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AST 1183-1184 Battle, Three Rounds, Two Losses One Win, Strange Woman (Two Chapters Combined into One)

After drawing the lots, according to the regulations, Yan Clan would have to decide on their participant first. Yan Dingtian and the others looked over toward Yan Yangchi. The details of the competition had been entrusted to Yan Yangchi to decide.

“Qing Shui, do we let them go?” Yan Yangchi looked at Qing Shui, gave it some thought, before saying.

“They must be the ones to go and it isn’t just for this one time. They must be the ones to take the next few rounds as well. Only then will we have a winning chance. If my guess is correct, none of the four will win.” Qing Shui no longer had any concerns. Those people’s gazes from earlier had made everything clear.


Yan Yangchi looked calmly at Yan Yangxing and said, “Yangxing, go ahead. I hope that you’ll be able to bring good luck for our clan!”

Now that things had come to this, there was no other way around this. If the situation was what they had expected, they wouldn’t have accused them. If it was otherwise, he would just apologize. Yan Yangchi had thought this through.

Yan Yangxing spoke graciously, "I'll do my best!"

He then flew up onto the arena. Very soon, a handsome young man also flew up from the opposing side. This person appeared to be a little flippant, the corners of his eyes were curled upward. He was one of those guys with a "bewitching" look and was, to some ladies, especially young ones, extremely attractive.

"Yu Chan. I hope that brother can go easy on me!"

"Yan Yangxing. Please give me your guidance!"

Both parties were very polite. They then went up into the air. Yu Chan wore a set of light armor and was holding a longsword. Yan Yangxing was the same and was also using a longsword. They engaged each other very quickly.

Their battle was one that was purely physical, clashing sword against sword. Their speed was very fast and sharp clashing sounds kept ringing out. Very soon, they even started to use their sword Qi.

Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation!

Yan Yangxing was the first to use the Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation. His was one that resembled a large-scaled mosquito, constantly letting out a loud buzzing sound. Yan Yangxing's strength suddenly increased by a lot.

The moment the opponent saw that Yan Yangxing had used Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation, he activated his too.

It was only after seeing the opponent's Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation that Qing Shui understand why this person was called Yu Chan. It was because his Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation was a huge Jade Toad. [1]


Its huge cry caused even Yan Yangxing's Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation to tremble. Qing Shui had never expected that a toad's cry could be so terrifying. The Jade Toad was also considered a spiritual type of heaven and earth and might be best used to deal with Yan Yangxing's Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation. It was because what followed was Yan Yangxing being beaten up one-sidedly.

Before the time for an incense stick to burn was up, Yan Yangxing fell from the sky, injured. When he was about to head up again, he was held back by an old man from Yan Clan, who said, "Yan Clan has lost this round!"

No one could find anything wrong with it. Yan Yangxing's Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation was inhibited and he seemed to have tried his best but still lost. Victories and losses were very common and losing wasn't scary. One just had to get back on his feet.

Yu Clan emerged victorious for the first round when the battle had just started for slightly more than the time for one incense to burn. Loud cheers came from Yu Clan while Yan Clan appeared to be a little dejected.

Although it was a battle where one would have to put his life on the line, the participants were allowed to admit defeat. However, admitting defeat was a form a humiliation and thus not many would choose to do that. The best outcome would be for the losing party to be knocked unconscious.

Since it was a battle that one would have to risk his life for, it was normal for there to be deaths!

After a slight pause, a man from Yu Clan stepped up. This man had an appearance that was like a shady vulture and he was very powerful as well. One could tell by just sensing it.

"This is Yu Clan's Yu She. He is very vicious and has a high level of cultivation," Yan Yangchi looked at Qing Shui and said.

"Which one of you think that you'll be able to beat him? At the very least, we must deal him a serious injury," Qing Shui gave it some thought and said.

"I'll go!" Yan Leng gave it some thought and said.

"2nd Brother should go. Brother Leng, we'll still need you to fight against even stronger opponents later on. If 2nd Brother can't beat him, then we really won't have the means to fight anymore," Qing Shui gave ti some thought and said.

"Alright, I'll go!" Yan Yangchen was equipped with his battle armor and was holding onto the World Demolition battle hammers as he appeared on the arena. Qing Shui felt that as long as Yan Yangchen could remain calm, winning wouldn't be an issue.

"2nd Brother, remember to remain calm. You'll be able to win if you do so. Don't be anxious to win." Qing Shui sent a message to Yan Yangchen.

"Mmm, I'll listen to what Brother Qing Shui says."

