flowerbeds in the courtyard. There was a mysterious fragrance in the air.

"Vitality Orchids!"

Qing Shui said as looked at some mysterious looking orchids in the courtyard with a strange expression.

“What Vitality Orchids?”

“To think that you can recognize the Vitality Orchids.”

Before Qing Shui could say anything, a hoarse but pleasant sounding voice with a hint of coldness rang out.

Qing Shui turned and saw a lady with loosely-fitted clothes as she stood a distance away. Although the lady was very beautiful, she appeared very different from the Eldest Princess. However, this lady had a unique disposition that wouldn't lose against the Eldest Princess. It made her attractiveness increased by many times.

Such attractiveness gave one a sense of anticipation, or when one looked at her, they would want to see her each and every action and even want to hear her talk. It was an amazing charm.

Her beautiful hair was tied up and she exuded a great feeling of poise and dignity. However, Qing Shui realized that the lady seemed to appear a little sickly.

“The Vitality Orchid is a type of mysterious medicinal herb. Just one stalk of it has no effect. Neither does ten stalks. If it’s still growing, only 99 stalks of them could exude a mysterious vitality that could prevent the depreciation of one’s vitality to a certain degree.” Qing Shui hadn’t expected that they were also called the Vitality Orchids in this world. As for the effects, of course Qing Shui knew it well.

The lady didn’t show any changes. She took a few steps forward and Qing Shui could smell a faint orchid fragrance coming from her.

“It’s been very long since someone has come to look for me. My vitality has been depreciating and so has my abilities. Since you’re on good terms with Min`er, go ahead. If it’s not something too exaggerated, I’ll help you if I can.” The lady said softly.
“I want to know where the Lotus Sect is at.”


Qing Shui wasn’t surprised by the straightforward reply as he merely continued: “I want to find someone from the Lotus Sect. Is there any way to do so?”

“Find someone from Lotus Sect to help you bring a message.”

“Then can you help me bring a message?”

“I’m no longer a member of the Lotus Sect.”

“Why? Is it because of Lotus Sect or is it because of you?”

“I was the one who insisted on leaving. What’s the point of someone in my state staying in the Lotus Sect?” The lady said calmly. Even her emotions were calm.

It was only then did Qing Shui realized that this lady wasn’t simple. It wasn’t like what Hu Yimin had said, that her character changed a lot. In such a situation, it was not easy to be able to do this.

It was because this was also to take life and death very lightly. Or rather, it could be said that in such a situation where she was left with no choice, she had resigned herself to fate. This was getting accustomed, it was different from not giving up on any bit of hope. This was a mentality that showed she was facing it calmly.

“But I can’t find anyone who can contact the people from the Lotus Sect now. Why don’t we do this? If I can treat your condition, can you help me pass on a message?” Qing Shui asked seriously.

Even though the lady was very cultured, she almost exploded. What was this? Putting aside the fact on whether he could treat her or not, even if he could, it was only so that she could help him pass on a message?

Hu Yimin was also stunned, but she didn’t say anything.

“You’re able to treat me?” The lady looked at him with a weird expression. She couldn’t believe in Qing Shui at all.

“I can’t be absolutely sure. If I can’t manage to treat you, you can help me. There’s nothing for you to lose. What do you think?”
The lady looked at Qing Shui for a very long time. “If it wasn’t because Min`er brought you here and strongly recommended you, I would have definitely thrown you out.”

Qing Shui didn’t haggle over this but smiled and said, “Then Miss Diwu has agreed to my condition?”

“I agree, of course I agree. Why would I not agree to such a good deal? The prerequisite is that you’re able to heal me.” The lady continued to say calmly.

“Alright. Then I’ll give you treatment now. Is it convenient?”

“It is!”

“Min`er, why don’t you head back first? Don’t worry, he’ll be fine.” The lady looked toward Hu Yimin and said.

Hu Yimin looked at Qing Shui. The latter nodded and she left.

