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AST 1198 – Gold Needle Acupuncture. Raging Force of Blood. Danger

Had it been before his increase in strength, Qing Shui would not have dared to bring the girl along. But now, since it had already been raised, he felt that he was able to cope with it. After all, if he really couldn’t, he could have just ran for his life right away.

He brought the girl and followed the crowd into Rong City.

Looking from the outside, the atmosphere was murky, billowing smoke all about but nothing would happen if they went inside the city. This was the Scarlet Flame Formation. This kind of huge formation would only be dangerous at places where they actually existed. A lot of places weren’t really that dangerous.

Qing Shui felt that he specialized in formations. As he entered the area, he soon realized that the area was deserted. A lot of the areas within the city had already turned into ruins. Some places were even on fire.

There were only ones around were people who had just entered this place. No one from Scarlet Flame Region could be seen nearby. Nor were there any other people. But from time to time, quite a few corpses could be seen. Each of the corpses died in different kinds of ways. A lot of them were ordinary civilians.

“These barbarians! They don’t even show mercy to ordinary civilians! Ruthless! They better run away from me, because I won’t let any of them live!” Yan Yangchen shouted in rage. He sounded especially angry.

“Everybody, divide yourself into small groups and go separate ways. Get someone to watch your back. Take up your weapons and fight!” There was a bit of enchantment in the old man’s voice. This was because he witnessed some of the corpses of ordinary people.

Deep down, everyone actually had their own concept of justice. At least a normal person would have it. Hence, now, their fiery spirits had been ignited by what they have seen. It started with a few people, then ten and eventually it became even more people that proceeded forward. At this moment, the strength of quite a lot of people seemed to be increasing.

To be burning with anger, this was the power of blood!

Qing Shui’s blood was boiling even more vigorously. But he was strong, so he was able to control it. At this moment, it seemed like he had learned some new things about the control over the power of his blood.


Only through rage, when one was seething with anger would they be able to light up the power of their blood and trigger their hidden potential. It was just like a young mother from his previous incarnation. When her few month old baby got kidnapped, she was able to experience a burst in energy and caught up to the motorcycle within a short period of time. The energy burst at that moment was beyond one’s understanding. And there was also another mother, when there was an earthquake, she used her weak and frail body to hold up the slab which dropped down. This was because her children were right below her.

These were all hidden potentials from deep down within a human’s body that were triggered. At that time, they were able to light up the power of their blood.

Violet Golden Bloodline… Qing Shui didn’t really know if he was considered as someone with Violet Golden Bloodline at the moment but there were Violet Golden Blood Threads in his body. It contained terrifying power.

“Let’s go!” Yan Yangchi led the group and gave a gesture. The group settled on a direction and made their way towards it.

Rong City wasn’t really that big. It was a small city near Scarlet Flame Region. Since it was nearby that area, a lot of the people here were people who came temporarily to gain some income. Once they did it, they would leave the city.

Scarlet Flame Region might be dangerous but places with high risk were often also accompanied by high rewards. Hence, there would be people entering Scarlet Flame Region every day. Rong City was a place for replenishment. Hence, the hotel, blacksmith store and shops here often earned a lot of profit.

If one was lucky, they might be able to work here for a few dozen years without anything happening. If they were unlucky, just like this time, those people who died were people that just came recently.

Two hundred li forward, this was a wide street. Silhouettes of humans could be seen showing up in front. All of them had dark red skin. There were about forty or fifty people. They had strong auras. As for their ages, it was not known.

Some of them even had blood stains on them. Without much thought, they were definitely people from Scarlet Flame Region.

“Make your move and kill them! Don’t kill the women, it’s rare to see such beauties. Once we’re done toying with them, we could still gain a lot of benefits by sending them into the sect,” a gloomy voice came through.

Qing Shui locked onto the person speaking with his spiritual sense. His body wasn’t that big but he was a man who looked like a wolf. At this moment, the person was already making their way here.

There were about ten people on Qing Shui’s side whereas the opponents had around forty to fifty in number.

However, their opponents weren’t that strong. Hence, in a nutshell, there wasn’t really much to worry about. There were only a few of them who were a bit stronger. The rest were not enough to scare Qing Shui and the group.

Yan Yangchen took the initiative and roared out loudly. With World Demolition Hammer in his hand, he charged forward. Qing Shui calculated the right timing and immediately took out the Big Dipper Sword.

Golden Sword!

He instantly murdered one of the people from Scarlet Flame Region.

Fresh blood could be seen spurting out. In just a short while, people from both sides got fired up. Especially Yan Yangchen who was taking the lead. He immediately struck with the huge hammer in his hand.

Yan Yangchi and the others were scared that something would happen to Yan Yangchen. They quickly charged forward.

Qing Shui was holding the girl while constantly attacking with his Big Dipper Sword. He used his Divine Force to protect the girl. The Nine Palace Orientation made him feel as if he was a fish that got back into water. He locked onto a few of the people with his spiritual sense. Especially the guy from before who was ruthless like a wolf.

Qing Shui could tell that the path he walked was the path of an assassin. Once given a chance, he would definitely strike with his sword and kill his enemy with one hit.

“Brother Leng, kill him. You guys are going on the same path. Killing him will bring you great benefit,” Qing Shui smiled as he told Yan Leng.

After Qing Shui defeated Tian Jiange, even the princes didn’t dare to look down on him. Everyone could tell that if given some time, he would definitely be able to achieve great things in the future. In the future, whether it was one sect or one dynasty, he would have no need to even bat an eye at them.

For this kind of people, it was either become good friends with them, remain strangers forever, or kill them early on. Becoming enemies would only result in an endless stream of trouble.