"Yu She. I seek Young Master Yan's guidance!" The shady man looked at Yan Yangchen and said, smiling. He liked to deal with people with straightforward characters. For people like these, even those who were slightly stronger than him wouldn't be a match for him.

"Yan Yangchen. Please make your move!"

Yu She made his move. His foot technique was very tricky, as if he was moving in a z-shaped movement but yet at the same time, it didn't look like that. He held onto a thin sword as he dashed toward the left of Yan Yangchen, bringing an afterimage with him.

Yan Yangchen didn't move and sunk a little. Without any warning, he turned and swung out his huge World Demolitions!


Yu She was sent flying from the impact from Yan Yangchen's hammers. It should have been because the chances of doubled prowess of the attacks had been activated.

Yan Yangchen let out a loud bellow.

Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation!

With a slight movement, he dashed toward Yu She with amazing speed.

Earlier, Yu She must have not expected that Yan Yangchen could be so fast. Neither did he expect that Yan Yangchen would be so strong. Although he had done his best to fend off some of the impact with his sword, he still suffered from some internal injuries.

Yan Yangchen was also considered to have gotten off to a good start. He did as Qing Shui had suggested, he remained calm as he fought. Therefore, when he saw that Yu She was being pushed back, he continued to remain calm and dashed toward him with his Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation activated.

Yu She's countenance changed and he immediately activated his Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation as well while he concurrently retreated and went on the defensive.

Yu She's Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation was a Jade Snake [2], a demonic beast which was of a similar category to the Jade Toad. The huge Jade Snake let out a hissing sound which immediately allowed Yu She to retreat several tens of meters back.

Hammer Round Cut!

Yan Yangchen's body suddenly also brought along an afterimage as he dashed toward Yu She. He even had his spiritual sense locked on Yu She and then his two huge World Demolitions spun like a pair of Wind and Fire Wheels [3], spinning with a tremendous power as they struck out toward Yu She.


A sharp piercing sound of air explosions were like huge claps of thunder!

Fire Snakes Frenzied Dance, Gloom Covering Skies and Earth, Soaring Dragon Sea Quake...

Having made one miss, Yu She ended up following up with multiple misses and allowed Yan Yangchen to have the upper hand while he ended up being pushed back. Right now, Yu She was even directly bombarded by these attacks, with some of the attacks having their prowess doubled mixed in!

Boom boom boom...

In that moment, the air was covered with the Fire Snakes Frenzied Dance and it was hard to see anything clearly. When everything cleared up, Yu She had already dropped to the ground and was on the verge of his deathbed. His breathing was irregular and it was hard to say if he could remain alive.

Yan Clan's countenances were very grim and Qing Shui observed Yan Yangxing and the others silently, only to discover that their countenances were grim as well. However, the other people from Yan Clan seemed to be very happy, just like how the people from Yu Clan were earlier on. Their roles had changed.

In all, this could be said to have been an exciting fight.

"Seventh Sister, when did Yan Yangchen become so strong? The huge activities from earlier don't seem to be from the martial techniques he's cultivating?" From a high area, Yan Yangchi's fiancee looked at Seventh Princess and asked softly.

Even Fourth Prince was looking at Seventh Princess in great surprise.

"I don't know either. Let's just keep on watching. Your fiance has a young blacksmith on his side and even said that he would give me a 30% discount if I were to purchase a weapon from his store..." The Seventh Princess said weirdly.

"Oh? Then we'll have to go take a look at this blacksmith later. It must really be a great discount for him to give my younger sister 30% off," the Fourth Prince chuckled.

Yan Clan clinched a victory and it was now their turn to first send up their participant. Yan Yangchi looked toward Yan Yanghong. Earlier, Yan Yangchen had won, so his Eldest Uncle's faction couldn't possibly say much either.

"You can't always let us be the ones to go first. There should be one from your side to go first as well!" Yan Yangsong suddenly said.

"If you guys can guarantee that you'll be able to win a round, I can promise you that. It'll be an oath with our lives on the line." Yan Yangchi smiled and looked at Yan Yangsong.

Yan Yangsong's face turned unnaturally pale as he lowered his head and fell silent. However, this made it clear that there was something fishy going on. Fury seethed in Yan Yangchi's heart and it was the same for the other members of Yan Clan. In a great clan like this, many of them had their own pride, just like how people from Qing Shui's previous life would have a sense of belonging to their own country.

Yan Yanghong flew up and landed on the arena!

A tall and burly-looking man walked out from Yu Clan's side. This man was dressed in pitch-black battle armor and was holding onto a huge horse chopping saber. His expression seemed to be one of great fury.