“Go on, who are you looking for? I’ll do my best to help you. We can forget about the treatment.” The lady said and headed to the hall.

Qing Shui was stunned, but he eventually understood. To say it blankly, she didn’t believe that he could treat her. The reason she was doing all of these was for Hu Yimin.

Qing Shui followed her into the hall. The room wasn’t luxuriously decorated and appeared to be very simple and clean.

“I want to look for Di Chen.” Qing Shui eventually still said it. As for her treatment, he had already decided to do what he could for her.

“Di Chen? You’re looking for Di Chen? You’re from the other five continents?” The lady looked at Qing Shui in great astonishment.

“Mmm. Seems like you know her. This is great.” Qing Shui said excitedly.

“She’s the Lotus Sect’s Holy Maiden. I won’t be able to help you on this.” The lady sighed and said helplessly.

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AST 1259 – Heal, Diwu Zhisha, Turning Point

“Why?” Although Qing Shui had guessed this, he was still a little anxious. After all, it wasn’t easy to find a person who could pass a message for him. It also was unknown if Hu Yiya’s eldest sister would be coming back this year.

He could not longer wait nor did he wish to wait more. He had the strength now, but he was unable to find the location of the Lotus Sect. He had never contemplated this problem previously. After all, it was not easy for a great sect to conceal their location. Therefore, he had never considered this before. Eventually, he got to know that even ordinary people didn’t know of its location.

“Ordinary people won’t be able to get to meet the Holy Maiden. There’s no way to bring a message to her. I’ve already left the Lotus Sect and I am helpless even if I wish to help you.” The lady said, feeling great pity.

Qing Shui hesitated for a moment. He knew that it was basically impossible to ask for the Lotus Sect’s location. He could only say, “I’ll treat you first. I'll think of a solution by myself at a later time.”

As she heard Qing Shui’s words, the lady was taken aback. She had already said earlier that she would help him on Hu Yimin’s account. Although she wasn’t able to help him out, she had already done her best. She wasn’t expecting for him to say that he would still help to treat her. Her condition wasn’t one that could be treated so easily.

“I wish to help you, but there’s really nothing I can do to help. You won’t be able to treat my condition. There’s no need for you to say this.” The lady spoke out politely. She didn’t wish to say that there wasn’t a need for Qing Shui to put up an act anymore.

“Let’s put this problem aside first. Since I’ve come, you’ve got to let me try. Do you really want to give up? You’ll have nothing to lose even if you were to let me try.” Qing Shui looked at her seriously.

“You really want to try? Alright, then let’s give it a try!” The lady didn’t hold any hope for it. It had already been three years. With the Diwu Clan’s abilities, they looked for many alchemists and physicians. However, there was only one conclusion, that it couldn’t be treated. If this guy were to say that the effects would only be known after a series of treatment, she would feel disgusted by it.

The Diwu Clan even brought out a 夺生丹 for her, something which could regenerate a person’s body, and had been treasured by the clan for very long. However, it was unknown if it was because she had both her legs or any other reason that she could walk. Her meridian channels indeed had gotten a little better, but yet, they weren’t able to recover completely. Her body’s deterioration had gotten better. However, due to the fact that the meridian channels of both of her legs were completely destroyed, her body’s deterioration started again one year later.

This caused the Diwu Clan and this lady to both feel that the 夺生丹 was fake.

Just like that, the time that followed were all desperate replies. The clan didn’t keep it from her. In fact, they wouldn’t be able to keep it hidden from her. When time passed, she got used to it as well. Although her body was deteriorating, she could still hang on for another eight to ten years.

However, such days were not good. Living was a torture, but yet she couldn’t bear to die. She was still young and didn’t wish to die either. But this was how life was, beyond one’s control.

“Is there a bathtub here?” Qing Shui asked.


