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AST 1235 – Tian Jiange’s Decision, Saint Child Invitation, Rejection

Because the Golden Ni Lion had used the low grade Sacred Beast Pill, it was now considered Qing Sha’s tamed beast now. The huge Golden Ni Lion affectionately circled around Qing Sha.

Qing Sha happily reached out with her hand to touch its head. Demonic beasts which were this strong all had scale like fur.

“Thank you father!” Qing Shui turned back to look at Qing Shui as happily said.

“Silly lass. Is there a need to stand on ceremony with father? Come, let’s go have our meal.” Seeing that Qing Sha was happy, Qing Shui felt happy as well. Happiness was something which could be spread around.

Qing Shui gave Qing Sha some medicinal pills meant for demonic beasts as well as the crimson pellet in the Nine-Headed Moon Wolf’s core. This was something good and it could be used to improve the demonic beast’s bloodline. It would be extremely helpful for the time when the demonic beast went through a blood awakening.

When it was close to noon, Tian Jiange came by. When he saw Qing Shui, he was very happy. After a few polite exchange, he went straight to the point. “My elder brother has gone to meet with Saint Child. The latter wants to have a talk with you.”

Qing Shui knew that this day would happen, but he hadn’t expected it to come so quickly. He had initially thought that the Saint Child would only come to look for him after some time. He hadn’t expected that the Saint Child would directly say that he wanted to meet him.

“Oh? He wants to meet me? Then let him come here then.” Qing Shui said without a care. Right now, the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant had already become stronger and even if Qing Shui had to fight with the Saint Child, it might prove to be useful.

Tian Jiange’s eyes lit up, “He wants you to meet him at his place.”

Tian Jiange smiled after saying this. His smile had an indescribable emotion, as if he felt a little helpless.

“Elder Brother, what’s wrong?” When Qing Shui saw Tian Jiange’s expression, he knew that the latter must definitely be feeling helpless.

“Saint Child had wanted to get someone to come. I got my elder brother to go look for him, and he promised to do so. However, Saint Child wants you to go look for him and for you to treat his brother.

“Brother, are you afraid of Saint Child and Saint Child Band?” Qing Shui asked.

“I’m not afraid. No matter how arrogant the Saint Child Band is, they wouldn’t dare to do anything to me. It’ll be fine if there are no life-threatening situations between us. However, it’s different for you. Moreover, you let Fu Yanting’s life be threatened. If you don’t treat him, that person won’t let you off. No one would be able to hold him back either.” Tian Jiange said helplessly.

“Brother, did you elder brother tell you this?” Qing Shui smiled and asked.

“That’s right. it’s because my brother knows well what kind of a person Saint Child is. Qing Shui, listen to me for once. Right now, we don’t have sufficient powers to go against that person. Even my elder brother would only be able to be on the receiving end.”

“Brother, you still haven't walked out of those shackles that bind you down. If you don’t get rid of them, you’ll never be able to break through the barriers. You’ll just be like a frog in the well, and the well would be the shackles that tie you down.” Qing Shui sighed and said.

Qing Shui could understand Tian Jiange’s view. He had similar views previously. If he hadn’t gained the ancient legacy, he would submit to his fate as well and would feel that there would be some people who were unsurpassable existences. However, it was different now. He wasn’t afraid of anyone. He just needed time.

“I understand that but the gap between them and I is far too big. I’m just afraid that something will happen to you. Maybe we should just bear with it a little longer?” Tian Jiange said helplessly.

“I know you’re saying this for my own good. However, for cultivators, there are somethings which we cannot shrink back on. Brother, I hope you can get rid of these shackles. Otherwise, in your future cultivation, you’ll end up restricting yourself one day. You must push forth even when there’s difficulty. Otherwise, when you come across a bottleneck in the future, you’ll lose the determination to break through that bottleneck. Your subconscious would feel that you won’t be able to break through it. It’s just like asking you right now if you feel you can attain a breakthrough to the False God realm.” Qing Shui smiled and looked at Tian Jiange.

Qing Shui was testing him. If Tian Jiange couldn’t even get past this stage, it would probably be difficult for him to even become a Grade Five State Master in the future.

Tian Jiange’s brows knitted tightly. The impression that his elder brother gave him was far too powerful. How could he face someone whom even his elder brother had reservations for? Although he understood what Qing Shui said, it was very hard to put into practice. This was akin to an ordinary person facing against a group of tigers and lions. How was the person supposed to fight?

“If a person wishes to become strong, he must have a strong heart.” Qing Shui continued.