"Admit defeat or die!" The man didn't even state his name and spoke directly.

"Hahaha, admit defeat? Do you think that's possible?" Yan Yanghong smiled and drew his longsword.

"A person like you really deserves to die." The man in pitch-black armor said a very strange line.


A huge roar came from the man as a pitch-black three-headed tiger encompassed him.

Yan Yanghong activated his Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation as well. It was a silver wolf. The huge silver wolf appeared to be a puny existence before the pitch-black three-headed tiger.

"Today, I'll let you know the difference between our clans."

Sky Laceration Earth Shattering Slash!

The physique of the man in pitch-black armor seemed to have become a lot taller and broader in a short moment. A pitch-black glow locked Yan Yanghong down and then a huge sabre Qi came slashing after.

It was a pitch-black sabre shadow which had an immense and corrosive power. It even had a piercing stench to it.

Yan Yanghong's countenance changed when he realized that he wasn't able to move his body at all. He opened his mouth, as if trying to shout that he was going to admit his defeat. However, no sound came from his mouth. In that instant, the blade slashed down and even the skies seemed to have turned a little gloomy.


Yan Yanghong completely disappeared, leaving nothing behind. To think that a Grade One State Master was instantly killed just like that.

This scene brought about a momentary silence. Although participants were responsible for their own lives and deaths, this time around, Yu Clan had intentionally killed and had blatantly done so.

Although Yan Yangchi knew that Yan Yanghong and the others could have colluded with outsiders, seeing them being killed like this was still an uncomfortable feeling. This was like giving Yan Clan a slap in the face.

For the next round, the participant from Yu Clan stepped forth very quickly. This time around, it was a lady with a great figure that appeared to be very weak. However, her eyes were dark as ink, as if there were no whites in her eyes at all. Her gaze gave off an eerie feeling. Other than her eyes, she was actually very beautiful. Only her eyes were extremely weird.

"Who's going up?" Yan Yangchi asked. Of course, he also looked toward Yan Yangsong and the others. This time around, Yan Clan wasn't the ones who needed to decide on their first participant; it was Yu Clan.

They had already gone through with three rounds, getting two losses and one win. Right now, the people taking the stage were also getting increasingly stronger. Even Qing Shui wasn't very confident now...

Right now, they were already in a situation where they had two losses and one win. If they were to have another loss, they could be said to have lost all hope. Moreover, the lady on the arena was very strange, so strange that she was very unfathomable.

"I'll go!" Yan Yueyin suddenly said.

"Sister Yueyin, If I'm not mistaken, that lady specializes in spirit energy, especially with that pair of eyes she has... Do you feel confident?" Qing Shui gave it some thought and felt that there was a need for him to remind her.

"I'll do my best. I guarantee that even if I die, I won't lose." Yan Yueyin thought about it before replying.

"I'll give this to you. Remember, don't look into her eyes for more than the time taken for two blinks," Qing Shui said and took out a Violet Jade Phoenix Pendant.

"This?" Yan Yueyin could only sense that this item was very profound and was exuding faint spiritual Qi. Even though this spiritual Qi wasn't very strong, it was especially rustic with a hidden impressiveness.

"Put it on. It'll increase your spirit energy and protection against spirit energy. It should be of some use. Remember, try to end the battle fast, don't drag it out," Qing Shui reminded her seriously.

Right now, no one would underestimate Qing Shui. It was because within one month, they had discovered that Qing Shui's abilities were terrifying. They didn't know how strong he was exactly and this made them especially curious about him. They could sense that Qing Shui's abilities should be related to his forging abilities. He should have came from an ancient blacksmith aristocratic clan and one with a strong aristocrat inheritance.

"Thank you!" Yan Yueyin smiled and said seriously.

"Are you going to stand on ceremony with me as well? In the future, I'll still need Sister Yueyin to back me up," Qing Shui smiled and said, indicating that she could go on.

Yan Yueyin nodded and with a flash, flew up to the arena. Neither lady spoke a word. The lady from Yu Clan was clad in black clothes and had a beautiful figure. It was just that she had a terrifying pair of eyes.

Yan Yueyin, on the other hand, was mature and charming, giving off such a magnanimous feeling that it felt a little dangerous. It was the danger hidden within smiles. Yan Yueyin took out a dark red colored whip as thick as a baby's arm, providing a good grip. It was three meters long.

The lady from Yu Clan dressed in black clothes took out a pitch-black staff. However, there was a skull on the top of the staff, making the lady appear to be even more eerie.