Very soon, a bathtub that was half the height of a person was brought out. Qing Shui took out a drop of the Spring of Life and let the lady drink it. This was something which could be used to sustain one’s life.

Next, the bath was supported up and a burning fire was kept under it. During this process, the lady was actually very astonished. It was because the drop from the Spring of Life earlier seemed gave her a hint of hope.

She had already guessed that it was the Spring of Life, but she didn’t ask. When the water in the tub boiled, Qing Shui threw in some medicinal herbs. Many of them were extremely precious ones.

For her condition, it was useless to use medicine to prolong one’s life. He would need to clear all the meridian channels in her body and let the destroyed ones work again, thereby reviving the vitality in her body.

A large degree of the deterioration in her body was caused by herself. A person who was dejected and had lost all hopes would sometimes start to find the vitality in their body starting to deteriorate. It might also happen when one had to face great obstacles and pressure in life. One could age quickly when put under such circumstances for a prolonged period of time.

The drop in her cultivation, the clan’s hopes… She carried great pressure which had contributed to her condition. Other than being able to change her body’s condition, that drop of the Spring of Life from earlier could also awaken some of the vitality in her body.

“Miss Diwu, you can jump in now.” Qing Shui said when he saw that the water had completely boiled over and the medicinal powers from the herbs had already seeped into the water.
“Just like that?” The lady asked softly.

“It’s fine just like that. The effect would be even better if you’re wearing less clothes.” Qing Shui was saying the truth. However, he felt that he would seem to be taking advantage if he were to say it now.

“You’re a good physician.”

The lady said softly and then took off her outer clothes, leaving a thin layer of silk clothings on her. Her black undergarments could be faintly seen and her snow white skin was also indistinctly shown. Her well-embodied curves had great seduction to them.

“Is the view nice?” The lady saw that Qing Shui had been keeping his eyes on her.

“Not bad!” Qing Shui said seriously.

The reason the lady asked this was because she didn’t feel uncomfortable from Qing Shui’s gaze. When men secretly looked at women, it made them appear vulgar. However, if they were to calmly and boldly watch and even gave some compliments openly, it would be another situation altogether. At the very least, it would be better than sneaking looks. Women didn’t like cowardly men.

The lady floated up and landed into the tub. The water reached all the way to her collarbone and the steam quickly wet her hair.

Qing Shui then poured another three drops of Spring of Life into the tub. The Spring of Life was very precious, but he was able to get one drop in less than a day from the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. Of course, the one day count was of the outside world.

The process went on for about six hours and the water continued to boil until all the water had evaporated. Only a cultivator could be put through this. Ordinary people would have been cooked over.

After all the water had dried up, Qing Shui quickly let her lay down on the bed. He then took out the gold needles and started to treat the damaged meridian channels on the lady’s legs, as he applied the five element acupuncture to stimulate her vitality through the five elements.

To Qing Shui, doing all of these weren’t difficult. However, it wouldn’t be the same for someone else. It was because they didn’t have the Qi of the Ancient Strengthening Technique and the Force of Rebirth 再生之力like him. These were the reasons why Qing Shui’s acupuncture was so amazing.

Stimulating potential, strengthening foundations, Nine Yang Gold Needle!

Qing Shui could sense that the vitality in the lady’s body was rapidly recovering. She felt that her legs were gaining strength, and the flow of her blood and origin Qi also resumed.

It was then when she finally believed that this young man could treat her. Looking at the extremely thin gold needles that covered all over her legs, she could not help but assessed this guy once through.

He was very young and handsome. This was a demonic young man. To think that he was able to treat such an incurable disease. She understood her body well and it could be said that she had mostly recovered. In the past, her origin Qi wasn’t able to flow but now, she could sense the changes to her body.

The 81 gold needles pierced into her legs as they spinned and trembled. Qing Shui would occasionally flick these gold needles. Each time a needle was flicked, it would be as if a resonance was created as the other gold needles would move in tandem.