Yan Leng bound himself to the thin man. Qing Shui on the other hand, wandered around the area. With the Big Dipper Sword in his hand, he would from time to time strip away lives.

Yan Jinyu and the others also weren’t some devout men and women. They were all trained in battles. With the weapons and armor Qing Shui made for them, their strength increased quite significantly.

In the span of the time for an incense stick to burn, this place turned quiet. Qing Shui did a headcount and found out that he had killed twenty people. It was almost half of the people there. Not only that, this was the number he killed after he purposely slowed down.

After that, they continued moving forward.

Qing Shui could feel a vague aura around the group. He could feel that the aura didn’t have any bad intention. Hence, he knew that they were people who came to protect them.

He just didn’t know whether it was people from the royal family who came to protect the Fifth and Seventh Princess or if they were people from Yan Clan. Even though he didn’t know, he still felt a bit more relaxed.

They looked around the surroundings. The reason why they were here was to kill people and force the people from Scarlet Flame Region in Rong City to retreat. Their intention was to make Rong City recover back to how it used to be.

But this kind of behaviour was only a cover up from the outside. If they didn’t finish off Scarlet Flame Sect which lay deep within Scarlet Flame Region, they wouldn’t be able to solve this issue entirely.

“Those who dare to kill people from Scarlet Flame Region must die!”

A voice came through. It sounded old yet was accompanied by a bloodlust aura. That was a voice of an insane person.

As Qing Shui heard the voice, his face expression changed. He went forward and headed left by two steps. As he let out his hand, a cold light shot out. Along its way, a crisp noise came through only after it took a few turns.

“Eh, someone was actually able to notice me.” These words could be heard from far and near. When the person finished speaking, an old man covered in a black jacket appeared in front of the crowd.

The old man had an average sized body. The aura emitted from his body was very strong. It was a lot stronger compared to Tian Jiange’s. Despite this, Qing Shui didn’t feel pressured by it.

“I wonder how many people from Scarlet Flame Region are in Rong City? Would you mind telling me?” Qing Shui smiled and asked.

“Young man, that was such a pathetic way to enrage your opponent. There is no need for you to know about this. Just ask the person who killed you once you die!” When the old man finished speaking, he charged towards Qing Shui.

The old man’s body shone with black light. Something which looked like a black willow branch appeared in his hand.

Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation!

Qing Shui protected the little girl. He activated his spiritual sense and tossed out the Demon Binding Ropes.


The old man immediately got bound halfway. Not only that, wave after wave of red light began eroding the old man’s demonic beast armor manifestation. After just a little while, the old man’s face could already be seen to pale.

Qing Shui knew that the Demon Binding Rope was powerful but he was unclear as to the extent of its strength. From how it seemed now, it had decent strength.

Bloodthirsty Demonic Vines!

Qing Shui swung his hand and immediately summoned the Bloodthirsty Demonic Vines. In just a short while, the old man was already bound by it.

The whipping and wiggling of Bloodthirsty Demonic Vines, added to the Demon Binding Ropes, it was almost as if there were no more obstructions to eliminating the target.

The old man was more powerful than those that sneak attacked Qing Shui the other day. Unfortunately, the assailant died before he even managed to show his strength. In another way, this was also considered dying in a very cowardly way.

The people from Yan Clan as well as the two princesses looked at Qing Shui in shock. The reason being that they were unclear about Qing Shui’s actual strength. As they remembered that even Tian Jiange got defeated at his hands, they felt that it was even harder to see through him.

Qing Shui collected all the Interspatial Silk Sachets and proceeded deeper into the area. He quietly sensed the surroundings once again. Previously, he was unable to sense any fluctuations in the surrounding aura. This might be because the old man was aiming right towards him at that time.

After that, they once again ran into multiple waves of people. He was really conserved when he attacked. The main thing for him would be to ensure that the others would be able to fight as well. Even though the abilities which they demonstrated weren’t weak, this was a good time for them to practice. If Qing Shui had laid his hand down in the matter, the situation would have turned one-sided.

Without noticing, it was already noon. In between, they also ran into a few people from other aristocratic clans. Despite so, they only greeted each other. They didn’t really team up together.

This time, they’re in Rong City for three days. After three days, they would gather up outside of Rong City and look for a quiet place to sit down and take a break. After a while, they would continue on moving forward.

While resting, Qing Shui closed his eyes and continued to cultivate the Seven-seven Divine Nebula Formation. Unfortunately, he still didn’t manage to succeed. No matter what he did, the last star just would not get in place. This made Qing Shui a bit upset.

At night, they set up camps to rest. Qing Shui let the girl take a break. He also let out his demonic beasts and entered the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. He continued to cultivate the Seven-seven Divine Nebula Formation. In the blink of an eye, another forty days passed but he still couldn’t manage to succeed.

It was difficult to address the depression felt within Qing Shui’s heart. He ate some food and after a while of rest, when he was about to continue his cultivation, he could feel the warning signals given off by the demonic beasts outside. He panicked and immediately went out.

He went out only to find that the situation was really serious. They had actually been surrounded. There were more than ten auras. Among them, there were a few that were even stronger than his own. Not only by a little but by a lot.

Great Yu Dynasty was a peak second grade dynasty. Within a dynasty like this, by normal rules, his strength should have been a lot stronger than theirs. So much so that he should already have been at the top of the pyramid.

But now, among the ten auras he felt, there were at least half of them whose strength exceeded his own. It seemed like he was in a really bad situation today. Could he possibly run away from this? He could use the Nine Continents Steps Effect and bring them along but would the opponents give him time?

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