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AST 1237 – Women are the root of all troubles; confused. Hugging the Eldest Princess

It shouldn't be a problem for him to protect himself. He felt that he was capable of managing at least that. From his perspective, the strength of the Saint Child was worth most likely around fifteen million nimbus. Against this kind of strength, Qing Shui should be able to fight it to a draw. He had a few battle techniques which he could coordinate with the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant.

Fifteen million nimbus worth of strength… once it got weakened by both Qing Shui and the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant, it would worth less than 1.1 million nimbus. Under the condition when the strength of the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant was at its peak, it could be weakened up to nearly ten million nimbus and a bit more. Basically, once it coordinated with himself, he would be able to fight against someone with an initial strength of 15 million who was weakened to a draw.

This was just speaking in general, however, the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant was a Heaven and Earth Battle Beast, Qing Shui felt that if it was merely 15 million nimbus of strength, the Dragon Elephant should be able to defeat the opponent once the opponent was weakened. It wasn't called the Heaven and Earth Battle Beast for nothing.

It was precisely because of this that Qing Shui decided to send out the challenge letter. He felt that if the Dragon Elephant coordinated with himself, he could at least secure a position for himself where he wouldn't be defeated. As long as he was able to hinder his opponent, he should be able to defeat his opponent along with his demonic beasts.

"You finally came back to your senses. What were you thinking? You can still get distracted at a time like this," said the Eldest Princess in an unsatisfied tone.

Qing Shui came back to his senses and looked at the Eldest Princess embarrassingly. She had her brows slightly knitted. Obviously, she must be worried about this matter. He opened his mouth and smiled, "What's wrong? Are you worried about me?"

He was also only saying it playfully. This was all to make the tense atmosphere more relaxed. It's just that at the time when he finished saying it, he felt a bit weird. Even though the two were considered to be really great friends at the moment, he still found it a bit inappropriate to say this.

"Who is worried about you? You are not even concerned of your own well being, is there a point of people being worried about you?" The Eldest Princess was mad at the fact that Qing Shui wrote the challenge letter.

"Don't worry about it. Sister Su, you have to cheer for me and not that so-called Saint Child. Even if he wants to woo you, you can't do that." Qing Shui smiled while looking at the Eldest Princess.

"You are never serious. What kind of situation are you in now? And yet you still have the mood to joke around. I forbid you from sending out this challenge letter." The Eldest Princess replied after thinking for quite a while.

Deep down, Qing Shui felt really touched. Suddenly, he had a feeling that he was really close to this woman. The concerns humans had for each other might be shown unintentionally through certain matters. The problem itself might not be huge, it might just be a small incident, but this wasn't important, what was important was the interaction between two hearts which was felt all of a sudden.

"Sister Su, I know you're worried about me. Things will be fine. I don't want to die yet. I still have my family, my wife’s and my children. You don't have to be worried about me, I have a very persistent life, normal people wouldn't be able to take it away so easily." Qing Shui said with a smile. He might have sounded really relaxed, but at the same time, he was able to let people know that he was really serious.

"Listen to me. Currently you aren’t suited to battle against him." The Eldest Princess said seriously while looking at QIng Shui.

"Sunu, don't worry, I won't take his life." At this moment, a gentle-sounding voice drifted over.

Both Qing Shui and the Eldest Princess froze in shock. Qing Shui abruptly turned around only to see a man standing high up in the air far in the distance. At this moment, he was staring right at them with a smile. While standing in mid-air, he was emitting an unusually harmonious vibe.

Qing Shui squinted his eyes as he looked at the man far away. He was unable to tell the age of the man based on his look. He looked as graceful as an immortal. His eyes might look warm, but it was a kind of warmth which no one would dare to look down upon. At this moment, he formed a very distinct contrast with Qing Shui. In between Qing Shui's brows, there was a purple colored mark. His gentle and reserved nature contained a kind of manliness within it. It's just that when compared to the man in front, Qing Shui's gentleness was shown to be more bewitching. Despite so, it wouldn't make people felt that he was a sissy. On the contrary, people would feel that he had a kind of unusual charm with him.