Tian Jiange’s frown became even deeper and there was a fierce struggle in his bright eyes. His elder brother was a very powerful and since a young age he had left an unsurpassable impression on him that was very hard to remove. How could it be so simple to be forcibly removing it now?

“Brother, I have my trust in you. This time around, I’ll face it with you together.” After a very long time, Tian Jiange spoke with certainty. Although it was a little rough, his tone was still very determined.

“Alright. Don’t worry, it’ll be fine. In the future, you’ll learn how right your decision today is.” Qing Shui smiled and said.

It was better to strike the metal when it was hot. In order to let Tian Jiange gain faith in his abilities, he gave him a drop of the Spring of Life. He knew that Tian Jiange’s character could be trusted and thus he wasn’t afraid that the latter would betray him. Moreover, Qing Shui wasn’t afraid either. He was actually helping Tian Jiange.

Qing Shui had gained a tremendous benefit from the Nine Heavens Golden Pellet that Tian Jiange had given him. Therefore, Qing Shui willingly shared with Tian Jiange some of his own things.

Moreover, Tian Jiange was his friend. In the future, they could help each other out. When the time comes, Tian Jiange could become a leader of an area and he could bring Qing Shui a lot of help. Qing Shui liked Tian Jiange’s character. He was a person with principles, righteousness, and he values relationships.

After Tian Jiange took the Spring of Life, his strength, the of his functions body and his potential all improved tremendously. He looked at Qing Shui in surprise. He had already gotten a lot of benefits from Qing Shui. Could a person who had so many Heavenly and Earthly treasures come from an ordinary background? He trusted Qing Shui as well. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have made the decision he just did.

He had a strange feeling that there was nothing which Qing Shui couldn’t accomplish.

“Brother, if I were to not go, would that Saint Child come personally?” Right now, Qing Shui was together with Tian Jiange, next to the pond in the courtyard. He looked at the fishes in the pond and asked.

“He should. Although Fu Yanting is a little arrogant, the Saint Child still dotes on him.” Tian Jiange said with certainty.

“Then how many days at most do you think it’ll take before he comes to look for me?”

“Three days. Since he has already made his stand clear, he will come to look for you in at most three days if you don’t go and look for him.” Tian Jiange knew of the Saint Child’s habits. Usually, when the Saint Child had to look for the other person himself, the latter would not end up with good consequences.

“What kind of a person is Saint Child?” Qing Shui was very curious.

“Decisive, resolute, does not fear rumors, intelligent, and can be considered to be an important character. It’s not strange even if he were to go on an occasional killing rampage. He is considered to be a person who can undertake responsibilities and is always above board. He won’t stoop down to use tricks. It might be because most of the time, the opponent isn’t worth it for him to resort to trickeries.” Tian Jiange gave his assessment of Saint Child.

Qing Shui didn’t find any of his assessments to be strange. If Saint Child wasn’t someone like that, he wouldn’t have gotten to his current position. Therefore, he had his answers. He merely wanted to know what kind of person the Saint Child was like if he would resort to underhanded methods. Since he was an above board person, it was fine. Of course, he would still have to be on his guard.

Tian Jiange left. Qing Shui hoped that when Saint Child comes, Tian Jiange would come as well. Three days… Although Tian Jiange said that it would be three days at most, Qing Shui knew that Saint Child would definitely come after three days.

In three days, he might have to fight it out with the Saint Child, he might not. It would depend on the situation then. However, Qing Shui felt a faint yearning for there to be a battle.

He just didn’t know if he could have some peace in these three days.

The things that happened in the past few days felt very surreal to Qing Shui. After all, the changes were too tremendous. However, this was something good. He was blown over by happiness.

At noon of the next day, countless human figures appeared in the distant sky.

The previous day had passed by peacefully. Today, Qing Shui causally gave guidance to Qing Sha in the courtyard. Therefore, he had noticed the disturbances from afar very quickly.

Have they come?

Qing Shui lifted his head and looked into the distance. People who could fly like this in the Heaven Secrets Academy would at least have the status of an Elder. Elder Tianyi had come by before, so this time around, the ones who came must definitely be more powerful than Elder Tianyi.

Very quickly, four old men stopped and stood in the air above the manor.

“You must be Mister Qing. We’re here to pick you up. The Saint Child doesn’t have much time on his hands and thus have gotten the few of us to pick you up.” The old man in the lead had a strong figure and the golden armor he wore made him appear to be like a battle god. The old man didn’t look very old. The lines on his face made him look very strong and there were only faint wrinkles. His eyes were sharp like blades.

