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AST 1855 - Taichi Cloudhand, a balance between gentle and tough

All along, Qing Shui was watching from the side. He was observing the courteous, mature man who could have a daughter like Sheng Jun.

“Jun`Er, Biao`Er really likes you. I assure you that he loves you from his heart. I really hope that you can find happiness.” The courteous man looked at Sheng Jun as he explained slowly. Deep down, he wasn’t really happy.

No fathers would want to see their daughters unhappy, but things were simply out of his control. If it wasn’t because he didn’t have a way, he wouldn’t have agreed to it.

Aristocratic Clans would also have helpless things which they had to face. There would always be clans more powerful than their own. Hence, the only thing that they could do was to continue climbing up.

“But I don’t like him. I don’t want to get married to him.” Sheng Jun said softly.

She was the pride of her clan. In time, her achievement would also have no bound. At one point, the courteous man had also thought that she could be a pillar of strength for the clan. Unfortunately, the Heaven Star Immortal Sect wasn’t a sect they could mess with. Let alone they were also greatly indebted to the sect which had saved their entire clan before.

The marriage was set before Sheng Jun was born, hence, it couldn’t be considered as a sort of scheme. Rather, it’s more of a coincidence. But regardless of what it was, since it was something that was already set, even if they intended to go back on their words, this man hasn’t had the slightest idea on how to do it. Lian Chengbiao has already said that he wouldn’t marry anybody else but Jun`Er.

Lian Chengbiao was the genius of Liancheng Clan. Though he wasn’t the eldest son, he held a unique position in Liancheng Clan. He was regarded highly by the seniors of his clan. Hence, the things which he said would still possess a degree of weight.

Actually, Lian Chengbiao was already married to a few women. But he still said something like he would marry no one but Sheng Jun. If Qing Shui had known about that, he would think that this man was even more shameless than himself.

“Do you really want to make other people lose faith in your father? Parents had the responsibility to match their children to their other half. Feelings can be nurtured once you guys get married. Everyone has their own destiny and responsibility. Sometimes, you can’t just do whatever you want. In this world, everyone is bound to face helpless situations. We just have to get adapted to it.” The courteous man looked at Sheng Jun and said gently.

“As a father, it doesn’t matter if you are using your daughter’s happiness for your own gains, the moment you decided to do this, you have lost your title as a good father. You fail as a father, or rather, you are not fit to be one.” At this moment, Qing Shui revealed a faint smile.

Qing Shui’s words were quite unexpected. Many people didn’t view Qing Shui as a significant person. They thought that he was just Sheng Jun’s servant. No matter how good he might look, when in front of Sheng Jun, a mere handsome look wasn’t considered as any significant asset.

“Who are you? What right do you have to speak here?” Lian Chengbiao looked at Qing Shui and said in an arrogant tone.

“It doesn’t matter who I am. A man isn’t considered a man when he demands and forces people to return any sorts of favors. Do you agree with what I say?” Qing Shui moved his sight onto Liancheng Biao. He didn’t have any good feelings on the man who seemed infatuated in love.

Usually, there would still be some good points about an infatuated person. However, in the case of this man, it didn’t matter whether he was infatuated or not. It’s very hard for anyone to have good feelings for him with how he was behaving at the moment.

“Our marriage was set since a long time ago. Who do you think you are? One more word and I will kill you.” Lian Chengbiao seemed to hold a lot of grudges against Qing Shui. If it wasn’t because of Sheng Jun, he would have very likely tried to eliminate him.

“Nope. I don’t think that you are capable of killing me. Oh, one more thing, she will never get married to you. Let me be honest with you, you aren’t suited for her. I remember a saying, I think it’s something like ‘a toad lusting after a swan’s flesh’.” Qing Shui said in an indifferent tone.

“Who are you? What relationship do you share with Sister Jun?” Lian Chengbiao was carefully probing Qing Shui this time. He felt that this man wasn’t just some ordinary brat.

“We are very great friends.” Qing Shui smiled deep down. To think that this man was already starting to lose his cool.