The process went on until the sun set. Qing Shui kept the gold needles. A dense layer of sweat had appeared on his face and he wiped them off with his sleeves. This energy depletion from this acupuncture process would not lose out to where one could experience in an actual battle.

“Try to feel it. See if you can circulate your Qi now.” Qing Shui kept the gold needles and said with a smile.

“It’s fine now. I can sense it. I’m just not sure if I’m still in a dream. This is very similar to a scene from my dreams, but this time around, it feels a little more realistic. I’m afraid that when I wake up, everything will return to how it was before.” The lady said calmly.

“This is real, it isn’t a dream.”

“Prove it.” The lady looked at Qing Shui.

“Prove? How do I do that?” Qing Shui was stunned as well.

“Give me a kiss.” The lady appeared very calm. It might be because she felt that she was in a dream and thus was so bold.

Qing Shui was stunned. What was this? It didn’t seem appropriate for him to kiss her, but if he didn’t… She was clearly overwhelmed from the great surprise and it wasn’t good for her to continue to remain in such a daze. It could be considered another form of losing control of her mind.

Qing Shui didn’t take any action. However, the lady hugged him and then he felt a soft, moist touch on his lips. Her small tongue reached into his mouth like a little snake. However, she abruptly and quickly pushed Qing Shui away.

“To think that this is real… Don’t think about it too much. Consider it as an additional reward for you…” The lady sounded a little upset.

Qing Shui felt gloomy. He had yet been able to show any reaction before the entire thing ended.

“Additional reward? Then does that mean that there’s some other reward?” Qing Shui asked.

“Aren’t you looking for Di Chen? I’m now able to help you.” Qing Shui looked at the lady and realized that her abilities had unknowingly reached a very high level and was still rapidly increasing, or rather, it was rapidly recovering.

“Oh? You’re able to help me get into contact with her?” Qing Shui was quite surprised as well.

“Now I can. It’s because I can return to the Lotus Sect again. So I can naturally help you contact her. Oh, right, how are the two of you related?” The lady seemed to have only thought of this question now.

“She’s my wife. The reason I’ve come to the Western Oxhe Continent is to look for her.” Qing Shui said softly.

“Wife? How’s that possible? Holy Maidens won’t get married.” The lady said in surprise.

“Then she can don’t be a Holy Maiden.” Qing Shui said casually.

“You make things sound so easy. Do you think that it’s easy to become a Holy Maiden? Moreover, it isn’t achievable just because one wish to become one and isn’t something that can be renounced so easily.” The lady said.

“I thought they aren’t allowed to get married? What would happen if they were to get married?” Qing Shui gave it some thought before he asked.

“If a Holy Maiden wishes to get married, she must return everything the sect has given to her.”

“What has the sect given to her?” Qing Shui gave it some thought and asked.


“You mean that she’ll need to cripple her cultivation?”

“That’s right!”

Qing Shui smiled, “Forget it, let’s not talk about these. We’ll see how after I’ve met her.” He gave it some thought and said. Right now, he wasn’t scared of the Lotus Sect.

“That’ll be good. Oh right, I’m called Diwu Zhisha.”

“Your name has character. Probably everyone who has heard it would remember it.” Qing Shui smiled and said.

“Are you saying that my name sounds bad?”

“There’s no name which sounds bad, only people who looks bad.” Qing Shui smiled and said.

“Then do you think that my name sounds nice?”

“It does.”

“You’re tactful. Alright. You stay in the vicinity and give me some time. I’ll return to the Lotus Sect first and then bring her to meet you.” Diwu Zhisha said to Qing Shui.

“Would it take very long?” Qing Shui gave it some thought and asked.

“It won’t. There’s a unique route to Lotus Sect. It’ll be very fast and you won’t have to be kept waiting for long. I’ll definitely be able to return before the new year.”