This man looked very handsome. But what was more outstanding was his temperament. Anyone who saw him would feel that he was a righteous man, a man who was able to leave good impressions on people of all ages.

It wasn't sheer luck that he was able to be the leader of Saint Child Band. He had the imposing attitude for it. Qing Shui could already tell that this person was the Saint Child by merely looking at him. There was also a faintly discernable aura emitted from his body.

"Take away my life? Are you strong enough to take it away? Take this!" Qing Shui randomly swung his hand and immediately tossed out a challenge letter towards Saint Child.

The thin beast parchment flew towards the man like a sharp sword. Qing Shui purposely used the Hidden Weapon technique to throw it.

The man smiled. He extended his hand and effortlessly took over the challenge letter which Qing Shui threw.

Qing Shui didn't like his arrogant attitude. It might not have necessarily been counted as being arrogant. From Qing Shui's perspective, this was the kind of impression this man gave people – an arrogant bully. Actually, this was an aura which people usually developed a habit for once they stayed in a high and lofty position for too long.

"Qing Shui!" The Eldest Princess pulled Qing Shui's sleeves. She was worried that Qing Shui would charge in recklessly.

As the Saint Child saw the Eldest Princess so close to another man, even if it was just pulling his sleeves, his expressions instantly changed.

"Sunu, stop pulling him. I still mean what I said. Besides, the challenge letter is here already." The man said with a smile.

Qing Shui chuckled and immediately went on to hold the eldest princess' hand. Previously, he already noticed the unhappy look across the man's eyes. It's just that the man managed to hide it really well. Nevertheless, he still managed to see through it. This was because he had heard that this man liked the Eldest Princess.

The Eldest Princess also never expected for Qing Shui to be this daring. She glared at Qing Shui. Despite so, she didn't try to pull back her hand. Even she herself didn't really know how she was feeling. She knew that this might be a bad thing, but other than this, there was no other way to make this man give up on her.

Since her hand has already been held by this very young man here. That man definitely would not stop interfering with her unless Qing Shui died. He was a man of perfection. He wouldn't allow even the slightest bit of a blemish to appear on whatever he pursued.

The Eldest Princess felt that it was way too tiring to live with this kind of person. No one would be willing to be his woman. The reason being that, that was a kind of burden, not happiness. This was also why the Saint Child was single till now.

The Eldest Princess was even capable of making him fall in love with her. From here, it could be seen just how outstanding a person the Eldest Princess was.

"I take back the promise which I made about not killing you. If you break that arm of yours now, I can still consider letting you live." The man looked really calm. But in actuality, he was more furious than anyone present.

"Sister Su, even though he is a powerful man, he isn't suited to be a husband. Will it be alright if you leave your marriage to me?" Qing Shui said with a smile. He was not in the least concerned about that man.

Originally, Qing Shui felt that a man who was able to do things up to this extent should be a very outstanding man. But never would he have thought that it would turn out to be such an emphatic man. Even though the Saint Child was really powerful, Qing Shui already had not even the slightest good feelings towards him.

It's just that Qing Shui didn't know that in actuality, the Eldest Princess had long since been considered as Saint Child's reverse scale even though he hadn't managed to obtain her. The reason why he lost his self-control was because Qing Shui has been too close to the Eldest Princess.

It's not that he wasn't generous enough. It's because he knew that the Eldest Princess wasn't that close to that man. It's always been said that if it was a matter which showed no concern to oneself, getting involved in it would only make matters worse. A lifetime of cleverness can be interrupted by moments of stupidity. It had never once crossed his mind that that the Eldest Princess was not someone who could be gone after so easily.

"There is still one more reason why I came looking for you today. On what condition will you help my little brother remove the poison from his body?” This was the main reason why the Saint Child came.