Qing Shui’s words made Lian Chengbiao even more upset. If Qing Shui had told him that he was Sheng Jun’s boyfriend, he might not be convinced by it. He also wouldn’t be angry because he knew that Sheng Jun wouldn’t just commit herself to a man that easily.

But if they were very great friends, he would instead feel insecure about it. Friends, especially best friends, when it was between a man and a woman. The possibility of them turning into a couple was very huge.

“I don’t feel like continue talking to you. Seeing that you are Sister Jun’s friend, my best advice for you is to leave as far away as possible. I don’t want to see you near Sister Jun ever again.” Lian Chengbiao’s eyes looked very cold.

Deep down, Qing Shui was aware that this man was already planning to kill him. What he said just now was for Sheng Jun to hear. Regardless of whether he left or not, he would still murder him.

Naturally, Qing Shui wouldn’t be frightened away by Liancheng Biao’s words. He smiled, “Why shall I leave? This place has great sceneries. Not just that, I also have such a beautiful woman to keep me company, drink with me and also chat merrily with me. What more can one possibly ask for in their life?” Qing Shui smiled and started babbling out some nonsense.

“You are the one asking for it. Don’t blame me for anything that may happen. Uncle Sheng, I leave this brat to you.” Lian Chengbiao smiled and looked at the courteous middle-aged man.

When Qing Shui heard what he said, he slightly squinted his eyes. Liancheng Biao was indeed a sinister person. To think that he would ask Sheng Jun’s father to deal with him. There was a very deep reason behind it.

The courteous man also didn’t reject it. He nodded and slowly approached Qing Shui. He was offended by Qing Shui when Qing Shui said that he was a failure as a father.

“Father, he is my friend.” Sheng Jun stood in front of Qing Shui.

“Are you a man hiding behind a woman’s back?” At this moment, Lian Chengbiao said in a sarcastic tone.

Qing Shui smiled and said, “What else can a wimpy kid do other than hiding behind the adults? Come forward and battle me if you dare.”

Though Qing Shui wasn’t particularly good at arguing with others, he also wouldn’t suffer losses that easily. He knew one principle, when arguing with a person, he must maintain a good attitude. He mustn’t lose his cool. The main purpose of verbal arguments was precisely to enrage the opposing party.

Somehow, Qing Shui’s words had still managed to play some effect. Liancheng Biao looked at Qing Shui with a very unsightly expression, “Since you are seeking death so badly, let me help you realize your wish!”

At the moment Liancheng Biao finished speaking, he immediately charged towards Qing Shui. He didn’t bother saying anything to Sheng Jun’s father.

Qing Shui stepped in front of Sheng Jun and said with a smile, “As a woman, you mustn’t stand in front of a man all the time, even though you may possess a very beautiful body.”

At the moment when he finished speaking, Qing Shui also charged towards Liancheng Biao. He didn’t know exactly how powerful Heaven Star Immortal Sect was, nor did he know whether he could take down the people in front of him. Despite reaching a certain level of strength, there would still be many mysteries waiting to be unraveled.

Sheng Jun opened her mouth but didn’t say anything. Sometimes, the words this man said, tended to make her speechless and upset. She didn’t know exactly what to say.

Qing Shui’s figure was charging right towards Liancheng Biao. Since his opponent was unarmed, he also chose to not take out any weapons. He decided to face off against this arrogant second generation junior of his clan with his current strength. Strictly speaking, Liancheng Biao should be born after multiple generations. But in his previous incarnation, it was still called the second generation nevertheless.


Qing Shui’s Taichi Cloudhand were a mixture of gentleness and toughness. He was able to counter the gentle attacks and also hard attacks. When Liancheng Biao thrust out his fist, he felt like he just punched through a huge pile of flowers. It was very uncomfortable.

And right at this moment, the substances which were supposed to feel as soft as flowers suddenly turned into a very solid substance and thrust outwards like a spring. It turned from something really soft into one of the toughest material in the world. The energy released felt like a tsunami.

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