“I’ve said it before. If he wishes to see me, he can come personally. Since he’s so busy, then I shan’t disturb him either.”

“You really think very highly of yourself. Who are you to get Saint Child to come and find you personally?” The old man felt an indescribable fury but his tone was full of contempt.

“Then what rights do you have to be blabbering away before me?” Right now, Qing Shui didn’t give a care for the other party’s status as an Elder.

It was because the old man was representing Saint Child right now, and not the Heaven Secrets Academy. Moreover, if it got reported to the Heaven Secrets Academy that an Elder wasn’t even able to deal with a young disciple, this Elder would be completely humiliated and it would be hard for him to go carry himself in the future.

Therefore, Qing Shui retorted in disdain as well. Moreover, the Heaven Secrets Academy would be too busy to deal with a trifling issue like this.

“Arrogant. Youngsters don’t know how big the world is out there. You really think that you’re unrivaled just because you’ve defeated Tianyi? Let me tell you, this is the Heaven Secrets Academy. It’s no place for you to act so presumptuously. You still have a long way to go.” The old man was so angry that he broke out into a laugh and said.

“Old man, I’m young and arrogant but you’re an old fool. Do you think that I don’t have some tricks up my sleeves when I dare to speak to you like this?” Qing Shui smiled and replied.

The old man was stunned for a moment. He looked at Qing Shui seriously and said, “Today, you’ll have to come no matter what.” The old man said forcefully before pouncing toward Qing Shui.

In consideration of Qing Sha, Qing Shui dashed up into mid-air at an incredulous speed as he used the Nine Palace Steps.

Taichi Slash!

Qing Shui spun his right hand and then his palm attack turned from a spin to a hack!

Taichi Golden Chi!


Qing Shui had brought the profoundness of Taichi to a great level of mastery. This slash was no longer considered to be Taichi but was just using the stance of Taichi to strike with a fierce force and essence.

At Qing Shui’s level in the martial parts, he no longer restrained himself on fixed stances but rather, whatever he used would be a stance. However, there would still be the shadows of other attacks. For example, Qing Shui’s Taichi Slash came from Taichi and exuded a strong feeling of the technique.

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AST 1236 – No Road To Treat, Letter of Challenge


Qing Shui’s profound attack clashed directly with the old man. Qing Shui shook a little while the old man was forced to take two steps backward. Qing Shui stood up again, using the Nine Palace Steps while attacking with Taichi’s killing attacks.

Right now, his Taichi was only left with the feeling of Taichi. When accompanied by the Nine Palace Steps’ profound footwork, each step had a terrifying prowess. With a single move, the old man was pushed back, causing him to lose his advantage with the first move.


The old man’s fists and arms suddenly swelled up by 30%, and their surface became golden and shimmery. With a loud bellow, he stabilized himself and his huge fists smashed out one after another.

Great Strength Diamond Fist!

A hint of surprise flashed in Qing Shui’s eyes. He had seen the use of the Great Strength Diamond Fist before. However, this kind of martial art was split into different grades. Many of them were low grades martial arts. However, he knew that his old man, who was like a golden armored battle god, would definitely have a Great Strength Diamond Fist—a high grade martial art. In the Western Oxhe Continent, there would definitely not be a lot of people who could cultivate such an expert level of martial arts.

Back Connecting Fist!

Qing Shui circulated his abilities and his arms seemed to grow a little longer. He was also glimmering in golden light due to the Nine Yang Golden Body. Therefore, Qing Shui’s Back Connecting Fist could be called the Diamond Back Connecting Fist.

The name itself was not important. What was important was the prowess of the move. In a battle, it didn’t matter who was stronger. It was dependent on who could remain alive. The survivor would be considered the winner.

Boom boom…

A series of loud explosive sounds rang out in the air. Both Qing Shui and the old man activated their Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation. Qing Shui’s breaths were very long and his attacks were like waves, sweeping out one after another as if it were endless.

The more the old man attacked, the more astonished he became. When he once again retreated after clashing with Qing Shui, a pair of huge golden gloves appeared in his hands.

This pair of gloves was his weapon. Maybe the old man gained some admiration for Qing Shui after having fought for a while because the old man then said, “Bring out your weapon. Otherwise, you’re not my match.”

Qing Shui nodded. “Don’t worry, when I need my weapon, I’ll bring it out. But let me tell you, you aren’t a match for me. You’re going to lose.”

“Arrogant! Take this!”