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AST 1260 – I said I came, Imperial City

Qing Shui rejoiced when he heard what Diwu Zhisha said. After all, he predicted before that he would only be able to meet Hu Yiya's sister by new year. Only by then would he be able to think of a way to pass his message.

He took out the letter which Di Chen left for him. After much thought and careful consideration, he passed it to Diwu Zhisha. "Please hand this over to her when you see her. Just tell her that I'm here."

Upon saying out these words, he felt very emotional.

Diwu Zhisha took over the letter handed out by Qing Shui and put it away carefully. She didn't look into the letter.

"I will definitely hand over this letter to her and try my best to convince her to come out. I have only known her for a short period of time. So we are barely considered friends and she have very few friends. Basically, she doesn't interact much with others." Diwu Zhisha explained while she looked at him.

"Thank you, I am aware of that." Qing Shui shook his head with a smile. Di Chen's cultivation realm had gone up by too much all of a sudden. Even he himself didn't know what cultivation Di Chen possessed now. It might have been because her cultivation went up too fast within a short period of time which caused her personality to change. It could also be that she couldn't make it back for the time being, which made her to only keep the people and things she misses in her heart.

Even when he experienced a tremendous amount of increase in his strength back then, things like that didn't happen to him. Hence, he had a feeling that Di Chen must have increased her strength by a ridiculous amount. His perception also told him that she must be a lot stronger than the current Eldest Princess. In fact, she would definitely be stronger than the Saint Child. After all, the Holy Woman of the Lotus Sect was equivalent to being a Chief Disciple.

Of course, it was likely that she had been absorbing the energy of the Lotus Platform throughout these few years. Maybe the strength which she achieved at that time wasn't this terrifying. This was also Qing Shui's guess. He felt that despite how powerful Di Chen had been, she still shouldn't be stronger than himself.

"I should be the one to thank you. Come back to the Diwu Clan with me today and let me introduce you to my family. I will be heading back to the Lotus Sect tomorrow." Diwu Zhisha smiled and said.

"Wait until I meet Di Chen. By then, I will definitely go visit you and your family." Qing Shui responded after careful thoughts. If he was to go now, it would appear like he was trying to take credit for other people's achievements. It would be better for him to stop for a period of time.

"I'm fine with that too. But I need to rush back by today since I will be setting off for the Lotus Sect tomorrow." Diwu Zhisha once again emphasized on her point. As she looked around the area, she felt really reluctant to leave. She had already been staying here for quite a while. In the future, the time she spent living here would greatly reduce. Despite so, she still planned to stay here in the future whenever she had time as this place was like a paradise to her.

Qing Shui too got up and bid his farewell. She wanted to see him off but he refused. With that being the case, Diwu Zhisha also didn't insist on doing so. She looked on as Qing Shui rode the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant and left, deeply aware that this man wasn't only a powerful doctor, but a powerful warrior as well.

Qing Shui returned to the Hu Clan. Upon learning that he treated Diwu Zhisha, they were all in awe. Their first reaction was they all found it really hard to believe. No matter what, they couldn't convince themselves to believe that he treated her because they all knew more than anyone about Diwu Zhisha's condition. Even medicinal pills which consisted of Bones of the Living Dead and a few old doctors were unable to cure her illness. Deep down, they had actually came to conclude it to be a fatal illness.

"I believe you. Diwu Zhisha has recovered. It seems like the situation of the Diwu Clan is about to take yet another turn." Hu Yezhong smiled and said.

"Me too. Qing Shui, your medical skill is indeed exceptional and unique. Merely your medical skill alone is enough to make you stand at the top of the Western Oxhe Continent"

Both Hu Yezhong and Hu Yimin knew more than anyone else about what he was capable of. Actually, the siblings from the Hu Clan were also able to feel that Qing Shui was really formidable. Hence, it could be said that now that they were also convinced with it. The reason why they were all so shocked was because the Diwu Clan was really powerful. However, none of the formidable alchemists and doctors they hired were able to cure her illness.

