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AST 1684 - Diamond Immortal Turtle, Jin Guizi. Old Mo of the Royal Blood, from the Black Scales Mermen Race 

Yiye Jiange’s body trembled slightly when she heard Qing Shui speaking softly beside her. She turned and smiled at him, staring at this good-natured young man. At this moment, he was as stable as a mountain, and would even occasionally say things that made her blush so much that she would feel ashamed. However, this was the first time that he had revealed the true feelings in his heart.

“You won’t be able to do it. You are destined to be unable to stop.” Yiye Jiange smiled.

“Woman, can you just agree with me for once?” Qing Shui helplessly spoke. He didn’t just have a single woman. It was impossible for him to wait for a woman until he grew old.

“You are thinking too much. Since we are doing this, I have no more regrets. If we can rewind time, we would have still made this choice.” Yiye Jiange sincerely replied as she stared at Qing Shui.

Qing Shui felt very happy in his heart. Living in this world, what else could he wish for? How was he qualified to obtain her heart? Sometimes, he truly felt that he was just extremely lucky.

Qing Shui could be considered very outstanding but his women were all cream of the crop as well. They wouldn’t lack talented men by their side, so the fact that Qing Shui managed to woo them successfully was a matter of destiny.


Qing Shui idled about for a month. Today, the Mistress of the Sunset Palace and Muyun Qingge came by. They directly spoke, “There’s news saying that the Eastern Peak Dragonwolf Palace is going to take the initiative and help the North Sea Dragon King Palace.

Qing Shui started and stared at the two women. “What origins does the Eastern Peak Dragonwolf Palace have? What relationship does it have with the North Sea Dragon King Palace?”

“Marriage connections.There are two women in the North Sea Dragon King Palace who are from the Eastern Peak Dragonwolf Palace. One of them is the wife of the first palace master, and the other one is a concubine of the third palace master.” Muyun Qingge spoke in a light tone.

Qing Shui was more and more curious when he heard this. Back then, he didn’t expect the two palaces would still have such a relation. It had been peaceful for so long, and after the Sunset Sea King Palace had only moved here for a month, the other party wanted to seize the initiative for the North Sea Dragon King Palace.

“How’s the strength level of the Eastern Peak Dragonwolf Palace?” Qing Shui thought about it. Since he already knew that the Sunset Sea King Palace was the one that destroyed the North Sea Dragon King Palace, it was best for him to have an estimate of his opponent’s strength. Since the Eastern Peak Dragonwolf Palace dared to take the initiative, this meant that their strength surely wasn’t bad.

“The authority of the Eastern Peak Dragonwolf Palace isn’t in this region. Since they dared to take the initiative for the North Sea Dragon King Palace, it’s clear that they are much stronger in comparison.” The palace mistress of the Sunset Sea King Palace stared at Qing Shui as she spoke.

Her words were precisely Qing Shui’s thoughts. This logic was very simple, and Qing Shui discovered that many of his thoughts were actually similar to hers.

“Let us wait for them to come then.” Qing Shui wasn’t some scaredy cat. He wasn’t very worried about this matter, but he wouldn’t let his guard down.

“The Eastern Peak Dragonwolf Palace should be one of the strongest powers in this region within the North Sea. Before this, it had marriage connections with the North Sea Dragon King Palace and wasn’t considered a threat. But when we took down the North Sea Dragon King Palace, our strength should have reached a level high enough to be threatening to them. Hence, if we continue to grow, we might have to contend against them.” The palace mistress and Muyun Qingge sat down in front of Qing Shui.

“Is the palace master of the Eastern Peak Dragonwolf Palace a Dragonwolf of the aquatic race?” Qing Shui asked.

Qing Shui still knew some info about dragonwolves. This was a bloodline that stemmed from the primordial era and was much stronger compared to the ordinary dragon races. In this world, the dragon race was the strongest, but true dragons were a minority. The drakaina race which Muyun Qingge was from was also considered part of the true dragon race.

“Yes you are right. It’s a dragonwolf, but the dragonwolf shouldn’t be that much stronger than the North Sea Dragon King Palace Master. After all, the strength in a marriage alliance is such that the disparity wouldn’t be too far apart. The Eastern Peak Dragonwolf Palace challenging the Sunset Sea King Palace isn’t completely because they wanted to get back at us for the North Sea Dragon King Palace. If not, they wouldn’t have delayed it until now.”

It should have something to do with the fact that the Sunset Sea King Palace moved here. Although the two women from the North Sea Dragon King Palace were part of the Eastern Peak, they couldn’t control the operations of the Eastern Peak Dragonwolf Palace at all. It was likely that the Eastern Peak Dragonwolf Palace must have felt threatened by the strength of the Sunset Sea King Palace.

“The Eastern Peak Dragonwolf Palace should have some understanding of our strength. It has been quite a long time and they are only seeking justice for the North Sea Dragon King Palace now? There must be some reason for their action; we just have no idea what the exact reason is.”

The females fell silent but Qing Shui wasn’t nervous at all. Yiye Jiange was now over a month pregnant. Although it wouldn’t affect her in combat, Qing Shui, the palace mistress and Muyun Qingge decided that it would be for the best for her not to participate in this.

Qing Shui was actually pretty relaxed. If it was before, he would surely be nervous and worried but after the upgrade of the Violet Jade Immortal Realm, his combat prowess had leapt up to another level. He felt that there would be no problem if he handled this matter.

Three days later, a large challenge letter was sent to the Sunset Sea King Palace. There were many people in this world who chose to use such a method to announce a challenge. By doing this, things were out in the open and straightforward. If one party was defeated, they wouldn’t be completely annihilated and their clan members would also be spared. This was the benefit of issuing a challenge letter. 

Naturally, this wasn’t absolute. There were some warriors in this world who didn’t have any ethics, and there might also be other factors influencing the overall situation. Sending a challenge letter usually indicated two possibilities. One was that the initial party was completely confident in victory. Not only did he feel he could win, he wanted to make all the prestige and reputation of his opponent drop to rock bottom. The other possibility was that he was not confident in himself at all, and by sending a challenge letter out of politeness, he would be able to avoid complete annihilation of his clan if he did lose.

Qing Shui glanced at the contents of the letter. It was very simple; it simply stated that it was seeking justice for the North Sea Dragon King Palace and wanted a life-and-death battle with the Sunset Sea King Palace. Victory would be decided in a single round. Death and injuries would not be blamed upon anyone else.

There were no other conditions, as it was a life-and-death battle. From this point, it meant that one could not live if the other survived.

Qing Shui naturally agreed to this life-and-death battle. The timing was set for three days later, and the number of people participating for either side couldn’t exceed eight.

This was a group battle. Qing Shui laughed… Eight people. On his side, Yiye Jiange was indisposed, and he and the two other women were only three. However, he still had Long Zhu`er, the Dark Phoenix, and the Old Turtle. The other demonic beasts that had undergone form transformation couldn’t be counted upon. After all, they could only unleash their strongest might in beast form. Right now, Qing Shui’s side had a total of six participating. 

There were still other divine-level experts in the Sunset Sea King Palace. Although they couldn’t be compared to the three women, there were still two more who were only slightly inferior. These two could join in, making their party a total of eight. The two of them were also aquatic races: Jin Guizi from the diamond immortal turtle race and a Royal Black Scales Mermen named Old Mo.

The two of them had the appearance of decrepit old men. Right now, they were already in the Sunset Sea King Palace. Given their level of strength, they should be strong enough to participate in the life-and-death battle!

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