The old man seemed to be a little infuriated. He straightened his back and then arched backward to be like a tightly drawn bow. He was golden and shimmering, filled with explosive powers. He then suddenly let loose.


The old man’s figure was unbelievably fast. The golden shimmer around him brought about a stream of light and shadows. Right now, his fists were like two spinning drills, charging out toward Qing Shui.

Nine Continents Mountain!


Qing Shui activated the Nine Continents Mountain without panicking. The old man’s abilities were close to four million nimbus. This was his entire strength. A person with his abilities could be considered to be a very powerful existence in the Heaven Secrets Academy.

A strength of two million nimbus would be a Peak Grade Four State Master. There was a huge barrier there and many people whose strength were at 1.9 million would stop there forever, never being able to step into the doors of a Grade Five State Master.

If one wasn’t able to cross that threshold, they wouldn’t be able to raise their abilities. This golden armored old man was clearly a Grade Five State Master and was one with a strength of close to four million nimbus.

It was a pity that the prowess of Qing Shui’s Nine Continents Mountain was over five million nimbus. The gap between two attacks was tremendous. One was at over five million nimbus, the other wasn’t even at four million nimbus Therefore, when the Nine Continents Mountain came smashing toward the old man at great speed, the latter’s countenance fell.

Golden Armor Shadow!

The old man suddenly came to a stop. He swayed a little, leaving behind a phantom image as he quickly retreated!


The Nine Continents Mountain collided against the phantom image and then headed toward the old man once again.

This was how cultivators who trained in physical martial techniques fought. When the person came across an opponent with an even more powerful physical attack, it would be a disaster. For them

“All of us attack at once! Capture him and take him back!”

The person who was on the extreme left amongst the few remaining old man shouted out and rapidly entered the battle scene, charging toward Qing Shui.

Qing Shui wasn’t surprised but his gaze was full of contempt and there was a hint of viciousness in his eyes as well. He didn’t like this way of doing things. If Qing Shui was the one who had initiated the attack, it was one thing for them to attack all at once. However, today, they were the ones who came to find trouble for him, and then they decided to attack together when they saw that they were no match for him. When dealing with people like this, Qing Shui would not usually let them have a good ending.

Divine Nebula Formation!

Primordial Flame Dragon Whip!

Right now, Qing Shui’s spirit energy attacks were even more terrifying, even if he did not use the Seal of Roc. This caused the chances of his attacks being doubled to be removed. He must not place too much hope on those additional chances.


The old man who dashed forth went on full defense, but he was still trembled from the whip attack and was sent back. They weren’t on the same level. He was much weaker compared to the golden armored old man, but he was slightly stronger than Elder Tianyi.

Right now, a casual whip from Qing Shui’s Primordial Flame Whip would have a prowess of over three million nimbus. Moreover, it was flexible and mysterious, making it hard to fend off. The old man was on the verge of death just from this single whip alone and was sent flying out.

The golden armored old man was held back by the Nine Continents Mountain. Out of the three remaining old men, one was seriously injured while the other two were only starting to take action. However, they could only stop in their tracks. They weren’t stronger than the other old man who had been seriously hurt from just a single attack and they weren’t going to be idiots and make useless sacrifices.

“We’re Heaven Secrets Academy’s Elders. You’re offending the people superior to you!” A slightly fat old man from the two remaining Elders shouted out.

“Don’t try to bring out your status as an Elder to suppress others. What have you done earlier? Even an Elder from the Heaven Secrets Academy has no rights to capture someone for his personal interests.” Although Qing Shui didn’t try to kill, he wouldn’t let them get off easy either.

“Old Second Jin, you seemed to have bumped into a steel plate!”

Just then, several old men laughed and flew over. Before they were within sight, their joyous laughters had already arrived.

Looking at their clothes, Qing Shui knew that these people were from Lord Sect.

“This is our Saint Child Band’s matters and doesn’t have anything to do with your Lord Sect. Stop sticking your nose into this.” Although the golden armored old man was in a dire state, he still shouted out furiously toward the few old men who had just arrived.

“Haha, we’ll just watch as you guys get thrashed then. Haven’t you always thought that you’re very powerful? Why are you guys trying to bully with numbers and flaunting your seniority?” The old man who spoke up earlier seemed to be very happy.

These words caused the golden armored old man and the others to become even angrier. The golden armored old man got away from the Nine Continents Mountain while the other two old man supported their injured comrade. All of them found an opportunity and fled.

They didn’t say anything before they left. At this stage, no matter what they said, they would just humiliate themselves even more. Therefore, it was better to not say anything. As for this young man, someone else would teach him a lesson.