Hu Yiya's father, along with some other people, once again thanked Qing Shui. After all, someone who was both a powerful alchemist as well as a doctor was something which they could never ask for. Never would he have thought for his little daughter's friend to be this powerful.

No one could compare to Hu Yiya in terms of how happy she felt. The reason was a lot of the people in her clan were now praising her for having good eyes to had found a martial brother who was both a formidable doctor and alchemist. Something worth noting was, since Qing Shui cured Diwu Zhisha, the Diwu Clan would owe him an enormous debt of gratitude. Hence, considering that Qing Shui was really close with the Hu Clan, the person who would be able to benefit the most by then would very likely be the Hu Clan.

Actually, the Hu Clan shared quite a decent relation with the Diwu Clan.The reason was, that both Hu Yimin and Hu Yiqian were really close with Diwu Zhisha. Hu Yiqian was Hu Yiya's sister in the Lotus Sect. Even though the two clans didn't stand at the same level, the interactions between the young juniors from each clan could help make the clans closer. Furthermore, the juniors from Hu Clan also had decent potential, especially in Hu Yiqian's generation. If things continued on like this, the Hu Clan would continue to strengthen.

Hu Yizhong and Hu Yimin, Hu Yiqian and Hu Yiya. Merely these Hu Clan's descendants were enough to significantly increase the overall strength of the Hu Clan. Let alone that the Hu Clan still had other branches.

The fresh troops of a particular clan could be said to be extremely important. Hence explained the reason why aristocratic clan wouldn't spare any effort to nurture the juniors from their clan. There must be a powerful person from each of their generation to lift the pot. They might even go as far as nurturing a few of them at once.

For the following time, Qing Shui noticed that the Chen Clan had actually begun to know their place. Chen Fuding no longer showed up. He didn't know if it had something to do with the Diwu Clan but now, the upper class people had all been made aware of one thing. That was, Diwu Zhisha had recovered.

It was also only now that Qing Shui found out that Diwu Zhisha was the Deputy Holy Maiden. Meaning, she was an existence that would take over as the Holy Maiden at any time. Even if she failed to do so, she would still end up at least as an elder or even higher position in the future.

There was no such thing as an absolute secret in this world. For some reason, the people from the Diwu Clan came looking for him. Furthermore, it was Diwu Zhisha's father. Qing Shui didn't know if it was because Diwu Zhisha told her clan that he treated her.

He was a man who looked very handsome and seemed like he was at his middle-age. However, he seemed like someone who wouldn't let others pay attention to his look. This was a very attractive man. Furthermore, he was also really strong but upon meeting Qing Shui, he got even more surprised.

"If I'm not mistaken, you should be Mr. Qing. I am Diwu Huangyu. Thank you for saving my daughter. I wonder if you are free to come and pay a visit to my house so as to let us express our gratitude for you." The man said very seriously. He sounded very sincere. He realized that he was actually unable to see through the depth of this man.

"Mister Diwu. You don't have to be so formal. The reason why I cured your daughter is just to help her. Actually, you don't have to feel in debt for anything." Qing Shui cupped his hand and responded quickly.

"It might have meant nothing for you, but to us, it is an enormous favor which we will never be able to pay you. However, I still really want to thank you with all my heart." Diwu Huangyu revealed a faint smile on his face. He sounded especially serious when he said these words. When it was time to be serious, he would definitely act serious. This was an attitude. Sometimes, a person's attitude would decide the outcome of something.

His words made Qing Shui had an even a better impression of him. The reason was that Qing Shui was also someone like this.

"How about this, when Miss Diwu returned, I will pay you guys a visit. How do you feel about that?"

Diwu Huangyu thought about it for a while. "Alright then, the door to the Diwu Clan is open for you at anytime. The Diwu Clan will forever remember the favor you have done for us."

Diwu Huangyu left. Qing Shui didn't say anything to stop him. He is a simple man, he only helped because he wanted to see Di Chen. Helping others without asking for something in return might very well be the greatest returns of all.

