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AST 1185 – Twin Roc Form’s Great Perfection Stage, The Second Form of Qing Shui’s Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation, Tremendous Increase in Strength

After consuming the last Mysterious Fruit, Qing Shui crossed his legs and sat beside the Bodhi Tree as he calmed his heart and slowly sensed. The Bodhi tree was still too small to be bearing flowers and fruit. But it had indeed gotten a lot bigger than before.

A warm sensation arose from his insides to the outside. It was a strange feeling. Qing Shui’s heart eventually relaxed. He vaguely felt that he had reached a vast world!


He couldn’t tell if the noise that rang out was a screech or an eagle’s cry. It even sounded slightly like a beast’s roar. It turned out to be a gigantic golden bird that was no less than 1,000 meters long in size and its spread wings were large enough to hide the sky and cover the earth. In this vast world, it was as if it was the lord.

A Roc!

Now this was a true Roc, the Golden Winged Roc. It was the purest species of Rocs and most likely the ancestor of all Rocs that he had heard of in legends. With both of its wings spread, it could soar ninety thousand li into the sky with a light flap.

Although these were Qing Shui’s thoughts, the Golden Winged Roc before him was as mighty as that. Its gigantic head was very beautiful but also appeared very incisive. It had a pair of golden glimmering eyes that were as large as a pavilion. Its gaze was sharp and pressing. This Roc appeared to a lot more formidable than that gigantic green colored dragon that he had seen before. The dragon that he saw before was probably not the strongest of the dragon species.

Roc Form!

Roc Spreading Wings!

Qing Shui was staring unblinkingly as the Golden Winged Roc flapped both of its wings and instantly soared into the skies. That was a burst of profoundly mysterious energy. Its speed seemed to be observable by the naked eye, yet one could only gasp in amazement at it.

A wave energy was bubbling faintly within Qing Shui’s body. It was the Roc Form that he had been cultivating all this while. The Roc Form that had reached its bottleneck seemed to be moving faintly right at this moment.

Qing Shui moved, as his figure moved with the Roaming Dragon Steps and its orientation was the Nine Palace Steps. His energy were the Roc Spreading Wings and Violet Gold Divine Force. He seemed to be moving unconsciously, yet there were no words to describe the exquisiteness of his every step.

Qing Shui’s eyes couldn’t stop following the movements of the Golden Winged Roc in the sky. As time went on, Qing Shui’s footwork grew more and more skillful. When he once again stepped forward along with the Golden Winged Roc, he sensed that a wave of mysterious power seemed to have awakened in his body. That wave of energy traveled from his legs straight into the Seven Colored Pellet.

In this instant, Qing Shui sensed that there were at least ten major acupoints cleared on his two legs. These acupoints were all the acupoints that Qing Shui couldn’t clear before. But in one single moment, at least ten of them were instantly cleared. Not only that, the wave of mysterious energy poured forth into the Seven Colored Pellet.

Then the strength of the Seven Colored Pellet had most likely been increased once again but Qing Shui couldn’t check how much it was right now.

But he didn’t need to think to know that Roc Spreading Wings had attained the Great Perfection Stage.

As if in response, the Golden Winged Roc spread its wings once again and opened its beak to breathe out a sea of flames. Since Qing Shui bore the Primordial Flames in his body, he wasn’t really affected by any other types of flames, especially given the fact that he could resist 70% of spirit energy damage. However, seeing the sea of flames that this great roc had breathed out, he had a feeling that he would be burnt to crisp within a moment if he went into it.

He was still too weak in strength and was much too inferior to this Golden Winged Roc. This reminded him of that old turtle and the gigantic green colored dragon. Which level were they on?

He shook away his thoughts as he watched the flames that the roc had breathed out. He knew that this was an opportunity and that it was probably the manifestation of the Roc Form in his consciousness, much like the Diamond Gigantic Elephant back in the days.