“Lad, you have a high level of cultivation!”

That old man from earlier was like the Maitreya[1]. Even if he wasn’t smiling, he would look as if he was smiling. Qing Shui knew that someone like this must either be a person of great good or great evil.

“Hello!” Qing Shui knew that they were from Lord Sect and might even be related to Tian Jiange.

“Since you’re fine, we’re assured. Little Tian was worried and insisted that we make a trip here.” The old man said warmly.

“I’ve trouble the few of you. Why don’t you guys come in for some tea?” Qing Shui said politely. He knew that Little Tian referred to Tian Jiange. It seemed that Tian Jiange’s status in Lord Sect had started to rise.

“Perhaps next time. We have plenty of chances in the future. We still have things to attend to and shall head back first.”


Qing Shui watched and sent them off. No matter what, these people had come. This represented Tian Jiange’s stance, and it was also could be considered that Lord Sect was helping him.

Now that the four old men had left, the Saint Child should come personally next. In addition, given that Qing Shui had injured his people, if there were no accidents, the Saint Child would probably fight against Qing Shui.

After this battle, Qing Shui’s name spread very quickly through the Heaven Secrets Academy. There were rumors saying that he had defeated four Elders by himself, of him challenging the Saint Child Band, and even some which were saying that Qing Shui had sent a letter of challenge to the Saint Child to a life and death battle in two days.

Qing Shui wasn’t that stupid. He could leave some rumors be but now, even rumors of him sending a letter of challenge had appeared. Qing Shui knew that it was some tricks pulled by some people intentionally. The ones behind it could only be the people from the Saint Child Band.

The rumors said that Qing Shui was extremely arrogant, had challenged the Saint Child Band, and had even deployed underhanded means to poison Saint Child’s younger brother. They were even saying that Saint Child Band had made several requests for him to cure him of the poison, and also said that Qing Shui injured Elders and had no respect for seniority…

Many people didn’t know of the actual situation and thought that a young lad who was craving for reputation and didn’t know how big the world was had found a wrong target. Therefore, many people were full of despise toward Qing Shui.

Qing Shui didn’t feel anything toward these rumors. No matter how foul they were, they wouldn’t disturb his mental state. He had a clear conscience and no matter what other thought, it was not his problem. People didn’t live for the sake of unimportant people. Otherwise, it would be too tiring. Who would really be able to make it so that everyone was satisfied?

Sitting in the pavilion, Qing Shui took out pen, ink, and paper.

“Since you’ve sent out the rumor that I have issued you a letter of challenge, then let’s make it a reality. This should go according to your wishes.” Qing Shui gave it some thought and started to write on the beast parchment.

When the Eldest Princess came, Qing Shui was done with his final stroke.

“What are you writing?” The Eldest Princess smiled and looked toward the beast parchment on the stone table.

“Letter of challenge!” Qing Shui smiled and said.

“You want to challenge him?” The Eldest Princess spoke in astonishment. Her sexy mouth was now slightly agape in surprise and when Qing Shui saw those seductive red lips, he couldn’t help but have evil thoughts. He quickly dismissed those thoughts.

“That’s right. Since he has spread words that I’m going to challenge him, we might as well just fight it out. It’s better to be taking the initiative.” Qing Shui said without a care.

The Eldest Princess looked at Qing Shui. She suddenly felt that she didn’t recognize this calm-looking guy at all. It was a very long time before she said slowly, “How confident are you in winning him?”

“30%!” Qing Shui gave it some thought and said.

“You’re challenging him despite having only 30% chance of winning?” The Eldest Princess looked at Qing Shui in disbelief.

“It’s because I don’t know his abilities. Sometimes, there are things which men have to face. It’s not possible to avoid them.”

When Qing Shui said 30%, he didn’t just come up with a random number. He really felt that his chances of winning were at 30%. If he could refine the powers in his body, he felt that his chances of winning would be at least 80%.

It was because Qing Shui had Emperor’s Qi, Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant, and Vajra Subdues Demons. No matter how powerful the Saint Child was, how powerful could he possibly be? If Qing Shui could refine that power in his body, he should be able to attain a breakthrough to have a strength of ten million nimbus.

He didn’t know if there was enough time. If there wasn’t, then he could only rely on the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant. It was just that Qing Shui wasn’t very confident if were to only rely on the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant when going up against the Saint Child.


[1] Name of a Bodhisattva. In China Budai, image is one of the main forms in which Maitreya is depicted in China. Budai also has the nickname of Laughing Buddha.

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