"I have said it before. If you want to live, break off both of your arms. If you insist on wanting your arms, you will lose your life. If a warrior is unable to keep even a promise, he wouldn't be suited to live in this world. Could it be that you really think that you can cover the sky by yourself?" Qing Shui said in neither an obsequious nor supercilious tone. He wasn't trying to promote anything through his words, he just wasn't used to seeing this kind of bullying, nasty attitude of Fu Yanting. Let alone, those kinds of people should get the punishments which they deserved.

"Great, then let’s meet each other at the Arena of Life and Death. I'll let you live for two more days." The man disappeared after he finished speaking.

Qing Shui shook his head, "Femme Fatale"

"What did you say?" The Eldest Princess asked angrily.

"Ah, I only said that eldest princess, you're a beauty who could topple over cities." Qing Shui said hurriedly.

"En, let go of me. You have already made him angry to the point that he left. You certainly have some skills. Only very few people are able to actually anger him to this extent." The Eldest Princess lifted Qing Shui's hand speechless. She knew that the person left because of herself. But Qing Shui on the other hand, he has now been put in a very dangerous situation.

She never once thought that her hand would be held by a man. Furthermore, she also never expected a man to be this daring. Now, she was feeling really complicated, the reason being that she wasn't actually that angry. She was only treating him as her brother, this was only considered as giving him some small advantages.

Qing Shui quickly let go of her hand and smiled, "Sister Su wasn't the one at fault here, I was the one being rude here. I didn't harbor any dirty intentions towards you. You are like a god in my heart. You're someone who I could never blaspheme."

"Alright stop it." The Eldest Princess said angrily. She conveniently let out her hand and knocked Qing Shui's forehead. She felt really relaxed and comfortable while talking to him. In contrast to that, she would sound really lifeless talking to other men. When in front of her, they would either be fake or pretend to be someone else. They were never able to leave even a single deep impression on her.

"Well, great, he will definitely not let you go now. Why are you always trying to push yourself to the point of no return?" The Eldest Princess looked at Qing Shui confused.

"That's because only at the point of no return will I be able to force out my largest potential. Sister Su, would you like to give me some motivation? For all you know, I might be able to emerge victorious because of it." Qing Shui said gently.

"Haih, what kind of motivation? I will give you whatever that's within my power." The Eldest Princess said while letting out a sigh.

Qing Shui looked at both of her eyes. Those pupils of hers looked clear like immortals. He smiled, "It has been a long time since I hugged a person. I feel a sudden urge to hug someone."

The Eldest Princess stunned. She looked up at Qing Shui, looked at his tranquil and pure eyes which didn't contain any wicked intentions. There was a kind of undescribable exhausted look within that eyes of his. For a moment, her heart got soft, "I am your sister. There is no next time."

At the moment when the Eldest Princess finished speaking, she opened up both her arms and embraced it around Qing Shui's neck.

Actually, Qing Shui regretted a little saying it. He didn't actually mean to take advantage of her. Everyone would feel tired at some point, and when that happened, they would try to seek support. No matter how tough a person had been, for example, when they got home, no matter how significant a character he was, at the time when he saw both his parents, he would still feel like depending on them. This was because they were forever their children. Even without parents, they would still have a family, a wife, and children of their own.

The Eldest Princess found the expression Qing Shui made from before really familiar. She was able to understand how he felt, the reason being that she has been in similar situations countless times prior to this. She wasn't feeling sympathetic for him… It wasn't any other kinds of feelings either. Even she herself was unable to understand what she was thinking at this moment.

Qing Shui hugged her. He was hugging her very tightly. His entire face was buried in her soft neck. At this moment, he had not even the slightest crooked thought. It was just a simple hug, yet there was an indescribable kind of peacefulness in it.

Despite having a pair of soft arms embracing him, he was still able to keep his mind clean…… Not everyone could maintain this kind of feeling. It would be hard for it to happen even once throughout one's life.

It seemed like the Eldest Princess also shared the same feeling. This was that rare opportunity. The two quietly hugged each other as if they had even forgotten about time itself. Not knowing how long it has been, the Eldest Princess slightly opened up both of her eyes only to be awestruck. She saw both Yan Jinyu and the Seventh Princess looking back at both of them blankly from far away.