A person's attitude was very important. Or rather, it was the most important.

For the remaining days, Qing Shui spent his time strolling nearby the Imperial City. In any case, he really didn't have anything to do. At night, he would enter the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal to cultivate, whereas during daytime, he would continue to look around. He didn't plan to stay in the Hu Clan for a long period of time.

Without noticing, almost one month had passed. Qing Shui didn't go too far away. The Imperial City was really huge and it was enough for him to have fun.

Imperial City Blacksmith Store!

Qing Shui spotted a splendorous and majestic building. After he saw the four words on it, driven by curiosity, he walked into the store.

There were a lot of people here. Many warriors would go in and out of the store. Through their aura, Qing Shui could already feel that they were all warriors at State Master grade. There were even a few that was almost as strong as Hu Yiya's father.

The exterior part of the building looked really splendorous and majestic. Its internal design however, looked a bit simple. It made people felt that the place looked simple and unadorned. As soon as Qing Shui stepped in, his eyes turned bright. This was how true forging should look like. It was no use even if it looked really gorgeous.

Imperial City Blacksmith Store. Qing Shui wasn't sure if it was someone from the Royal Family, but considering that people who dared to use the words Imperial City in the said city were very rare. Logically speaking, it was likely that only the people from the Royal Family was permitted to use it.

As soon as he went in, he realized that the internal part of the store was really big. It was more than 300 meters long and wide. There were rows after rows of shelves with goods on it. On top of them were weapons, armors, shields and so on. This place could be said to have a lot of stuffs.

Qing Shui observed the blacksmiths here. There were quite a few of them. Even though they were quite decent, the majority of them were unable to attract his attention. There were also a minority that was quite good. Those who could get a quite good compliment from him must really have been pretty good. After all, this was the Imperial City. Most importantly, it was also because QIng Shui already stood at a higher leve, this couldn't be helped.

"Mister, do you need any help?" A young male servant approached Qing Shui and asked him politely.

"I'll look around first. If there is anything I need help with, I'll look for you." QIng Shui responded with a smile.


Qing Shui stood in front of a long shelf and looked at the different kinds of ore displayed on it.There were also things like beast leather as a lot of stuffs were being displayed here. Furthermore, they were of high quality. Merely these were already something which ordinary blacksmith store couldn't compare.

In comparison to the finished products displayed there, Qing Shui was more appealed to the materials. The products here were indeed quite good. Unfortunately, he already had Yang Stone, Violet Jade, Meteorite, Moonstone and other precious materials in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. He was only looking through the shop. At least for now, there had yet to be anything which managed to catch his eyes.

Qing Shui followed along the long shelf and walked forward. The people here often would leave this place and then return back here again to look for stuffs. The majority of the people here could only find things which they liked. Actually, once a person achieved above 1000 sun of strength, he or she would no longer come here to look for stuffs.

The real blacksmith from the Royal Family wasn't actually here. It was impossible for them to forge things here. The reason being that, none of the things here would satisfy the needs of their internal parts. A lot of the aristocratic clans attracted strong warriors by relying precisely on battle technique, armor, weapons and medicinal pills.

At the moment, Qing Shui had a feeling like there was nothing here which he would need. It was impossible for his strength to experience yet another huge leap during this time. As for weapons, armors and medicinal pills, he already had all of them. Hence, his intention here was more towards just to look around rather than to find something which he needed.

There were a lot of people who strolled around the material sections. It was very likely that they were looking for materials to forge their weapons. Normally, Qing Shui's Spiritual Sense would be left activated as he also hoped that he would run into things which picked his interest.

Suddenly, Qing Shui sensed a well conceived energy. It wasn't really strong, but it was unusually tranquil. he followed along with his eyesight and spotted a black yet bright stone that was almost the size of a fist. It could be said to be unusually eye-catching.

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