Qing Shui frowned. He felt that this lady was very dangerous and by rights, shouldn't join in so early. Could it be that there were reasons for this?

Thunderous Bloodthirst!

With a slight move, Yan Yueyin floated like a wisp of smoke, her dark red colored whip tapped out toward the eerie lady in a straight line.

The lady from Yu Clan swung her bone staff and a dense wall made from white bones appeared before her.

When Qing Shui saw the lady's attack, he let out a sigh of relief. This lady's martial technique was definitely very vicious but her strength seemed to not make the mark. This was also why she was sent out this time around. That phoenix pendant should be having some use.


The bone wall was shattered. However, at this moment, a huge white bone flower bloomed. A strange but faint smell spread out. Even though Yan Yueyin had stopped her breath, she could still sense it and was suddenly struck by dizziness.

She was very surprised and felt that she wasn't able to summon her strength. Just as she was feeling helpless, the Violet Jade Phoenix Pendant she was wearing exuded a stream of clear Spiritual Qi, washing away her sleepiness.

She managed to just barely dodge that white bone flower.

The lady from Yu Clan seemed to be very astonished that Yan Yueyin had managed to dodge her attack. She waved her hand once again and put on battle armor that was like water and yet like white bones. It formed an eerily distinctive difference against her pitch-black clothes. Her pair of dark eyes seemed to be emitting glowing black light.

Many legacy martial techniques came from the ancient times and no matter what kind of martial technique a person practiced, it wouldn't bring any surprises. It was just like how this lady's martial technique seemed to be just a devilish martial technique to Qing Shui. Actually, they were the same as people who refined poison. The only difference was only whether a person was strong or weak.

There were only evil people; there were no evil martial techniques.

Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation!

This was the lady's Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation!

Qing Shui hadn't expected that her Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation had also reached the second form. Although it seemed as if she had just barely managed to reach this phase, it was still a success and it had increased the lady's prowess tremendously.

Flower of Darkness!

With a wave of her hand, a pitch-black flower, that was about one foot in size, shot out toward Yan Yueyin. It wasn't fast but it seemed as if it could lock onto a target.

Yan Yueyin retreated rapidly and concurrently, silver light flashed on her body. She had also activated her Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation!

Qing Shui was stunned once again. Her Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation was also at the second form. He seemed to have sensed something. When people with strong spirit energy reached the Grade Two State Master level, they seemed to be able to attain the second form of the Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation. However, he couldn't be sure that this was true.

Right now, Qing Shui understood that Yan Yueyin had the confidence to defeat that lady. She was very powerful.

The black flower continued to follow after Yan Yueyin with terrifying powers.

Bloodthirsty Whip Dance!

The dark red Thunderous Bloodthirst Whip instantly swelled up. It was like a blood red python that was seething furiously, getting increasingly bigger. However, when it came into contact with that black flower, it kept on being corroded.

Although it was corroded, it regenerated very quickly and brought along a surge of blood vapor that was so thick that it seemed as if they were going to turn into liquid. The red colored vapor then formed masses and started spinning into a tornado and dashing out toward the lady dressed in black.

Boundless Darkness!

The lady let out a horrible scream and a stream of black light shot out from her eyes toward Yan Yueyin. Concurrently, a stream of similarly dense black colored vapor that was like flowing water, clashed against the red colored vapor.


With huge explosive sounds, red and black spots splattered out. On Yan Yueyin’s side, she had also destroyed the black flower. Earlier on, she had subconsciously met the gaze of the lady's black eyes and was stunned. She recalled Qing Shui's words and quickly turned away. At this moment, she was already dashing out toward the lady, leaving a trail of fiery red whip shadows. It was as if she was walking on an archway formed from fire pythons.

Along the trail of whip shadows, with each step Yan Yueyin took, the aura she exuded would increase. She recalled of Qing Shui's word to not drag out the battle and to end it as quickly as possible.

Her aura was swelling up at rapid speed and the Thunderous Bloodthirst Whip in her hand had flashed with a hint of red colored thunderbolt. Accompanied by hissing sounds, her whole body was bathed in a red color.

Thunderous Bloodthirst Slash!

Ancient Bones of Ten Thousand!

The lady didn't gave up and crazily waved her hand around as eerie looking skeletons surrounded her, forming a distinctive contrast with Yan Yueyin's blood red color. One of side was a bright red, the other was a pale white!