What's wrong? People have already managed to get so near and yet they were unable to notice it…

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AST 1238 – Misunderstanding, State of One with Elephant, It's Better Than Nothing

The Eldest Princess has never felt this shocked before. She was embracing a man peacefully for quite a long time. Furthermore, she didn't notice anything even after being approached by someone with low strength up to such a close distance.

But at this moment, she no longer had the mood to think about matters like this. Now, she felt a bit incapable of explaining the current situation clearly. The reason being that she was aware that her own sister, Suxin has harbored feelings, or even more so, was fond of Qing Shui. Moreover, she has also tried to give her advice before this. But now, what was she doing herself? Even though she knew that things weren't the way they thought they were, but her sister would definitely not think that way.

She would definitely think that her own sister, the Eldest Princess also liked him…… Would she start to assume that her own sister was trying to snatch over the person she liked?

She let go of Qing Shui very unnaturally. It seemed like Qing Shui also noticed two more people around him. For a moment, he spoke in a slightly awkward tone, "You guys are here."

But no one said anything. Yan Jinyu looked at Qing Shui strangely. Her eyes looked really complicated. She seemed to be puzzled.

The Seventh Princess, on the other hand, looked really unnatural. She stared at the Eldest Princess. Her face expression changed very quickly. From the seventh princess' look, the Eldest Princess could already tell that she has over thought things. She let out a sigh and said: "Suxin, the only thing I can tell you, is that things aren't the way you think they are."

"What I am thinking, how do you know what I am thinking?" The Seventh Princess looked at Qing Shui and said. Her expression looked really complicated. It was if she was struggling.

"Little brat, you don't even believe what your own sister is saying now?" The Eldest Princess was aware that she would most likely not listen to anything she said now.

"I only believe in what I see. Actually, sister, you don't really have to explain anything to me. Why didn't you say so earlier? Sister, you have always loved me dearly. You will give me anything…"

"What are you guys talking about?" Looking at the seventh princess, Qing Shui could tell quite clearly that the Seventh Princess had started viewing the Eldest Princess differently. As he thought about the things which the Eldest Princess used to tell him before about the Seventh Princess, he finally came to understand what's going on.

"Do you like elder sister?" The Seventh Princess smiled at Qing Shui.

"Why are you asking?" Actually, Qing Shui was also feeling really upset. This world wasn't that open-minded. Furthermore, what kind of person was the Eldest Princess? For her to embrace another man… If one was to say that they didn't share any relationships with each other, even Yan Jinyu, or maybe even himself, would most likely be unconvinced by it. But there really was nothing going on. Sometimes, things were just as simple as that.

"Sister is born with beauty that can topple over countries, moreover, she also plays a very important role in the Royal Family. If you like her, the only thing you can do is to marry her and make her your wife. Can you do that?" The seventh princess looked at Qing Shui.

"Little brat, that's enough, what's wrong with you today?" The Eldest Princess spoke up. She let out her hand and stopped Qing Shui from talking.

"Sister, I'm just happy to see you falling for someone. Do you know that all along, I have always been feeling that no man is suitable for you? Hence, I'm really happy." The Seventh Princess said seriously while looking at the Eldest Princess.

"You don't know how to lie. Could it be that the bond we share with each other is unable to bear even tiny matters like this?" The Eldest Princess approached her and asked gently.

"Sister, I'm wrong!"

In just a while, the Seventh Princess already went on to hug the Eldest Princess and broke down. She didn't know why, but she just felt like crying. It's just like when a child found out that their favorite toy had been taken away by the person closest to them.

"You aren't wrong. Let me tell you, at least for now, I don't have any relationships nor have I made any promises with him." The Eldest Princess rubbed the seventh princess' head.

Qing Shui never expected for such ridiculous things to happen to him. He was a bit dumbfounded by it. Furthermore, it was the Seventh Princess and the Eldest Princess. It's true that the three didn't share any relationships with each other. Despite this, such kind of misunderstandings could still happen.

