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AST 1512 - 1.4 Billion Yang Power

Qing Shui went blank for a bit, what is this power, after undergoing metamorphosis once it changed this much, becoming a butterfly, this is a demonstration of the strength of metamorphosis.

The Gold-Back Dragon Elephant, having gone under the effects of those treasures, already reached 1.4 billion Yang in power...

Qing Shui still couldn’t believe it. Previously, the Gold-Back Dragon Elephant couldn’t even compare to him, with the Metamorphosis Pill and the Diamond Fruit causing such a change, this Metamorphosis could be counted as the most complete/extreme transformation possible.

The Gold-Scaled Dragon Elephant’s power had increased this much, but it’s raw strength didn’t improve by nearly as much. It seemed that it could give Qing Shui about 700 Yang raw strength.

Or perhaps there was an alternative, because the feedback right now was twofold, but sometimes that couldn’t be achieved, and at others it exceeded that.

Qing Shui wasn’t rushed to train this feedback, and checked the other Demonic Beasts first.

The Dragon Slaying Beast didn’t change much, its power increased by a few times, but even though its power wasn’t its strong suit, it still got close to 8 million Yang.

8 million Yang wasn’t much compared with the other Demonic Beasts, but for the Dragon Slaying Beast it was absolutely crazy, its speed and strength had increased another many times.

Its body had also changed by onefold. Originally it was about the size of a camel, but now it was about as large as an elephant, but much larger than that even.

The Dragon Slaying Beast was an Assassin-type Beast, its existence was to kill, and it was also called a Massacre Beast.

The Hell Nightmare Beast didn’t change much in terms of size, but its body shined with a silvery light, its head and four limbs were black as jade, emanating a gloomy and cold light.

As opposed to before it was now like a small mountain, its roots penetrating the ground, as it seemed its thickness didn’t affect its spiritual energy, although it was nowhere near as quick as the Dragon Slaying Beast, its Resistance was strong enough to absorb extremely strong attacks without repercussions.

The Thunderous Beast had also changed a decent amount compared to before, mainly its power had increased, even more so was its control power. The direct lethality of the Thunderous Beast and the Eight-Headed Tarantula was still significantly weaker than that of the other Beasts.

At last Qing Shui checked the Hellfire Phoenix, this time the Hellfire Phoenix had changed a lot, and this metamorphosis had awakened a lot of the vessels of the Hellfire Phoenix.

Its shape grew by a half, its ink-black body emanated a chilly aura, this type of energy had a sort of spiritual feel, and also a violent feel.

Hellfire Phoenix Bloodline trength: Strong!

Qing Shui watched for a bit, was very excited, because the Hellfire Phoenix’s Bloodline strength was weak before, and he didn’t know how to improve this But now that it became stronger, and even though he didn’t know just how much stronger the Metamorphosis Pill had improved the Hellfire Phoenix’s Bloodline by, he still knew the gulf between the two words, strong and weak.

The Hellfire Phoenix’s raw strength had already reached a stunning 2000 Yang, about the same as the Gold-Scaled Dragon Elephant, even though the Hellfire Phoenix didn’t use the Diamond Fruit before, Qing Shui thought that using the Diamond Fruit wouldn’t have helped much.

Dark Phoenix of the Nine Heavens: Passive Skill, zero consumption, permanently increasing its power by 100 times, using any skill or attack uses half of the original amount of energy.

That hadn’t changed, this level of 100 times was hard to improve upon.

Superior Flight: the Hellfire Phoenix has a strong flight ability, in flight speed increasing by 50 times, consumption while flying reduced by 50 times.

Scary, Qing Shui didn’t know what to say about this, Qing Shui felt that he could ride the Hellfire Phoenix around the Nine Continents for way too long...

Hell’s Inferno: the Firebird makes a strong Inferno attack with black flames that consume almost everything, it has a terrifying destructive ability, a strong attack of the Black Phoenix, the Inferno attack increases by 20 times.

Phoenix Dance of the Nine Heavens: Passive Skill, Inferno attack permanently increases by 20 times, incoming damage decreased, all resistances increase by nine times, zero consumption.


This was the change, this must be why the Phoenix is so strong!

Underworld Fireball: It makes a fireball attack, increases attack power by 40 times, the fireball also holds within it a terrifying explosive power, when it explodes its strength increases by another few times, vitality locked.

Phoenix Paradise: When the firebird receives mortal damage, there is a 30% chance to rebirth, rebirth is comparable to going under metamorphosis once, power increases by onefold.

Phoenix Heart: the strong Phoenix Heart allows the Phoenix to increase its might by another onefold, all damage is halved again, all consumption is one time less, zero consumption, passive skill.

Phoenix might: absolutely suppresses all Bird-type Beasts that are not Phoenixes, its suppression is at least one time, at most pacifying its target, and its suppression isn’t 100% to all other beasts. Zero consumption, passive skill!

Qing Shui smiled, before the phoenix couldn’t compare to the Gold-Scaled Dragon Elephant, but under the effects of the treasures, its power increased to a horrifying 1.4 billion.

Now Qing Shui was absolutely ecstatic, he had two strong control beasts, 2 strong damage beasts, and also the Dragon Slaying Beast and the Hell Nightmare Beast.

He checked and saw that he still had time, but Qing Shui thought that it would be a little too late to go practice, in addition there was only a day or two left, in the case that he didn’t fully absorb the energies, it would cause a significant problem.