Qing Shui eventually realized that the nebula in his sea of consciousness was also slowly moving, as if cells that had undergone cell division were being regrouped again. Qing Shui was utterly shocked. His spirit energy was increasing exponentially, along with his strength too. He unconsciously sensed that his spirit energy and strength were rising at the same pace.

Primordial Flame Dragon Whip!

The Primordial Flame Whip that Qing Shui had unleashed this time was no longer the same as the one before. It resembled a gray colored dragon and it wasn’t any larger than the flame python or jiao before. Yet the terrifying energy within it was earth shattering different.

Now this was a Primordial Flame Dragon!

Qing Shui abandoned the Primordial Flame Dragon Dance and completely used the whipping style of the Primordial Flame Whip to attack. After all, the most direct style was the most effective.

The Primordial Flame Dragon Whip grew more and more agile in Qing Shui’s hands as its power was also gradually increasing. The nebula in his sea of consciousness was also rearranging itself again. Not only had it grown slightly bigger in size, it had also became denser than before. Even its mightiness wasn’t quite the same as before.


The nebula in his sea of consciousness once again exploded completely. A wave of powerful energy rapidly and abundantly poured forth into Qing Shui’s body, including the Seven Colored Pellet!

The nebula in his sea of consciousness had dispersed. This time it didn’t appear like a cloud but a small sky instead. The nebula had exploded and was suspended in the sky. This small sky was abundant with rich spirit energy. It was so rich that even Qing Shui was quite astonished!

The Golden Winged Roc vanished, Qing Shui also woke up. Everything was a like an illusion, though it could probably be considered a real illusion because Qing Shui realized that his strength had received a tremendous increase, including his levels of his techniques.

Heart of Roc, Great Perfection Stage!

Roc Spreading Wings, Great Perfection Stage!

The Roc Form that had troubled Qing Shui all this time had actually attained the Great Perfection stage in a pair. Before he could even sense how much strength he had gained, he saw the final battle technique of the Roc Form appear.

Seal of Roc!

Both of his hands formed the seal and unleashed an illusory shadow of a Roc to attack. Its offensive power was strangely great!

The introductory stage was very simple. Qing Shui tried cultivating for a short while and then stopped. Even cultivating towards the small success stage and being able to attack wasn’t a task that was achievable in just a day or less.

He stopped to sense the boundless energy within his body right now and was immediately stupefied. His physical strength was 25 nimbus. The Heart of Roc and Roc Spreading Wing techniques had actually allowed his physical strength to increase by four nimbus…….

There were still the Phoenix form and Dragon form among the Nine Animals Mimicry Technique. The Roc form was an existence that came after the Phoenix and Dragon forms. Thinking about the increase he had gained up to this point, he was able to accept it. He once again sensed his Seven Colored Pellet and was stunned.

Tenfold. It had instantly raised his physical strength tenfold!

Qing Shui only pinched his slightly stiffened face after a long while as he tried to calm himself down. He then held the Big Dipper Sword in his hands and sensed his strength.

The Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation!

After the strange undulation receded, Qing Shui found himself looking at the dazzling golden battle armor on his body. The helmet was shaped like the ferocious-looking head of an Earth Diamond Bear. It seemed like the second form of the Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation still retained a little characteristic of the beast form……

With this, the Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation had also entered its second form…….

Qing Shui looked at his shiny golden Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation in pleasant surprise. It was exuding a wave of terrifying energy. Its strength had grown from threefold to fourfold while its defensive power had once again doubled by itself, including both his physical and spirit energy!

Considering the fact that it had only just entered its second form, Qing Shui was already very satisfied since it was already exhibiting such might. He immediately sensed the strength in his body and realized that it had already undergone earth-shattering changes.

With only a Big Dipper Sword, Qing Shui’s current strength had already reached 6,600 nimbus. He could probably be considered a Level Two State Master by now. But of course, his fighting strength had also exceeded Level Two State Master. The power of the Nine Continents Mountain had also reached 13,000 nimbus…….

Now that the Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation had evolved to the second form, it was probably a sign that Qing Shui could barely be considered a Level Two State Master. However, Qing Shui’s fighting strength as a Level Two State Master was much more powerful than any typical Level Two State Master.