"Sister, I'm sorry… I also don't know why…"

"Little brat, it's better this way, I will only feel sad if you try to hide things from me." The Eldest Princess let out her hand and wiped off seventh princess's tears.

"Sister, do you really like him?" The seventh princess whispered.


"Come on, can you guys stop discussing this matter." Qing Shui also stunned upon hearing the Eldest Princess' firm response. In any case, she should have been more tactful.

"Alright, let's all sit down and make things clear. Since Qing Shui is here, we might as well clear things up now. I don't hope for any estrangement between each other since we are all best friends." The Eldest Princess said with a smile.

"What more is there to say? I don't even like him." The Seventh Princess said a bit embarrassingly. Prior to this, everyone already noticed something wrong with her.

"Are you sure?" The Eldest Princess asked while laughing.

"Qing Shui is someone who is already married. Furthermore, he has more than one wives. You too should never expect him to ever leave them. Little brat, I will take the words which you said before as something which you said out of rage. Do not ever say it again in the future. I wouldn't stop you from liking someone. In fact, I will help check on him for you. But eventually, it still comes down to your own decision." The Eldest Princess said gently.

"I know, sorry." she apologized to Qing Shui.

Qing Shui shook his head and didn't say anything.

"I am still going to pursue my own happiness. I don't want to share the same man with someone else." The Seventh Princess clenched her teeth while looking at Qing Shui. It seemed as if she has made a really huge decision. "Me too!" Yan Jinyu said with a smile.

Qing Shui never expected for things to turn out this way. Well, it's not exactly that bad as it would be less troublesome. All along, love has always been one of the most tiring things. Hence, it would be best for it to be like this.

"Sister, how about you?" The Seventh Princess looked at the Eldest Princess curiously.

It's also only the Seventh Princess who would ask the Eldest Princess questions like this. Only she had the privilege to do so.

"I am not planning on getting married." The eldest princess answered while shaking her head. She sounded really firm when she said it.

Her response really shocked Qing Shui. Even Yan Jinyu was slightly startled by it. The seventh princess, on the other hand, showed a less dramatic reaction than the other two. Instead, she chuckled: "Sister, so you are still insisting on this answer. But I don't believe you now. I am sure that you will eventually get married in the future.

The Eldest Princess didn't argue back, nor did she admit it. Actually, she also felt a bit shaken deep in her heart. It was a very weird feeling. Time could destroy everything, so could it change everything. It seemed like the things which she used to be really certain in the past has started to waver.

"Alright, it's good as long as everything is fine. Next time, you must tell me whatever you are feeling." The Eldest Princess seemed to have let go of her burden as well.

"What? Qing Shui gave the Saint Child a challenge letter?"

Yan Jinyu and the seventh princess looked at Qing Shui in awe.

"We will eventually have to fight against each other sooner or later. Wouldn't it be better if we settle it faster?" Qing Shui pretended to be relaxed when he said this.

"But he is the Saint Child……"

"People's name, tree's shadow* (Chinese idiom). It was precisely just as stated. A powerful and famous person would instill pressure in people's hearts, so much so that it would even cause it to misjudge someone. This was a kind of mind trick.

"So what if he is the Saint Child. Don't get scared by his name. Nor shall you let down your guard just because your opponent appeared to be an unidentified person who wasn't famous. A lion would still go all-out when it tries to hunt for a rabbit. One should really be careful to prevent failing miserably at an easy task. If not, they might end up dying without even knowing the reason for it." Qing Shui smiled and looked at the girls.

The Eldest Princess sat down quietly by the side and listened while drinking her tea.

"The Saint Child is way too famous. Are you sure you can beat him?" Yan Jinyu asked skeptically.

"As long as a person is considered an enemy, it doesn't matter what kind of reputation, what kind of knowledge and what kind of fame he had. He would still remain an enemy. Against him, the last thing we should do is to retreat. We have to beat him. Of course, you can't do that by hitting an egg against a stone. Only fools will do that and die for nothing." Qing Shui explained with a smile.