After resting a bit, he immediately went into the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. Now he went in there every single night, so going out at this time was close to the latter part of the night.

The outside of the tent was very cold, the moon also appeared to be a little icy, but it was very beautiful, the surroundings were very quiet except for the chirping of the bugs, and the roars of beasts in the distance.

Qin Qing’s tent had a weak light coming through it, which was the light of the Light Stones, but was very dim, nothing could be seen about the inside from the outside, but Qing Shui knew that the woman wasn’t in there.

She must have gone somewhere else to feed her Demonic Beasts the Diamond fruit!

As Qing Shui was guessing, a human shaped shadow flew from the distance, belonging to Qin Qing, as she caught sight of Qing Shui she gave off an obviously stunned look.

“It’s already this late, why haven’t you gone to sleep yet!” Qin Qing asked smilingly.

“Aren’t you doing the same? I’ll give this to you, seeing how you’re not going to need to sleep tonight,” Qing Shui took out a few Metamorphosis pills and gave it to her, and then explained its uses.

When Qin Qing heard Qing Shui she was absolutely stunned, she believed Qing Shui’s words, and engaged in some idle chatter with him, Qing Shui saw that there wasn’t much time before he could enter the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

“Oh yeah, you don’t need to go that far away, it won’t affect me, it’s alright!”

The woman nodded at Qing Shui and went off to the side, flying off to the mountains in the distance. Although Qing Shui had said that it was okay, she still wouldn’t come here.

When Qing Shui returned to the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, he used the Ancient Strengthening Technique to begin to absorb the feedback of the Gold-Scaled Dragon Elephant.

Qing Shui’s power was strong, now adding on the firm foundation that he had, the absorbing this time went one without a hitch, a surge of power dissipated through his body, this feeling was really strong.

Qing Shui’s raw strength now was a little more than 6000 Yang, but now it had gotten to almost 7000 Yang, the increase of more than 10% was still very good.

Besides the 7000 Yang raw strength, the rest didn’t change much, Qing Shui’s normal power was a little more than 280 million Yang, he was different from the Gold-Scaled Dragon Elephant and the Hellfire Phoenix  in not the least.

But he was happy, because those were his own Demonic Beasts, in addition he also had other trump cards, but his battle strength had improved a lot, and he also had formations, such as the Battle God Halo etc.

He was slower in speed than his Demonic Beasts, but Qing Shui’s improvement already made him super fast.

The second day Qing Shui didn’t wake up that early, but also not too late, and started to practice Taichi Fist outside to increase his strength, in addition to that the strength of his Demonic Beasts made him feel that life was good.


Two monsters with 1.4 billion Yang power, although Qing Shui didn’t know this, those beasts were definitely at the level of the Peak False Gods, but again, different Peak False Gods had different power levels, some were 1 billion Yang, some 2, even 3 or 4 billion Yang power was considered to be a Peak False God.

When Qin Qing came out she saw Qing Shui practicing Taichi Fist, and looked on amusedly.

“What is it, is this familiar to you?” Qing Shui smilingly said after putting his hands down.

“It was just the way that you threw your hits that was the same, nothing much, but the methods that the Main Continent uses to do it are countless, being able to get to your level is quite rare though.

“You think that highly of me?” Qing Shui said smilingly.

“Thanks for your Medicinal Pills,” Qin Qing was very happy as she said this, but she looked at Qing Shui suspectedly.

“No need to thank me, you were the person that helped me kill the Gold-back Bear King, besides, you can’t make these yourself anyways, you also gave me the Diamond Fruit.” “ This Medicinal Pill really does go against the heavens, I had only heard that your healing technique was not bad, I didn’t think that your alchemy and power were this strong as well,” Qin Qing said this with a smile, it seemed that she was exceptionally happy.

“It’s true that it’s not bad, too bad this type of medicinal pill needs the ingredients from the Gold-back Bear King.”

“If I ever find another Gold-back Bear King I will be sure to save it for you,” Qin Qing said with a playful smile.


This time when Qing Shui and Qin Qing went towards the depths of Kunpeng mountain they used the Nine Continents Steps, using the Nine Continents Steps now disregarded the use of a mount, now although the area that the Nine Continents Steps covered wasn’t large, it wasn’t too small either.

After seeing this ability of Qing Shui’s Qin Qing was a little shocked, this young man held so many secrets within him, although she wondered about experience, she didn’t ask, as everyone had secrets to keep.

As they continued to use the Nine Continents Steps, which was comparable to using a Demonic Beast to fly, when they finished using the Nine Continents Steps they reached the edge of the Kunpeng Mountains, and saw how vast these Kunpeng Mountains were.

Qing Shui called out the Hellfire Phoenix, this time Qin Qing couldn’t resist herself as she could feel the strength of the Hellfire Phoenix, which wasn’t much worse compared to her...

“I’ve found that it’s getting harder to see through you,” Qin Qing curiously looked at Qing Shui with her bright, beautiful pupils.

“You curious?” Qing Shui smiled.

“A little!”

“Curiosity killed the cat,” Qing Shui said with a smile.

“I’ve barely asked you about this,” Qin Qing said with a displeased tone coupled with a smile.

“Yep, do you think that the Sea King’s Palace is really here?” Qing Shui couldn’t hold back from asking this question, mainly because both he and his Demonic Beast had increased in strength by a lot.

“It should really be here,” Qin Qing’s expression changed for a second, and then said with a smile.




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