Yan Yueyin's Thunderous Bloodthirst Whip suddenly became like a huge fire dragon, sending out a terrifying sound as it brought along a great pressure with it, smashing toward the lady in black as well as the skeletons around her.

Boom boom...

The world seemed to fall into a state of chaos as the explosions went on consecutively for the time it took to burn half an incense stick. The people outside could only sense the non-stop energy explosions and deafening sounds. They weren't able to see the actual situation that was going on inside.

When the darkness in the sky slowly scattered, everyone opened their eyes without blinking, wanting to see who was the last person standing, if both of them were there or if neither of them were there.

Yan Yueyin!

Yan Yueyin stood there and everyone could see her shaky figure. There were people who were astonished and there were people who were elated... It was only after the old man declared that Yan Yueyin was the winner that she then headed back. The moment she landed, she spewed out a mouthful of fresh blood.

Qing Shui quickly took out three gold needles, pierced them into her back and said softly, "Sister Yan, please support her and let her stand for a while. She'll be fine after that. She has been poisoned."

The others seemed to not find Qing Shui's actions to be unexpected.

"Thank you, Qing Shui. If it wasn't for your jade pendant, I would probably not be able to win and would have died." Yan Yueyin now seemed to be especially happy.

"You're still standing on ceremony." Qing Shui smiled and looked at Yan Yueyin. He didn't know if it was because she was injured or excited but there was a hint of a flush on her mature and charming face, making her appear to be very feminine.

Four rounds were over and it was at a draw. There were five more rounds but everyone knew that it wouldn't be easy. However, Qing Shui on the contrary, felt more confident now.

It was close to noon, so the battles today were considered over and the rest would be continued the next day. This was what both parties had agreed on, to allow them to regroup.

The people from both Yan Clan and Yu Clan left but there were many people still around. They were in discussion and might even stay in the tents nearby and wait for tomorrow's arrival.

"Do you guys think that Yan Clan will win or Yu Clan will win?"

"Did you guys see? Yan Clan is having internal conflicts. I heard that Yan Dinglang's faction wants to be independent from Yan Clan and yet wanted to let the current Yan Clan go into seclusion. They colluded with Yu Clan and the 3rd Prince and thus it's very bad for Yan Clan this time around. It's said that they'll have four rounds that they'll definitely lose."

"What will Yan Dinglang get out from doing this? This will cause Yan Clan to lose a lot."

"Losing a lot would be better than not having a spot for himself. Although Yan Clan's status in Yan City would plunge, it would at least be better than his current situation. It might be an opportunity for him."

"I think it might not be an opportunity. He might be in trouble when they go back today."

"That won't happen. I heard that there will be interference from the royal family."

Qing Shui as well as Yan Yangchi and the others returned to the Firecloud Blacksmith Store. In all, they were still feeling quite happy as they sat around the stone table in the courtyard, drinking tea.

Yan Yueyin was there as well. Although she was still feeling a little weak, it was nothing much.

"It seems like we'll still have to lose two rounds," Yan Yangchi sighed. He now knew why Qing Shui had let Yan Yangchen go all out to kill. This had allowed them to know that there was something fishy going on.

"Sister Yan, if it's possible, I'll fight your battle for you." Qing Shui smiled and said to Yan Jinyu.

Qing Shui could sense that although Yan Jinyu should not be weaker than Yan Yueyin, the battle that would be taking place would just be increasingly harder.

Yan Jinyu hesitated as she nodded. She trusted in Qing Shui a lot now. She had never felt this way before. She didn't know if this was a good feeling but she wasn't used to it.

That night, Qing Shui took the last Heavenly Secrets Pill in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, increasing his physical strength by another one nimbus. The increase in his strength calmed his heart. It should all end tomorrow. However, the ending to one thing might lead to the start of something else.

Qing Shui felt that he had already gotten himself involved. Right now, he could be considered to be on the same side as Yan Clan and even the Fourth Prince. Before he had absolute power, he needed to be very careful.

His Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation was already in the mature phase but there were no changes to the strength increment it brought. He didn't know how much strength other people's Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation brought them and didn't know when his Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation would enter the second form.

Seeing that there was still a Mysterious Fruit left, Qing Shui decided to eat it, hoping to gain a breakthrough. Feeling hopeful, Qing Shui ate the last Mysterious Fruit.

[1] The raws for the Jade Toad is the same characters as Yu Chan's name.

[2] The raws for the Jade Snake is the same characters as Yu She's name.

[3] Mêlée weapons, wielded as a pair, associated with Chinese martial arts such as baguazhang and taijiquan. Often associated with Nezha in the Chinese mythology.

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