"Then Qing Shui, by that, do you mean that you are sure that you will be able to beat him." Yan Jinyu said in surprise.

"Nope!" Qing Shui was straightforward with his answer.

Yan Jinyu got upset and stared at Qing Shui angrily.

Qing Shui smiled, "But I should able to protect myself!"


"Should be able to!"

Yan Jinyu stopped going deeper into the questions. She felt that the more she asked, the more she would worry. For a moment, she felt a bit depressed.

"Sister Yan, that's enough. Don't worry, I am not an impetuous person."

They left. Qing Shui sat there alone. Deep down, he also felt a lot more relieved. He would rather fight against the Saint Child than face problems in love. He calmed down his mind and started to think of how he should battle Saint Child in the future.

At night, Qing Shui entered the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. He didn't plan to refine the powerful energies received back from the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant. He didn't want to take such risk. Hence, he could only wait until when his own strength stabled down even more.

But at the moment when he looked at the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant, a bright light shone across his eyes.

State of One with Elephant!

Why would he forget about this?

Qing Shui was so surprised it couldn't be described with words. If his State of One with Elephant could reach a high realm, the chances of him winning would be even greater.

Qing Shui called upon the Golden Scaled Dragon and immediately jumped onto it. They were high up in the air in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. Qing Shui reminisced the feeling in the past when he used the State of One with Elephant before he began to practice it slowly. After that, he proceeded to control the operation of the Divine Force of both himself and the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant to make the two forces merge with each other.

The low grade of State of One with Elephant only allowed part of the user's strength with the dragon elephant. It's said that once it reached a high enough realm, by following the mutual understanding the master and the elephant had for each other as well as the realms they were in, the technique would be amplified under the principle of one plus one equals more than two. Qing Shui was really looking forward to it. He didn't want to ask for the effect of making the power of one plus one more than two, not even the strength of one plus one equal to two. He would have felt satisfied if he could fuse part of it.


Instantaneous Diamond Evasion!

Ferocious Dragon Elephant Attack!

Qing Shui was coordinating his attacks with the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant when mounted on its back. This made the attacks of the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant to be amplified even more. Prior to this, despite the fact that Qing Shui's State of One with Elephant not being high in level, it was only considered to be quite average. Now, when he once again practiced it, he also found himself becoming more skilled at it. Furthermore, the pace at which he improved was getting faster and faster. After all, compared to before, Qing Shui's knowledge, cultivation as well as observation skills were something which couldn't be put in the same level as those in the past.

Just like this, Qing Shui seemed like he had forgotten even about time. He would eat some food when he was hungry, sleep when he was tired and unknowingly, the time limit of the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal was up.

Qing Shui kept his calm as he looked at the effect of State of One with Elephant between himself and the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant. However, the result wasn't perfect. The reason being that he had not even a single idea of what's up with the current State of One with Elephant. It could only barely increase the attack prowess of the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant up to eleven million nimbus in the State of One With Elephant.

Previously, the attack prowess of the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant was slightly more than ten million nimbus. Taking everything into account, it could help increase the strength which the Dragon Elephant unleashed by around a hundred thousand nimbus. Even though the State of One with Elephant was said to make no distinction between the beast and its master, unfortunately, that was something that only could be achieved at an even higher level. Qing Shui's current State of One with Elephant was yet to achieve that kind of state. For now, the realm of which his State of One With Elephant was in was only limited to either him coordinating to the dragon elephant or the other way around. But now, since the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant had stronger physical prowess, Qing Shui could only coordinate himself to its attacks.

"There is still one more day left. I hope that it will be able to improve a little more. This way, I will have a higher chance of winning." Qing Shui let out a sigh and left the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal after he finished speaking.

As for refining the energy, Qing Shui would still need a bit more time to do it. He didn't want to do it now as it was too risky. He planned to refine it only after his strength was completely stable. That way, the risk of it would be decreased by multiple folds. Or else, now would be the moment when he refined it.

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