Qing Shui’s spirit energy was still the most terrifying part. He actually found the heights that it had reached to be a little unbelievable and this was also a transformation in his sea of consciousness. His spiritual offensive power had already reached a whopping 17,000 nimbus….

Qing Shui stood there dazed for a good long while. His strength was once again increased approximately 100%. On top of that, he didn’t feel unwell after this tremendous increase in strength because he could sense that his realm had completely caught up to it.

However, Qing Shui still spent his remaining time cultivating endlessly. Most of the time, he had been practicing his Taichi fists. His Taichi Golden Qi had flourished even more than before. Even when unarmed and defenseless, Qing Shui was already able to unleash terrifying power solely relying on his footwork.

All of a sudden, Qing Shui realized that his physique seemed to have grown bigger and taller by a quite lot. A wave of confident aura blended into his body and his bones. It was like a wave of energy that had come from somewhere deep in his bone marrow and sea of consciousness. It was very strange but he loved the sensation.

Ever since Qing Shui came to the Inner City, the types of people he mingled with were everchanging. He would even cross paths with royalty. Furthermore, he had a feeling that he was already being dragged into the prince’s fight without him even realizing it. Any negligence on his part might spell a tragic end to his life. His strength’s improvements were probably kind of like an insurance while his improvements this time were going to be a great insurance for him.

It felt as if the dark clouds had cleared away and the sky had turned a lot brighter in his heart. He didn’t lack time, yet at the same time he was running out of time. He had to deal with the issue tomorrow first, otherwise he’d definitely be in trouble.

Now that he had joined hands with the Yan Clan, although he didn’t know how deep the Yan Clan’s water was, they basically wouldn’t have any chance of turning things around with the royalty involved.

The Third Prince and Yu Clan were really ruthless this time, to be thinking about seizing Yan City!

Without realizing it, it was already dawn. It was about time for Qing Shui to leave too. He washed up and changed into comfortable clothes before going out.

As soon as he came out, he met Yan Yueyin. She had completely recovered already in just one night.

“How’s your injury?” Qing Shui greeted her with a smile. He could see that she was doing very well now.

“I’m fine. I’m returning this to you!” Yan Yueyin handed over the Violet Jade Phoenix Pendant back to Qing Shui.

“It doesn’t look good? Is it not to your liking?” Qing Shui asked.

“That’s not it. It’s gorgeous and I like it very much but it’s simply too precious. By the time you have more of them, just remember to save one for sister,” Yan Yueyin chuckled.

“I have enough of these, so you can have it. The rest will have their own share. I have simply overlooked it just now,” Qing Shui laughed.

After she was certain that Qing Shui indeed had quite a lot of these, she even requested a pair of earrings and bracelet. She was gleeful like a little girl but her mature appearance was exuding an enticing charm.

After breakfast, they headed towards the arena. By the time they reached there, it was already extremely crowded. Even so, they were still able to get to the designated spot for the Yan Clan very effortlessly.

“Yangchi, are you confident enough? This is a very important matter.” Yan Dingtian glanced over at the spot where the Yu Clan was at. A look of worry was evident on his face. He was already aware that they had been set up by someone within the clan. They might as well oppose the Yu Clan directly. He kind of felt like he could, yet he was unable to do so right now.

“Even if I die, I will make the Yan Clan stay in the Yan City!” Yan Yangchi clenched his fists tightly as he exclaimed in determination.

Yan Dingtian sighed but said nothing. A man had his responsibilities, even if it meant spilling his blood and risking his life. When that time came, the meaning of his life would no longer be staying alive.

“Yan Yangsong, you go then!”

After the old man from yesterday stepped forward to say his opening speech, he announced the commencement of the event. This time, it was the Yan Clan’s turn to enter the arena first. Yan Yangchi didn’t hold back right now as he immediately opened his mouth and shouted his full name along with his surname.

“I admit defeat!”

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